Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap

Just a word of warning for you guys – for the last 10 minutes of episode 8 of Lie to Me, I just sat there and sobbed. The uncontrollable pain came from deep within, and it’s a sign I’m so invested in Ah Jung and Ki Joon that when either or both of them hurt, I hurt. The spoiler about the beach scene turned out to be a double-edged sword, and I’ll explain why after the recap. Today we got a major game-changer, and a huge course-correction.

AKP exploded last night, and I woke up wondering why the sudden spike, since I’ve been on a LTM bender since last week and already the Hwan-Hye ship has been sailing for some time now (I also captain the Geun-Geun ship, which typically parks in happy candy land of cuteness). Turns out Javabeans and Girlfriday decided to drop their LTM recaps. As much as I worship their writing and always love to bounce thoughts off them, and I welcome DB-ers who want to come play here, it really hurt me to hear them criticized for that decision.

DB is their blog, and the recaps their labor of love. I write recaps because I want to, for my own sake, not for anyone else’s. So try to be thoughtful and considerate of what they do, and chill it over there. When I almost dropped My Princess and 49 Days, I got considerable hate comments, mostly wondering if I have any taste in dramas. I may not have good taste, but no one can dictate my decisions to write about what moves me. Same goes for the ladies at DB.

With that said, this episode of LTM hit me so hard I was gasping for air. I’m not only going to recap LTM to the end, it’s going to so much fun spazzing, raging, and swooning over Ki Joon and Ah Jung (and really, swooning over Eun Hye and Ji Hwan, because let’s not lie to ourselves that our love for LTM isn’t 99.9% predicated on the real life shippy chemistry between these two). And I know you’re all wondering about that Cola Kiss. Yes, it was real. And it was even better than the promo stills alluded to.

Episode 8 Recap:

Ah Jung is about to leave when Ki Joon’s hand shoots out from under the blanket and he grabs her wrist. She turns to look at him, and he asks her what happened? She explains that a combination of stress and food poisoning took him down last night.

Ki Joon asks why she’s here, and Ah Jung explains that initially she thought about calling Sang Hee or Park Hoon over to take care of Ki Joon, but ended up not doing that and instead staying to take care of him. She wanted to stay besides him. Ki Joon asks why she did that, and Ah Jung explains that she was to blame for his condition and felt bad.

Ki Joon remarks that at least Ah Jung knows that, and then moves to get out of bed. Ah Jung worriedly asks him why he’s doing that. She grabs his cellphone and sends a text to Park Hoon. The text says that Ki Joon wants the spend the day with a woman, and for Hoon not to come bother him. Hoon reads the text and smiles. Oh, I adore how he’s totally on Ah Jung’s side.

Ah Jung tells Ki Joon that she’ll make him some porridge. He says that he’s not hungry, but she tells him to wait because she’ll make the porridge delicious. Ki Joon reads the text on his phone and says out loud “a girl”? Ah Jung brings the porridge over to him in bed. He’s asks if she sent a text that he was with a girl, and she smirks and replies that Ki Joon should have just listened to her and not tried to go to work.

Ki Joon looks at the porridge and asks if Ah Jung wants him to die by eating it, since he got food poisoning from her food last night. She smiles and tells him in the cutest voice to be good boy – chew carefully, eat slowly, don’t spill, okay? Ki Joon incredulously asks who she is talking to that way right now, and she smiles and replies “you”. OMFG, they are so cute together.

Ah Jung suddenly looks down at her watch and realizes that she’s late for work. She scrambles around the room grabbing her stuff and runs out. She tells Ki Joon to finish all the food even if it doesn’t taste good. She makes a phone gesture to her ear and says that she’ll call him. Ki Joon watches her leave, and then he looks down at the bowl of porridge. He takes a bite, and then continues eating.

At work, Ah Jung overhears her co-worker on the phone discussing leaving someone sick at home, and how hard it is. Ah Jung adorably concurs. Oh sweetie, you are so into him. Ki Joon sits at home and plays a video game on his phone. See, what did I tell you guys, he’s a total goofball deep down and the uptight hotel president is just the image he’s adopted to present to the world.

He gets bored playing the game. He flops down on the sofa, turning around to lay on his belly. He checks his phone again. Nope, no texts from zee wifey yet, Ki Joon. Ah Jung is hard at work, and she checks her phone as well. You know what I adore about Ah Jung and Ki Joon and their constant checking of their phone for texts and calls? It’s exactly what every single couple in the world (who own cellphones) does when they are just starting to like each other.

