Spoiler Pictures of Ki Joon and Yoon Joo in Lie to Me

WTF?!?! The latest spoiler pics for Lie to Me just dropped, and I almost herniated my disc from the combination of rage and shock. I’m getting some needle and thread, and a certain chick better be ready for her lips sewn shut. If you told me 3 weeks ago I’d be so invested in the OTP, I would have said you needed meds.

Today I think I need some meds. Damnit, now I’m going to bed feeling all angry and anxious and worried, on top of being excited and nervous. Hyun Ki Joon, if you can’t figure out which girl you love and which girl is the one for you, you need to get your eyes and heart checked.

Well, at least the kiss between Ki Joon and Yoon Joo is totally your standard lip press. Humph. And they have zero chemistry. Kang Ji Hwan might as well be kissing a department store mannequin.

And no, this is NOT a flashback sequence. It could be a fantasy sequence, but the clothes Ki Joon and Yoon Joo are wearing are shown in the preview for episode 8 when Ki Joon, Ah Jung, and Aunt are eating together and Yoon Joo shows up. My prediction – she gets all hurt and takes off, and Ki Joon goes after her. KOALA RAGE.

Damnit, my heart is already hurting for Ah Jung. If Ki Joon kisses her senseless after their cola fight, and then subsequently ditches her and chases after Yoon Joo, I will be so angry I might alterna-ship Sang Hee and Ah Jung. The only reason Ah Jung is completely affected by Ki Joon, not to say she wasn’t always attracted to him, was because HE took the first step and pushed their relationship into the murky gray area where they are neither dating or completely platonic.

I can understand Ki Joon still having residual feelings for Yoon Joo, but I’m selfish and I don’t want to see Ah Jung hurt. Then again, if Ki Joon makes the wrong choice only to realize later that it’s Ah Jung that he loves, then he has to go woo her back. Hhhhmmm, I can get onboard that. I’m going to stop analyzing now, because I am so pissed and y’all don’t want to hear me swear like a sailor on shore leave. $^%#*@)&^!@#, I hate you, writer-nim. I just want simple and happy Ji Hwan + Eun Hye kissy times. Is that too much to ask?

[Credits: all pictures from Baidu Lie to Me bar]


Spoiler Pictures of Ki Joon and Yoon Joo in Lie to Me — 103 Comments

  1. You know, if you tilt your head 45 degrees while looking at the photos and squint your eyes real hard, it doesn’t REALLY look like Kang Ji Hwan. At least that was what I did. Maybe Ki Joon has a twin brother somewhere that even he doesn’t know about… Yeah, considering the alternative, I think I’m gonna stick with that theory.

  2. I’m just excited to be excited about it! Wow, my expectations were low… Anyway, if we get some significant story meaty-ness out of it, I’m game. Tomorrow is the big day! I feel like I need to go to sleep so Santa comes quicker!

  3. @Koala>>>I’m going to stop analyzing now, because I am so pissed and y’all don’t want to hear me swear like a sailor on shore leave. $^%#*@)&^!@#, I hate you, writer-nim. I just want simple and happy Ji Hwan + Eun Hye kissy times. Is that too much to ask?

    LMAO ohh I just adore how you write. But I am with you the boy just want to confused himself when clearly he like her…

  4. I am not angry…I just feel REALLY sad. Never thought that I would get so affected over a drama and charcters before. I feel as if I’m Ah Jung right now…i feel hurt seeing those pics.

  5. I suddenly feel like it sucks I don’t have access to additional (but happy-making) spoiler news for you, if only to talk you down OFF THAT LEDGE! So can we just pretend I handed you a bunch of pictures of more kissyfacing, and this time the only kissy-making is between the real OTP?

    • Well I choose to think that after that dead fish kiss, he’ll realise that kissing AJ is way more intense and one that sets his heart racing!

  6. I keep telling myself that it is only a drama, don’t get too affected by it.
    Because KJH will never do that to YEH.

