Drunken to Love You Episode 6 Recap

I felt like last week every Drunken to Love You watcher turned into an impatient voyeur as we clamored for a certain upcoming scene to arrive in episode 6. But like the proverbial double-edged sword, while we got what we wanted (still fanning myself as we speak), we also got a corresponding dose of cold water poured on our OTP.

I mention in an earlier recap that I don’t hate Avril, whom I found selfish and self-absorbed but not really evil. Well, I’ve officially transitioned to the I-hate-Avril’s-guts camp after this episode. So make some room for me, will ya? I think this lady is going to stir up more trouble before all is said and done. But first we get to see Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu take the next step in their relationship.

Cup 6 recap:

Xiao Ru is worried about the gifts going to waste, so Jie Xiu says if she wants to extend the borrowed happiness to the bed, he’ll be glad to participate. Jie Xiu asks Xiao Ru how “hard” she wants to play tonight? He suggests the flavored contraceptives, while Xiao Ru offers to maybe model some of the risque lingerie. Jie Xiu says sure, he’ll end up taking off the lingerie anyways. Xiao Ru laughs and tells Jie Xiu to go right ahead and put on the sexy lingerie himself. HA. She leaves with a snicker.

Avril is shooting a slapping scene with Rickie where she delivers one NG after another. The director is furious with her for failing to deliver even one slap properly. Rickie’s manager is upset that Rickie’s face has been used as a punching bag. Rickie is kind and tells Avril to work on it, asking the director for a break.

Rickie’s fangirls are upset on his behalf and yell at Avril, and Rickie stands up for Avril and chides his fans for failing to see Avril’s hardworking attitude. Avril’s assistant tells her that their boss was hoping Avril could have a scandal with Rickie during the filming, which will raise her stature in the industry.

Xiao Ru is getting a massage at the spa, while Jie Xiu looks around for remodeling design ideas. The masseuse is envious that Xiao Ru has such a handsome, wonderful husband, and lets slip that Jie Xiu is planning a special surprise for Xiao Ru during lunch. After the massage, Jie Xiu runs off telling Xiao Ru that he has something he needs to take care of. He’ll be back when it’s resolved. Jie Xiu is headed to see a reclusive wood carver at the behest of his boss, looking for a wood sculpture for a client whose sculpture was damaged during a move.

Avril is moping during lunch, and Rickie comes to cheer her up. He tells her a story of his early days, when he feel asleep after one particularly long workday playing a ghost. He woke up to find a kids choir visiting the set and freaked out when they saw him. Avril is cheered up, and Rickie sees her smile and remembers his girlfriend.

Xiao Ru arrives at lunch and is escorted to her table, which is right next to Avril and Rickie. Jie Xiu is at the home of the wood carver. The artist has Jie Xiu fishing in his pond, and Jie Xiu refuses to play his games to get a replacement sculpture. He tells the artist that right now, someone more important is waiting for him to express his sincerity.

The artist is touched that Jie Xiu is putting his wife first, and understands that love is more important than his sculpture. Before Jie Xiu leaves, he sees a pair of wooden wild boar carvings and he asks the artist for another favor. Xiao Ru has been sitting in the restaurant waiting for Jie Xiu, finally telling herself not to have expectations, and to be content with what she’s already been given.

Xiao Ru calls the waiter over to order, but is told that Jie Xiu has already pre-ordered the food. The food arrives and it’s all the dishes that Xiao Ru created in her diary. Jie Xiu arrives right at that moment, and he brings out the last dish. Avril looks shocked, and Rickie recognizes Jie Xiu as the architect that had a scandal with her earlier. Avril says that they are all just friends.

Xiao Ru asks how come Jie Xiu came back when he had to work, and Jie Xiu asks her not to talk about work since he rushed back just for her. He asks how she feels now, and she confesses that she feels so indescribably happy right now. Jie Xiu asks if she wants to feel even happier, and he calls in an acapella group to serenade her.

Avril watches Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, and Rickie watches Avril and makes note of her dismay. One of the singers pulls Xiao Ru up for a dance, and Jie Xiu gets up and dances with Xiao Ru. He thinks to himself that he wants his wild boar girl to smile just like right now. Rickie asks Avril if she wants to go over and join her friends, but she doesn’t want to bother them.

