Written Preview for Episode 12 of 49 Days

While I may have problems with the execution and plotting of 49 Days, I really do love the story it is attempting to tell. It takes the topics of life and death and actually tries to have a meaningful discussion about them. If anything, perhaps watching 49 Days reminds us all to cherish our life and the things we take for granted, because in an instant anything can change.

Written preview for episode 12 of 49 Days:

Min Ho and Ji Kyung are walking along the cherry blossom lane, when suddenly Ji Kyung feels dizzy. Ji Hyun’s soul unexpectedly pops out of Yi Kyung’s prone body. Min Ho quickly sits Yi Kyung down. After regaining consciousness, Yi Kyung thinks this is all so unbelievable. Except In Jung is watching Min Ho and Yi Kyung from nearby, and she feels stunned to see this.

Yi Kyung has returned to the cherry blossom lane she used to love. The time she spent with Yi Soo flashes through her mind. On the other hand, Scheduler appears before Ji Hyun, who has encountered this unexpected situation. Scheduler thinks Ji Hyun is someone who is adept at creating trouble, and he scolds her….

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 12 of 49 Days — 14 Comments

  1. it’s getting better & better with each episodes love this 49 Days so much n also thanks Miss Ockola for your fast & furious written previews always the best…….

  2. Agh, I can’t wait! This is shaping up to be one of the few dramas that get better as they progress. I love the way that they’re slowly merging Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun’s stories as well as their awareness of each other (at least on Yi Kyung’s part). While this doesn’t tackle the life-and-death themes as fabulously as, say, Flowers for my Life, it’s satisfying at the moment.

  3. I didn’t want to read the peview but I saw The Scheduler in a Jack London suit and I couldn’t resist… That boy is fine!!!

  4. LMAO…so Scheduler happens to be there too.
    Since all the living people happen to find some way to be on this Jin Ah trip. Writer-nim found a way to bring Scheduler there too hahahaha
    I wonder if Yi Kyung will say Yi Soo’s name out loud with Scheduler there &it’ll awaken some emotion in him since it says she returns to the cherry lane were she use to love &she has a flashback of Yi Soo.

    IDK I was so into this drama because I wanted Kang &Yi Kyung cause I really don’t see any chemistry with JHJ &NGR. I also don’t see any love from Ji Hyun to Kang romantically other than pure friendship so that’s why I’ve always been rooting for Kang &Yi Kyung but after seeing that flashback of Yi Soo & YiKyung, seeing how happy &in love they were. I really want them back..

    I wish the writer will show more of YiKyung’s history &Ji Hyun finding out that Yi Soo is Scheduler &is not YiKyung’s lil’brother but actual lover. Now if the writers did that I would so be happy &excited for this drama again.

    Thanks for the translation 😀

  5. Hi, it just gets better and better, doesn’t it? Luv to see the gentler Kang. No doubt that self-denial and always confused Kang was just as interesting too. Haiz, just the kind of man every girl dreamt of …
    Hmm… I was rooting for Kang/YK coupling but since Scheduler is so cute and such a hottie too, I guess YK/Sched coupling would be great too. Unless Scheduler has been in a coma, and his body is not cremated or buried, I can’t imagine how he is coming back as himself. As to a Kang/Ji Hun (NSR) coupling, CAN’T IMAGINE IT, DON’T LIKE IT and and hoping that it WON’T HAPPEN. There is no chemistry between them. Hope the writer will come up with something unexpected and exciting for us all to savour…Can’t wait for next ep.
    Thanks so much Koala! XOXO

  6. Just saw Ep 12! OMGGGGGGG… To think we have to wait another WEEK!!! Ah! Great episode. Can’t wait for your recap!!! I am soo loving all the love triangle-couplings. Love love! Makes my heart go aflutter.

  7. Han Kang + Shin Jyun!!! I can’t fathom why people keep thinking he’ll end up with YK…x_x YK is for sheduler lover boy folks. It doesn’t make sense for Han Kang to end up with YK. He’s not in love with YK, he’s in love with Shin Jyun who just happens to be borrowing YK’s body. Thanks for the recap!

  8. Lysandra, what do you mean no chemistry behind them (HK +JH)??!!!?? Have you not been watching this drama? Last time I checked, she’s in a coma. Queen Soendeok is acting in her stead, which means the character is JH…x_x

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