  7. goshdarnit..i swore i will be cool and unaffected and just enjoy the OTP kisses..but WTF, Hyun Ki Joon?!!!! i’m definitely jealous on behalf of AJ right now. especially if this will happen after their sizzing cola kiss. aaaaaccccckkkkk….

    okay, breathe. i will be calm about this. maybe its just a comforting kiss, a reflex reaction from a guy who’s always taking care of other people and doesn’t want to see the person he (used to) care about hurting. or maybe he’s just being a typical guy who can’t make up his damn mind.

    ahhh…writer-nim, better have some logical explanation for this and not just some plot device to make the drama more interesting. i don’t care about the ANGST. at this rate, i think its safe to say that most of us just want to see our OTP interact, or better yet, kiss/make-out/boat/etc for as long as they want. anything else doesn’t really matter. heh.

  8. I just knew it that their new found feelings or whatever is not going to be smooth sailing. Darn his Aunt’s plan backfired. Aisht asiht just so frustrated with that Yoon Joo. Now now I don’t find her naive or innocent anymore. Just … I just hope that Sang Hee will make Ki Joon realise his feeling for Ah Jung. Let that Sang Hee make him jealous hehehehehehehe (cruel laugh) but I don’t want to see Sang Hee hurt, he is too coool to be tortured by the triangle or square or rectangle or whatever romance going to arise from the four. Aisht now I don’t look forward to ep 8.

    I don’t I think could bear to watch ep 8 and wait for a week for ep 9. Darn that scriptwriter she is a bipolar. Aisht why am I scolding her.

    Oh gosh I hate this spoiler well I should put my expectation that high earlier. oh no I am to blaccck oooouttt………

  9. DANG IT!!! I knew it!!! What the heck??? (because I did not want to be right) After ep 7, I just felt like KJ still had massive amount of feelings for YJ and it was annoying me. I absolutely hate dramas where the guy is indecisive about 2 girls. URGH! Those types of dramas drive me totally crazy (and not in a good way). Wishy-washy = Not a good guy in my book. I really really don’t want to not like KJ. I was already starting to feel that way (not liking him) but I held back cause KJH such a good actor. That’s why I really liked SG, cause at least KJW knew which girl he wanted and went for it.

    This had better but a nightmare moment when AJ imagines what is going on btw KJ & YJ… if not, I will be pissed! Seriously, how can they gain viewers with spoilers like that??? Anyways – please please don’t disappoint me HKJ. And I do really feel bad for Ah Jung 🙁 🙁 She really didn’t deserve this.

    • yeah you are right lovedramas, maybe this will be a nightmare Ah Jung going to have. ehhehehehe a good idea. naynayaya I dont think it will going that easy.

    • @lovedramas…ah, KJW. if only every man is as singlemindedly in love as him, the world will be a better place. sigh. i miss the sparkly tracksuit.

      i will give HKJ a chance. if he needs to get YJ completely washed out of his system first, then so be it. but dang, if this happens after the cola kiss, i will really be enraged.

  10. According to one of the comments from soompi, people from the DCLie are very crazy right now because of these pictures. And not in a good way. I guess nobody wants to see AJ heart broken….

    • Aww who want to see AJ heartbroken. Isn’t enough with So Ran / Jae Bum and now Yoon Joo / Ki Joon. I feel the hurt an the pain of Ah Jung my poooor Ah Jung.

  11. Maybe he kisses her to see if he has feelings for her and to compare with the sensation he feels when he kisses AJ. We all know he’s in love with AJ already so let’s not cross this road just yet. Let’s have a little patience before we jump ship. (Truth be said I will so pissed if what I’m trying to convince myself of is not true, wawawa!)

  12. I said it before and Ill say it again “That yoon Joo girl is starting to irk me.” Here I am, promising myself that i will be disciplined enough and start to wait for Monday and Tuesdays like a civil person. That just flew out the window. Ill be anxious and what-not, all this week again. I guess we should’ve epected this since at that event thing they held, yoon ju professed that she’ll try and make her kiss scene’s just as passionate. She’s such a c**k-blocker.