The song ends, and Jie Xiu says he’s out of ideas now. What to do? The acappella guys start chanting that they kiss, and Jie Xiu kisses Xiao Ru on the cheek because his wife is too shy. Avril drops her menu, and Rickie tells her that she needs to work on her acting. He tells her that a married man can’t be touched, so it doesn’t matter what happened between Avril and Jie Xiu in the past, she can’t get between them now. Avril keeps insisting that she’s just friends with them.

Outside the restaurant, Avril calls Jie Xiu, but he doesn’t pick up his phone knowing that the call is from her. Xiao Ru looks at Jie Xiu curiously, asking who it was? He tells her it was nothing, suggesting they eat now. Avril thinks to herself what to do? She can’t go inside and argue with Jie Xiu right now, she needs more evidence that his relationship with Xiao Ru has progressed. The paparazzi is walking his way to the hotel.

Later in the afternoon, Jie Xiu takes Xiao Ru to a bakery kitchen, renting it for the entire day for her to cook and bake whatever she wants. Avril is sneaking around outside watching them. Xiao Ru suggests that they make bread, but then realizes that Jie Xiu has a bad memory surrounding bread when he was growing up. We see a young Jie Xiu at his birthday party, waiting for his mom to come home. When his friends leave, Jie Xiu ended up drawing pictures on the dinner rolls so they can be his guest.

Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu fight over kneading the dough, and in their tug-of-war the first dough ball flies out the window and into Avril’s face. They start over again, making bread together, ending up with a pudding bread that incorporates Jie Xiu’s favorite dessert into the bread, finished with two raisins for eyes. Xiao Ru says that this bread belongs only to Jie Xiu, who takes a bite and tells her that the bread is delicious.

Xiao Ru says it is more than delicious, the bread tastes good because it has her special ingrediant in it – sharing. From now on, Xiao Ru will be by Jie Xiu’s side and share everything with him. Jie Xiu thinks to himself that he wishes time could stop right now, he’s not sure he’s doing this solely to make Xiao Ru happy. Jie Xiu leans in to kiss Xiao Ru, but they are interrupted by the cleaning lady who has arrived to clean up the kitchen.

Avril washes her face and rails at Jie Xiu. She overhears the cleaning ladies gossiping about Mr. and Mrs. Song, about all the special gestures that Jie Xiu asked for to be sent to the room beforehand. Avril pretends that she’s on an errand for Jie Xiu, and asks the cleaning ladies if she can borrow their room key.

As Avril is sneaking into their room, she runs into Rickie, who recognizes her from her fancy high heels. She lies that she’s avoiding the paparazzi, and he tells her that she’s it’s clear that she’s doing something wrong. Rickie tells her not to be an interloper and ruin her career. Avril tells Rickie that he only knows love on the big screen, he can’t understand the love that she is seeking. The same words were once spoken by Rickie’s ex-girlfriend Sandy, when she left Rickie to shack up with a married man. Rickie confuses Avril with Sandy and warns her that the man is already married.

Suddenly the paparazzi arrives and Avril sneaks into the room while Rickie lures him away. Avril hides in the room when Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu return. He gives her a gift of a pair of wooden pig carvings, and she thanks him for the gift and everything he’s done for her. Jie Xiu suddenly sees Avril hiding behind the bed and he asks her to come out.

He demands to know why she is here, and in his room? She changes the subject, pulling out all the sex toys and accusing Jie Xiu of being the one to go overboard. Xiao Ru tries to explain that it’s all a misunderstanding. Jie Xiu tells Xiao Ru that there is no need to explain to Avril, telling Avril that they have already broken up so there is no need to explain to her anything.

Avril uses back-assward logic and says that even if they broke up, it’s not been announced, so Jie Xiu can only be nice to her. She demands to know why Jie Xiu is fooling around with Xiao Ru? Jie Xiu says that he never fools around with anyone. Oh snap! He tells Avril to never compare what he does to what she does. Avril tells Jie Xiu that even if she fools around in a multi-hued industry, in her heart, she always has just one color, the color that is Song Jie Xiu. She points to his heart, asking what the color of Jie Xiu’s heart is right now?