Ah Jung composes a text, asking Ki Joon (who is doing sit ups on the sofa) if he’s feeling better. Ki Joon smiles, and he types “I’m fine”, but then erases it and types “I’m not fine”, and then erases that and types “I’m getting better”. But he ends up not sending any of the texts.

During lunch, instead of going out to eat with her co-workers, Ah Jung drives over to Ki Joon’s house. She runs to his front gate and rings the doorbell, yelling out his name, worried about him. Suddenly Ki Joon walks up behind her and asks why she’s here? She tells him that she was worried about him since he didn’t reply to her text, but he thinks they don’t have the kind of relationship where they need to worry about each other.

Ah Jung gets upset and says that she won’t worry anymore. She gets in her car and leaves. Ki Joon tries to explain that it wasn’t what he meant. Ah Jung huffs that she’s not coming by again since they have no reason to be concerned about each other.

Ki Joon goes into the house and gets a call from Park Hoon. He hears some news and tells Park Hoon that he’s coming into the office right away. We see the manager walk the Chairman and his wife out to their car as the couple leaves. Ki Joon arrives at the office and is told that a family member of the Chairman’s wife just passed away. Ki Joon thinks that if the Chairman didn’t mention anything before he left, then it likely means the deal is over. He’s told that their flight leaves tonight.

Ah Jung comes home and is surprised to see Jae Bum having tea with her dad. Jae Bum asks why Ah Jung is not coming back home (to visit her dad) with her husband? Ah Jung lies that Ki Joon is busy. Ah Jung’s dad is not in a good mood, telling Jae Bum that he will consider holding the seminar. Jae Bum gets up to leave, wondering if he came at the wrong time. Ah Jung explains that her dad is mad at her, and it’s got nothing to do with Jae Bum.

Jae Bum tells her to be better to her dad. He leaves, and Ah Jung’s dad confronts her, wanting to know how much longer she’s going to keep lying. Ah Jung promises to take care of it, admitting that things have spiraled out of control. Which is when Jae Bum comes back inside the house to retrieve his cell phone, and has clearly overheard this conversation. Ah Jung worries that Jae Bum knows the truth, and her dad tells her it’s likely she’s been outed.

Ki Joon looks at his watch, and makes a decision. He drives over to pick up Ah Jung. Ah Jung gets a call from Ki Joon, who needs her help. She asks why she ought to help him, since he said that they weren’t anything to each other. Ki Joon says that he will be outside her house in 10 minutes. Ah Jung hangs up and throws her phone down. Her dad hilariously asks Ah Jung if she’s having fights with even her pretend spouse.

Ki Joon gets out of his car and looks around for Ah Jung, checking his watch for the time. He paces and leans on the car, waiting for her to show up. She finally shows up right when Ki Joon is about to give up, berating herself as a fool for coming. No, you’re a brave fool in this game of love, Ah Jung. Ki Joon looks relieved and content that Ah Jung showed up.

On the drive to the airport, Ah Jung asks if Ki Joon wants her to convince the Chairman to sign a contract. That’s not Ki Joon’s intention, he just wants to say goodbye, and thinks Ah Jung should go too since she spent time with them. Ah Jung asks again if Ki Joon doesn’t want her to convince the Chairman to do the deal, since he wanted to continue with their sham pretend marriage because this Shanghai deal was so important to him.

At the airport waiting room, Ki Joon walks up to the Chairman and bows. Ki Joon says in Chinese “we would like to say goodbye to you both.” The Chairman’s wife starts to weep, and Ah Jung walks up to her and hugs her. The Chairman tells Ki Joon to send the contract to him when it’s drafted, he wants the project to go forward as Ki Joon planned. The Chairman looks at Ah Jung comforting his wife, and tells Ki Joon that Ah Jung is a good woman.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk out of the airport. She asks him if everything went well, and he confirms it did. Ki Joon drops Ah Jung off, and as she’s walking away, he gets out of the car. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that he wanted to text her back that day, but he didn’t know how to respond. If he texted back that he was fine, then she wouldn’t come. But if he texted back that he was still sick, then she would worry.

