Absolute Darling Commences Filming with Jiro Wang as the Likely Lead

I’m curious as to why GTV is so secretive about confirming the news, but long-in-development TW-drama Absolute Darling started filming yesterday, according to various Weibo updates from actors working on the drama. Lead actress Gu Hye Sun has been in Taiwan since last week, which further confirms the news.

As for which actor is stepping in for departed Wu Zun? I’m 99.9% sure it is in fact Zun’s Fahrenheit bandmate Jiro Wang, who yesterday posted a picture of himself on his Weibo wearing a pair of pajamas, on the set of a new project. I’ve read Zettai Kareshi the manga, and Night-o definitely dons a pair of PJs after he emerges from the box naked. Also, another AD actor posted on Weibo that he’s gotten a lot of new followers who are Jiro fans, and he complimented Jiro as being very handsome in person.

I’m pretty sure Jiro is ready to be a buff robot based on his physique recently. There has been no confirmation on who plays second male lead Soshi’s character, but all the previous rumors have Nicholas Teo attached to the role. Oy vey, I really don’t know what to think about this adaptation – from the story to the actors, I’m just befuddled and very conflicted. Will bring more news as it drops.


Absolute Darling Commences Filming with Jiro Wang as the Likely Lead — 21 Comments

  1. it’s not the actors it’s the actress that doesn’t seem to fit. I’m glad that wuchun got out of the drama. Maybe he could tell that it wouldn’t work out because they don’t seem like they have any chemistry together at all. Jiro on the other hand, seems like he could make it work. I know it’s vain of me to say but I hope they leave her hair grown out instead. I hate her tomboy look.

    • So true! I’m so fine with Jiro as the lead but why does it have to be GHS????
      TW has Cheryl Yang or Sonia Sui both of whom are fine actresses. It would be mean to say this but I just have to. GHS is over-rated and is still riding on the popularity of BOF until now.

      • I agree with you. I couldn’t stand GHS’s acting in BOF. Her hair is awful in this drama too. I like Jiro and I don’t really want to see him acting with her. This drama is out for me, unless its ridiculously good. I’ll be waiting for Koala’s review.

      • sorry cafe..you are right GHS is overrated..imagine a girl who dresses up so simple doesn’t wear jewelries..just directing her movies..but still got picked by GTV to act in AD INSTEAD OF WHO ARE THEY???SHERRY CHERRY sorry but GHS IS MORE SALEABLE compared to those girl you just mentioned ..GTV is looking for somebidy who is known not only in taiwan and korea but also ALL OVER ASIA and GHS is BOF is already a history but soRry to inform you GHS name always comes along with BOF..she is not riding with its popularity..

  2. Agreed – and I don’t think it’s vain at all.

    You can’t have Jiro Wang (with those pouty lips, smouldering come hither eyes, those strong arms, and and I got sidetracked.) She can’t look old and ahjumma-like is what I’m saying. In BOF it was okay because Geum Jan Di wasn’t supposed to be stereotypically pretty, but that’s not the case for the female lead in Zettai Karesh.

  3. I loved J-AB, but the girl was portrait as an average office worker w/o boyfriend luck. She was cute yeah, & GHS is plenty cute if not more cute. I am very interested in this drama. I’ve seen Jiro w/ even tighter abs than the above pic a year ago, and now he’s working out even more, so he’d make a fine robot w/ plenty of humor/cute magic.

    • totally agree with u.. I think GHS will fit in just fine.. she tends to overact sometime.. so will see how it turn out.. I am actually happy with Jiro instead of Wu Zun.. to be honest, Wu Zun is really not a great actor… and Jiro is more versatile.. I don’t know much about Nicholas Teo… but Mizushima Hiro totally great as Soshi in j version… of course I am prejudice cos I love Hiro.. and sad that he is not gonna act anymore….

      I am actually looking forward to it..

      • he’s not deaf to his fans. i’ve read some ppl say on weibo that Jiro didn’t want to film AD..but somehow he had no choice in the end.

  4. I love GHS! Great news for her fans… she is beautiful inside and out, and to her antis, pls look at yourselves first and dont be too much envious of her trying, or else it only proves that you’re such a loser

    • i agree with you jj… i love ghs, and im sure it will be a great drama, i will surely watch this drama, but please tell me when it will be aired, i cant wait to see this drama, fighting GHS and jia you JIRO …. both of you are great actor and actress…. i will buy the dvd… ;)…. 4 thmbs for GHS and JIRO WANG…..

  5. soooooooo happy! so so so happy! wu chun, you can fuck off u.u
    we have jiro now*_*<3
    as for go hye soon.. i don't thing she's wrong for the role, but we will only know later^_^

    • haha. yes!! wuzun’s acting has just been getting worst and worst, ever since tokyo juliet. he definitely would’ve just screwed this project up.
      go JIRO~!!!!!! he’s more amazing all-around! better-acting! better-looking! better-everything<333

  6. parting words for a week!!!! honey leave some muscle supplements for the Flower Boys on the shelf…. 😉 signing off

  7. Please see the pictures of AD with Jiro almots nude o_o…… he looks great and GHS looks beauty, fresh, cute, im very happy!!!! i cant wait!!!

  8. I really like Jiro’s acting but I still think WuZun fits the role of Night more since he has a bigger frame than Jiro Wang or at least looks like he does. Plus his face looks more “manufactured”, like Night’s… and I don’t think acting as Night is that difficult, based on reading the manga…so WuZun cld hav handled it =) As for GHS, I don’t really mind since I cnt think of anyone else t suggest… personally i think of ivy fan for th role since she’s pretty but mayb she’s too old (31) or cnt act as well? Anyways, I can’t wait for th drama to air!!

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