Jie Xiu turns away from her, and Xiao Ru tries to calm them down, asking them not to talk when they are both so angry. Jie Xiu leaves the room, going out for some air. Xiao Ru wonders if she was the reason for Avril and Jie Xiu’s breakup. Avril tells Xiao Ru not to believe that Xiao Ru can take Jie Xiu away from her. Xiao Ru declares that she hates someone taking her things, so she will not take Jie Xiu away from Avril. Avril leaves, but not before telling Xiao Ru to not become a selfish woman and remember what she just said. She tells Xiao Ru to leave right now.

Rickie gives an interview to the paparazzi, who tries to dig up background about Avril. Rickie finds out the paparazzi has been following Avril for 8 years, and offers to drink with him to find out more about Avril. Jie Xiu is drinking a beer out in the garden, wondering to himself about how he really feels? The cleaning lady from earlier finds Jie Xiu, sitting down next to him to chat, suggesting that he bring his pretty wife outside to enjoy the view. She notices Jie Xiu’s unhappy expression, and wants to hear about his problems. She tells Jie Xiu not to fight over insignificant things. She says her husband stays by her side everyday, and points out the star in the sky as her deceased husband.

She shows Jie Xiu a picture of her husband, and on the back is a series of zheng characters (the letter 正 is formed by five lines, which the Chinese use to mark off when counting). The cleaning lady teaches Jie Xiu to think about every time Xiao Ru has made him smile, and each such memory he marks off one line.

While Jie Xiu is thinking about Xiao Ru, she’s in their hotel room writing him a goodbye letter. The cleaning lady notices that Jie Xiu has written many Cheng characters, telling Jie Xiu that the girl in question must indeed be his true love. She tells him that things can change in an instant and he can lose her, so he needs to go now and grab her. Jie Xiu runs off to find the girl who makes him smile.

Xiao Ru is getting ready to leave when Jie Xiu comes back to the room. Xiao Ru hides in the bathroom while Jie Xiu reads the letter. He sits down and rails at everyone leaving (him), and that no one has ever truly cared about him. In the end, he’s still alone. Jie Xiu gets a delivery from the manager, design specifications of the resort and a bottle of whisky.

Jie Xiu suggests the manager drink with him, and the poor manager thinks Jie Xiu is coming on to him. Xiao Ru tries to crawl out the door, but hears Jie Xiu talking about how much Xiao Ru means to him. Jie Xiu originally wanted to make Xiao Ru happy, but it’s actually Xiao Ru that has given him multiples of happiness. He’s bitter that Xiao Ru didn’t come into his life earlier, and has now left without even saying goodbye.

Jie Xiu notices Xiao Ru’s packed bags, looking around hoping to find her. He gets enraged and smacks the bathroom mirror with his hand. Xiao Ru comes out and tells him not to hurt himself. She is the one at fault, not him. Jie Xiu hugs her, telling her that everything he did today is real. In the future, she can borrow as much happiness as she wants, but she can never leave him. He tells her not to cry, he only wants to see her smile. Because of her, he feels complete. He looks at the ring on her hand, telling her that he’s finally discovered that the person who is worth it is standing in front of him.

Jie Xiu leans in to kiss Xiao Ru, and they stumble towards the bed. Uhm, I can’t describe the next scene, so let’s use screencaps to illustrate, okay?

This next scene is important so I’ll describe it. In his haste to get her top off, Jie Xiu pulls Xiao Ru’s sweater apart and a button flies off and lands on the floor.

Now back to more making out.

Rickie has gotten the paparazzi dead drunk, discovering that Avril is not the third party, since she’s been dating Jie Xiu since college. The paparazzi is astounded that Avril can watch her boyfriend marry another woman, and use him for her career.

Rickie kicks the paparazzi out, who then so happens to be in the hallway and sees Avril sneaking into Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru’s hotel room. He decides to stake out and wait for the money shot.

The next morning, Jie Xiu wakes up and turns to tentatively talk to Xiao Ru. He sits up in shock when the sleeping woman next to him turns around, and it’s Avril asking him if he feels better now

Thoughts of Mine:

KOALA HULK OUT. IS SO ANGRY. KOALA SMASH FURNITURE. WTF, Avril Tang?!?! Are you kidding me? You snuck into the bedroom of a legally married couple and then somehow convinced Xaio Ru to trade places with you, and you’re going to pretend to Jie Xiu that he slept with you last night and not Xiao Ru?