Ah Jung asks if Ki Joon was just waiting for her to show up, and he says that he didn’t have to wait that long. Ki Joon blames his odd behavior on being sick. When Ah Jung points out that he’s still acting off, he says that he’s still sick. Ki Joon thanks her for everything. Ah Jung doesn’t think she did anything compared to what Ki Joon has done for her. He smirks and concurs. He tells her to go inside now, and before she runs off, she confesses that she was happy he called asking for her help. That leaves our Ki Joon with a doofy grin on his face as he gets into the car, sneaking glances as Ah Jung walks away.

Ki Joon informs Park Hoon to prepare the contract and the Chairman has agreed to sign. The manager wants to know how Ki Joon pulled it off, and Ki Joon says he asked Ah Jung for help. She says it’s really paid off for him to have a wife. She goes off to prepare the contract and send it to Shanghai. After he leaves, Ki Joon says that he’s feeling better now and not sick anymore.

Aunt meets with Yoon Joo, suggesting that she go study abroad, Aunt will support her. Yoon Joo declines, she’s met with Sang Hee and he’s fine now. Aunt asks if Yoon Joo really wants to split the brothers up? Yoon Joo refuses to do as Aunt requested this time.

Ah Jung is at work and all her co-workers are headed to a mandatory after-work gathering. She wants to decline but her boss tells her she’s not allowed to miss the gathering. Ah Jung gets a call from So Ran, and she runs out to meet her. So Ran tells Ah Jung about Ki Joon’s ex-fiancee Yoon Joo, who was the perfect woman and nothing was wrong with her.

So Ran explains that Ki Joon didn’t want to break up with Yoon Joo but was forced to. So Ran says that Yoon Joo is back in Seoul, and she hands Ah Jung the address. She tells Ah Jung to go see the woman and take care of things right off the bat. Ah Jung crumbles up the paper and leaves. As Ah Jung is walking, she’s complaining about So Ran pretending to care. She then smooths out the paper and looks at the address and name. She reads the name of Oh Yoon Joo, saying that even the name is pretty.

Ah Jung heads to Yoon Joo’s house, but loses her nerve as she sees the front door. Yoon Joo’s mom walks out and asks Ah Jung what she wants? Ah Jung pretends she’s at the wrong house. Yoon Joo arrives at home, and Ah Jung tries to force herself not to look at her. But she can’t help it, turning around to see the beautiful and elegant Oh Yoon Joo.

Ah Jung heads to her work gathering, where she proceeds to drink herself into oblivion. The group heads to a noraebang, where drunk Ah Jung sings a depressing ballad. She gets so drunk that she ends up crying and laughing at the same time. When finally Ah Jung sings another depressing ballad, chugging more beer and crying, the party ends.

Ah Jung is helped outside and deposited into a taxi. The taxi driver asks Ah Jung where she wants to go. Ah Jung passes out in the taxi. The next morning, Ah Jung wakes up in Ki Joon’s bed. She’s wearing only her underwear. Ah Jung thinks back to last night and her drunken behavior. She actually undressed herself in Ki Joon’s bedroom before passing out on the bed. In the taxi, she told the driver to take her to her husband Hyun Ki Joon’s house.

Ah Jung hurriedly gets dressed and tries to sneak out of the house. Ki Joon asks her if she’s trying to run away. She apologizes for imposing on him yesterday, and he matter-of-factly notes that she’s always doing it. Yes, and you always let her. He then teases her, saying he was kidding. But she agrees with his original sentiment, she does impose a lot.

She offers to pay for the taxi fare. She wants to leave the money and leave because she’s so embarrassed, which is when Ki Joon asks if she doesn’t remember what happened last night? He says this in an alarmed way, so Ah Jung nervously asks him to explain what happened. He refuses to tell her what she did, telling her it doesn’t matter and is in the past now.

He heads to drink some water. She follows him and yells at him. He finally turns around and smiles at her, saying he was just kidding and nothing happened. He laughs and says that she’s finally back to being Gong Ah Jung. She goes to grab a bottle of coke to pour herself a glass. Ki Joon says Ah Jung needs to thank him for preventing her from getting in a taxi looking like “this” and he points to her. He tells her to look at herself in the mirror since she’s such a wreck.

Ah Jung goes to the bathroom and witnesses her raccoon eyes and general disheveled look. While she’s in the bathroom, Ki Joon grabs the bottle of coke and shakes it like a madman. He puts it back on the counter and waits for Ah Jung to come back, acting all nonchalant. When Ah Jung returns, she opens the bottle and the coke sprays her in face.

