Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang Attend Drunken to Love You Fan Meeting

Seriously, if these two people got any cuter as a couple I might actually fursplode into a real Koala simply by staring at them, the way Jacob goes all wolfy in the novels-which-shant-be-named. Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang attended a Drunken to Love You fan meeting at Taipei’s Mitsukoshi department store this weekend, showing up wearing a couple’s outfit, which they claimed to have completely not coordinated at all.

I actually believe them, because I never once think they are dating in real life, plus Joseph has a long-time girlfriend of over five years. It’s just adorable to ship them as Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. Yen J‘s album dropped over the weekend, so I’m also bringing you the download link for the second song from his album which shows up in the DTLY OST called “It’s not like this will take away the loneliness” 又不是這樣就不孤獨. 

During the obligatory 21-questions from the media, it was revealed that the upcoming bed scene from episode 6 was actually filmed on the FIRST DAY of filming. The first take was so awkward they needed to film it again, which went much better after Rainie told Joseph to just go for it. Heh.

Rainie also felt that doing such an intimate scene with someone she just met was like being tossed into a pool and learning how to swim, forcing the two of them to get comfortable with each other quickly, and allowing them to develop onscreen chemistry much quicker. I never knew making out could improve one’s acting, but it’s good to know the secret to the indescribably perfect chemistry between Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru.

Rainie and Joseph at fan meeting:

I love Yen J’s second song from his album – the rifs are amazing and the transition from introspective ballad to rock-jazz is incredibly sophisticated. Here’s the download link for the subtheme:

Yen J 嚴爵 “It’s not like this will take away the loneliness” 又不是這樣就不孤獨 – download here

You can listen to the song here:


Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang Attend Drunken to Love You Fan Meeting — 22 Comments

  1. “…I never knew making out could improve one’s acting,…” – HAHAHAHA… Me either!!!
    I can’t believe that the Rainie-Joseph chemistry is almost as good as Rainie-Mike! And i haven’t even started watching the show yet, just watched snippets here and there and YOUR AMAZING RECAPS!!

      • @mary: HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, please someone. I love that guy but I need to see him take charge! Like…his dirty side 🙂 I’d like to teach him a thing or 2…..

  2. Making the bed scene first was a good idea I think… Well the worst part, I mean the hardest part is already behind them, so there’s no reason for them not to be comfortable with each other…
    This drama is so great, the only think I don’t like about it is the week that I have to wait until next ep!
    Good work here thanks for sharing the goodies!

  3. i love their chemistry.. there’s something so nuanced in their acting and playing off each other that i’m beginning to (oh god forbid) hope that it develops into the kind of on-screen chemistry that Ariel-Joe have in ISWAK. the only difference here is that i don’t quite ship them tgther in real-life as much as I want ArJoe to get together and make pretty babies.

    but that aside, I can’t wait to see Joseph pull out more of the angsty acting, here’s a guy that can tell a story in one glance. saw some compilation off baidu the other day and they were comparing his gazes during his two confrontations with Avril. One when she left him in the elevator and the one when she left him after their road-side altercation. What can I say this guy’s eyes can talk…. I hope to see more of Joseph in the coming days- there’s a certain gravitas to his acting that all the pretty boys in twdramaland can never hope to match up to.. not yet anw. I like the manly vibe he exudes and the occasional childish OTT parts to balance it out as opposed to the “boy trying to be a man and occasionally succeeding but i still think ur too babyfaced to be convincing” types. if you can’t tell, I’ve got a major crush on Joseph developing right now. The thing abt tw trendy dramas (or idol dramas as they’re better known), i think they’ve grown to include themes that are not just catering to the highschool set) is that the stars all “grow up” and leave and you rarely get a cast of considerable ability and maturity to carry off half-decent scripts to a higher level. maybe there’s a reason why i’ve been laying off tw-idol dramas in recent years other than those like Autumn Concerto or My Queen with more mature themes and actors. I grew up with stuff like Meteor Garden and the early stuff (don’t ask me about the historical chronology, my youth is conflated in my memory) and in recent years, tw idol dramas have been grating on my nerves other than the occasional gems. but that’s just my two cents. DTLY is bringing me back on to the scene, big time. I just hope there gets to be more good stuff coming out soon- hopefully the new spate of manga cross-nation collaborations and adaptations brings about a new wind.

  4. Hi Koala,
    I’ve become so addicted to DTLY that I’m having withdrawal symptoms. 6 torturous days of waiting each week seem to stretch forever. So, thanks a million for your updates which keep me sane in between my fixes. Do keep them coming!

  5. I really like Rainie, her acting is just so expressive in the most lovable way. This drama is just so fun to watch.

  6. They are so cuuute on screen and I can’t wait for THAT scene. I mean, I watched the preview and ZOMG! *___* I really, really love this drama!

    I totally have to agree with JJ on Joseph. His eyes are veeeery expressive! I think I actually like him more than Mike at this point? *runs and hides*

    ooooh I love the song, but…there’s something that sounds like I’ve heard it before? IDK, I hear some Coldplay/Snow patrol vibes in the refrain? Uhm. Anyway, I don’t care. I love it and thank you! ♥

  7. Re: Yen-J’s album. You mean, “Not alone”?!? Cos YA says it’s going to drop on June, 3rd. *scratches head*

  8. ahhhh..count me in the Joseph camp. i am falling and falling more for this guy with each episode. he is just so manly and so real…like someone you would actually swoon over in real life versus the pretty boys with their perfect hair and all BB-creamed up face. rainie is great too. i love the vulnerability and depth that she’s showing in her character here. and of course, the chemistry is RAWR. so looking forward to THAT scene. 😉

    • yeshH. manly and real. i love that his character is written so maturely (well as mature as it can get considering the out of this world drama set-ups of contract marriages and related shenanigans) every reaction of his character is in line with his character make-up and the way he reacts is actually believable for a grown man with a successful career of his own (ooh look not rich man’s son running some conglomerate) ahhH I think I’m falling for JX’s character and fallen bad at that. Kudos to the actor’s skill that I’m actually having a growing crush on him too. Wait till you see this week’s episode and next week’s preview. Am i actually glad that I paid attention during Chinese class when I was younger so I can now livestream chinese dramas. Oh the depths I have fallen- this coming from someone who hasn’t been involved with all this craziness for a few years.

  9. Just popped in for a quick min during a lull in my little sister’s Uni grad party. Thanks so much!! I always like reading people’s opinions and insights on interviews and such.

    Have started falling hard for Joseph..those oh expressive eyes that just talk and reel you in…..*drifts off into daydream for a min before people start yelling for me again*

  10. I love this series & really hate waiting for the episode once a week…. grrr…. pulling my hair out in anxiety. I think Rainie is a great actress and she’s able to bring out the best in most actors who star alongside her, maybe cos her friendly character puts people at ease. I hope this show gets the highest rating of all! Anyone know the online link which we can watch live in order to help get the ratings up?

  11. im so loving this drama make me an addict since the first episode and i say rainie and joseph click so munch like a jigsaw puzzle i so liking the bedscene heheh sizzling hot ..

  12. Philippines is now displaying the Drunken to love you. serious chemistry that they both have. Now I’ve just addictive in the Taiwanese series .. hopefully many of Taiwan’s movie released in the Philippines ..

    — paulo..
    DTLY <3

  13. i love to watch love you here in the phils…i love you joseph chang i hope someday we meet each other….i really really like you….love you take care always…

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