Basic House Korea and China Summer 2011 Ads for Won Bin and Moon Geun Young

I decree that one can’t possibly welcome Summer without the requisite Moon Geun Young photoshoot for Basic House. Bringing you the latest pictures with Won Bin for BH Korea, and also her latest solo pictures for BH China. You know, if I were to critically analyze Geun Young, she really just looks like an older version of her child actor days. But her inner spirit and talent just overwhelm me, and all I see are stars when I look at her. She makes me moony for her loveliness, inside and out.

I have to finally render my verdict that as much as it theoretically seemed so awesome to have Won Bin and Moon Geun Young paired together for an ad campaign, the end result was that they simply didn’t make magic together. No sparks, nada. For that reason, and coupled with the much prettier clothes, I love the BH China ads much more.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


Basic House Korea and China Summer 2011 Ads for Won Bin and Moon Geun Young — 18 Comments

  1. *sighs* You’re right. THe magic isn’t there…yet. Maybe if they were to film a movie or a drama together? iDK, I still want the geun geun couple and won bin together on screen. I can dream, okay? I know it’ll never happen.

    • They *have* been in a drama together – Autumn Tale/Autumn in my heart. But Moon Geun Young played the child version of the main girl and Won Bin played the adult love interest…..Kinda makes this pairing weird…….
      Maybe that’s why the pairing is a bit sparkless.

  2. I freaking LOVE Moon Geun Young! I’ve seen three of her dramas and one movie, and she’s blown me away in each one. Not to mention she is gorgeous and has a lovely presence even in photos. I think she packs more punch on a billboard than certain actresses can do onscreen. I would really propose to her if I could.

    Or else set her up with Jang Geun Suk πŸ˜›

  3. dear lord, i’m happy they don’t have chemistry. i can’t see them beyond an older brother – younger sister relationship. when i see them together, i think of autumn shower. moon geun young is beautiful, and i love her with long hair; but i want more pictures of won bin.

  4. Jang Keun Suk could soooo totally loovvee these BH china photos of Moon Geun Young! She looks so feminine, lively, refreshing and sensual all at the same time.

    Love Won Bin’s acting and smouldering looks too but as a pair they simply look like an uncle with his niece. You know the kind of guy whose older brother is like maybe 10 years older and thus the niece is only 10 to 12 years younger. However, an uber cool and handsome uncle whom one would be thrilled to have him pick one up from school so that all of one’s fellow schoolmates will oogle will delight and squeel with envy!

  5. I kinda agree… I mean, they look good and all but something is missing.. May be chemistry? Btw, love Won Bin’s expressions πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve always felt that Moon Geun young is a mini-version of Go Hyun Jung, talent wise as well as in looks…I hope she is able to reach a similar place in her career as well….cant wait till she chooses her next project

  7. AAAHHH!! The darling Maeri Moon ! She’s truly the A-list actress extraordinaire…
    She’s like a delicious multi-layered delicacy. You peel one layer ,you getta sexy kitten , you peel another ,you getta electic bohemian , peel another ,you getta teenage boy-gal , another layer nearer the core is the shy sweet natured tender-hearted girl we saw/hear of at PressCon & late Mr Kim’s wake ….so so so many other layers .
    I lurve her. Such a sweetheart!
    She shd do a CF wt JKS!! Its gonna be the CF of all CFs!!
    P.S- Watch this BH commercial on video .Its really HOT!! JKS shd watch d piranhas circling his supposed gal! HAHAHA

    • Yeaaahhh…agree with u Sharon
      MGY and JGS should do it together…the CF all the CFs..kekeke..and advertising company has to put a lot of charge to pay them both…MGY 700 million for 1 CF…

      • Yah, really wish to see a CF with JKS and MGY! They will have so much chemistry and looovvveee that not only sales will hit through the roof, tv screens would also be smoking hot!

  8. Moon is simply gorgeous inside and outside. I love how true and sweet this girl is. Can’t wait for her upcoming projects.

    I also agree with the ones that mentioned JGS should see the pictures above, it’ll have him panting…LOL.

  9. MGY is undoubtedly gorgeous in her own right. When I saw the video of this solo shoot, how playful and sexy she rocks those dresses and for the camera, she just blows me away! She is reserved and simple but man, when she do those moves, wow! She’s hiding the sexiness from within!

    And I agree with everyone on the non-chemistry between them, but I can say they compliment each other for being both awesome actors!

    Thanks Captain!

  10. i love more when YEH become Basic House model… love her pic in every angle and when she photos for BH China more gorgeous and love her more… but fot Moon Geun for BH not bad too but her face like a child but ya like i said not bad..but i love more when YEH the model in BH…:)

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