First Teaser Trailer for Mei Le, Go with Mike He and Cyndi Wang

Looks like GTV is ramping up the publicity for Mike He and Cyndi Wang‘s Mei Le, Go. I can’t say I’m excited, but I’m game for the drama potentially being good. After watching the teaser, I find that highly unlikely to happen. What is with the recent spate of random and weird drama previews? This teaser convinces me that (1) Mike will be wearing┬áreally really ugly pants in this drama, (2) I still find Cyndi annoying, and (3) this drama will have a lot of bread references.

First teaser for Mei Le, Go:

Cyndi: Love, is actually not that far away.

Mike: Love, it’s a kind of emotional connection.

Cyndi: A new and unique flavor is about to start.

Mike: A priceless one-of-a-kind flavor.

Cyndi: Is at Mei Le, Go.


First Teaser Trailer for Mei Le, Go with Mike He and Cyndi Wang — 15 Comments

  1. Is that a trailer for a drama/movie or a bread commercial? It’s very, very bland, though not as bad as City Hunter. (Or maybe we’ve just been spoiled by a recent spat of excellent trailers: Best Love, Lie To Me, even Baby-Faced Beauty!)

  2. No, I’d have to say I’m not sure I could take that voice for an entire series. Bad enough when they dub, but in this case, I might not mind it, after all.

    • You have not watch “Tou Hua Xiao Mei’ her voice was worst there, I watched that drama becoz of Jiro. And Smiling Pasta, her voice is not bearable either in there but I also watched that drama becoz of Nicholas Teo.

      So becoz Mike I have to bear with her voice in Mer Le, Go. Aish. This drama will not be a dubbed is it? If yes then I can’t listen to Mike’s original voice. Aish.

  3. I find her annoying as well. I may give this a shot to see Mike!! only for you, Mike. only for you!! ­čśÇ

  4. I like his outfit! If his wardrobe is similar to what he wears in the trailer…it may be hid best wardrobe of all his dramas…

  5. the leading actress, i dont think that any guy can have chemistry with her on screen… she doesnt look like she knows how to act naturally.

  6. puhaha is it mei le go ? just sounded sarcastic to me IDK , mike he seems to be getting hotter and hotter now that his rocking that grown man swag , i like ! but since Kim Tak Goo i’m put off with all things bread . i’ll skip this and go watch sunny happiness or wait for the train wreck that is Material Queen – sigh

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