Second Trailer for Lie to Me Drops Like a Hot Delicious Potato

The second trailer for Lie to Me is here, and excuse me for a minute while I go bang my head against the wall to make sure I am not dreaming. Nope, not dreaming, this drama is so going to be my crack it’s not even funny. I’m sorry, but Kang Ji Hwan pissed as all hell at Yoon Eun Hye has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen recently. Bonus points for the trailer using Avril Lavigne’s “What The Hell”.

I’m considering taking a sabbatical for 8 weeks so that I can watch Lie to Me and Best Love in peace without having to, you know, live in the real world with a real job and a real family. Pffft, those things are overrated anyways. All I need is Kang Ji Hwan yelling “kojima, kojima (lies, lies) I am going to destroy you” because Yoon Eun Hye is masquerading as his wifey.

Second Trailer for Lie to Me:


Second Trailer for Lie to Me Drops Like a Hot Delicious Potato — 34 Comments

  1. Me in my cheering skirt with pom poms “Give me a Y’ ” drum roll “give me an E”
    drum roll “give me an H” “and what do we get” “Yoon Eun Hye” jumps high in a split and kick right leg upward and shout “Fight!” “Fight!” “Fight!” “GO YEH!!!!” ahahaha I miss highschool!!!! LMAO 😉

    I’m just repeating this with a grand finale of cart wheels whooops and split ahahaha 😉

  2. the forth pic the one where he carries her – looks like the one of Take Care of the Young Lady when OSKS (cough Seo DOng Chan ) =Yoon Sang Hyun carried her in the airport (if I remember well)
    I think we have another writer laughing as hard as he can about usual kdrama cliche

  3. Oh my! What a promising trailer! There’s no way this drama could go wrong… right? RIGHT?! *chugs away “Take Care of My Lady” in a dark, dark corner!*

  4. I love the scene he yells Kojima too, is so funny is reaction! hahahaha I decided which dramas I’ll watch, Best love and Lie to me are my first options 🙂 😀

  5. Every time I see a new trailer or pics for this, I feel like a little kid in the back seat of the car during family vacation. “Are we there yet? Huh? How much longer? Okay…Are we there yet?”

  6. This reminds me of a bollywood movie I was forced to watch before about a girl who lied and said she was married to a some rich guy to get things she wanted and the guy didn’t know and when he found out had comical reactions etc.
    But I’m still going to watch this XD

  7. Sorry but this trailer stinks -same about the other upcomming shows. Throught that one already know what kind of storyline it is. Nothing new same “daba” chaebol and girl-boy with second looser characters-male and female- thing. One can say that kdramas suffer an evident lack of ideas from their makers lately.

  8. omg omg omg omg Kang Ji Hwan saying “Kojima kojima” is so funny. After watching the trailer now I am even more excited for this drama.
    Ahhhh this is just really entertaining.
    I swear the two dramas that I am so looking forward to watch have to do with fake marriages xD &they both have former idol stars hahahaha

  9. does anyone have lie to me trailer 1 & 2 other than youtube? please? onegai?
    it’s blocked in my area…hiks…. (T T)

  10. That sabbatical definitely sounds like a good idea. Too bad all these dramas air during finals -_-. And I won’t have any internet for a while after that so all of these dramas will be on hold.

  11. Koala
    ~ i will probably never meet you nor will one more mortal on your blog make a huge difference, but i have been wanting to say i love you!! and thanks for all the goodies 🙂

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