Oh jesus, you are an piece of work, Avril. I cannot even….you disgust me. Put aside the Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru are married, Jie Xiu has already stated that he considers the two of you broken up and he’s not just fooling around with Xiao Ru. How dare you continue to stake your claim on him?

I can’t say I didn’t love this episode, even if the last scene raised my blood pressure by about 100 points and made me start cursing in languages I didn’t even knew I spoke. I do think this episode showed both the strengths and flaws of DTLY clearly. The strengths are the continued thoughtful writing for the emotional connection between Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. The weaknesses are everything else – the small-scale set up with an entire episode set at the resort and not much happening, adorably bright but rather befuddled Rickie (btw, I’m LOVING Tom Price’s adorably Canto-accented Mandarin, so glad they didn’t dub him), Avril sneaking around to spy on our OTP, and the excess of coincidences.

But all that doesn’t annoy me. I’m simply pointing out the (more glaring) flaws, but glad that all the strengths of DTLY continue to drive the drama and remains the main focus of the story. I love how Jie Xiu made a tabulation of all the times Xiao Ru made him smile (sorta like making a pros and cons list), and realizing that his feelings for her were tied to how happy being with her made him. Happiness should be the main criteria for being with someone, when Jie Xiu finally can see it clearly.

I suppose the upcoming Avril-generated angst between Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu is technically pretty decent for a plot twist, and the next episodes looks to up the intensity another level. While some drama couples need machinations and angst to bring them closer together, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are the opposite IMO. They are a couple that are falling in love through the most ordinary, mundane, and realistic of ways – by spending time together and being there for each other.


Drunken to Love You Episode 6 Recap — 45 Comments

  1. How did that happen? Can’t put the piece together… anyway yea I know, that’s kinda irritating. >( And we have to wait next week. Double irritation. >(

  2. yayy thankyou koala! i’ve been waiting for you to post this just so I can comment. For once am so thankful for my half-decent chinese proficiency and hence no need for subs- I swear I haven’t livestreamed a drama in years. I’ve got it bad for DTLY.

    there have been suggestions that this ‘boating’ of JX and XR would lead to a plot point of her getting preggers.
    i can’t locate the clip now but in one of the initial trailers, there was a clip where JX was seen picking out books at a one of those cafe-bookstores, books on pregnancy. and also a short clip where his assistant telling him that he found a prgm that could do a stitch of XR and JX’s faces to get an idea of how their baby would look, cue ugliest baby picture ever, and JX looking somewhat torn between incredulity and touched.

    but the thing abt this boating scene is that it was one between two consensual adults who had acknowledged their emotions with each other. It wasn’t done in a moment of folly (even if one of them was drunk) JX from his reaction the morning after obviously was aware that he had done the deed with XR, hence bewilderment when he found AW next to him. I just wonder how AW is gonna explain away her presence when JX obviously remembers stuff from the night before, and whether he’s gonna believe her lies. I would think he did not, seeing how he found the button and was actually asking XR about it. Even if the production team is selling this like the next FTLY, which I loved as well don’t get me wrong, this drama is on a whole new level when it comes to writing abt the relationship development between the two leads. while FTLY had the much-publicised bed scene as a mistake between the couple, DTLY is one where the two people may be befuddled by the moment but still fully aware of what they’re getting into. Hence the dynamics the morning after the deed would be drama-gold whether or not AW comes to spoil the show. arghh I like Tiffany Hsu but goshhh testament to her acting that I wanna tear her hair out now.

    And i hope those fan speculations abt XR getting preggers is true. It would be so poignant that two people who have issues about abandonment and being alone to actually start a family together. But i do hope they dun play the guy forcing the girl to be with him just cos of responsibility trope. Cos I think JX and XR have more issues to delve into than just that- their characters have sufficient complexity to deal with a pregnancy without resorting to the overdramatic and cliche. I think what I really love about this drama is that I can see JX and XR as real people. XR holding down a normal job, a smart sassy woman in her own right, while JX has a successful career of his own, while both having their own emotional hang-ups. (ooh look no son of rich old man running a conglomerate) But in order for this story arc to be fulfilled the way I hope, this can only occur in the latter half of the drama. Seeing how ep5 only takes us to day7 of marriage, I can be hopeful? Two months of pregnancy to discovery and hiding from JX for a bit, we can hit the halfway mark plus a bit more right? did they ever announce the number of episodes for this yet?