Ki Joon laughs like a crazy loon, which is when Ah Jung turns the bottle on him and sprays him with coke. They chase each other around, grabbing for the bottle and spraying each other. Finally Ki Joon grabs Ah Jung and pins her hands behind her back. The bottle of coke falls from her hands.

Ki Joon pulls back and they look at each other. He leans in to kiss her, and she pulls back. She looks at him, asking whether this is acting or for real? Oh girl, I love you for being so direct and getting some truth out of that man before he kisses you senseless again. He answers that this is for real.

Ki Joon leans in and kisses her. They break apart, and he smiles and asks if she’s happy, since this is her second kiss.

She says this is not her second kiss, and this time she pulls his head in and kisses him. Oh my lord, kill me now with the hotness.

They end the kiss, and Ah Jung smiles, saying that it tastes sweet. Ki Joon smiles back at her. The entire Cola Kiss sequence is scored with the slow version of the Ice-cream song, and it’s just perfect. Suddenly the phone rings, and Ki Joon takes Ah Jung’s hand before walking over to answer the phone.

It’s his Aunt, and she’s asking him to meet. She wants to come over, but he says they can meet outside somewhere. Ki Joon hangs up the phone and takes Ah Jung away. OMG, sexy shower? Nah, too early for that. Pfft.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk out of the house. He tells her to get into the car and he’ll drive her to work. She notices his license plate number, and realizes that today’s date means he can’t drive his car. Seoul has an ordinance limited car driving based on license plate number, to reduce traffic. Ah Jung says she won’t get in since she’s a civil servant. He follows her in his car and tells her to get in. She agrees if he’ll pay the fine.

Yoon Joo goes to see Sang Hee, who is in the middle of painting. He says she’s got great timing. Yoon Joo asks Sang Hee if he still likes her. Sang Hee won’t answer, but Yoon Joo keeps pressing him. She thinks Ki Joon is pushing her away because of Sang Hee. Sang Hee asks if Yoon Joo is worried? He tells her that no woman can ever sway the Yoon Joo that is in Ki Joon’s heart. Okay, Sang Hee, I know you feel guilty, but please butt out of your brother’s love life. You’ve screwed it up once, don’t let history repeat itself.

Ki Joon meets with his Aunt, who asks him to take care of the Yoon Joo problem. He doesn’t want her to do anything, but she tells him to handle it otherwise she will. Ki Joon speeds in his car, and he ends up at a beach, staring out into the ocean. When he comes home, Sang Hee is waiting for him outside.

Ki Joon changes and walks out to the living room to find Sang Hee watching TV. Sang Hee demands to know what Ki Joon did recently to hurt Yoon Joo? Sang Hee doesn’t want Ki Joon to use Sang Hee as an excuse to hurt Yoon Yoo. Sang Hee says that Ki Joon needs to hold onto Yoon Joo, because he’s fine with it now.

Ki Joon says he’s done talking about this, but Sang Hee yells back that he’s not done talking. Sang Hee smiles and tells Ki Joon that with the time that has passed, he’s actually comfortable with things now. If Ki Joon loves Yoon Joo, he needs to hold onto Yoon Joo now. Sang Hee doesn’t want Ki Joon to miss out on another chance with Yoon Joo because of him.

Sang Hee leaves, and ends up calling Ah Jung from the playground. She pretends that she’s reading a book, and he correctly guesses that she’s got a mask on her face. She’s calls him a ghost for seeing right through her. She asks why he sounds so relaxed, like something good happened? Sang Hee asks if it’s so obvious, and tells Ah Jung that it’s finally over. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says it’s too much to explain.

So Ran meets with Ah Jung and asks about why Ah Jung hasn’t met with Yoon Joo yet? So Ran is upset that Ah Jung hasn’t met with Yoon Joo. She wants Ah Jung to listen to her and or else Ah Jung will regret it. It appears that So Ran finding out Jae Bum is cheating on her has actually got her solidarity goat up and she’s seriously concerned about Ah Jung’s marriage.

Ah Jung says that spouses are supposed to trust each other. She trusts Ki Joon, and asks whether So Ran trust Jae Bum. She leaves, and So Ran seethes in frustration. Ah Jung walks and replays her conversation with So Ran, about trust between spouses. She worries that perhaps So Ran is perceptive and might realize what Ah Jung is alluding to.

