You’re My Pet with Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Seok Release Pre-Production Stills

A couple of new pictures have been released of Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul in pre-production for their upcoming K-movie You’re My Pet. I really hope they style Seok differently, because right now he looks exactly like Kang Mu Gyul, and all I can think is “Mu Gyul is cheating on his Mae Ri – NOOOOO!” Kim Ha Neul is one of those actresses I like much much MUCH better in comedic roles, and I hope the movie really taps into that rather than get mired in the angsty. This coupling looks good together, and I hope the chemistry is good onscreen.

You’re My Pet should commence filming this Summer, maybe even earlier now that Kim Ha Neul has just wrapped her movie Blind with Yoo Seung Ho (man, she’s really rolling in the young hotties these days – lucky lady). Seok actually has tons of experience romanacing noonas, and has only recently in his last two projects acted with co-stars who are his age or younger. I’m sure he’ll bring his seksi voice and cute pet-like traits and melt all our hearts.


You’re My Pet with Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Seok Release Pre-Production Stills — 11 Comments

  1. Unless they give Suk a brand new face & a blander ,more ordinary voice ,I still can’t get away from the creeping feeling that he is Maeri Moon’s Jang Muygul ( Sorry ! for me ,Reel is Real so Maeri IS MGY & Muygul IS JKS). But I’m still holding my breath for kimi wa petto & will try try try to enjoy it as a fresh new work of hottie sukkie!
    Sigh!Kim Ha Neul must have felt that ,of late ,she’s been taken on blissful return trips to Heaven ? Hottie Heaven!! I’ll bet you ,all my bunnies at home ,that when she’s alone ,she’s dancing the jig with a margarita in one hand ,swirling giddily round the room ,stomping her feet & giggling ‘bt the delicious prospect of acting or rather canoodling wt JKS! OH! wouldn’t we all ?Unless..we’re bosom frens of MGY ,of course!

  2. NiCe seems they have fun together and get along well… KHN is good kisser hopfully there be epic chemistry!..
    P.S. JKS likeS noonaS so maybe real relationship! 0-O..

  3. I am glad you posted about this movie. I am looking forward to U are my Pet.
    I like both JGS and KHN. I have seen already of Japanense version. I also like the story. As u said JGS’s style will be totally change to fit on actual character.
    Thanks Koala.

  4. My sentiments exactly.

    I first saw the pics yesterday and all I can see is Kang Mu Gyul. As in screaming Kang Mu Gyul. I actually was looking for the hidden guitar.

    If long hair is what they need for the role, maybe just let it be and not curl it? I don’t see anything wrong with straight long hair. Just try, you JGS and You’re My Pet people.

  5. I am quite keen to see how Keun Suk is going to portray the character. He is the KING of cute, so that part will be easy peasy for him. However, knowing Keun Suk he’s going to add many more dimensions and depth to the character other than just being a “pet”. It will be interesting to watch. Looking forward.

  6. finally after a horde of delays!!!!…..if there’s one actor that can pull of a Matsu-Jun level Momo in the korean industry its Sukkie and though I wouldn’t have thought of her initially KHN can totally work Sumire…can wait for this to finally make it!!!!!

  7. I really really like JGS, but srly the dude needs a stylist and make over ASAP….I mean is like we seeing KMG all over again….

  8. Sukkie’s new haircut makes him look like a noona!! Lol!!!! Hwvr I think it will be permed to suit the momo look.

  9. For as long as Jang Geun Suk has that hair, he will forever be Kang Mugyul. And that means he’s cheating on Mae-ri! :p

  10. Long hair or short hait, whatever, l am still JGS crazy fan, still like him in whatever. Just could’nt wait for the movie. There’s no other actor better than JGS to level Matsujun as Momo. Anyway, Kang Mu Gyul still in my heart.

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