Written Preview for Episode 17 of 49 Days

In the future, all K-drama white knights have a lot of live up to. Han Kang is taking the role of the devoted friend to a new level of effectiveness, not content with just doing little things to support Ji Hyun, he’s almost singlehandedly making her last wishes comes true and sustaining her on her three tear quest. Normally he might seem too perfect or too accommodating, but somehow he just seems reassuring and practical.

Written preview for episode 17 of 49 Days:

Kang sees Yi Kyung hopping into a taxi and taking off. He’s shocked and follows Yi Kyung. Scheduler helps the fallen Ji Hyun get up, and takes her to the train station on his motorcycle. At the train station, Yi Kyung boards the train. Following behind Yi Kyung, Kang and Ji Hyun also board the train.

Kang tells Yi Kyung that only her remaining here (in Seoul) can he find someone (Ji Hyun), and he pleads for Yi Kyung’s assistance. Even Ji Hyun is crying and begging Yi Kyung to please give her just 10 days only. Yi Kyung hears Ji Hyun’s sincere entreaty, and Yi Kyung decides to hear Ji Hyun out. Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun’s soul sit across from each other and have a conversation.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 17 of 49 Days — 25 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this 🙂 Can’t wait.

    “…somehow he just seems reassuring and practical. ” Haha. So true. I think the fact that they show Kang Ah’s temper makes him a bit more human. Does anyone else agree?

  2. Thank you koala… now I can get on with my assignment…jijiji Everytime I have a break, I check your playground for updates. Why are this dramas so addicting, why, why, why……

  3. Oh…I’m liking this progress…for some reason I’ve been thinking since few episodes ago that one of Ji Hyun’s tear drop, she may get it from Yi Kyung. Well, there’s always a possibility…

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. I think Yi Kyung will give Ji Hyun a tear when she finds out how much she looked after her and looked for Yi Soo for her.

  4. Oh, thanks a lot for the preview! I’ve been waiting for this since the episode 16 aired. It’s going to be really interesting.

  5. Thank you so much for posting Ep 17 preview. As anxious as I am for the episode to air, at least I can rest easy that Yi Kyung hasn’t disappeared and leaving Ji Hyun and Kang to go through the anguish of possibly never being together. I hope Ji Hyun can talk her back into returning to Seoul.

  6. Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun have a CONVERSATION?!! OMG, please let this be (literally) true!! And I love that the Scheduler picked Ji Hyun up. Shows that he’s still on her side. I hated to think that their connection was severed now that he remembered who he was.

  7. aww i like how scheduler picked ji hyun up ^^
    if scheduler wasnt wit yi kyung, i wud hav wanted him to be wit ji hyun
    but then again kang is such a sweetheart and dang hes like perfect <3

  8. Episode 16 was making me all tearful because the Scheduler remembered his past. Scheduler was crying and I was crying. This movie is just great, can’t get enough of its drama. lol.

    Honestly, the last ending was making me a bit disappointed when Min Ho made Yi Kyung leave town. Now, with this preview for episode 17, it seems hopeful again. I hope Khang, Yi Kyung, and the Scheduler can deliver a great ending for Ji Hyun. I would be so upset if this movie does not give me a happy ending. lol.

    Me and my anticipation always.

    Anyhoooooo, Koala, thanks for the great, upbeat forecast for the next episode. Can’t wait.

  9. I probably think also that she’ll get a tear from yi kyung. It might be far fetched but I also think the last one will be from in Jung. I mean she’s a traitorous backstabbing friend but I think maybe there’ll be a time where she’s the one who leaves Min Ho and that’s the time where she shed tears for Ji Hyun for all the things she’s done.

    • Haha. Yeah…that’s exactly what I was thinking…usually the “bad guy” ends up regretting their actions near the end…and the fact that Injung was Jihyun’s “good/best friend”…even more likely. 🙂 She really did sincerely love Jihyun as a friend…she was just blinded by jealousy. I’m pretty sure she’ll come through. And I’m pretty sure Yikyung will be tied in their somewhere… 😀

  10. I bet nw Y wil help JH to get d remaining 2tears which of course i want Y 2b the last person to shed tears 4 JH 4 taking care of her n also b’coz letting kn dat living is more precious then dying…i dun kn whoelse gona shed tears 4 JH snc dis drama alws kp me in mi toe so luking 4ward 2c more exciting moments…:-)

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