The Leads of Drunken to Love You Celebrate with Popcorn as the Ratings Continues to Rise

For those of you addicted to Drunken to Love You, I’m here to tell you that the next few months is going to be lots of fun. Whenever there is a runaway drama hit in TW, if it’s a live-shot drama, the media goes berserk and the cast and crew have tons of fun filming and giving ridiculous interviews all during the filming. The most recent breakout success was The Fierce Wife, which was actually a very good drama, but not my cup of tea, and the most insane drama run of the last few years has to be the astronomical ratings garnered by Fated to Love You, which was the predecessor to DTLY.

I watched FTLY live, but never really liked it, hence I didn’t partake of the fan fun. But this time I’m totally not missing out on the DTLY train, because this drama is wonderful, the actors have amazing chemistry, and I can already predict tons of hilarious BTS videos and interviews to come. Episode 2 hit 2.62 in ratings, which rose from episode 1’s 2.39 (while Sunny Happiness stayed steady at 1.7, which makes me happy as well), so the cast celebrated by munching on popcorn (which significance anyone who has watched episode 2 will understand) while filming a fantasy wedding sequence that saw Rainie Yang in her second wedding dress for this drama already.

The actors discussed how much fun they are having filming the drama, and Rainie volunteered Joseph Chang and Tom Price (the third male lead, whose character has not yet been introduced) to jump into a swimming pool if ratings broke 5. I think Joseph and Tom had better get ready for a soaking.


Drama lead actors in Taiwan love betting on ratings, and often give interviews where they promise to do something if the ratings break X. For example, during the wrap party for Rainie and Wu Zun‘s Sunshine Angel, the director volunteered Rainie and Wu Zun (who consented because they were so drunk) to swim nude in Okinawa if ratings broke 7 for that drama. I would LOVE to see that, hee.

As for DTLY, Joseph is getting massive amounts of love for his character Song Jie Xiu. The fans have proclaimed that for NT 1M and the chance to be married to Jie Xiu, which woman wouldn’t accept that proposition? True words of wisdom indeed.

[Credit: Next media news]


The Leads of Drunken to Love You Celebrate with Popcorn as the Ratings Continues to Rise — 19 Comments

  1. Ah ratings going up for this drama?buah they deserved it and I predict it will reach their own predict ratings because I want them to do Their volunteered.thanks for bring the goodies of this drama.

  2. Fantasy wedding! lolz it must be Jie xiu’s fantasy. Ratings these days are really low so i doubt that they could reach 5, let alone 7. It isn’t like it was years ago. Plus the number of people that actually have TVs set up for Neilson’s ratings systems are not many.

    Anyways, i’m happpy for them. Hopefully it’ll go up to 3 next episode.
    I can’t wait to see Alien and Rainie. As for Tom, i think he’s the one that will like Tiffany right?

    • The Fierce Wife hit hit 7 mid-way through its run just two months ago. I think DTLY has a great chance of hitting 5 by episode 6, and 7 by episode 8. My predictions, of course. 🙂

      • In total agreement with you and I wish them the best of luck ’cause if internet views were calculated in ratings, they’s
        have a megahit already.

      • I think it’s going to do much better than Fierce Wife because they have rather less competition. 🙂 And of course because it’s much more cracktastic.

        Although personally I liked Sonia Sui’s promises of NT$10,000 donations for every percentage point ratings increase. Less fan-gratification than jumping in the pool, but of more substance.

  3. LIKE LIKE LIKE ok I have decided to focus and enjoy school and work but is there anyway I can squeeze this….please pretty please 😉

    • Me in my cheering skirt with pom poms “Give me a Y’ ” drum roll “give me an E”
      drum roll “give me an H” “and what do we ” “Yoon Eun Hye” jumps high in a split and kick right leg upward and shout “Fight!” “Fight!” “Fight!” “GO YEH!!!!” ahahaha I miss highschool!!!! 😉

  4. Love you for posting this up! MUAH~

    Crazy addicted me just downloaded Joseph Chang’s 2007 movie Eternal Summer (which I heard had really good reviews). It’s waiting for me at home, I can’t wait for working hours to end man!

  5. Koala koala;
    If you watched the preview for ep3, JX says this line that goes “阮經天是命中註定我愛你;我宋杰修是命中註定衰到底!“ HAHAHAHA Love love the ethan ruan references. AND THE BTS. You should have been able to see them seeing how they are always tagged on at the end of the video. Hm.

    Can next Mon come quick, pleaseee

    • I lovelovelove that line in the preview~

      Normally too much meta-references turn me off, but the two Ethan references (one for MQ and next ep for FTLY) are pretty hilarious. 😀

  6. “while filming a fantasy wedding sequence that saw Rainie Yang in her second wedding dress for this drama already.” Well, third if you count the drunk wedding dress.
    This show is killing me, seriously. I never thought I would like it so much.

  7. I am totally hooked on this drama!!! I am one of the very few tw folk that did not like FTLY. Just could not get into it. So I too miss out on the craziness by choice. But I won’t be missing this one – even went on a bunch of tw sites that my cousin referred me to get info (usually I’m too lazy to do that). Can’t get enough of it – gotta love me some marriage contract madness!! 🙂 I did also really like The Fierce Wife and watched it almost weekly but I didn’t follow any of the craziness outside the episodes, but before that, my last craze was DWL. Bring it on – DTLY! 🙂

    I hope the ratings shoot up too – jia you!

  8. sorry but i beg to disagree with you guys…i still think that ethan and joe chen has the best chemistry ..FTLY is still the highest rated drama and still tops my list…but i also like DTLY mainly because of rainie yang

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