Written Preview for Episode 16 of 49 Days

That might look like the face of a cheerful oppa, but Kang Min Ho is no ordinary oppa, and his cheer is all for show. I think every actor should played a nuanced antagonist character at some point in his/her career. Both Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye are doing marvelous in breathing life into characters that are broken and calculating people. I love them before they did 49 Days, and after this I love them even more. Oh, I hope their characters get mowed down by a runaway scooter, break a bone or ten, but you have to admit they are pretty fascinating.

Written preview for episode 16 of 49 Days:

Scheduler sees Ji Kyung take out his old picture, and in that instant, he remembers Yi Kyung from five years ago, and he juxtaposes her with the Ji Kyung of today, remembering the fight caused by a misunderstanding he had with Yi Kyung that day long ago. Scheduler reveals his memory of and feelings towards Yi Kyung, his tears dropping as he remembers his past life.

On the other hand, having confirmed that Ji Hyun is borrowing Yi Kyung’s body, Min Ho arrives at Yi Kyung’s apartment, and secretly hands the landlord a check asking the landlord to evict Yi Kyung….

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 16 of 49 Days — 10 Comments

  1. The Scheduler remembers everything now, before his being a Scheduler is up? Wow. I still can’t see where he’s going but I’m glad he finally remembers now. About Min Ho, I wonder what’s he up to. This drama has lots of smart characters figuring everything out, so unlike other dramas where most characters are all clueless you always wonder what IQ scores they have. Yes, Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye are so effective you want to slap their characters on the face! I’m only able to watch this during the weekend (when episodes with subtitles are on) and I couldn’t watch this raw because I’d be miserable, but thanks to you, I’m so updated! Thank you so much ockoala!

  2. OMG….MinHo you’re such a bastard, how I love to hate you. I wonder how he feels about JiHyun now knowing that it has been her all along?

  3. very fascinating indeed!!!!!…i’ve been rewatching bits and pieces of Brilliant Legacy in the past few days and I’m just amazed by how awesome of an actor he is even though it kinda makes me miss Jun Se oppa…..lol…..sigh…now only if one of his characters can get the girl in at least one drama

  4. Really min ho, is that really going to do anything for you? I don’t think so. You know that only means kang-oppa will save the day. but oh well more Kang-oppa moments!

      • Wouldn’t that be a riot to have her with Kang! But it would also be bizarrely fun if Kang-ah will ask Ji Hyun’s family to let her stay with them with Dad and her body in the hospital, she could take care of Mom.

  5. I feel sorry for Yi kyung – she’ll be so confused. I hope she’s able to see Ji hyun soon or something so she can explain all the goings on.

  6. Thanks Ockoala for the preview.
    I am so disappointed with Min Ho. I was hoping that he will realise he love Ji Kung and be one of the two to shed tears for Ji Hyun. 🙁

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