Lie to Me Holds Press Conference and Releases Fourth Trailer

My lord, how many people are in this drama? Or let me rephrase that, how many people are at this dang press conference? Lie to Me, which I reckon 99.9% of the people are watching solely for Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan, instead trotted out pretty much the entire extended cast for its press conference yesterday.

That was a nice thing to do, and I’m glad everyone got their moment to meet the media, since usually only the four (or six) leads get to do the dog and pony show. My belly did somersaults of glee when Eun Hye and Ji Hwan affected their now trademark Lie to Me fingers on the lip shhhhhhh pose. The fourth trailer is also out, which I have embedded at the end.

Aren’t they the cutest couple ever? *becoming incoherent now*

I think everyone looks great at this press conference, individually and together. While I didn’t love any single outfit, no one was outré or frumpy, and the distinctive styles neither clashed nor looked excessively coordinated. Everyone looked chill and comfortable, which is why it works.

Fourth trailer for Lie to Me:

Okay, I’m just dying here. DYING. Ji Hwan and Eun Hye in that dinky pedal-boat on the lake? Priceless.

[Credit: all pictures from Lie to Me SBS official release]


Lie to Me Holds Press Conference and Releases Fourth Trailer — 45 Comments

  1. oh well…im firsttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    hahaha YEH is wearing Burberry jacket that costs over $3000… what an expensive jacket,…

    everyone looks so pretty and funny….

    i love the trailer…i cant wait nomroe

    5 more days to go

      • I really love her dressing way ….chic , trendy and in same time sexy !!!
        she looks outstanding in that expensive jacket …In my opinion , her beauty is something that could shins even through unattractive clothes ….
        By the way ,Those shoes go really well with that jacke !!!

      • did u ever hear that YEH is still beautiful even we put her in the garbage????

        she shines wherever she goes to…

      • Ditto. Thought that jacket is in a standard colour but why does it still look good and unusual? It’s the colour and design of the belt that goes with it. Designer wear has its uniqueness in value, that I have to admit. Well worth the money for a celebrity.

  2. I was laughing by halfway through, but when it got to that dinky pedal-boat, I lost it. There’s something about the way KJH does humor. Not sure what it is, but he’s got the knack.

    • KJH is not the strongest of actors (going mano-a-mano with So Ji Sub in Rough Cut, Ji Sub understandably was the stronger actor), but he has impeccable timing on line delivery. Also, he intuitively understands that he needs to find what he is doing funny in order for the audience to feel the comedy, and he does that. His humor is not the LOL-look-at-me-aren’t-I-so-clever kind, it’s the this-shiz-is-ridiculous-but-HOMG-lets-have-a-good-time-shall-we? kind.

      I ADORE HIM.

      YEH is another story. She’s a head-to-toe performer. I think even her hair follicles have the ability to deliver on cue. Again not the strongest actress, but unparallel screen presence.

      • I get the impression from KJH’s work that strangely, he shines the best when he’s got better chops than whomever is with him. Or maybe I should say: he’s very good at making other people look better — that really seemed to be the hallmark of HGD, certainly. The other leads just didn’t have the charisma he had, but he shared what he had.

        In Rough Cut, it felt like he was waiting for the comedic moment but working against/with a real heavyweight, who didn’t play to the comedy except in passing (situational, of a sort).

        Calling KJH’s style this-shiz-is-ridiculous-but-HOMG-lets-have-a-good-time-shall-we? is absolutely spot-on.

  3. Hahahaha what makes it even better is that I think your boy Ji Hwan has a slight crush on YEH. In the presscon he was saying that him and YEH’s meeting is like destiny first at the Baeksang and now here for this drama. He even said he will sign up for more episodes if this gets extended. I think that’s really cute.

    • This just confirms that my boy Ji Hwan has excellent taste. Only a blind bat would not have a crush on Eun Hye.

      • OH god …you are so good at this !!!
        I loved it : Only a blind bat would not have a crush on Eun Hye….

      • oh man, thats so true “Only a blind bat would not have a crush on Eun Hye.”…

        mostly everyone adores her huh???

        i have a big crush on her as well lol

    • “In the presscon he was saying that him and YEH’s meeting is like destiny first at the Baeksang and now here for this drama”

      That is so cute!!! >o<

      And did you guys see the picture of them whispering to each other…

      I don't like shipping men with Yoon Eun Hye because I'm an I-want-Yoon-Eun-Hye-to-pair-up-with-a-lot-of-guys shipper but they are making i really hard not to ship them..

  4. I just keep laughing at his kojima in the trailer it’s just so funny the way he says it..hahahaha can’t wait.

  5. I…no words. brb lolling forever at the pedal-boat bit. Also? The “lies, lies” bit still cracks me up. His delivery and his timing!! How can he get them so perfect? alksdjlskdfh Love it

    Can I admit something? My favorite trailer is still #2.

    • It is a truth universally acknowledged…..that the best trailer of all the May dramas so far is the LTM trailer #2.


      • I actually like this one the best b/c it gave me more of KJW’s character. I didn’t like his voice when he’s screaming angrily, but when he laughs histerically at the end, I totally love it!

        Dying of anticipation!

  6. I haven’t seen this Sung Joon (is he new, like debuting?) in anything so when I heard his voice…

    “OOH LA LA.”


  7. Wow, that’s a lot of people. I’ve never seen so many of the cast members on stage! I like the fact that none of the outfits are too crazy!
    This just gets me more excited.

  8. here is the picture that KJH is whispering something to her ears…they look so cute together….im dying of their beauty hehe


  9. Lie To Me press conference is getting great feedbacks the media is saying that it was really nice to see all the actors there instead of only the main actors getting all the attention. They said it was heartwarming to see that everyone who had big roles to small roles got credit for their hardwork and participation.

    They said it was nice to see Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan being so humble by giving the spotlight to others. They said people with big roles stood at the the back and smaller role actors had the microphone giving them the spotlight.

    One of the actor from ministery of culture team posted on his CY that he is so happy to work with everyone and that everyone is so nice he said this is the best project he’s ever been involved with.

    They said it had a family gathering vibe which made it nice and comfortable to bethere.

  10. I am so looking forward to this drama…pls don’t let this be another “mary stayed out all night” plsssssss drama gods dont let us down…

  11. I’m gonna tune up my squee machine to prevent it from malfunctioning coz I have a feeling that it’s gonna be overused once Lie to Me airs.

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