Jung Woo Sung in the May Issue of Bazaar Magazine

Gosh, it’s so nice to see my I Lub You. Psst, Woo Sung-oppa, I wasn’t contemplating cheating on you with Kang Ji Hwan. He belongs to Javabeans, and I of course am a three-man Koala. Not contemplating adding to my manrem, no sirree. *weak laugh*

Jung Woo Sung is featured in the May issue of Bazaar magazine, and he’s looking so fine I needed to pinch myself away from my reverie. Jung Woo Sung was just in Japan, where he filmed a guest appearance in the J-dorama Good Life with Takashi Sorimachi. Next up is hopefully the Hollywood-finaced remake of John Woo‘s The Killers. 

[Credit: Bazaar Korea]


Jung Woo Sung in the May Issue of Bazaar Magazine — 19 Comments

  1. OHMYGUH! *___* Chingu, a little warning next time? Oh god, too much hotness in one post!!! My little heart can’t (almost) bear it. JWS looks mighty fiiiine. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

      • Oooh, you likey? It’s good, isn’t it?

        As for giving you a warning – I DID! I said I had to pinch myself awake. 😀

        I hear he’s been very low-key for the past 2 months, so I was surprised to see this Bazaar spread. I think it’s good he’s keeping busy and not letting himself get too down.

    • It’s good, yes! \o/ I’m so glad I bought it. Noonas must support their noona crushes, don’t you think?

      Not enough! There has to be a “not for the faint of heart” warning of some kind. LOL

      I’m so glad to hear that cos I was worried about him. I hope he starts filming soon so he can put the whole scandal and, I assume, heartbreak behind his back.

  2. I’m deeply bowing to you for this and BL previews! You are amazing. Also, thanks for reminding me about Good life. I forgot to watch last Monday’s episode all due to being stuck in Sydney. Off I go to catch up with my J doramas.

  3. I took me 10 seconds to write my email because I couldn’t remember what it was after seeing this OPPA!

    It seems as if *cross-finger* he’s over his recent woman…is he? Ockoala this needs confirmation! I need to literally see it on paper or webby stating they parted!

    Oppa JWS is really fine! I’m not about to claim this OPPA but I can certainly imagine him without harassment from others!

    • It’s their personal life. I’m hoping there will be no further media coverage or updates. I don’t need to know if they are together or broken up. It’s between the two of them, and I have no basis or desire to castigate or critique the wherefores of something nobody knows anything about except the two of them.

      With that said, there has been no news. Jung Woo Sung has never said a single word about Lee Ji Ah since the scandal broke. Everything has been the words of third parties about what he thinks.

  4. After his recent love scandal, my personal impression of this MIGHTY FINE looking man is a COWARD for dropping his woman in the mud ***it doesn’t matter if he knew or not about her past***

    • A coward? Why would he be a coward? And did they really break up?
      I agree with Ockoala on this one. Its their personal life and no one should disect it. But if he did in fact end the relationship with the girl I wouldnt blame him. Maybe he needed time to think about the fact that she was married before, I mean he didn’t know and when your dating someone that is something you would want to be aware of from the get go. And the fact that she was still trying to sue for alimony like 2 years later after a marriage is…. kind of disconserting. But thats just My opinion. I think JWS just needs to take a break for that emotional turmoil.

      • I too agree with Ockoala that it’s their personal affairs…But what I find more disturbing is Seo Tai Ji’s refusing LJI’s withdrawal of the lawsuit.

  5. LOL. Manrem? First time ever seeing that word. Took me a couple of secs to actually get it. Muahahahaha. I’ll have to remember that one for sure. Is that even in the dictionary? It should be … just for political equalness sick.

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