    • @Leishers…bwahahahaha on c**k-blocker. but her kiss scene does not even warrant a second thought. hmmmmffft.

      completely random: i do love c**c-blocker’s outfits though. i want to steal her wardrobe.

  13. KJ how could you?! but then again it was AJ who unexpectedly came in between him & YJ…. hmmmmmmmmm:(
    maybe just maybe SH warned AJ because he knows KJ is still into YJ. He was trying to prevent AJ from falling for KJ because he knows she’ll be really really hurt. He’s very fond of her & I think in a way he feels guilty for helping AJ out w/ the lie because things are turning out differently from what they planned.
    uh oh AJ is about to ride the roller coaster of love …
    aaaaah, won’t think, won’t predict , will just watch ep 8

    • Hey DeCaf you might be right about SH. Love your calm analysis. But….but I don’t agree when you said AJ come in between the two, they already broken up??.. like how many years ago.?

  14. Oy what the….what…what?? I wouldn’t mind hearing a sailor on shore leave right now koala, haha! ok I will just have to join you sailor..LOL me too right now hating writer-nim due to those spoiler photos….arghh going to bed mad now!!! I guess my point of Aunty helping out is shot to smithereens! Arghh..

  15. I was outraged and shaking too when I found out about the pics. Damn Ki Joon and his kissing bandit way!! They’d better show the gross kissing scene first before the cola ones, or else

  16. I’m praying to Drama Gods this time please let this drama full with lovey dovey scene instead of following the usual plot of korean drama i.e. “fallin for each other-confuse between new old lovers-making wrong choice-regret-chasing for the right girl at the last 2 episodes”….soo tiring…..coz nothing more that can please me other than strong love between the couple..i dont care if its sound unrealistic..i want a drama that fulfil my imagination ^_^ khekhe and i want to be Ki Joon and Ah Jung lovey dovey stalker for long long time not just few episodes at the beginning and the last….please Drama Gods hear my pleas T_T…

  17. Lucky me I haven’t invested in this drama.stop at ep 3.uh but you seem to forgot DTLY or is it you drop it?I have been waiting and waiting.oh well I guess my top list going to be best love.

  18. wahhhh…….. i think this is the time in the drama where more complicating problems start coming up…. including the love-love problems……
    we’re just in the mid film.

    *sigghhhh* why they can’t just shown AJ & KJ lovey-dovey till ep 16? :'(

    • totally agree with you…. ^^ lets us pray that at least this one drama will show us what we really want – the long everlasting lovey dovey story”…. *fingers crossed

  19. I have been pissed ever since that spoiler photos floated around. I mean, okay, narrative speaking, it makes sense. KJ still has some feelings towards his old fiancee. And I guess at this stage nothing is confirmed between KJ and AJ. But what the hell? I HATE this.

  20. ugh is this after the cola kiss or before? I kinda think it is after the cola kiss.
    Honestly it annoys me. I’m now on board for Ki Joon to work his way in wooing &getting Ah Jung back. I just have this feeling she’s gonna be crushed by Ki Joon’s feelings for Yoon Joo &she’s probably gonna just let him be.
    UGH..this is one of those dramas were the best thing is right in front of you but you chose to go to your past &not your future &the result is that you hurt your future but then realize that your future is where your suppose to be but it’s gonna be too late cause your future is gonna find a new future with someone else &your gonna just have to work to get your future back….i hate it when dramas become like this because it’s pisses me off that the guy always gets to be the one to get a taste of both his past &future while the future just waits around for you to wake up…
    when can the girl be in that position for a change???

    • Agreed totally!! That was what I was commenting on too. The guy gets to be wishy-washy over 2 girls – but what about the girl? I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets tired of that storyline. Why can’t AJ have some super hot guy after her to make KJ totally jealous? AJ makes him do stuff but really, in the end, he’s the one stringing her along.

      • Which reminds me — that any good rom com has to have it’s dose of the male lead getting super jealous LOL… where is that? That’s always fun to watch.

  21. These pictures should be considered as a form of CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT! A capital crime! Punishment: KJH becoming a man servant to each of his lady fans.