Aunt’s assistant steps out of the car and asks her to come with him. Ki Joon’s aunt wants to see her. Ah Jung goes with him and walks into a private dining room where Aunt and Ki Joon are having a meal. Ah Jung and Ki Joon stare at each other, and Ah Jung sits down. Ki Joon asks why Ah Jung is here, and Aunt says that she wanted to meet Ah Jung.

Suddenly Yoon Joo arrives, and we get a three-way stare fest going on. Yoon Joo sits down, and Aunt tells her to say hi to Ki Joon’s wife. Yoon Joo says it’s a lie, but Aunt replies that the rumors going recently are not just baseless. Ki Joon and Ah Jung are keeping their marriage a secret because Aunt doesn’t approve. Ki Joon stands up and screams at his Aunt, telling her to stop it.

Aunt continues, telling Yoon Joo that Aunt is now willing to accept Ah Jung and Ki Joon’s marriage to deter Yoon Joo. Yoon Joo runs out of the restaurant, and Ki Joon moves to follow her. He tells Aunt with angry sarcasm that she’s done well this time. Aunt calls for him to stop, but Ki Joon merely turns to look at her before walking out. Aunt apologizes to Ah Jung, who runs after Ki Joon.

Ah Jung sees Ki Joon get into the car, and she asks him to explain things to her. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that he’s sorry, and then he takes off in the car to go look for Yoon Joo. OH HELLS NO. Well, we’re officially heading towards rip my guts out pain territory. Ah Jung asks herself with a worried look if Ki Joon still likes that woman?

Ki Joon goes to Yoon Joo’s house but she’s not home. He drives around and calls her. Ah Jung sits outside Ki Joon’s house, waiting for him. Park Hoon shows up. Ah Jung asks if he’s heard from Ki Joon? He says no, and she declines his offer to wait inside. She asks Hoon to call her if he hears from Ki Joon. Ah Jung walks away in a daze, stopping to look back up towards the house.

Yoon Joo is at the beach. We flashback to Yoon Joo and Ki Joon at the same beach, walking hand-in-hand towards the water. Yoon Joo looks at her ring and a plane flying over the ocean, thinking that she’ll be leaving in a few hours. She asks Ki Joon if it’s true that they can’t meet anymore. Ki Joon touches her head gently. He tells her to call him when she arrives in Paris. Yoon Joo tells him not to worry, she’ll find a better man than Ki Joon in Paris.


Yoon Joo sits on the beach and swallow back her tears and bitter memories. She looks up and sees Ki Joon walking towards her. She thinks back to what Sang Hee said to her earlier – that no woman can sway the Yoon Joo that is in Ki Joon’s heart – and Yoon Joo walks up to Ki Joon and hugs him.

Ki Joon lifts up his hands and almost hugs her back, and we don’t see if he does or not. We suddenly see Ki Joon hugging Yoon Joo, and then leaning in to kiss her. Which turns out to be Ah Jung’s dream, and for that I thank the drama gods. Also, I cannot cap that dream kiss, because it almost made me barf up my nonexistent lunch. Yes, I skipped lunch to recap this episode.

Ah Jung runs out of her house and drives over to Yoon Joo’s house. She walks up to the front door, but can’t bring herself to ring the doorbell. She sits down on the steps instead and ends up falling asleep. She’s woken up the next morning by her cell phone alarm going off. She rubs her weary eyes and gets up to leave.

Ah Jung walks towards her car, and sees Ki Joon pulling up with Yoon Joo in the passenger seat. Hyun Ki Joon, you break Ah Jung’s heart, I break your kneecaps. Got it? Ah Jung averts her eyes from Ki Joon’s direct gaze, and tries to explain that she’s here because Ki Joon didn’t answer his phone, not because she was worried.

Ki Joon tells Yoon Joo to go inside first, but Yoon Joo invites Ah Jung inside as well. Ah Jung says it’s not necessary, but Yoon Joo explains that she has something to say. Ah Jung sits in the living room and looks at the pictures of Ki Joon, Yoon Joo, and Sang Hee. Yoon Joo brings out tea, and apologizes for misunderstanding Ah Jung. Ah Jung says it’s her fault for any misunderstanding that occurred. Yoon Joo thanks Ah Jung – because of Ah Jung, she’s back together with Ki Joon again.