      • really? i would be surprised by this. normally tw-dramas are in the late-teens or early twenties in the number of episodes.

      • I saw it said 13 at viki as well, but it kinda surprised since all the other websites I’ve seen doesn’t even mention how many episodes it has, viki is the only place where it says 13. I just feel like reading the future spoilers, it seems like it could be more episodes…

  3. Thanks so much epi 6 its a great episode… they are making their own memories as husband and wife and urgh! the episode ending sucks! I want more but we still wait for 6 days for the next ep

  4. I dunno what to say *sigh* this drama kills me. Can’t wait to the next cup (7) hope avril will be diSmissed on screen for the one whole episode, for make such scene *hah!*

  5. I see i’m not the only one who was like with a WTF reaction!
    When the episode ended I was like WTF?! O_O??!
    I almost threw my laptop in the air!
    That Avril annoys the bejesus out of me x_x. She told Xiau Ru not to be selfish when, it looks to me that the only one being selfish here is her.
    How many times does one have to say they’re through for her to understand?!

    And it seems that in the next episode there’s going to be more trouble o.o.
    Can’t believe i have to wait an entire week to watch it, and next week i’ll be going on holiday as well and won’t be able to watch DTLY until july. Aaaah i’m going to go crazy T_T.

  6. i bet XR snuck out early out of guilt/shame/leading lady complex and then Avril snuck in to the room later and saw JX there all nekkid and alone in bed, and wanting to get into his bed again (figuratively speaking) got into bed with him (literally speaking) in the vacant side left by XR!

    i hope the papparazzo doesn’t catch them in bed together! 🙁

  7. oh Ockoala, I am with you on this one. Head banger – I just knew that Avril was going to wake up with JX and that they were going to flashback in the next episode to let us know Avril convinced XR (or maybe XR let her on her own accord) for Avril to take her place. (It’s just the trend of flashbacks in the series and also SETTV just does that to us all the time – blah). But seeing as JX and XR are legally married, Avril has no right!! I really don’t like Avril now either! And the angst in the next episode and the “scandal” etc… urgh… I really hope that Avril doesn’t out JX in the press conference. Is there a need to (realistically, not for the sake of the drama)? Anyways… JX – jia you… show XR that you are for real and a 100 times better than YX. I think YX was quite caring about XR before the whole psycho Peggy mess up. I like series that focus more on how the guy “chases” the girl instead of the ones who are all confused and can’t decided between the 2 ladies.

    Poor JX… his issues with abandonment… I hope XR can help him overcome that. JX’s mom’s gonna come back right? There’s someone playing his mom right? I was hoping that she would before the divorce so that she can find out that she has a DIL. I’d be interested in seeing that so that not all the angst etc is focused on Avril & Yi Xian.

    I watched this last night and am so glad that my 2nd love LTM airs on M-T so as to distract me. Rickie is kinda adorable, but the whole Sandy/Avril comparison… eh… I don’t know.

  8. Thank you so much! Not only for the recap but for hating that WHORE FROM HELL TANG AI WEI!
    I disliked her strongly since around ep 2 or 3 but now? Wow… I really have no words.
    I absolutely love JX and XR and they just get better and better! The confession was the best thing EVER! Its true Avril must’ve convinced XR to bait and switch with her which also makes me wonder if they slept together at all… Although to me the sex really isn’t the important thing. Its more about what led up to it and the fact that JX believes they did. For he didn’t seem remorseful, just a little insecure and uncertain, which I’m thinking most people are after such leading events.

    Either way, I’m getting to the point, I hate that I started watching live. From now on, no matter how wonderful, I’m waiting a few weeks at least cause the evil crazy that DTLY has made my life CANNOT be repeated!

