Best Love Episode 8 Recap

Bring on the pleasure, then whack us with the pain. That must be the sadistic motto of the Hong Sisters. Not only are they making me hurt like hell, they are making me wait a whole week to see what happens next. God, if I weren’t in such a codependent relationship with the Best Love (The Greatest Love) and can break up with this drama for my sanity’s sake, because it’s so good it’s impairing my daily functionality. Ratings for today’s episode took another giant leap, the highest breaking 20% for Seoul under AGB ratings. This baby is a bona-fide hit, and deserving of every bit of critical and popular acclaim.

After this episode, if every on-the-fence viewer, toddling between the immature-and-smitten Jin and the considerate-and-adorable Pil Joo, jumped ship to Pil Joo, I wouldn’t blame them. There was one scene I kept rewatching over and over, and it didn’t involve Jin. Sigh, it’s brave of the Hong Sisters to make their hero so difficult to embrace, and the second male lead so easy to love.

While Pil Joo PWNED this episode with his awesome, I keep reminding myself that love is never about anything other than a subjective emotion. I hate it when Ae Jung hurts, especially when she hurts because of something Jin did. And then I realize that there is only one reason Jin’s actions and words now affect her, because she is falling for him. BL dropped two major game-changers in this episode, so brace yourselves.

Episode 8 Recap:

Jin’s arrival, toting Ae Jung’s purple sneakers, which he proceeds to put on her feet, cause shock waves to ripple through the media. Pil Joo and Se Ri stare at Jin, who looks up at Ae Jung and gives her a wink and a smile.

Jin stands up and announces to the media that he bought the sneakers because Ae Jung is part of his family (same agency) and Couple Making Season 3 has someone important to him, giving Se Ri a sideways glance. He wanted to buy the sneakers quietly as part of a charitable donation. The media asks why he didn’t buy Se Ri’s bag and instead bought Ae Jung’s sneakers? Jin explains that the sneakers are part of a bigger donation he wanted to make.

Jin snaps his fingers and three trucks pull up containing a 1000 pairs of sneakers. Jin doesn’t want to get publicity for her charitable work, so he wanted to do it anonymously. Jin bows down and apologizes for causing all this commotion when all he wanted to do was make a quiet donation and not draw attention to himself. A pair of angel wings sprouts behind Jin and choral music plays. Ae Jung looks perturbed, whereas Jin snarks “obstacle conquered”.

Jin sits and reads the online reaction to this media event, pleased that most of the responses are positive lauding him for the charitable work. Jin tells Ae Jung that since her sneakers are now popular, she might get a CF out of this incident. Ae Jung thinks Jin should do the CF since he orchestrated everything. Jin ponders doing a sneaker CF, which historically has been held by sports stars.

Ae Jung confesses to her surprise when Jin showed up. Jin asks whether Ae Jung thought Jin was showing up to publicly declare his feelings for Ae Jung? She asks if he’s considered that being associated with her might drop him into her level, and that worries her. Jin’s heart may have been broken a little by her rejection, but his head is perfectly fine, and he would never cause a scandal.

Since Ae Jung has declared that she doesn’t like him and never will, Jin has accepted that he’s in a one-sided love and won’t create any situation that involves Ae Jung. She asks him to remember that next time and not to buy her sneakers and other such actions. Jin tells her that he knows what to do, since it’s his one-sided love, he doesn’t need her acceptance to do what he wants.

Se Ri walks with Jin, asking why he bought the sneakers, does Ae Jung have something she’s holding over Jin again? Jin cryptically answers yes, Gu Ae Jung has captured something important of mine. Jin warns Se Ri not to mess with Ae Jung, to which Se Ri smirks that Ae Jung is going to be kicked off Couple Making.

Pil Joo is asked by the producers to eliminate Ae Jung. For the show to continue, Ae Jung must be dropped. While the decision rests with Pil Joo, he’s asked to seriously consider this request.

Pil Joo walks up to Jin, and the two men have a stare down, which they move outside to sitting down and having their first conversation. Pil Joo confirms that the other bidder was Jin, telling Jin that what he did made things harder for Ae Jung going forward. Pil Joo thinks what Jin is doing is affecting Ae Jung, making things more difficult for her.

