Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook Confirmed for SBS Weekend Drama Scent of a Woman

SBS has confirmed that Kim Sun Ah will be co-starring with the soon-to-be-discharged Lee Dong Wook in the upcoming weekend drama Scent of a Woman, which will follow New Tales of the Gisaeng to air in mid-July.

Coincidentally, this will be both actors return to the drama screens in two years, since Lee Dong Wook has been in the military for that period of time, and Kim Sun Ah has recently completing filming on a movie and nothing else since finishing City Hall in mid-2009.

Scent of a Woman tells the story of a woman in her thirties, widely considered a spinster, who discovers that she has only six months to live. This spurs her to quit her job and go live the life she’s always been dreaming of, which of course lands her smack into the hot lap of a younger man. The drama will be filmed partially on location in Australia, and Lee Dong Wook will be flying straight there the day after he gets discharged. Talk about from the frying pan to the fire, though his hard-working eagerness does impress me.

Sun Ah is a versatile actress, who always has chemistry with her co-star, whether he’s younger or older. While Lee Dong Wook does nothing for me, I’m curious to see this pairing and I think the drama sounds promising. It will be helmed and written by the PD-screenwriter duo that brought the charming Dr. Champ. I can’t wait to see Sun Ah back on the small screen, especially since her City Hall co-star Cha Seung Won is currently killing it as Dokko Jin in Best Love.

[Credit: SPN news]


Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook Confirmed for SBS Weekend Drama Scent of a Woman — 21 Comments

  1. WOW..what an OTP to watch out for!!!
    Love both SuNa & Wookie….both hard-working & talented KActors!!!
    The recent KDrama pairings have made KDrama-watching such a pleasure..
    CSW+GYJ+YKS for Best Love!!!
    YEH & KJH for Lie To Me!!!
    …and now KSN & LDW for Scent of a Woman!!!
    The dramagods are showering us w/ goodies, indeed!!!!

    • I think this is the year of best OTPs ever!! I love both and hope that this isn’t a tear jerker.. I wanna watch it without having to cry buckets lol

  2. Hells Yeah!!!!!!…I’m so in!!!…the dying part makes me feel a little iffy but with that PD-Writer duo I think this will have a more refreshing tone than a melo one….hopefully more like Flowers of My Life…..also I dearly missed Lee Dong Wook…..i just wish he had some time to take off before jumping right into filming…also since they are filming in Australia, I hope they use the same camera they used in Dr. Champ…now that would be a visual feast!!!!..cant wait!!!!

    Also while we are discussing people that are jumping into projects right after their MS I’d like to take the opportunity to scream…WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU JAE HEE?!!

  3. Terminal illness? No thank you, not even with those leads. That is one of my few absolutes. A pity, though, because otherwise I would have been all over this.

    • Whatcha gonna bet she’s not REALLY dying, but she only thought so because of, IDK, a mistake…say, her medical records got switched? For some reason I can’t see Kim Sun-ah choosing a melo, of all things.

      In any case, I hope it’s something like Flowers for my life

      • I’m was thinking the same thing. I’m hoping it will be along the lines of the movie Last Holiday with Queen Latifah.

        Love, Love, Love Kim Sun Ah!!! OOOH I can hardly wait!!!

    • sere, lettle, antonia, I was just going to say that!!!! I think it will be a medical mix up but a turning point for Kim Sun Ah!!! I also think its life-affirming kind of drama instead of melo! You know like… ‘live life like there is no tommorrow’ that kind of vibe I get… I hope Im right!

      • Yeah I do think KSA wants a change of her image of being only good at comedy. We all know she’s capable of performing awesomely in melo parts too!

        I’m in just for KSA even though am not a fan of melo-dramas.

  4. I think the romanization for 김선아 is Sun Ah or Seon Ah rather than Suh Na.

    Anyway, looking forward to this pairing! Hopefully the treatment will be more like Flowers For My Life–life-affirming rather than wallowing in angst.

    • yeah, that’s what i thought too: Sun Ah rather than Suh Na, which is a different name. as for the storyline and lee dong wook, neither is terribly appealing.

  5. Ok a Sweet November Remake???? 😉 Australia is the place to be…. 😉 I am so curios of this drama…. 😉

    • I guess when you have a mindset that you have only 6 mos to live you will rush through like hell….talk about impulsive decisions 😉 this sounds fun and exhausting 😉

  6. KSA yayyyyyyy and Dong Wook love him in my girl
    but a weekend drama, that means a long drama??? 25 episodes is the longest i can get

  7. I will be watching this one! Anything with Kim Sun Ah! The premise and location sounds interesting too! It will be nice after all the Kdrama May madness wrapping up to another drama for autumn… Thanks for the update ockoala!

  8. My lovely Sam Soon (KSA) is back and I will watch anything she is in. Strong actress who plays great characters. Melodrama? I hope not. I’m thinking “Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah.

  9. that’s strange…the drama sounds a lot like “The Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah where she finds out that she’s supposedly “dying” and quits her life to enjoy the last few months of her life

  10. Kim Suh Na is one the K-actress i really admire most. She is awesome like MGY. I really miss her doing drama. I can’t wait!!!

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