GTV Presents the Leads of Absolute Darling Gu Hye Sun and Jiro Wang to the Media

Man, I ought to get an award for my sleuthing. Remember how I told everyone that TW-drama Absolute Darling with Gu Hye Sun had secretly started filming last week? Well, GTV confirmed the news today in a small press conference, and trotted out lead actors Gu Hye Sun and, no surprise here, Jiro Wang.

I can tell you that the powers-that-be at GTV are still furious at Wu Zun for dropping out, and showered praise upon praise for Jiro’s loyalty and willingness to accept the project on such short notice. Both Jiro and Hye Sun discussed how they were confident that the scripts were excellent and believe in the quality of this drama.

I have to say the first look at Jiro with Hye Sun doesn’t weird me out, and I hope they have good onscreen chemistry. I also wish Hye Sun would grow her hair out, it’s been years since she’s sported a more feminine look, which I think suits her quite well. Jiro openly confirmed that he’ll be going all nude for the infamous out-of-the-box scene, so all imma going to say is – Jiro, you done grow up good. The second leads for AD are supposedly Penny Xie (Xie Kun Da) of the boyband Energy and Cherry Hsia.

As for Wu Zun dropping out, people drop of acting projects on a regular basis, and I don’t fault Wu Zun for wanting to focus on his movie career. It’s not like he dropped AD to do another drama anytime soon. However, I do believe that Wu Zun dropping AD pretty much means he burned his bridges with GTV and the producer of AD, who really helped vault Zun to stardom by casting him in his drama productions of Tokyo Juliet, Romantic Princess, and TW-HanaKimi.

I personally think Jiro is a much better actor, so AD will probably end up less lulzy than I expected with this change of lead actors. I also like Zun much better on the big screen, so this is a win-win situation for me. The AD story, on the other hand, I would highly welcome some major tweaks for the drama version.

[Credit: Liberty Times news]


GTV Presents the Leads of Absolute Darling Gu Hye Sun and Jiro Wang to the Media — 14 Comments

  1. It is good Jiro took up the vacancy as I still can’t see the chemistry between Gu Hye Sun and Wu Chun. Well looking forward to Jiro on TV again though not a fan of Gu Hye Sun.

  2. Thanks for understanding ZUN and yes he will not go all the way naked…that’s the real reason…. 😉

  3. Word on her hairstyle.

    And yup, I can’t feel the chemistry yet, but then that may mean nothing. How many actors had absolutely zero chemistry off screen and then were oh soooo good on screen? So I’m not worried about that. I am, however, a bit worried about the script.

    Wait. All nude. As in ALL nude?!? *raises eyebrow* Is that even possible? like, I mean, on a romcom?

    • hayami mokomichi was nude when the box was first opened but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he showed parts not appropriate for tv. But he did show a lot of skin, most of the time just wearing tiny boxer shorts.

  4. I was afraid they would look really bad together. But I was wrong. They actually look quite decent. At least, they look less awkward than GYS/Wu Zun…
    I’m not really happy with Jiro accepting this role. He deserves more than just being the replacement. However, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna do a good job. And I heard that HIM gave him no choice but to accept the role, so… What’s done is done. Let’s hope it turns out good.

    As for Zun dropping out, I would understand it if he had handled things the right way. But he didn’t. He accepted the role, he even started filming the drama and then left everything on hold to go film his movie. Only after he finished filming the movie did he decide that he didn’t want to act in AD. So, yes, I can see why everyone at GTV is furious at him and saying he is ungrateful. They waited months for him, God knows how much of a financial lose they had because of that, and then he just decided to drop out giving lame excuses as his reasons for doing so. Zun may not be the most talented person in the world (far from it), but at least he used to have good work ethics and seemed to be a decent guy. However, he totally messed up this time.
    I’m curious to know what’s gonna happen to his drama with Rainie, since it’s from GTV too…

    • Well sometimes people have to make risky decisions to have good ethics or to keep a good image….being tied down with a contract will definitely get him started, but as him being a business guy and an actor will pull him in two different directions it will always have to be a win win situation, and sometimes when a door closes for someone a window opens for someone else… 😉 His management should do some damage control 🙁

      • I totally agreed with you Mulan. We are not the insider so we do not know the true story behind. I don’t think it is fare for us to judge what the media said or any side said. Yeap Chun’s management company should be responsible.

  5. yes, someone should definitely do something about her hairtsyle…and they do look cute together…and thinking about Jiro naked is me ——> O________O
    anyways I’m still not convinced to follow this drama ‘cuz i’m not fond of the storyline

  6. They are so cute, a new fresh combo. Jiro is really nice, so Hye Sun will enjoy his silly friendliness. She’d look more feminine in longer hair. I like these 2.

  7. I don’t see the chemistry between this 2 to be honest….or maybe is cause GHS doesn’t seem very excited in the pics….and I agree longer hair would suit her great, new look. But let see how this drama turns out. As for Wu Chu well, what can we say he didn’t follow protocol regarding dropping the drama and that on him and his management. However, Jiro is the better actor and I’m sure he would try his best.

    I’m amazed how many Korean actors are doing a crossover…

  8. I personally LOVE and ADORE the manga Zettai Kareshi
    as well as the live-action done by Japan…

    The only thing I know is that Taiwan dramas when adapting a manga
    REALLY keeps on following what the MANGA has been written..
    UNLIKE Japan when adapting for a live action tends to change
    SOME of the things from the manga…

    I hope this VERSION won’t disappoint me and make me LOVE ZETTAI KARESHI
    for MORE…

    for the replacement of the male lead, I hope Jiro Wang can handle and give justice to Tenjo Night’s character…
    for Goo Hye Sun, will she use her own voice to speak in Mandarin, or will her voice be dubbed?… I am hoping her voice will be real… I always prefer the original voice of the actors than being dubbed.. 🙂

  9. I’m actually happy Jiro took up this role, I was worried who would fill in for Chun for a sec. Can’t wait for this to come out, I think Jiro really suits this role, great acting skills and his body is perfect xD

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