    I’m hoping deep inside that this is just AJ’s imagination, but something like this was bound to happen and it won’t be too long before he figures out that he loves AJ.

  22. awww…I am really hoping this would be a flash-back sequence too. I am gonna go to bed feeling really disappointed now! I was so excited and anxious to see ep.8. Hope everything turns out good!

  23. I think that after this beach scene happens and if AJ finds out and KJ & YJ decide to go out again to try to make it work, AJ should reveal the marriage lie to everyone and ignore KJ so KJ will know how important AJ is.

    This scene probably happened after the Cola Kiss. Because in the preview, AJ goes to YJ’s house probably to see what YJ looks like out of curiousity. And the clothes she’s wearing is the same as the one from the Cola Kiss. It looks like AJ already saw what YJ looks like when YJ arrives during their lunch/dinner. And then the beach scene will occur……

  24. Logic dictates that it can only be AJ’s imagination for obvious reasons:

    1) Ki Joon’s steadfast resolve to project Sang Hee from hurt and from possible exodus if he returns to Yoon Joo.
    2) Second, the aunt is there, remember? How could she have a 180 degree turn around and allow it to happen?

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  25. let ki joon and ah jung fight, then kiss and make up afterwards, surely the kisses would be more sweet and hot after the fight 😛 and as for this pic, i’d like to believe it’s a fantasy/dream sequence 😀

  26. Maybe maybe, it is goodbye kiss once and for all. Ah Jung witnessed it hence she became upset. She went drinking and got drunk. She crashed Ki Joon’s house. They fought with cola –> angry hot make out session lol!! Okay I think I’m just in denial.

  27. bts of the ice cream kiss 😀 hmmmn….. anybody noticed the satisfied smile of kjh while reviewing the kissing scene? 😛

  28. This week is going to be interminable – what with Dokgo Jin being an ass and Ki Joon being an equally if not bigger jerk – both our Jungies are in for a heartache!
    And me along with them! Just the pics alone have done me in – they better not let that KJ / YJ lip press be the cliffhanger – grrrrrrr!!!!

    • I agree. Don’t like to see both our Jungies suffer. Why must the lady leads always suffer bcos of their men being so indecisive/2 timings.

  29. What the… Why is Ki Joon so happy with this girl now? Forgotten the girl with the ice cream and cola all together? Already? Completely? What’s with the lovey-dovey eyes? Such an ass! Poor Ah Jung. Now Ah Jung would go to Sang Hee and well, yeah I hope Sang Hee falls for Ah Jung and that Ah Jung will get confused too. Then Ki Joon will get jealous. But right now, I wonder what in the world is going through this guy’s thick head? I so hate him just looking at these photos. Well, we still have another 8 episodes that’s why the writer is beating around the bush. However, the writer is making Ki Joon’s character not only suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder but schizophrenia as well. Oh, might as well add amnesia too.

  30. Oh… HATE HATE HATE this!
    So what is this? KJ lusts for AJ but longs for YJ?
    KJ better not be some a**hole who strings 2 girls along while he is trying to make up his mind.

    Looking at the preview which shows the COLA splashing scene, KJ and AJ look like they are fooling around, rather than fighting!
    So I’m guessing (and hoping) that it is a fantasy sequence that AJ has at some point when or after YJ appeared at the dinner table.

    If the scene is real and not backed by logical reasons, it doesn’t matter whether the scene happens before or after the COLA kiss cos damn, it only goes to show that KJ is a two-timing jerk!

  31. “Kang Ji Hwan might as well be kissing a department store mannequin.” BWHAHAHAHA. I totally spit out my drink after reading that. SO TRUE.

    I can’t even begin to express my rage after I saw those pictures, so I’m glad that this comment of yours helped me lift up my mood.

    On another note, I’m excited for Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan’s Cola kiss!!!

  32. I am on PAIN!!!!!!!!! How can they do this to us????? TOTALLY HATE THEM!!!!!!!! we only want Ah Jung and KJ….. I AM SOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting a stochmache just cuz LTM writer!!!!!!! COME ON LADY!!!!!!!! DON´T YA KNOW WHAT WE WANT!!!!!!!!!!
    they better fix this ASAP!

