Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok Attend Mary Stayed Out All Night Press Conference for TBS Japan

I just want to squish these two into one cuddly fluffy ball of love. You would think a few months away from my insane love for Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in Mary Stayed Out All Night (reckon I didn’t say I loved said drama) I’d be all less crazy about them, but er, no, they are still my perfect Geun-Geun babies! Both attended a press conference in Seoul today to promote the upcoming premiere of Mary Stayed Out All Night on the Japanese channel TBS, and the kurobuta (black pig) doll they are holding is actually the TBS mascot Boo-Boo chan (not a mutant pig-rabbit).

Since Moon Geun Young’s birthday is next week, Jang Geun Seok surprised her with a birthday cake (awwwwwwww). In the press conference, Jang Geun Seok apologized for not holding the press conference in Japan, and hopes that viewers will be able to see him through his performance in M3. Moon Geun Young discussed how heartwarming and cheerful the drama is, and hopes that it brings laughter and joy to viewers.

Are my Geun-Geun babies blowing out Geun Young’s birthday candles TOGETHER? Why yes they are. 😀

Both look really lovely and well-matched at the press conference. Geun Young’s hair has grown out even more since she bobbed it back in January.

The TBS press conference:

Jang Geun Seok’s first Japanese album will be released tomorrow in Japan, while his upcoming You’re My Pet movie with Kim Ha Neul still does not have a definite date to start filming. Moon Geun Young is back in school and busy with her studies, so it’s such a treat to see her in public again, and with her beloved chagiya Mu Gyul, no less.

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Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok Attend Mary Stayed Out All Night Press Conference for TBS Japan — 51 Comments

  1. Agh, the cute! I die from the cute!

    I still maintain that they should do another project together because a) they are so perfect together and b) they were robbed in MSOAN. Please?!

  2. I have such a wide smile on my face…ahhhhhhh soooooooo CUTTEEE!! I’m not even a MMM fan but these 2 r too cute for words.

    • In almost every single picture, they even have the same gestures AT THE SAME TIME. %(%^&($&^&T They need to come out of the love closet so I don’t go insane.

      MMM sucked donkey balls, but if it produced them, I will always have a soft spot for MMM’s insanity.

      • I’m speechless….really. I’m grateful for MMM just for them as well.

        Do you miss her long locks?! I kinda miss that if she’s going to perm it…or give us a very cool summer bob ala Rainie

      • MGY did summer bob it ala RY back in January when she cut it all off.

        But now it’s shoulder length after 3 months, so perhaps she curled it just for her special appearance with her chagiya.

        And he got her a surprise birthday cake~ I mean, c’mon, Seok, can you be even more obvious? He had a Singapore fanmeeting last weekend where he was all “Oh I just talked to GY before I left, and we’re getting together after I get back.”

        My heart…..these two tease me so.

      • makes me curious, he just had his FM in Spore last week and they showed up @M3 TBS presscon in a very match-coloured-outfit, I wonder maybe Suk bought MGY apparel as her b’day present, as the cake refers to her early birthday, and Suk bought himself the match one, Spore is wellknown for its shopping-heaven anyway… 😀
        just wonder…

  3. They have match making color of their outfit.MGY looks like a teenage with that hair and cloth,the skirt cute by the way,who haven’t reach 20.hope they will rock Japan and other country for the sake they will be spending time together more.

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeee! they are still TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!! They need to be in another project together sooon! *crosses fingers and toes*

  5. They are the cutest creatures to ever live in kdrama-landia!

    I was able to attend JGS’ fanmeeting in Singapore last weekend and my heart flipped when he mentioned that he just spoke with MGY before he left for the fm… the host asked what he said to her and JGS cheerily answered, “I told her LET’S DRINK”

  6. Thank you Captain! We’re rocking the house in GeunGeun land as well. Counting down the days to their announcement! Are they practicing how to blow out candles on a wedding cake, or discreetly blowing a each other..mmmm. Can’t stop grinning.