Jin tells Pil Joo that it’s up to Pil Joo to keep Ae Jung on the show. Pil Joo says that what he really wants to do is take Ae Jung away from this industry which has hurt her for so long. Dammit, Yoon Pil Joo, you make me swoon. Jin agrees the industry is harsh. Ae Jung has worked so hard to survive in the industry for so long that she’s quite admirable. Jin suggests the only way Pil Joo can help her now is to keep her on the show for another week.

Another elimination round is underway for Couple Making Season 3. Se Ri is told that the production has spoken to Pil Joo already and asked him to eliminate Ae Jung. Pil Joo walks up to Ae Jung, apologizing for not stepping forward today to help her before the media. Pil Joo laments that because he’s not in the industry, he can’t protect her in the ways that the industry mandates. He will use his own way to protect her, and he hopes she won’t mind. She tells him not to worry, and if he eliminates her today she will understand.

Se Ri announces to the audience that Pil Joo is deciding on who should receive the three roses amongst the four remaining ladies. Pil Joo walks to stand directly in front of Ae Jung. He looks at her and hands her the first rose. Se Ri and the production folks look annoyed. Jin sees Pil Joo hand Ae Jung the first rose and is pleased that Pil Joo did as Jin suggested. Jin turns to leave when he hears the crowd gasp.

Jin turns around to see Pil Joo handing Ae Jung a second rose. Wow. Just wow. The other contestants are in shock, as is the entire audience. Ae Jung looks taken aback, and she tentatively reaches forward to take the second rose. Pil Joo looks at her, and then he hands her the third and final rose. O.M.F.G. I have no words. O__O

The entire filming is in danger of collapsing. Writer Han gestures for Se Ri to cut the filming now. Se Ri announces a commercial break, and the other contestants stalk off. Pil Joo continues to stare at Ae Jung, and the media swarm up to the podium with their cameras snapping away.

Jin mutters to himself that he told Pil Joo to give her one rose, not all three roses. Se Ri walks past Jin and notices him staring at Ae Jung and Pil Joo. Jin’s heart rate watch beeps as his heart beat spikes. Jin checks the watch, and Se Ri finally makes the connection, thinking to herself that what Ae Jung captured of Jin is his heart.

Ae Jung and Pil Joo sit in the dressing room. She asks him why he did what he did? He confesses that he was so angry at himself. Seeing Ae Jung be misunderstood, and he couldn’t do anything but watch Jin show up and doing whatever he wanted. Pil Joo asks if the person who is affecting Ae Jung is Jin?

Pil Joo wants to take Ae Jung away from this world. To do that, he needs to take the first step, and grab on to Ae Jung’s heart which is currently being affected by Jin. Pil Joo looks at the roses, telling Ae Jung the roses are his sincere feelings. As a doctor, before he treats Ae Jung, he wants to protect her, because he likes her. Ae Jung looks astonished to hear this confession.

Jae Seok is chatting with Jin, who yells at Pil Joo for ruining the program and Ae Jung’s opportunity. Jae Seok doesn’t see anything wrong. He thinks that if the show continues, Ae Jung can end up marrying Pil Joo and becoming a doctor’s wife. Jin argues that Ae Jung needs to work hard for her livelihood, unless her income source is secure……and then realizes that if she marries Pil Joo she would have no monetary worries and hence no need to stay in the industry. Jin’s heart suddenly hurts, and he tells himself that at the least the roses were handed all at once, instead of one at a time, so Jin no longer needs to see it again. Jae Seok warns Jin that the production is holding a meeting on how the continue the show, and Jin is shocked the show isn’t over immediately.

The production of Couple Making Season 3 meet and decide to take Pil Joo’s gamechanger and run with it. The rest of the show will be just Pil Joo and Ae Jung’s courtship, ending with whether Ae Jung accepts Pil Joo or not. Oh god, this is going to kill me. I can’t handle the continued awesome of Pil Joo courting Ae Jung for real.

Ae Hwan and Ae Jung head down to the MBS parking garage. Ae Hwan is giddy with the turn of events, thinking this episode will be a hit when it’s shown. Ae Jung says she’s happy but her face tells another story. She looks at her sneakers, and then at the three roses. To each item, thinking back to the man who gave it to her, she thinks to herself “what am I going to do about this person?”

