Vic Zhou and Vivian Hsu’s Upcoming Movie Cohabiting with Fashion Releases First Stills

Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) is currently in Beijing filming a modern TW/C collaboration movie called Cohabiting with Fashion, co-starring Vivian Hsu and HK-actor Alan Tam. Zai Zai plays a white collar employee of a fashion company, and Vivian is a typical hard-working average girl. The movie supposedly depicts how modern young people work hard to make their dreams come true, fall in love, and so on and soย forth. Not very original or compelling stuff, but it’s a quick shoot and allows Zai Zai to have some recovery from his grueling year long shoot for his upcoming drama The Other Shore 1945.

After Zai Zai wraps this movie in June, he’s back to Taiwan to make his movie with Ella Chen called Destiny’s Pair. And after that movie wraps, he’s back to China in late August when the mega-blockbuster period epic The Yang’s Clan movie begins filming. Poor Zai Zai is working so hard, but he looks healthier and I prefer him working rather than brooding.

Supposedly Raymond Lam has just been matched to be the Fifth Yang’s bro, and since we know Wu Zun is Sixth brother and Louis Koo is Big Brother, I still contend Zai Zai would make the perfect Fourth brother. Netizens are having loads of fun matching the confirmed actors to the brothers. It’s totally cosplaying our favorite actors.

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Vic Zhou and Vivian Hsu’s Upcoming Movie Cohabiting with Fashion Releases First Stills — 16 Comments

  1. The real world is just too much for me right now I’m up to my neck so I maybe full of crap please bear with me these coming days!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Brain drain!!!! I want a Koala Bear hug!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh yeah Vic is getting thin…tsk tsk eat more honey you’ll need the muscle for Yang Clan or else you might drop the spear… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Aw, whenever I see him these days, I can’t help make the comparison with his “Mars” days and every single time I’m shocked.

    Anyway, is Cohabiting with Fashion supposed to be a romcom?

  3. Thank you, Koala. I have missed Mars’s “Chen Ling”.

    Hope that Zai Zai’s health, physically and mentally, has improved.

  4. This is not relevant to the article above but I simply HAVE to tell you, Ockoala: LOVE, LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BANNER OF MU GUYL AND MAE RI!!!! Its SUPER CUTE, him looking sideways at her, she returning with a sweet smile and the epic kiss in the middle. Wish I could have it for background. It made me smile from ear to ear, love you for it!

  5. Can you guys believe that Vivian is 30 something? She’s looks like she’s 16. She’s so cute. Anyways, i’m probably not going to watch his drama but looking forward to the movies.

  6. whoa the guy is taking no breaks what so ever is he….love him and as much as I want him on my screen constantly, it wouldn’t hurt for him to take a break…i dont particularly care for this movie but I am super escited about the other three projects!!!

  7. So excited for all Vic upcoming drama and movies. The last time I’ve seen him in a drama was last year Jin Da Ban. Miss him soooooooooooooooo much!!! But I agree with you okoala that I want Vic to work rather than brooding. Just want him to really eat and have a well toned physique, not necessarily muscles, as I don’t like men with muscles.

  8. I red about this on Chinese sites, this is not a TW/C movie collaboration, it’s a Chinese mainland movie. Who is/are the Taiwanese partner/s in this movie?

  9. I am still puzzled by his selection of this project, which with a lame cast and unoriginal plot would be unlikely to enhance his relatively obscure filmography. And from this to the one with Ella? Yike!! What is he (his manager) thinking?

    Anyway, Vivian Hsu is 36. Like Shu Qi, she broke into the scene by starring in three “softcore porn” films (cat III) in HK. But unlike Shu Qi, Vivian was never able to be catapulted into film stardom as the result. Instead, she had parlayed her controversial entree into a relatively successful music career (esp in Japan) with occasional work in films and TV.

  10. vivien hsu… another girl who found the fountain of youth
    she barely aged since the time she debuted 16 years ago
    I mean, who would say that she looks 6 years older than zai zai

  11. no chemistry at all vivian and vic zhou doesnt look good together better not be playing as lovers … maybe brother and sister

  12. What happened to Zai Zai? I agree that he looks so different compared to his Mars days. Is it true that he became so depressed after breaking up with Barbie Hsu? Still handsome for me, anyway. I hope he’s happy still.

  13. i like vivian hsu in Love Storm, i like her acting and i thought that her and vic looked good in this drama. the story here is an opposite of that Love Storm. Can’t wait to watch it. Thank you for sharing!

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