Xiao Xiao Bin Nabs Another F4 Daddy by Starring as Vic Zhou’s Son in Destiny’s Pair

In addition to being Taiwan’s child actor du jour, Xiao Xiao Bin shall henceforth also be known as “the exclusive child to F4”. Having already played Vanness Wu’s son in Autumn’s Concerto, as well as Jerry Yan’s nephew in Down with Love, the much-too-adorable kid is adding a third F4 daddy to his resume (the most coveted F4 daddy if you ask me) by starring as Vic Zhou’s son in the upcoming TW-movie Destiny’s Pair. He only needs Ken Zhu to complete his F4 daddy collection.

I posted about this movie likely going into production later this year because lead actress Ella Chen’s upcoming movie with Mike He called Bad Girl was going into production in the Summer. Well, it looks like Taiwan in fast-tracking both movies, and Ella can kiss her beauty sleep goodbye for the next four months. Bad Girl purportedly starts filming at the end of April, aiming for a Summer release, and thereafter Ella will go straight into filming Destiny’s Pair in late May, once Vic wraps his movie with Valen Hsu which is currently filming in Beijing.

Xiao Xiao Bin is so so cute, and I can’t wait to see him playing a precocious son to daddy Vic. Which does remind me that seeing my favorite actors playing alongside small children as their pretend daddy always make me squeal with delight. Mike’s turn as a daddy in Sunny Happiness totally upped his awesome factor by like a billion. Truth be told, I don’t know how some of these actors do it – the TW-entertainment industry is in such over drive these days, I can barely keep up with the new projects sprouting left and right.

[Credit: Ifensi news]


Xiao Xiao Bin Nabs Another F4 Daddy by Starring as Vic Zhou’s Son in Destiny’s Pair — 17 Comments

  1. I love that kid in DWL… 😉 And I supper Dupper to the max factor love the kid in Speed Scandal and My Fair Lady….he’s hilarious….I don’t really care for autographs but for that Korean Kid I won’t mind lining up 😉

    • If there were any consolation to this situation, I’ve heard that up&coming Chinese actress Yang Mi also has signed on to the movie. She will play Xiao Xiao Bin’s mom.

  2. That’s what I was going to comment. The actors’ schedules are brutal! How do they even do that? I mean, gah, I’m tired just reading about them!

    Mike’s turn as a daddy in Sunny Happiness totally upped his awesome factor by like a billion.
    YES! And that happens to me with just about any actor and kids. I think it’s my biological clock ticking? IDK. IDK.

  3. Ummmmm, love the kid in AC so much. Vaness and him had such great chemistry and I would love to see them again as father and son tandem. But I didn’t watch a single ep of DWL. No matter how I adore Jerry & Xiao Ben I really could not stand DWL. Vic playing as father that would be a nice scene to watch, I think it’s first time for me seeing Vic playing daddy. But Ella ummmm if I have nothing good to say I better shut up….

  4. “the most coveted F4 daddy if you ask me”….hahaha!…so true…I actually watched both of the XXB-F4 daddy collabs from last year though one was loved (Down with Love) more than the other (Autmn’s concerto)….I also adore Ella and realize that this will be her second drama with XXB….lucky kid!…that’s 2 of my really short list of TW favs that he gets to act with..Vic and her…looking forward to this!!…cant wait to see if Vic or Mike will have more chemistry with her

  5. When will Vic do another T-drama? I so… so… miss him. 🙂 Where do they have uploads of T-movies? I always have sources of T-dramas but not of movies.

  6. whaaaa.. just read it. though too late to comment… OMg!!! I love that kid.. Xiao xiao bin is the cutest and most adorable kid for me, in taiwanese television.. Yeah,, he is indeed an exclusive child for F4… hahahaha, After seeing him with Jerry Yan as his uncle in down with love and Vaness as his daddy guang xi in autumn’s concerto and now with my favorite Vic Zhou as his daddy… lols, my heart is jumping with happiness. F4 was part of my precious childhood years and xiao xiao bin is part of my teenage years.. lols, so adorable and lovable. <333…

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