Jin watching her from his car, muttering that Ae Jung has lost her mind just by getting a couple of flowers. If she got an entire bouquet, she might go insane. Ae Jung keeps alternatively looking at her feet and then the roses in her hand. Jin vows to just drive past Ae Jung like nothing is happening to him. But when he drives past her, he purposely goes really really slow and makes god-awful ridiculous faces. Finally Ae Jung knocks on his car window and he rolls down the window to talk with her. He asks her what she wants, he was just driving pass on his way somewhere.

He asks her to get in, he wants to tell her a story about flowers. Jin takes her to an elementary school and gives her the topic: the flower that is rhododendron. Ae Jung recites the poem in question, which is about someone leaving. Jin says that when Ae Jung walks away, he’ll sprinkle petals in her path, and see if she steps on his flowers as she leaves.

Jin discusses how he was sick as a child and never attended elementary school. She doesn’t believe him since there has been no stories about him being sick before. She asks him where, and he says he has heart problems. He opens his shirt to show her the scar on his heart – his HEART BREAK (which he hilariously says in English). He explains that he finally got better after he had heart surgery. This explains why he needs to keep his heart rate between 60-90.

Jin says that his heart is the symbolic rhododendron in the poem. It’s sprinkled before Ae Jung, and if she steps on it even a little it could break. So will she step on it? Jin acts like a hurt little boy, pouting to Ae Jung that if she wants to go to that guy, she can’t stop on his broken heart to get there. He says HEART BREAK again, and I about died of the lulz, especially the weird mopey pained faces Jin keeps making.

Suddenly some boys playing in the yard come up to Jin to ask for their ball back, which is resting near Jin’s feet. Jin makes a grand kick and the ball enters the goal on the opposite end of the field. Ae Jung thinks Jin is perfectly fine now. Jin keeps pouting that he’s really sick despite all appearances to the contrary.

Ae Jung brings up Fighter and all the action scenes Jin does in CFs and media appearances. He tells her to forget those things, and just see his heart, muttering HEART BREAK, uh uh uh. Ae Jung asks if he’s using his condition to cling on to her. He asks her to consider his condition when she thinks about going to the doctor guy.

Pil Joo is told about the one-on-one idea, and he wonders how Ae Jung will react. Kim PD thinks she’ll accept the new format, but Pil Joo isn’t so sure, thinking back to Ae Jung’s uncertainty when she received the three roses from him. Pil Joo remembers his conversation with Ae Jung when she asked for some time to consider the proposal. She asks for three days to answer him (regarding whether he gets a chance with her). Pil Joo buys her some time by telling Kim PD that he needs to consider the idea himself.

Se Ri and Pil Joo have candid conversation, as she informs him that Ae Jung came between Jin and herself, and Pil Joo responding that he knows already. Se Ri demands to know why he gave all three roses to Ae Jung if he knew she was getting between Jin and Se Ri? Pil Joo confesses that he did it to grab onto Ae Jung’s wavering heart. He asks Se Ri not to give Ae Jung such a hard time, especially at a time like this. Pil Joo leaves and we see Se Ri is pissed.

Ae Jung recites the poem Jin told her. Jin checks his heart rate watch. Pil Joo sits and stares at the two identical pens. What a love triangle! Oh my lord, I’m seriously in pain from knowing all the angst to come between these three people. Ae Jung realizes that the meaning of the poem is that Jin cannot send her away from him with his heart at ease.

Pil Joo mom is furious when she learns that Pil Joo gave all three roses to Ae Jung. Ae Jung and her entire family sit and watch the show. Everyone’s thoughts are different: Ae Jung thinks about Jin and Pil Joo, her dad thinks about accepting the gifts, Ae Hwan thinks about future opportunities for Ae Jung, and Ding Dong thinks about himself with Jin.

Kim PD gives Writer Han a bonus, telling her that the episode got their highest ratings yet, and viewers are writing in by the boatload. He asks her to make sure Pil Joo and Ae Jung continue with the program. Ae Jung meets with Agent Moon, who encourages her to make it work with Pil Joo, as this will be a prime opportunity for her to crawl out of the D-list.

Ae Jung’s dad goes to the clinic to confess the truth, for the third time. He arrives to find Pil Joo’s mom screeching with anger. Ae Jung’s dad holds up the newspaper with the pictures of their kids, telling Pil Joo’s mom that they look good together. He thinks Pil Joo must really like Ae Jung to grab on to her like that.