  9. Thank you for recap.ugh..why?after all the confession and hot make out then avril show up?then what?she gonna claimed that it is her he’s been sleeping with?or is she going bitching saying I let go you screw her one time but I had it all in hand,that XR wont be around anymore so you can come back to me!oh I wish JX would just blow at her and chased XR or that rickie tell JX that he saw Avril sneak in and forced XR to leave.I know this wont happen as I heard that in next ep avril have her glorry bitch time but you know what?that only makes JX hate her more and thinks he had wasting his time with her and love XR even more.

  10. Rickie is handsome, but is acting isn’t. He overdid it. When he had the flashback of him and Sandy breaking up it annoyed me so much. He without any motion screaming ”Don’t go Sandyyyy” ”he is a married man, Sandyyy” and bleh.

    • i agree. i think he can’t act and has a weird accent T^T
      its a kinda cool accent, but it just doesn’t work. he sounds like a…. an australian trying to learn chinese.

  11. He was drunk, but he’s going to remember the button… *crosses fingers*

    Yep, that was actually a surprising twist. They went through with it, but the next morning is super confusing. What a messed up relationship they have (Avril and Jie Xiu). She walked away from him, and now she’s all, if I can’t play with him, no one can! I guess the Avril/Xiao Ru dialogue will be revealed in the next episode. Whatever it is, it’s going to be pretty messed up. Or… maybe we find out that she really did push him off. Or that… hahahaha… he passed out.

    It’s so true- why I’m loving this couple is that their love is growing so normally and naturally, it’s like a marriage arranged by fate. If your husband/wife is good person, sincere, and also good to you… How could you not fall in love? ^^

    I also hope she won’t be pregnant… but, if she were to be, at least the real reason to be together for them is not a baby but that they are already in love. I’m sick of that recycled plot point. xD

    Please be a fighter, Xiao Ru! Don’t whimp out on us now!!!

  12. “KOALA HULK OUT. IS SO ANGRY. KOALA SMASH FURNITURE. WTF, Avril Tang?!?! Are you kidding me?”
    lol, this was how i felt as well. i can’t wait for the next episode.
    I’m guessing Avril will reveal her relationship with JX to the media so that she can get with him again. Thanks for the recap! (:

  13. Oh chingu! You weren’t the only one whose blood pressure skyrocketed at the end of the ep. As a matter of fact, I’m STILL feeling it rising (I’ve JUST finished watching it) and omg, alsdjlsdfhgdklfghksjf!

    Count me in the I-really-really-don’t-like-Avril camp now, too. The nerve of that woman? She’s always put herself and her career before Jie Xiu and now that he actually has someone who cares for him deeply, she wants to claim him back? WTFF?

    And btw, have I hallucinated seeing Xiao Ru talking about a new life in the preview for the next ep? I just…idk. I’m torn about a possible baby twist. I kinda don’t want it tbh. Why can’t we have an ep about the OTP and only the OTP? ^^

    • I’ve heard rumors for weeks now about XR getting pregnant, but I don’t think so. The preview discussion of a “new life” refers to her moving out and moving on from JX. But I still worried about a potential pregnancy twist, which would be redundant in this drama alone, and also borrowing directly from FTLY.

      Avril = Go Die The F*ck Now.

      • I really hope they won’t go down the baby-path. Fingers crossed!

        Then again, do you really think that XR/JX went all the way? Cos…IDK. Uhm, for some reason I keep thinking they made out some, then JX passed out or something and then Avril showed up and somehow (HOW? HOWWWW? Is XR that easily convinced?) managed to guilt trip XR enough so they could switch places. I mean, WHO could be so shameless as to ask someone who’s post-coital to leave the bed? I mean…does Avril has no sense of shame and/or pride? Still, lasdkfjklsfghdlkfhgksfhds. ACK! ACK! ACKACKACK!

        Totally addicted to this drama, omg! I should have waited until it aired all the eps so I could marathon it. One ep per week is not enough! *flaps hands helplessly* I totally blame you for this addiction, okay?

  14. I tried to stop myself from fast forwarding on the parts where I can’t see any of the OTP throughout this episode as I’m impatiently waiting for The Scene.

