First Stills of Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen in In Time With You

After a month of filming, GTV finally released the first official stills of Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen in the upcoming TW-drama In Time With You. This has been a very low-key production for various reasons, one of which has to be all the media swarming over to currrently filming Extravagant Challenge. The low-key vibe suits everyone at ITWY just fine, as sometimes more mystery whets the appetite. Ariel looks luminous and gorgeous, and Bolin is starting to grow on me. ITWY doesn’t have an airdate yet, but hopefully it’ll be picked up soon after it finishes filming so that I can see Ariel back onscreen sooner rather than later.




The official stills above are from a night shoot at an onsen resort in Northern Taiwan, involving Ariel and the second female lead newcomer Jassie Chen.

[Credit: GTV]


First Stills of Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen in In Time With You — 6 Comments

  1. woooot! i liked ISWAK and ISWAK2, and cant wait for another ariel lin drama! oh yeah, just wondering, but are you going to watch Mei Le, Go? its meant to start broadcasting today yeah? i need to watch it on viki, so can’t wait until its up.

  2. I love Ariel as an actress, she`s one of the best, but I confess nothing whets my interest from her upcoming drama

    shame shame <_<

    She should have stayed with Extravagant Challenge, now almost nobody is interested in her dramas, except her fans…

    i don`t understand what the ef is going on with her movie or drama choices

    even Lovesick movie teaser looks mediocre and promises a second rate production

    tsk tsk Ariel snap out of it pronto '(

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