Hwang Jung Eum Channels a Nerdy Student for Elle Girl Magazine

I seriously must applaud Hwang Jung Eum‘s courage – for not only stepping out in public wearing the outfits she was saddled with by May’s Elle Girl magazine, but working the fascinatingly bizarre get-ups and being photographed in it for posterity. The fashionista in me cringed when I saw these pictures (a nightmare from head-to-toe), but the nerd in me squealed with delight at the homage to Smurfette, Lucy, and Snoopy. The concept must be Lolita-meets-Comic-Book-Guy.

Hwang Jung Eum is currently starring in the popular weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart, which I like but can’t get over the fact that Kim Jae Won looks paler than a vampire. I mean, he could give Rob Pattinson a run for his money in the pasty department. I hope he gets some sun soon. Back to Hwang Jung Eum, who modeled these outfits and her bowl cut so proudly that I declare this photoshoot so random it’s cool.

[Credit: Elle Girl Korea]


Hwang Jung Eum Channels a Nerdy Student for Elle Girl Magazine — 7 Comments

  1. You know, if it wasn’t for the platform shoes, I’d have said she was a college geek-ette from a warm climate school. The shoes. Ouch. My knees hurt looking at them. And yes, KJW is paler than a vampire. At least the show is joking about it though!

  2. LOL I couldn’t make any comments when I saw this set of photos earlier from Baidu bar… just… speechless.

    And re Kim Jae Won’s paleness – even the scriptwriter made a joke of him in one of the episodes of CYHMH where a staff saying how his new boss (Dong Ju) is weird with a make-up (i.e. his pale face LOL) and Wu Ri defended saying he has been this pale since childhood. LMAO

    I think skincare brands in Korea should just endorse him for any sorts of whitening / anti-UV products. He’s a man who has gone through MS and still maintains this snow-white skin… (which somehow makes sense for this character, strangely)

  3. OMG! I have that same romper in the 4th photo=) And I got some Paul Frank shirts, and I’m sure I can find thigh high socks somewhere… so maybe I should try this style, kekeke

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