  33. noooooo……!!! **tapping vigorously on my computer screen**

    this should be the kiss before the cola kiss! or else…

  34. I need pain killers. WTH. Ha, hopefully, there will be more than one guy loving Ah Jung. Then it will be more interesting.

  35. i have this feeling that this is ah jung’s fantasy. or maybe it really happened but after he kissed her he realized he doesn’t feel anything for her anymore. like, he didn’t enjoy the kiss or something? okay, that’s just me wishing that. lol

  36. i am officially going to cry if he isn’t flashbacking or she isn’t dreaming this up, i pray that ahjung is dreaming! ki joon cannot do this! nonono!

  37. T_________T
    urghhhhh so kj was just toying with jungie’s feeling huh? urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I can’t even………..:((((((((((((((

  38. as a writer myself I know that there’s no bigger fun in writing than letting the audience SHIVER IN ANGST. *lol*

    So yeah, I’d would create a hot kiss between Kijoon & Yoon Ju, too. At least as a goodbye kiss. *ggg*

  39. We are REALLY caught up in the drama condemning Ki Joon as a two-timer and pouring all our sympathy toward Ah Jung. From what I’ve seen of Ki Joon, I am hoping that he will not disappoint us.

  40. What the $^%#*@)&^!@#?? Why is that $^%#*@)&^!@# lips pressed to Ki Joon??!! This not right!!! Writer-nim, this better be just one of those dreams….amma go back to sleep and when I wake up this better not be for realz!! Oh Koala! I am feeling your pain!

  41. many thanks and grateful to Koala for the recaps. I am so into this drama Lie to Me bcoz of the leads, they have tremendous talents. . and this romantic comedy is refreshing. can’t take all the kmelodramas it drains your emotions down.

  42. I think this is the big “Lie” to me all about. Not AJ’s but KJ’s not-acting kiss. KJ would suffer because the Chinese couple (aka old saying )- “you can tell a person’s character through the wife’s face and nice demeanor” (remember the scenes with AJ at the beach?) would be questioned. It looks like they are on a warm site and IIRC Manageer was telling KJ the Chinese couple are going to jeju? and KJ saying back to be alert?

    • Opps. The scene where they were having lunch or dinner with KJ and telling KJ his face is AJ’s just like theirs.

  43. i always hate when there is an ex-girlfriend/ex-fiancee/ex-crush etc. or sometimes just obsessed crushes! they just there to confuse our male leads which i hate……examples till today: my girl, delightful girl choon yang, full house, MGIAG, coffee prince (wow hong sisters do it a lot).. and now this 🙁 if there is an ex, then i’m giving a minus even before starting ^^

  44. I hate this photos, swear!!! When KJ realize later that he loves AJ more, I hope AJ will be with SH for him to suffer a big deal of jealousy of the two and when the time comes they’ll be in each other’s arms ..I don’t want just to see a mere kiss, but a smoking hot kiss (and more?!) !!! haha ..Nevertheless, I still love their chemisty come what may!!!

  45. well, all I can say is, at least Kang ji hwan gets to kiss both actresses…. though I’m rather shocked that he’s that confused about which one he likes… can’t believe he goes on to kiss yun joo as well….

  46. totally off topic but:D i love the fashion in dramas and the pink jacket of AJ in episode 7 and now this green skirt of Yoon joo in ep.8 is so beautiful:D i want that pink jacket please!!!! does anyone know where i can buy one? *_*

  47. totally agree! hate Kjoonn.He just swaqer to ah jung that it’s reAL!

  48. we already know that he ‘s not statying with yoon joo.look at the kiss ,no passion,zero chemistry.they r not suppose to be together.they don’t look good .

  49. he did not kiss her in ep 8 good on you kjh this is what the story needs i dont like to see our girl upset but would you let kjh go if you had the chance his heart is clearly with ah jung

  50. This last scene is really killign me, can’t believe it. The kiss MUST be a part of Aj’s imagination, a bad dream…. REALLY BAD ONE!

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