You’ve Fallen for Me Casts its Two Second Leads So Yi Hyun and Song Chang Ui

Best Love hasn’t even premiered yet, but its follow-up drama You’ve Fallen For Me with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa is continuing with its pre-production, and has confirmed its two second leads. Going older and more experienced, the drama has cast Song Chang Ui as a music director at the university where the leads are students in the music department, and So Yi Hyun as a dance instructor at the same university as well.

I’ve never watched Song Chang Ui in any of his projects, but he’s a renowned musical actor in addition to a television actor, and I have total faith he’ll be great in this role. I’ve watched So Yi Hyun in various dramas and movies, but it wasn’t until Gloria that I really loved her performance and screen presence. She has this very delicate yet steeling demeanor.

While I don’t have exceedingly high hopes for this drama, nor am I excited beyond belief, I am genuinely charmed by the cast and the concept. I think if the story is good, this drama would be a great Summer rom-com. Shin Hye and Yong Hwa have already shown that they have great on-screen chemistry, so I hope their character construct and the story development doesn’t fail them. I’ve read that Shin Hye will be having a crush on her music director played by Song Chang Ui, and similarly Yong Hwa’s character will be in love with his noona dance instructer played by So Yi Hyun. I’m hoping this means the two second leads will end up together, and we’ll have a happily ever after rainbows and unicorns ending for everyone. I can hope, right?


You’ve Fallen for Me Casts its Two Second Leads So Yi Hyun and Song Chang Ui — 8 Comments

  1. Chingu, you know how excited I am now? I wasn’t, before SCU was cast, but now I’m SO looking forward this drama. I don’t know how invested I’ll be in the storyline of the “kids” but I’m already rubbing my hands in anticipation for the one about the second leads. I like the premise and I like the actors and OMG I can’t wait!!! laskjsdkfhd

    I really like So Yi-hyun. As a matter of fact, I liked her a lot more than the female lead Sung Yuri in StS -I haven’t watched Gloria yet, I know, I know, epic fail- so honestly? I’m really looking forward this drama. OMG my SCU will be on screen again! lsadkfjlsdjfsfd

  2. I agree, I’ve always adored So Yi-hyun ^^ She’s a talented beautiful actress and comes across as being really likeable. I’m more excited about this drama now that she’s on board along with the fabulous actor Song Chang Ui. Now the story had better good and not waste its good cast!

  3. Still can’t get my head around how underrated SCU is.
    He was phenomenal in Hedwig, fantastic in Werther, absolutely amazingly brilliant in Life is Beautiful (um, writing “Confessions of A Hardcore LiB Fan” someday soon).
    I’m pretty sure that the 2nd leads will pwn the kids, but YongHwa and ShinHye are kinda cute, so…

    • Hold on, did you see him at the theater? If you did, omg, I’m soo jealous! I SO wish Korea sold dvds for theatrical productions, musicals and the like. I would buy them aaaaaaaaall!

      Also? Hi! Hardcore fan here too! *waves*

      • Sadly no, still watching his glouriousness at YT only *crying tears*
        And let’s not discuss those horrible issues korea has with DVD’s, be it oversales distrubtion or actually producing them *sits on her waiting $$$ for various unreleased kdrama DVD’s*

      • I feel your pain! Or when the dvds go out of print, like, the year after they were released and there’s no way to get that boxset you wanted to much and for which you were oh so diligently saving money?

        Go to Korean sites like Nate or Naver and run searches for 송창의 or his name + the project your interested in. You’d get a few gems there as well! The first time I stumbled upon Hedwig’s lament on a DC, I cried. True story

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