Kang Ji Hwan is Cosmopolitan Korea’s Man of the Month

Kang Ji Hwan, currently starring in the I-pray-it-will-miraculously-get-better Lie to Me, was featured in the June issue Cosmopolitan Korea magazine. I love these pictures, cool and moody without being too edgy or posed. I can’t MINE him since like half the bloggy world is in a MINE-detente about him, but I can stare all I want, which isn’t hard to do when he continues to look better and better with age. Rawr indeed.

[Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea]


Kang Ji Hwan is Cosmopolitan Korea’s Man of the Month — 18 Comments

    • yeah, I’m not fond of smoking either. I guess they’re not so anti-smoking in Korea like in other countries?

      • thank goodness they’re not. I find that hot (Kang Ji Hwan smoking, not anti-smokers useless battles)

      • After working in a medical surgery for a week, I will never find smoking hot again. You can smell smokers from a mile away, their skin is grey, rough and sallow and their eyes are yellow. Photoshop can work wonders, I’m sure, but in person, you can tell who a regular smoker is just by a glance.

        It’s most the smell that gives me nightmares. It is… indescribable.

        I’ve adored KJH since HGD though, so I’m working hard to erase the smoking image from my mind. 🙁

  1. 2nd and 3rd pics make me wonder what would happen if he was cast in Athena instead.

    Or in Iris 2 with Kim So Yeon.

  2. Smoking.. again? Can’t we just have it in the figurative sense of Smokin Hot and not like this? I think all these type of photoshopt (in the mind of the photographers) has at least one pic with a cig.

    pix=awesome 🙂

  3. HOT! I haven’t had the chance to check out Lie to me since The Best Love has been occupying my waking hours reserved for my kdrama nut self… These pictures just triggered me to slash my sleeping time and do a marathon 😛

  4. wow, he is gorgeous…but something bothers me besides the smoking..has anyone noticed that black dot on the tip of his nose? Is it a mole? I can’t help seeing it!!!

    • It’s an adorable tiny mole. Just like the tiny mole on the nose of Han Ga In. The tiny imperfection makes them even more perfectly gorgeous in my book. 😀

      • oh thanks ockoala! You always have all the answers! I feel much better now, was starting to obsess needlessly over it!

      • once, my granny said, if u had mole in ur nose, in future u will be well-known @ popular. if u had mole at ur ear, thats mean ur are very headstrong..*dunno the rite term.. hi3

  5. LTM episode 5 — is it better? is it better? Eck! Can’t wait to see it… LOL

    Ockoala – thanks for the Lie to Me banners that you have. 🙂 i love them. oohhhh sooo cute

    KJH is looking mighty fine… although I must say I like my crisp suit wearing characters just fine as well – so I really don’t mind him pretty a cookie-cutter chaebol. 🙂 I keep admiring how many different ties his character has. And that I should add some of the classic ones to DH’s collection as well.

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