Joe Cheng Pairs up with Lin Chi Ling for Elle China Magazine

Simply gorgeous. Elle China magazine paired up Joe Cheng and top-model-trying-to-be-an actress Lin Chi Ling for a Spring photoshoot, and the result was high fashion magic. I’ve come to the realization that Joe vacillates between great performances and crap performances, but his model-beginnings never fail him. Between Joe, Mike He, and Ethan Ruan, I think Joe vogues the best.

As for Chi Ling, she is undoubtedly the perfect print model, always connecting with the camera. But she cannot extend snapshot connections to moving performances, which is why her acting is nails-on-a-chalkboard horrific for me to watch. Regardless, love them in this photoshoot together.

[Credit: Elle China]


Joe Cheng Pairs up with Lin Chi Ling for Elle China Magazine — 12 Comments

  1. She was in Red Cliff, right?

    Her acting in it wasn’t too memorable…but she certainly was/is beautiful.

  2. Joe Cheng is so awesomely handsome I just want to stare at those quirky lips and dreamy eyes allllll day long. 🙂

  3. “Between Joe, Mike He, and Ethan Ruan, I think Joe vogues the best.”…because he looks the best right? *dodges bullets*

    But you’re right. Joe Cheng is exuding sexiness in ALL of these photos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his eyes!

  4. It’s so funny about Joe! Truthfully, he was my first drama cruch because the first Asian drama I ever watched was ISWAK. Then… I watched quite a few dramas… and then I watched They Kiss Again. All I have to say is that I was very, very disappointed when he took his shirt off. Do some ab work, Joe!!!!


  5. OMG I’m still scarred from Tsuki no Koibito. For real. Whenever I saw her scenes, I had the sudden urge to bang my head against the wall though I admit TnK had bigger problems than her. Still, OMG! :/

    Joe looks good in this photospread. She does too, but…yeah, okay, my knee jerk reaction was to close the tab. That’s how she affected me…

    • I think the major problem with Tsuki no Koibito is definitely on the script… the writers doesn’t know what they were doing… just simple disaster and wasting Kimutaku and Ryoko (i was like feeling frustrated all the time since the writers simply won’t let me see more interactions of the two of them, instead trying to pair up Kimutake with Lin Chi Ling)

      And who in the world could believe a beauty like Lin Chi Ling working in a factory, being all messy? I don’t.

  6. The day you tell me that Joe Cheng And Ariel Lin are dating, or were dating….I’ll come and marry you. I dont know why, but I seriously want them to get together. But if they dont, aww well. But joe cheng does cogue well. he is just so so so so hot.

  7. Joe looks gay especially in the last photo wearing pink and orange ^o^

    i love him but he still looks gay to me

  8. hotdamn Joe looks so fine! dear Joe, T-boys may come and go, but you’ll always be this un’s first love…

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