NTV Releases BTS and Third Trailer for Material Queen and Interview with Designer Patricia Field

This is it, folks. I’m officially sold. Do you accept credit cards, oh production of Material Queen? The upcoming TW-drama held a press conference this week with Lynn Xiong and Daniel Chan (Vanness Wu couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts) as the promotional train continues. While the more I watch the first trailer the more I love the trailer (still iffy about the drama itself), I thought the second teaser trailer was pretty cool as well, it’s this third preview that has me signing up for the MQ ship come June. I’m serious, I love this video!

The video below contains BTS footage of the filming, an interview with costume designer Patricia Field, and a third teaser at the end. If anyone is curious about MQ, please take a look, because I was pretty impressed with the painstaking detail that went into creating this drama. While Patricia Field’s designs are hit or miss with me, the genius of her creativity is that her hits are stratospheric and her misses so hideous it gives one nightmares. I adore her creed – dressing is about expressing one’s individual identity, not about brand or price.

And for everyone who is tired of the plucky, innocent, kind-hearted, gentle and giving TW-drama heroines that are a dime a dozen, MQ might be the first truly materialistic, shallow, bitchy, and fierce heroine we’ve seen in probably forever. Anyways, this video has no dialogue in the beginning or end, and the interview in the middle portion with Patricia Field is in English, so watch away~

BTS for Material Queen, Interview with Patricia Field, plus New Trailer:



NTV Releases BTS and Third Trailer for Material Queen and Interview with Designer Patricia Field — 13 Comments

  1. i love the first few scenes in the beginning when they showed us how they did the CGI – it looks super realistic 😀 seems like a lot money went into this production.

  2. That was actually a rather enlightening and fascinating interview from Fields… but the last little bit (with the jacket) made me laugh out loud. I really needed some humor today, thank you!

  3. OKAY. i shall put aside my reservations about the chemistry between the main pair and trust Director Chen. my gawwwwd the production is a sight to behold- the camera work, the lighting… everything coming together so so well. Autumn Concerto was a beautiful beautiful piece of work and i rmb commenting then that there was a vibe to the work that was very un-taiwanese tv series like…. and the same here, but the director has upp-ed it many many notches. i really wonder where they got the budget for this.. which channel is bankrolling this?

  4. I think i’m also sold on this drama. I like Autumn concerto so i think i might like this and custome design is WOW.

  5. First time I’m excited to check out a TW drama. Pat Fields was a force behind SATC series fashion. The series look very promising.

  6. I’ve never been able to watch more than 10 min of a TWdrama, but I’d like to give this one try. I should be able to make it through one episode on the glam alone.

  7. Woah! This could have been the most ambitious Asian drama.
    So glam!
    It redefined what drama should be.
    Can’t remember the last time I saw a T-drama,since I’ve been into so many Kdramas,but I’ll surely not miss this.

  8. Wow, I think I’m sold. Another reason to watch this drama. If this drama turns out crappy, at least I know that the fashion won’t be. Patricia Field always comes up with amazing looks and from the preview, this looks promising.

  9. Wow. It looks really well made.
    And it does seem totally different from all the other tw dramas.
    Hope you’ll recap this 😀
    Btw, what was the disagreements/the not getting along between Vanness and Lynn about?

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