  7. waaaaaaaa.. thank you captaiinn.. *kisses
    Never get enough of these twooo!! They always make my heart melt with their chemistry.. *squeeee*
    Have been wanting to see them together again.. and now they appear together with matching grey-black outfis, blowing candles together, looking all so shy but lovey dovey at th same time.. aaaahhhhh i can’t stop smiling from ear to ear.. XD

    goshhh.. love them soooo muchhh!! God bless them.. ^^

    i bet suk decided to make the presscon in korea because he cares about moon’s study and he wanted to be with moon anyway he could.. XD

  8. They even had color-matched outfits. Again! They’ll never stop being cute! \o/

    BTW, am I the only one who goes “nnnngggghh” when JGS switches from Korean to Japanese? Maybe it’s my language-kink, idk.

  9. awwwww indeed!….no wonder I had my geun-geun radar going of lately…..they are too adorable for words……also on another note I like what JGS is wearing for once…….i dont get it but I do seem to like it….and they match!!!…how friggin adorable is that?!…first the award shows and now this!…plus he always seems so much more palatable in whatever he is wearing whether its crazy or not when he’s with her……just spill the beans already you too!

  10. i agreeeee that M3 was an insane, bipolar and outright crazy drama that wasted SO MUCH talent from all 4 leads (finally forced myself to finish it … just last weekend) BUT if this is the show that brought them together in real life OMGGGGG i’d (half) forgive it.

    loveeee the fact they’re color-coordinated but if i may say this – uh Moon GY, i love you and all but uh, what are you wearing? O_o

    • i think she’s wearing a shirt that has a rabbit ears’ print, J n M Rabbit???? it’s tucked in that’s why it’s not so obvious…… it just looks ridiculous why she’s wearing a “lousy” shirt w/ a pretty skirt and gorgeous shoes., he he. did he really get the cake for her or the management did?

  11. Thank you, you just made my day. I just love this couple to death also. They are so perfect together. Love the macthing outfit and happy expression on their faces when they see each other. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

  12. At last! Together again! So cute together! I so love this couple (don’t like one without the other heh). I hope GY would call GS “chagiya” for real. Aren’t they a couple already? Aren’t they dating at all? Geun-seok ah, don’t make Geun-young (and us) wait too long! Come on!

  13. I knew this is coming Captain, you’ll never miss out posting your pretty Geun-Geun babies and we are soooooo happy!!! We are jumping for joy at our Geun-Geun ship. haha! Thank you! They are so lovely and cute together, even blowing the birthday candles, their arms so close and both clad in a matching colored outfit that only them knows why the conincidences. *wink wink*! I really love how these two look so shy and awkward at the same time if they are in public but in reality they are a childhood friend, so close and often communicate. Makes me wonder why hehe.. 😉 I don’t know when these two will come out clean and announce they are dating, but as JGS says recently he will not, still I’m hoping hoping. 🙂

  14. Love this cutie couple,,,, always waiting about they new project….
    I hope they like jang dong gun-ko so young…… friend and married in the future….. Hehehe 🙂

  15. Every time Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young are together I see that he dress better lol I don’t know.. always matching her… and I like it!! ><

    Btw, MGY's birthday isn't on may 6? I don't get why athe sudden birthday cake o0

  16. Ok now i just want that pig for myself. It was fun seeing our fav couple poke at that pig. Ha bet Jang Guen was thinking ‘doesn’t this pig look like the rabbit pig’
    Thanks for telling us that BooBoo-chan is TBS mascot and not some dirty-up rabbit pig but then that would be funny if it was for YAB.

  17. i cant get over for the sweetness of these two… their team up has so much perfect harmony….. and they are so lovely of being together… for me their story will never ends..

