Jo In Sung’s First Post-MS Commercial Stills Released for SK W Mobile

The original flavor flower boy, though I should perhaps call him flower man now that he’s completed his military service, has been released from MS for all of less than two weeks, and he’s probably done more than I do in half a year. Jo In Sung‘s first post-MS CF is already out, and he’s going James Bond suave to hawk SK-telecom’s W mobile phone. Rumor have been flying on which project Jo In Sung will pick for his comeback role, and I’ve heard that he’s leaning heavily towards doing a movie, which is unsurprising since he’s done only movies for the last few years prior to his enlistment.

I went through my Jo In Sung-phase right after I watched What Happened in Bali three times in a row (which also coincided with my Ha Ji Won and So Ji Sub love, WHIB being a drama which spawned a three-fer of addictions), so I’ll always have a soft spot for him. When Jo In Sung is on fire in a performance, it sears itself in the audience’s memory. I’m looking forward to seeing what role he picks for his first post-MS project. And might I add that he looks absolutely devine after diligently serving his country for the past two years.


Jo In Sung’s First Post-MS Commercial Stills Released for SK W Mobile — 15 Comments

  1. i just finished watching “A Frozen Flower” a few days ago…
    that was one HOT movie!
    best sex scenes EVERRR. so realistic…hahahahaha!!!
    okay, i’m done…
    (can be found on YouTube if anyone is interested ;])

  2. OMG!! Less than two weeks and he’s out of his military service?? I can’t wait!! ^^ He’s one of my favorite Korean actors because he is just brilliant! 🙂

    • Erh, I think you misread the article. I wrote “has been released from MS for all of less than two weeks” – meaning he’s been out of MS for less than two weeks. He was discharged on May 4th. So go get ’em, cuz he’s back~

  3. I do wonder how he managed to grow his hair within 2 weeks (in fact less than 2 weeks since the ad is ready NOW)??? does that mean Lee Dong Wook will also have pretty hair once he starts shooting with KSA with the upcoming new drama? that’s good to know =P

    • Okay, that “hair” up there looks so much like a toupee I almost snurfled my drink when I saw it. Unless his hair magically grows an inch a day, that ain’t his real hair. Or at least not yet. 🙂

      • Now that you both mention about his hair, I just have to take a second glance at the his picture. It’s really funny looking somehow.

      • haha i guess that’s the end result of both a wig and some photoshop then. i couldn’t help looking at the hair since i know he’s just out of MS

        (at least they’re not trying the “helmet” look of Hyun Bin of secret garden… i’ve had enough of that hairstyle lately…)

  4. What Happened in Bali ….
    hmmmnnn… brings back a LOT of Memories. I super love that drama beyond words. I became an instant fan of Ha Ji Won and So Ji Sub in that drama, same as you KOALA
    but most especially Jo In Sung , because he carved himself into my heart because of WHIB . I have been missing him for 2 years, when he first got out of the military I was in high waters with joy and now he is back.
    Though I personally regard him as the BEST ACTOR in korea and i super duper million times over love him in melodramas ( WHIB being my ultimate fave melodrama ). I hope he takes on a ROM-COM may it movie or series. Personally I am a believer that one can proves one prowess in acting if he can do the deep drama and the light comedy at the same time.
    I mean, though I think hyunbin is perfectly cast as Joo Won I can totataly imagine Jo In Sung in secret garden. that is how much of a faith I have in Jo In Sung as an actor.

    PS: Wonder if he and KimBum would have a project together? they are my faves from 1st & 2nd generation hallyu wave actors.

  5. He also did a CF for Black Yak… 2 cfs in less than 2 weeks.. the advertising world did miss him a lot… He’s the original flower boy after all 😀 and a CF king as well. Can’t wait for his next movie.

  6. I actually just rewatched What Happened in Bali a few weeks ago cause when I first watched back when it aired originally, I also totally fell in love with JIS and HJW!!! Although I have not particularly loved JIS in his subsequent roles, I absolutely adored him in his oh, so broken role in WHIB. JIS please come back to dramas! 🙂 He is looking as fine as ever!

    You guys are so right about the hair. Now that I look at the photo carefully, it does look a little funny.

  7. It is ridiculous. But I want HJW for him. If the relationship between HJW and That Man doesn’t work. I hope JIS fallen for her and made a household with her. Don’t break her heart.

  8. oh wow, he is gorgeous. It’s been a long two years. I hope he considers a drama as well in the future as I would love to see him back on the small screen.

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