When Pil Joo’s mom insults Ae Jung, he finally tells her that Ae Jung is his daughter and not to demean her. When Pil Joo’s mom asks why he pretended to be Se Ri’s dad, he vows to puke up the medicine he ate. He tells Pil Joo’s mom that he will never allow Ae Jung to accept Pil Joo, and she screams back that she hopes that happens.

Jin is watching Couple Making on TV when Jae Seok arrives. The boy is excited about the show focusing on Ae Jung and Pil Joo – a love documentary of their courtship. Jae Seok mentions how future dates will be highlighted.

We see Jin imagining various first dates, such as picnic date, perhaps going on trips, and their first night together. Jin snaps out of his nightmare scenarios, declaring that he’ll sue the show if it dares to air the couple’s first night together. Jin gives Jae Seok the evil stink eye and the boy feigns a stomach ache and scurries out of there. Hahaha. Jin heart rate spikes again.

Ae Jung walks with Ae Hwan as they leave the agency. Ae Hwan thinks Pil Joo is usually so serious, so even odder what he did on the show. Ae Jung considers the possibility that Pil Joo has surmised that she is falling in love with Jin. Speaking of whom, Jin sees them walking and tries to spy on their conversation. Jin thinks that Ae Jung is stomping on his flowers.

Pil Joo is at work and is uncharacteristically clumsy as he drops things in front of his nurses. They notice that the good doctor has never behaved this way before, and he confesses that he’s never felt this way before as well. He’s sweating and nervous because today Ae Jung owes him a response.

Jin sees Ae Jung signing autographs at their agency. He wonders why she’s signing since people only want Jin’s autograph for the 1000 pairs of donated sneakers. When she moves to leave, he tells her to keep signing and sits down, the children would want her signature.

Jin compliments Ae Jung’s performance on the show, showing the composure of a real professional. She confesses that she was actually quite nervous at that moment. He concedes that he shouldn’t have tossed the pen in the ball pit, because it gave Pil Joo the excuse to buy another pen to make Ae Jung feel less guilty. Jin gets flustered and starts signing fast. When Ae Jung points out that he’ll be finished in no time, he suddenly slows down, saying he needs to sign slowly to show his sincerity to his fans. Ae Jung smiles.

Jenny is at the restaurant chatting with Ae Hwan and Jae Seok. Jenny wonders if what is happening to Ae Jung would have happened to her if she stayed in the entertainment industry? Ae Hwan asks what she would do if two men liked her at once. She smiles at the two guys, reiterating that she wants to keep both of them. They both call her a bad girl. Suddenly Se Ri arrives at the restaurant. Jenny tells her that Ae Jung isn’t here, and Se Ri asks if Ae Jung went to meet Jin.

Ae Jung doodles a four-leave clover as part of her signature, explaining how Mina found one on the night of their debut and she is putting it on this autograph to bring luck for the people getting the sneakers. Jin asks how she got her bad reputation, and finds out that Ae Jung slapped Se Ri. Jin thinks Ae Jung should have done the slapping when no one was around.

Jenny tries to deflate the situation, telling Se Ri that while Jin may like Ae Jung, she doesn’t like him back. Jenny warns Se Ri that Ae Jung and Pil Joo are getting along just fine, so Se Ri needs to leave this publicly acknowledged couple alone and not mess with them. Se Ri’s bitch side comes out in full force as she tells Jenny that everyone will blame Ae Jung for her break up with Jin. Jenny can’t believe how bad Se Ri has become, and asks her to remember how Ae Jung took such care of Se Ri back then.

Jenny reminds Se Ri that the truth of what happened during the Treasure Girls days puts Se Ri in a bad light. Se Ri scoffs that there is no proof, but Jenny warns her that if Mina went public then there would be evidence. Jenny shows Se Ri the four-leaf clover Mina mailed to her, a sure sign that Mina would stand up for Ae Jung if Se Ri attempted to hurt her.

Mina comes for a late night consult with Pil Joo, who remembers her from the day Ae Jung used him to dodge her. Mina was reluctant to return, but decided to see Pil Joo because it appears Ae Jung might become someone very important to Pil Joo. She explains how she was a former Treasure Girl.