  18. Yes, JKS mentioned…”ah, this isn’t a pig-rabbit…” after staring at the plushie.

    Ah, but when asked about JKS’ traits, MGY said that what she found unusual about him is that he acts like a kid at times—to which JKS responded, ” It’s not that I’m like a kid, it’s more ‘coz she’s an “obachan” ( ahjumma^^–old lady)” ( JKS LOLS)

  19. Thank you Captain soooo much. Great banner too!
    They look simply adorable together, so cute, make me smile and happy.
    I hope they will be happy for a long time!

  20. Hi guys! Yesterday I posted my fan account especially for you guys but on Koala’s post dated 23.4.11. Drg the SG fm, when the host asked who he’s closer to betw MGY n PSH, he replied MGY cos she’s closer to his age.

    Just incase, I will copy and paste my said fan account again here:

    Hi all, I’ll quote Suk ‘Long time no see’ from his recent fm that he titled 2011 Jang Keun Suk Cri Show in Singapore last Sat 23.04.11

    Actually I’m not sure where to post so I just select this latest entry. Hope a lot of people that I promised months ago will see this

    It won’t be a fan account cause you can find them floating around and you’ll get a detailed account and thousands of pix and vids from the minute he cleared Spore immigration to Ritz Carlton where the presscon was held, onwards to Marina Square where the Autograph & Photograph sessions took place. All these took place on 22.04.11

    During the short interview prior to the fansigning, some 30-40 international eels performed a flashmob that the press dubbed ‘The Lettuce Dance’ bcos of the lettuce used as a prop drg the dance (think Mary from MSOAN cute dance onstage) The song chosen was Just Drag. Suk was grinning and laughing throughout the 2 min dance. He even followed a step or two & was seem singing along to the music. He accepted a lettuce after that from a dancer. So sweet!!!!

    In between takes to prepare groups of 30 to pose onstage, Suk will go backstage and as he passes the crowd, people would give him packets of snacks and hd never disappoint any of them! He reached out to receive a can drink which he immediately open and drink and also opened each packet of snacks & pop into his mouth. He also SHARED the food with the crowd! He was definitely the KING of fanservice alright!

    Ok I thought I wouldn’t write a fan account but I think it will be afterall… You can read from other blog entries for eg. Mykplayground, jangkeunsukforever, some posts on soompi and biskuteelblog are some.

    I tried to upload some pix but I can’t seem to do it direct from my iPhone Perhaps Ms Koala can give me your email address so that I can forward to you? My email address is

    Ok, 22nd April was just the appetizer. Main course is ofcourse on 23rd For those who has never attended Suk’s FM, try your best to at least go for one. Its WORTH IT!

    His first number was Let Me Cry and you would think that you’re watching his MV live! He wore the same exact suit and the same facial expressions! Very dark and hot at the same time… Next he sang Take care my bus. There was a short interview with the emcee. I can’t recall his performances in sequence, so mianhe…

    The event was in 2 parts, first his solo performance where he sang songs from his dramas: My Precious which he sang halfway, stopped halfway and we were all amused when his voice continued singing in the background! He asked us if we wanted to hear him live…ofcourse everybody was sent afrenzy! The tease!!!!

    He pulled the same prank during the song Hello Hello. At first he sang the ballad version which he again halted halfway. He asked us if Singapore is always summer which is hot so we should all get up and dance to the rock version!
    We needed no further encouragement )

    In between, there was another emcee and Suk talktime where they showed pix of his photoshoot from Europe. Once Suk cheekily said to the emcee ‘You should buy it( the photobook) when the emcee commented on a particular picture. He even offered to give the emcee his pants (in one of his pics) and I think he really would if they pick up this convo backstage.

    He performed Still as Ever from YAB, wearing Hwang Tae Kyung clothes. There was some game held for audience. We submitted our names and ID numbers beforehand and he will pick out from a box. The lucky person would hv to answer questions related to YAB. The 3 winners received The Last in Seoul DVD and a hug each

    I must say if you want to see Suk in his element, it would be during his Lounge H performance. That boy sure knows how to party and burn the house down! While he was controlled and professional during the first half, he let loose in his second. He was dancing SO SEXILY you just had to be there to see and experience how captivating and electrifying he could be. Just writing and reliving that moment already set my heart a few paces faster….

