George Hu’s Management Company Confirms a June Premiere Date for Hayate the Combat Butler

I think this might be it – after multiple potential airing dates associated with the completed TW-drama Hayate the Combat Butler, yesterday lead actor George Hu‘s management company Polyland posted on its Weibo a picture of George in the recording studio doing voice work for Hayate (see picture below), with the accompanying caption that Hayate is scheduled to air on GTV on June  19, 2011.

Coincidentally, this would mean Hayate premieres just 10 days before lead actress Park Shin Hye‘s K-drama You’ve Fallen for Me (formerly known as Festival) premieres on MBC. Park Shin Hye having two new dramas airing simultaneously in two countries is quite a feat. I hope Hayate’s airdate is true, because I’m game for a cute manga-adaptation. This also explains why there have been no trailers yet, since it appears the voice work is not completed at this point.

George will also have two dramas airing simulataneously as well if Hayate airs on June 19, since he is starring in the sequel to the highly-rated TW-drama Rookies Diary, called unsurprisingly Rookies Diary 2, which is like a Mash-meets-boarding-school drama.

My only concern with Hayate is that George and Shin Hye didn’t exactly get along during the filming (they don’t loathe each other the way Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong did on the set of Material Queen, but it was pretty frosty from what I’ve heard), so either the chemistry will be nonexistent, or they will channel it into some crazy one-up-each-other acting. Who knows, but it makes me even more curious now.


George Hu’s Management Company Confirms a June Premiere Date for Hayate the Combat Butler — 7 Comments

  1. Really? I thought they got along pretty well during the filming process, or perhaps that was only in the beginning because the last articles I read about this drama were back when the drama was first filming. I hope it turns out okay since I have a soft spot for George Hu & Park Shin Hye.

    • Let’s just say they have very different personalities. It was no surprise all the articles later featured only George and second leading lady Tia Li, who got along great.

      I don’t think it was anyone fault – I think the age gap, George is 8 years older, which isn’t much, but Shin Hye is quite young, and the language barrier is mostly the reason why. They just didn’t click, which isn’t saying much since plenty of leading couples actually didn’t get along BTS, but performed wonderfully onced the cameras rolled.

  2. i thought that they got along well because in a recent interview, shinhye said that GH is a very caring person…besides, shinhye always gets along well with co stars even if the age gap is pretty wide (ex. is ahjussi of kimcheed radish and UTW of cyrano) because she has a warm and endearing personality…if thats the case, i guess its the language barrier…anyway, i hope that the drama will turn out well as im also excited to see shinhye as the bratty nagi…

  3. GH and SH not getting along well??? I’ve seen a video of them practicing a ballroom dance and they are getting along well..they are quite comfortable with each other..SH even slap GH while they were laughing.just like SH to her partner in Kimcheed in Win Win interview..but there might be a language barrier..i will just see it from the BTS of Hayate..

  4. I’ve been waiting for this drama… but I’m curious, will Park Shin Hye’s voice be dubbed over? Because I tried to watch Tdrama with a Korean female lead once (My Lucky Star) and I stopped after one episode because of the high-pitched, fake-sounding dub.

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