We flashback to the incident in question. Se Ri had put some sort of medicine in a cup of coffee meant for Ae Jung, which Mina ended up drinking. Mina doubles over in pain, and Ae Jung confronts Se Ri and slaps her when Se Ri doesn’t take responsibility and claims that she was just playing a practical joke. Se Ri tells Jenny that she never expected Mina to drink the tainted coffee, and she never imagined that Ae Jung would break them up over that incident. Jenny warns Se Ri that if she does anything to Ae Jung, Jenny will find Mina and reveal the truth.

Ae Jung explains to Jin that misunderstandings are bound to happen. She doesn’t explain what happened with Se Ri, saying that she was the leader of the group so she stood up and took responsibility. She thought it would blow over, but who knew the bad press would follow her for 10 long years.

Jin sincerely compliments Ae Jung for being so strong to endure in the industry for 10 years dogged by such negative publicity. Ae Jung is shocked that Jin is, gasp, complimenting her with that potty-mouth of his. He confesses that he’s indeed afraid of becoming like Ae Jung, which is why watching her handle everything impresses him even more.

She asks if he’s pitying her, and he says no, but can’t find the words to describe the emotion. Ae Jung thinks he feels a kinship with her plight, and Jin says “ding dong”. Ae Jung fells flushed and Jin gives her a Vitamin Water to press to her face to cool her down. He makes her turn it around so that the label with his face on it is directly pressed against her cheek. They smile at each other.

Se Ri arrives looking for Agent Moon. She witnesses the cozy scene of Jin and Ae Jung signing autographs, where Jin shows Ae Jung that he can sign her name as well. She vows to hold onto Jin if Ae Jung falls in love with him. This will also mean Yoon Pil Joo ends up in the same situation as her – getting nothing in the end. Se Ri informs Agent Moon that she will not be breaking up with Jin. If she’s forced to, she will call a press conference and paint herself as the aggrieved party.

Mina asks Pil Joo to treat Ae Jung well, because Ae Jung been so good to Mina in the past. Pil Joo smiles and says he wants to do that, he’s anxiously waiting for that time to arrive. Mina offers to tell Pil Joo what Ae Jung likes. Mina tells Pil Joo about how Ae Jung loves clovers, and especially this bread shaped like a four-leaf clover. She tells Pil Joo to take Ae Jung the bread.

Jin tells Ae Jung to write slower if her hands hurt, he can stay here and sign autographs with her all night long. Suddenly Ae Jung gets a call from Pil Joo. Jin can’t help but listen to Ae Jung’s response to that conversation, which involves only three yes. Jin imagines what the three questions Pil Joo asked which elicited three yes answers from Ae Jung. (1) Is Jin grabbing onto you so you can’t come? (2) Is he claiming he’s sick just to attach himself to you? (3) Just get rid of that jerk and find a way to come, I’ll wait for you.

Jin asks Ae Jung to say yes now to his three questions. (1) Did I say my heart was like a flower? (2) Did I ask you not to step on my heart and go? (3) Right now you are stepping on it, so go, go fast right now. Ae Jung answers a yes to each of his questions. As she walks away, she thinks about the actual conversation with Pil Joo. (1) Are you busy? (2) Then you’ll probably be late? (3) Call me when you arrive. Jin sadly looks at Ae Jung leaving, pretending to sign feverishly. She looks reluctant to leave.

Pil Joo is waiting outside Ae Jung’s house for her, having bought the clover bread Mina suggested. Jin puts his signed photo next to Ae Jung’s signed photo. Pil Joo and Ae Jung meet at Jenny’s place, and he shows her the clover bread he bought, pretending that someone brought it to the hospital today as a gift. She smiles, saying that she used to love it, but hasn’t eaten it in a long time since it’s too far away for her to go.

She smiles and says they need to split it evenly since it’s a four-leaf clover shape. She says happiness needs to be shared. He asks her if something good happened today? Ae Jung concedes that Pil Joo is a four-left clover, the is luckiest flower she could possibly meet. But right now there are other flowers blooming (cherry blossoms, camellias, etc.) that are obstructing her view so she can’t see clearly.

He offers to wait by her side and support her, extending the date she needs to give him an answer. He asks her to do the program, which is her job, and he will do it alongside her. He trusts that with time she’ll realize that bread like this clover is the best for her.

Jin talks to his sprouting potato, which is growing much faster than expected. He tells the spud that his heart hurts, even though his heart rate is a steady 75. He wonders if he might die from this heart pain brought on by his one-sided love?

