Lie to Me Holds Media Day Event and Reveals Upcoming Kiss Spoiler

You didn’t think I was kidding when I made a passing reference to an insane amount of Kang Ji HwanYoon Eun Hye posts in the future, right? Well, I’ll try to keep the volume down, but holy smokes Batman that is hard to do when Lie to Me goes fan service on me, holding a media day yesterday and we get pictures like those above.

Ah hell, even the reporters were like “hhhmmm, Ji Hwan is so chummy with Eun Hye, but strangely awkward with Jo Yoon Hee”. I’ll just lead off with two words before I unleash a boatload of pictures below – Cola Kiss. Read on if you want to know what I mean. Also, I’m not going to analyze every picture, but hot damn Ji Hwan and Eun Hye are in sync in every single one of them.

So apparently the Ice-cream Kiss, as it has been dubbed, was filmed near dawn (oh my poor babies, filming around the clock *HUGS*), and Kang Ji Hwan explained that he hadn’t eaten since around noon the previous day, and used up an entire bottle of mouth wash to film the kiss with Eun Hye.

That tells me (1) he was nervous and/or anxious about the kiss since he didn’t eat and (2) they must’ve done a few takes of the kiss if he went through an entire bottle of mouth wash. Yoon Eun Hye revealed that she and Ji Hwan discussed beforehand and agreed that all their kisses would not just be two people pressing their lips together.

Bless you both. Now did you discuss how to film upcoming boating scenes (and there better be one)? And I don’t mean scenes involving the swan paddle boat. With all that kissing, if we don’t get boating I’ll HULK out again.

Jo Yoon Hee was also at the media event, and she expressed her astonishment at seeing how passionate the kiss was. She laughed and said that if there was a kiss involving her character coming up, she will also do her best and give it her all. Lord, if Yoon Joo kisses Ki Joon, imma going to sew her lips together. Remember that, writer-nim, before you write in some totally unnecessary Yoon Joo-Ki Joon kiss.

Our OTP also revealed that there is an upcoming kiss in episode 8, which Eun Hye has dubbed the Cola Kiss, and that the viewers will be really affected when they see the kiss. She said that the upcoming Cola Kiss is like nothing that has been done before.

Ji Hwan mentioned how the writer is likely single, because she apparently writes a lot of kiss scenes. Eun Hye said that when she watched the footage of the Ice-cream Kiss, even she was stunned at how passionate the kiss was, considering it was a first kiss scene between the leads.

Following LTM suddenly became about 1000 times more fun. Thank you, Ji Hwan and Eun Hye, for unleashing the full weight of your sizzling chemistry and charisma to singlehandedly resurrect this show.

Video of the media day interview:


Lie to Me Holds Media Day Event and Reveals Upcoming Kiss Spoiler — 59 Comments

    • If only the writing of the drama is as good as DTLY (i mean, we just want the scenes of OTP to occupy like 80%+ of the show time)…

      but at least we know there’ll be more kissing scenes up and coming!! I bet there’ll be some MVs later on with all the kissing (+ boating) scenes only haha

  1. im definitely hooked …..i dont care about the story just seeing the two leads is enough …they have such amazing chemistry…. thanks ockoala for the updates….its enough to tide me over until monday….

  2. Oh, yeah I’ll be tuning in!

    “Ji Hwan mentioned how the writer is likely single, because she apparently writes a lot of kiss scenes.”

    Oh, how he underestimates the married ahjumma writers out there. snerk. Married or not, I applaud her.

  3. When I first read about this at, it was around 2:00 in the morning. It had such an effect on me that I couldn’t sleep until around 5:30 AM. And now I have to wait for Monday and Tuesday for a new episode……

    Please let Monday come earlier…..

  4. The ice cream scene was shot at dawn and Kang Ji Hwan said he was so nervous so he hasn’t eaten since noon and used up a whole bottle of mouth wash before kissing Yoon Eun Hye. LOL.

    The 2 have some serious chemistry going on. Why do I have a feeling that we have a new couple in the making?

    Thanks so much for you Lie To Me post ockoala! You always make my day!

  5. You know I read Cola Kiss as Koala kiss at first?…hahaha!…I was thinking that Ms. Koala would be very happy…So If we are getting two kisses even before hitting the halfway mark there should definitely be a few boating scenes to go along with all the kissing in the episodes after, right?…..alright..looks like I’m going to be marathoning and catching up on this soon

  6. There were a lot of exchanged giggles between them >_<
    very comfortable with each other
    Oh! my mind forming a million unbelievable possibilities with this couple 🙂

  7. OMG thank you for this article! I love Yoon Eun hye and Kang Ji Hwan so much! I can’t even contain my excitement for their Cola kiss 🙂 It makes me really curious about how they will kiss each other lol. Lie To me fighting!

  8. I’m looking forward of YEH to be pair with Jo Hyun Jae in the future…I want to watch lie to me first since YEH is in it.

    • Strange but i have the same thinking. But Jo Hyun Jae needs to beef up a bit. He is so slim. And since we are at it – while she seems to have the thinking lately of not being too choosy with the roles and just go with the rom-coms, why not do one with Lee Min Ho and see what happens?

    • Why not? Kissing scenes make me wanna watch a series more. It’s a romantic comedy so I expect lots of ROMANCE than comedy.
      As for the story, I dont think it’s as bad as peoplemake it out to be. I think most people’s opinions got influenced by antis who have been going to baidu and the DC Gallery of opposing dramas.