    And this Avril is just so pathetic – she keeps asking XR not to be selfish when Avril herself is just a role model of what selfishness means. Blah. I expect to see more ridiculously selfish acts from her in the next episode and I’m ready to curse. Yeah, her breaking up with JX is not announced; but were they ever announced as being together?? Errrh. I just hope they won’t use this (Avril doing selfish acts and making ridiculous requests) as the only trick to keep our OTP apart because it is just lame, lame and lame. And hope they don’t use the baby to tie them together. Lame a thousand times.

    Re the baby rumors – someone at Baidu bar made a screen dump of the MV where JX read a book about raising baby. But I think the crew shot the MV separately so I’m still being positive that there won’t be any baby element for this drama. I don’t think our OTP needs a baby as a booster to know what they meant to each other (as they already do by episode 6). Just gimme more JX-XR screen time. Like 99.9%.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wanted to yank Avril’s hair out of her shameless head. Acckkk..totally ruined the episode for me. What the fudge was that?!!!

    *breathe in, breather out..*

    Okay..let’s talk about THE SCENE. Rawr. I think the confession (albeit drunken one) leading to it was soooo sweet and hot too. I totally noticed that Joseph Chang was red all over his face..hahaha. Affected much? And yess…I’m so falling for this guy now. He just kinda grew on me. Did you guys notice how hot he looked in the preview, looking all angsty in that leather jacket? Sigh. I’m in big trouble.

  16. Koala you always make me laugh! LOL I love your recaps!!!! I do hate Avril now. Can I join the club? Plus, thanks to you I am officially “drunken addicted to this drama”. I used to say I am not watching cause of Rainie but she improve 100%. Thanks thanks! Ohhh can it be Sunday already? (And, I used to hate Sunday cause its work week the next day)

      • YES she improved a lot huh? She use to over acted in a lot of drama. I used to force myself to watch her but I always needs up not finishing every drama she is acting. I kinda prefer the normal not over the top drama but this one she has mature quite a bit.

  17. Grrrrrrr… Avril! She shud just go bang herself on the wall! )&)(&# How dare she come in between our beloved OTP?!!!

    Can’t wait for Ep 7, I saw tears in JX’s eyes when Avril announced that “person’s name”. I’m curious to know whether he was tearing for XR. I sure hope so!

  18. Thanks so much for the recap!!
    So it looks like pretty much everyone has gotten high blood pressure from watching Cup 6 – me included O_O I haven’t really found a TW drama in a while that has me all worked up like this but I’m completely, hopeless drunkenly addicted to this drama now!!! Ugh..thank goodness for all the Kdramas all week otherwise I’d be tearing my hair out waiting for Sunday to get here …

    I seem to remember seeing a clip somewhere of XR throwing JX off of her while they were having a their makeout session (which was SO.HOT. *fans self and imagines self in XR’s place*)…but whether she’s just throwing him off to flip them around or throwing them him off to stop who knows. I’m hoping for the 1st option though haha..From the very end, I feel sure that JX was still pretty sober and so I feel that he’ll remember his tryst with XR very clearly despite whatever nonsense Avril sprouts and independent of him finding that button.

    Ugh..I wish I knew Mandarin so I wouldn’t have to wait for subs..

      • their viki page has “Airtime: 1 every Sunday, 100% subbed by Monday.”
        AND I JUST LOOOOVE THE SUBBERS. theyre so fasssssst. they deserve a prize for fastest, bestest, awesomest subbers ever. on earth. in the galaxy. everywhere.

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    We’re all eager to know what AW will say at the conference to clear up the picture scandal. but if u look closely starting from the 0.06 mark, the pictures published do not show the face of the male protagonist (!!!) which the reporter keeps insisting is SJX. Could it be that just as AW is about to confess, Rickie jumps in to attempt to save her, and in the process jumpstart their own rumours? Curious.. curious indeed… I can’t wait for Sunday!!

    • my guess is…AW will turn to her selfish mode again. remember what her assistant told her that their boss wanted her to have scandal with Rickie?
      btw koala, i love the screencaps…brilliant! a picture can tell million of words! lolz

  26. The bed scene was pretty disappointingly tame- it looked way better in the previews. I think DTLY has officially started to bore me, I frankly can’t find it in myself to care about Avril or the main girl or whoever he slept with. Drama drama…

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