Jin goes to see his cardiologist. As he’s waiting in the doctor’s office, he spies a CD of the Treasure Girls. The nurse comes to tell Jin the doctor is busy and can’t see him today. She sees him holding the CD, and remarks that while other doctors listen to classical music during surgeries, this doctor listens to girl pop groups. Jin finds out the doctor played the Treasure Girls CD when he did surgeries 10 years ago.

Jin races up to the roof to catch the doctor who is about to get into a helicopter. He’s out of breath as he asks the doctor whether he played the Treasure Girls CD during Jin’s surgery, and the doctor confirms yes. The doctor’s helicopter takes off, and Jin lets out a victorious yell as he appears to have confirmed the cause of his fixation on Ae Jung.

Ae Jung is told that Pil Joo has accepted the one-on-one dating format for Couple Making, which leaves the decision in Ae Jung’s hands. She considers whether doing it will make it appear that she is dating Pil Joo? Ae Hwan presses her to do it, he wants her to actually work out with Pil Joo in real life. Suddenly Jae Seok arrives and shares his worry that Jin may be sick.

Jae Seok explains how Jin went to the hospital today, and normally he hates hospitals so he must be really sick if went by himself willingly. Ae Jung looks at her sneakers, asking them if they are worried about that person, and want to see him? She answers her own question with a “ding dong”. Ae Jung goes to see Jin at his house. She considers punching in the 6090 code to see if it opens, but Jin opens the door and lets her in.

Ae Jung asks Jin if he’s okay? Jin doesn’t answer, instead announcing that he wants to confirm something first. Jin calls Ae Jung’s phone and the Treasure Girls song plays. He looks at his heart rate watch and his heart beat remains steady at 75. Ae Jung happily asks if this means Jin is alright?

He says with a steely smile that he’s fine, and he has good news for Ae Jung. She asks what it is? He tells her that his heart will no longer thump for her going forward. She asks why? He says he will no longer tremble before her. She asks why again? He tells her to consider there is only one answer for her question.

Ae Jung looks at him, asking if he doesn’t like her anymore, this conversation an exact replay (but in reverse) of Jin’s confession to her under the cherry blossoms. Jin smiles and says “ding dong”.

Thoughts of Mine:

Oh the pain – serious, unmitigated, utter and complete pain. This episode was not nearly as funny, instead replaced with serious emotional momentum and plot twists that my insides became a Gordian knot I fear cannot be untied anytime soon. BL is KILLING me with its continued awesome, each episode better than the one before.

Let’s talk about Pil Joo first – the incomparable, the ever-amazing, the drop-dead heart-pumping Pil Joo. He owned this episode, and I would not fault anyone for second lead shipping this guy. Usually second lead shipping makes no sense to me, but Pil Joo makes more sense to me than Jin. Always has. When Pil Joo handed Ae Jung the three roses, raise your hand if your jaw dropped and your heart start thumping wildly? I know I did.

I love how everything is now in the open, for everyone. Se Ri knows Pil Joo and Jin likes Ae Jung. Pil Joo has told Ae Jung he likes her, and warned Se Ri to lay off Ae Jung. In fact, the whole world knows Pil Joo likes Ae Jung, which is so freaking romantic the way he declared his intentions, no beating around the bush. Jin knows that Pil Joo is onto to him. We’ve got zero secrets, but lots of confused people and uncertain future actions.

The last scene was both narratively necessary and emotional important to the love story between Jin and Ae Jung. Jin needs to know that his Pavlovian reaction to Ae Jung in the early parts of the drama were in fact likely caused by the doctor playing the Treasure Girls song during his surgery and he’s retained some memory of it. He needs to know this, he needs to discount his attraction to Ae Jung and chalk it up to some music brainwashing. He needs to know this so that he can move on and realize that he still has feelings for Ae Jung, feeling unrelated to hearing some song.

We also need this to happen so that Ae Jung accepts the new Couple Making premise and goes on the show dating Pil Joo exclusively. Oh hell, that is so going to mess with my psyche (see Koala turning between Jin and Pil Joo and collapsing in a puddle of angst). Ae Jung needs to give Pil Joo a chance, because that will clear up for her the feelings that are growing for Jin.

We have 8 more episodes left, and I cannot fathom how much more plot the Hong Sisters will squeeze into this baby. I like Se Ri knowing everything, and currently her plan to simply to refuse to break up with Jin is a solid scheme. I love how Mina and Jenny are both completely on Ae Jung’s side, that girl needs more true friends because she’s suffered so much in the past 10 years.