    It’s really too bad that the security was uber tight, they were literally prowling and ready to pounce whoever is caught taking pic or vid. But, some lucky people did manage to steal quite a lot of pix  and also some videos. You can search them on YT

    Anyway, Suk was in white and Kurt aka Bigbrother in black. Where Suk was at a loss for English words, Kurt would fill in the gaps. They sang the addictive Gotta Getcha, Shake it and some others im not sure the title of. They announced that they will release a Lounge H album. Here I would like to say that previously before attending a Lounge H performance, it somehow felt (I don’t know how to put it)… distant? But after experiencing firsthand, I can understand why it’s much talked about and looked forward to by all the eels…. You can’t help but be pulled in to jump and dance and shout to the beat and rhythms of ‘pa papa papa!!!!’

    Oh yes, before I end, I would like to assure all JKS shippers that his magnetic charm encompasses people of all ages, nationalities and genders. At the FM, there were men and women, age range: <10 to 60+, fans from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines even Korea. (here I'd like to add I noticed a Caucasion couple too at University Cultural Centre)

    If I had the opportunity, time and $$$ I would LOVE to go to ALL his FMs! He is my Coke 

    PS: Oh I forgot to talk abt his constant ‘habit’ of dropping his accessories on stage! Drg his Lounge H, while he was dancing and jumping about, his bangle went flying! These incidents happened at a few of his FMs before… he is so cute I could kiss him!! Lol!!!

  21. Blowing out candles together is VERY telling, isn’t it? I mean under normal circumstances when two artistes are merely sharing a working relationship, one would probably just stand apart politely and applause while the other party having the birthday cake will blow out the candle independently, isn’t it? Only close family members (parents and their kids) or couples would blow out candles together. Even whilst celebrating a friend’s birthday, one wouldn’t have the position to blow out candles with him/her.

    • Exactly! I totally agree with you!! It’s like there are no personal boundaries because they’re seem intimate, hence my 100% conviction that they are more than friends 😉

      Thanks Captain! As always you are the best!

    • Words are not needed between these two just look at their body language, gestures (just what like captain said) & expressions & you’ll know that there is really something going on.

    • Right on point Staying up late!
      I remember their scene in MSOAN, they are practicing a line in the drama of Jung In, Wonderful Day. The last line.. “I want to be a part of your family” stares at her and then pretend to kiss her. 🙂 So that goes to their blowing birthday candles together. Their close nit relationship is envitably showing unconsciously. 🙂

      • Thanks for the video. Just imagine Geun Young saying ” why don’t you help me blow out the candles, sweety?”! Our GeunGeuns are as intimate as family! Loveliest couple ever:)

  22. He’s a handsome man but he has a beautiful face side and She’s a beautiful woman but she has a handsome face side (watch her drama POTW and you’ll know). The fated couple !!^^
    fighting MSOAN !!!fighting KeunGeun!!!

  23. I watched videos of the KBS Awards night whre they were seated so close to each other..and at the end of the event I felt sad because they seem to bid each other farewell…Oh I was thinking when can I see them together again…AND then this presscon came out…WOW! And they even get to celebrate her birthday together…that is really special.
    Since MSOAN did not received that much warmth from the Korean audience, well for sure it will be a hit in Japan ! JGS and MGY are meant to be together for always!

  24. omooo…i love thissss..they made in heaven rite??hahaha, they really suits together, i saw their pics in the internet and they had the same lovely both of them can be..

  25. i have been watching kdrama for a long period of time but i have never seen such a lovely couple like MGY and JGS, everytime that they are together it makes me smile…. so NICE and BEAUTIFUL

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