Material Queen Releases Official Stills and Second Trailer

I can’t deny that I am extremely curious about Material Queen, the upcoming TW-drama starring Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong, which was filmed on location in Paris, styled by Patricia Fields, and helmed by the PD who directed the unbelievably beautiful Autumn’s Concerto. While the story doesn’t appeal to me right off the bat (hur, what do I know about being a material queen – okay, Mr. Koala, you shut up over there, I can hear you muttering), a well constructed story with a great PD can be a potential entertaining summer drama.

MQ premieres on June 17, 2011 (it gets a Friday slot). The official website opened this week and, voila, I’ve got tons of gorgeous official drama stills released by the MQ production to share with everyone. Also, a second teaser trailer was just┬áreleased (I posted about the first trailer here if you want to watch it), and it continues to look like the drama is just dripping with haute couture touches. Tres chic.

Second trailer for Material Queen:



Material Queen Releases Official Stills and Second Trailer — 4 Comments

  1. ahhh trailer looks awesome pretty.. and i adore the director (and mad respect for her, rare as it is to find a female pd who holds her own in tw drama land) but i’m apprehensive of the chemistry between the leads.. i guess for a fashion drama they wanted to choose someone more glamorous to carry off all those haute couture, as compared to all the typical petite cutesey tw drama actresses typically…. but vanness and lynn? they just dun quite add up for me.. lynn and someone more statuesque like godfrey gao (speaking in terms of physique, no comments abt acting ability here)… or vanness and well, someone else… u get the idea…

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