Watching BL, there is not a single dull or plodding moment, no conversation pointless, no plot twist purely for the shock value. Everything is written to flow together, creating a love story that is in turns hilarious yet unexpectedly tender and touching. Even though Jin’s love is expressed in immature ways sometimes, the love itself is mature and serious.

We see Jin discuss for the first time how he really views Ae Jung as a person. He admires her, because she is truly an admirable person, with courage and fortitude that Jin lacks. Jin soaks up the fame, but he would never be able to handle the flip side of popularity with the aplomb which Ae Jung has exhibited for the past 10 years. Who amongst us can? We all want to be famous, but who would stick around when the fame turns into derision. Ae Jung did, to support her family. I love that Jin sees that and tells her.

I’m so glad BL is a modern trendy, and not some sageuk. I don’t trust Hong Sisters with a sageuk ending. With Jin’s heart condition, I need to have comfort that we’re not going to get some life-and-death issue to confront at the end. I want to see Ae Jung find happiness SO BAD, with a man who loves her as much as she loves him.


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  1. Yes! I knew refresh would be my bestfriend today. Thank Koala! I just got done watchng the episode sans english subs so I’ve been dying to know what’s been happening for real. My fav part is definitely when Piljoo give Aejung the three roses. I seriously don’t know how much more I can fall in love with this guy. <3

  2. i loved that Jin and Ae Jung had a (somewhat) normal conversation without insulting each other.

    and i agree, no conversation is pointless and the plot keeps speedying along. I can’t wait to see where the Hong sisters take the story and all the twists and turns along the way.

    you’re so fast with the recaps. thanks.

    • I agree, one of my favorite moments of them this episode was when they were sitting, signing autographs and Se-ri is eavesdropping on them. He’s showing her he can imitate her signature, and they looks so relaxed and at ease with each other. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were already dating.

  3. Oh!I’m on board in ae jung-phil joo ship at the moment.he so incredible and flawless and he deserved much love knowing later he wont get ae jung.Jin is so immature but I guess he need this to happen so that he will realize that his heart still aching when he see ae jung dates phil joo and no music trigger heart is aching so bad and I never had this bad ever since MSOAN but aching way awesome because BR is that amazing.they take us on merry go round,roller coster and had fun with then then they shove us budge jumping with angst and fear oh and worst I had to wait another week for new episode.thanks for recap.

    • so agree with you…
      I have been on the 2nd lead syndrome since the famous hands-in-the-ears-so-you-wouldnt-hear-something-that-would-hurt-you maneuver. and this episode just proved to me why I LOVE PILJOO!!!

      I have always loved bad boys compared to nice guys but got you PILJOO I would make an exception. I would pick your adorable pouty lips to 10 childish DokkoJin anytime anywhere!!!

      I know again and again that I might just cry at the end with PilJoo when Aejung and Jin end up together. I mean KOALA already warned me about my future heart condition, as Jin mentioned “HEART BREAK”!!!

      But I don’t care. I don’t care. I DON’T CARE!!!
      I have said/written this a million times, though I find Jin adorably childish and manly rolled into one in his insane DokkoJin romance world. PILJOO is the greatest love for me at the moment, eherm strike that, its Hyunjoong then PILJOO!!!

      From the KimJongKook Manuever, to the subtle “To have a son like that, you’ll have to marry a man like that.” , to the “at times like this, there is only one solution” hug, and now the three roses confession. *swoon* *swoon* *swoon*, double whammy heart pumping business!.

      *sigh* Man, my heart is working extra hard today because of PILJOO!!!

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    • Lol…don’t tell me Jin is not a typical ridiculously childish main-lead we see in Hong sisters? He is another older version of Tae-Kyung, period. In fact, this second male lead is the least typical one among all the Hong dramas, not in terms of character only, but also in terms of acting.

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  30. It was a great episode, but I thought that was kind of stupid how Jin didn’t suspect that his “heart watch” was broken. Even though the number it showed was 75 he was feeling pain in one of the scenes, and another thing you don’t need a “heart watch” to see that your heart is beating faster, you just feel it. I understand that the writers used that to explain his future actions towars Ae Jung, but it is not coherent with Jin’s character. He may be mischivious but he is not stupid. I didn’t like it.

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