Teaser Trailer for Lie to Me Finally Arrives

Come and get it. Hot off the press teaser trailer for Lie to Me with Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. I can’t even lie about it. I pretty much paid no attention to plot, tone, anything – my eyes were glued to Eun Hye and Ji Hwan in their every interaction. ZOMG I need this now. These two actors individually can make crap dramas not so crappy, so imagine what they can do when paired up together?

Teaser for Lie to Me:


Yup, Eun Hye did in fact call Ji Hwan “yobo” (which is a Korean endearment for husband/wife), and he did in fact chase her into an elevator bank. Ottoke, chingus? How do I even consider recapping this drama when I all want to do is squee and laugh in joy?


Teaser Trailer for Lie to Me Finally Arrives — 36 Comments

      • Aw.. You took the words right out of my mouth! His smile was cute. Agitated KJH is fun to watch as well.. I can’t wait for the craziness to begin!

  1. Plot? I saw LOTS of plot! Plot wearing a suit! Plot chasing a girl into an elevator! Plot tossing a girl onto a bed! The story’s positively LOADED with awesome wonderful plot. We love plot!

  2. Can I just say again that I love YEH? And KJH..?

    Another thought – maybe I should try to learn Korean again. With all these goodies coming out and little me not understanding a word (well a word probably, but not a sentence)? I think I will go insane. 🙁

  3. LOve love you Koala…………….. Need oxygen……..Love YEH, Love KJH,{somehow hated his last drama Coffee house……… ( ducking now!!!!)}

    • I hated Coffee House, too. I like only about half of KJH’s dramas, the other half I pretty much intensely don’t care for. Which is fine, you can love an actor but don’t like their entire oeuvre.

      • But I love making coffee…extremely art 😉 I never saw coffee house hmmmm….sounds dull I’m fine with coffee prince….

  4. Shrieeeeekkkkk huh I love it in the wee hours of the morning brain unfrozen 😉 So when will the wait end….waiting is not my best asset 😉

    • oh you exactly get point dear samara ….i want to do the same !!!!
      he looks good …
      to be honest , i was following this drama’s news because of YEH but now not any more !!! i am in with both of them ……kjh looks amazing !!!
      handsome , lovely …oh damn kissable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Every one , i want to kiss him …. do u have any idea how can i do this ??

  5. Lady Koala, please…..say I can have you hand in internet marriage….dont forget to bring your computer, because your blog makes me so happy. I think we’re soulmates.
    I love how you give me yoon eun hye news. I’m so happy!!! When’s may 9th?!!!

  6. From the 3 trailers I’ve seen so far. The results are as follows:

    Greatest Love > Baby Faced Beauty > Lie To Me.

    Greatest Love’s trailer was disappointing. They have fantastic and charming actors but the trailer showed was mostly about each of them laughing. But I’m sure the actual drama will be better so I can’t wait.

    Baby Face Beauty. Jang Nara was cute as ever but it came off as what I had expected. Full of comic scenes with Jang Nara being funny. The trailer was pretty good, and I hope the drama will be even better.

    Lie To Me is oozing with chemistry. I loved the last part. The two of them sitting on the bench in front of the white cherry blossom. Just looking at each other. I think it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a chemistry and visual effect. Nice job. This looks like a runaway hit as long as the script’s decent.

      • i agree with you based on the trailers, but my overall excitement would be greatest love>lie to me>baby-face beauty.

  7. kyaahhh!! *squeeeee….
    is it may 9 yet?? is it may 9 yet???

    ah! so good a trailer, i cant wait til the drama starts!!!!!!

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