      The over analyzing for this series has become so RIDICULOUS will bring what I saw on another site that I agree with:

      I’m just so tired of people over analyzing Lie To Me. It’s not rocket science for chrissakes.Love is foolish, random and crazy.I think the show is trying to portray just that. Humans falling in love are the craziest.. 🙂

      Love is not static, it’s dynamic and random and romcoms go by this code as well. Hence, the need for over analysis and definite understanding is a load of bullsheet.

  9. “Bless you both. Now did you discuss how to film upcoming boating scenes (and there better be one)? And I don’t mean scenes involving the swan paddle boat. With all that kissing, if we don’t get boating I’ll HULK out again.” LOL

    I second you that ockoala 😀

  10. OMG i’m gonna hella love this drama now that they revealed that all their kisses are gonna look like REAL kisses, none of that fake lips pressed together crap..I swear I hate those kinda kisses but here we gonna get real kisses which I totally love.
    but f’reals their ice cream kiss was hella passionate I was like “dayum they must be enjoying each others tonsils” xD lmao
    Loving this drama even more because there is gonna be plenty of kisses. YAY!!
    Seriously YEH &KJH is the saving grace of this drama. They’re chemistry is what is caring this drama. Love those pictures they look hella natural with each other. I love their pictures were they are laughing…gosh I love these two.

  11. We’ve got another HOT couple here….looking forward for they romance growth…n I hope it would be the most sweet love n memorable for my entire year…Pray to DramaGod hope their romance will continue after this drama ^.^

    • i agree with you… hope they become the next eugene and ki tae young that falls in love after filming a drama together…

      • My thoughts exactly. Looking at them, I also remembered Eugene and Tae Young

    • I am also getting the couple vibe from them, Kang Ji hwan admitted that he has already gone out with YEH to Karaoke before and that she has a great voice.

  12. I love them together on screen but I’m shipping them in real life!! Ah! Love!! lol
    I can’t wait. I can’t keep all the kisses straight. Cola kiss, Ice-cream kiss, …boat kiss, the almost cherry blossom kiss, the …karaoke kiss? HAHA

    More!! More! More!!

  13. OMg they look absolutely STUNNING together. My gosh, they have so much chemistry im surprised she doesnt pop a baby right now. heeheh I’d so go for that. Ahh but people who you want to date never date (Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin) so i wont waste my time, wishiong anda hoping hehe OMG thanks Koala, please keep on updating for LTM so i can make it through the week without having withdrawls.

  14. I think the ice cream kiss was so passionate for one reason and only one – KJH must have been dying to kiss YEH from day 1 – hang the story! – “I get to kiss her? I’m going for it!”

  15. O.M.G. These two are so beautiful together, my goodness! The cuteness!!! I love these photos! Thank you so much ockoala!!! I played that ice cream kiss lots of times mwa ha ha. Boy, that ice cream sure is hot, my gosh, melting me into one happy goo. I’m glad that YEH and KJH decided that they would have “real” kisses because I’m so done with fake kisses really. I mean I’ve watched kdramas that were believable because of good acting only to be ruined by those terrible fake kisses. I never thought that the actors are the one deciding though. I thought that it’s the director who’s at fault. Anyway, now there would be a cola kiss, and it was never done before? Wow, so what kind of kiss is that, I wonder. Intriguing! Well, can’t wait to see that one too! I just so hope that the cola would outdo the ice cream that we would all enjoy to bits!

  16. “if Yoon Joo kisses Ki Joon, imma going to sew her lips together” ROTFLOL

    Thanks, Koala, for recapping LTM. Despite its flaws, I’d still watch each episode of LTM religiously because the main leads are doing really well and they deserve our love.

  17. my friend hates YEH. i have a feeling she’s gonna bow out of L2M coz of the kisses.

    but im sticking on! yay for more kisses! XD

  18. YEH and KJH sure look perfect together! Awesome photos…thanks, Ms Ockoala. I think KJH really really likes her…who wouldn’t? Their chemistry is ooozing and awesome! The Kiss definitely pushed LTM forward. More kisses = more love from all us 😉 We are that (unapologetically) shallow….

  19. Loving the lead’s chemistry. Love the photos too.
    Now we just need to make it to episode 8. Can’t wait for the coming week! Do theyy kiss over soda?

  20. so cute….I think that after so much filming and mouth wash, they both said, oh to hell with this, let’s just kiss for reals and get this over with! Sound good to me!

  21. I hope the next kisses make sense or otherwise I won’t like it. (I know! the OTP kissing and me don’t liking it? I know! That is why it better make sense)

  22. thanks ockoala for the pix , they’re really looking cute together but I won’t wish for anything so I won’t be disappointed ( I mean about YEH-KJH )
    I wish the cola kiss has nothing to do with SG’s foam kiss and it has its own and unique cirumstances 🙂

  23. they’re so cute together that I can’t help but ship them!
    Kiss scene, bed scene(bring it on), I’m very shallow too!

    • The one at the end of episode 6. When they were singing the “ice cream” song. That’s why it’s called ice cream kiss…

  24. holy kdramaland! they discussed their kiss before? YES. That’s how acting is done. I was really glad the kiss came out that passionate. The writer doesn’t need to be neccessary SINGLE to write kiss scene – if you’re in love YOU WANT TO KISS ALL THE TIME! What the heck, has KJH never been in love before or is the behaviour between couples in Southkorea different than in Europe? I for my part jumped up in joy ans surprise to finally get so see a kiss like THIS in a kdrama!

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