Ah Jung thinks that’s great, she was worried that her presence caused a rift between Yoon Joo and Ki Joon. Ah Jung tells Yoon Joo that Ki Joon is not to blame for anything, it was all her fault, she asked Ki Joon to lie about their marriage. Ah Jung gets up and rushes out, explaining that she is late for work. Ki Joon sits there and doesn’t say a word the entire time. Yoon Joo sees Ah Jung leave, and tells Ki Joon that she feels sorry for Ah Jung for some reason. Oh Yoon Joo, you are so kind and perceptive – which is why I’ll feel sorry for you, too, when your face runs into my fist by accident.

Ki Joon runs out of the house and chases after Ah Jung, telling her to wait a moment. Ah Jung turns and tells him she’ll be in trouble with her boss if she’s late. She tells him not to worry, she knows everything now. He wants to say something, but she cuts him off. Ah Jung asks if Ki Joon wanted to tell her not to worry about the lie? Ah Jung knows how loyal Ki Joon is. She quickly leaves, and Ki Joon never gets a chance to say ANYTHING. Which is the only reason I have not smashed his kneecaps yet, even if I’m still seething inside.

Ki Joon watches as Ah Jung drives away, looking towards her departing car, and then back towards Yoon Joo’s front door. Ah Jung drives, and she starts to sob. Oh my poor baby, please don’t cry. This is so wrong, and I know Ah Jung got herself into this mess, but still she didn’t make the first move to get emotionally entangled with Ki Joon. She tells herself that she’s fine, she’s just fine, all the while she sobs her eyes out.

So Ran is destroying her apartment as she throws things at Jae Bum, asking how he dares do this to her. He finally stands up to her beating, telling her that he cheated on her on purpose, and did it in a way that Ah Jung would find out. He wants So Ran to be embarrassed in front of Ah Jung. Jae Bum runs out of the apartment.

Ah Jung takes a deep breath, and walks to see So Ran with her head held high. I’m so proud of you, Ah Jung. So Ran opens the door and lets Ah Jung in. Both girls are in a state of shock. So Ran calmly tells Ah Jung that this is the truth about So Ran’s perfect marriage. Ah Jung tells So Ran that she is not married to Hyun Ki Joon. Ah Jung confesses that it was all a joke, from beginning to end.

So Ran stares at Ah Jung in shock, but without any hint of happiness or gloating. So Ran actually looks worried as Ah Jung walks out of the apartment. Ah Jung walks outside, and then she starts to cry, finally doubling over and sobbing her heart out right there on the empty street.

Thoughts of Mine:

How the heck am I suppose to write an after-word for this recap when I feel like my guts just got jerked through the wringer? I’m not going to pretend that magically Lie to Me got better qualitatively in the last two episodes, because it really hasn’t. The problems with this drama are too numerous and too late to fully fix. But the drama has given up on that, instead shucking the extraneous plot drivers and focusing on the emotional narrative. Whether you can get onboard with this version of LTM depends on whether you emotionally connect with the OTP and buy into their love story.

So episode 8, which marks the halfway point for this drama, takes everything that has happened in the first half and throws it out the window. The lie – done and over with, as meaningless in its reveal as it was in its inception. Ah Jung and So Ran’s rivalry – insignificant in the greater scope of their lives, and both appear to realize it. Thank god, because I need these two to stop with the childish antics.

Ki Joon’s business deal with the Chairman – successfully wrapped up, so he can never use that as an excuse to see Ah Jung anymore. Sang Hee as the reason for Ki Joon and Yoon Joo’s inability to be together – poof, evaporated with passage of three years and the added maturity for a young man who feels guilt for his own actions.

So where does this leave us? It means the second half we’re playing with whole new stakes. But let’s discuss where Ah Jung and Ki Joon were at right before Aunt planned her stupid booby trap for Yoon Joo. The first 2/3rd of the episode took Ki Joon and Ah Jung deeper into expressing their burgeoning feelings for each other. His uncertainty and teasing ways, her obvious worry and concern for him, all of it unfurling in plain sight of each other.

This is a courtship that is developing naturally, an attraction between two adults that is acted upon and expressed with very little artifice. Within a vacuum world, Ki Joon and Ah Jung would naturally gravitate towards each other, their relationship dance going in ever tighter concentric circles with each interaction. But they don’t live in a vacuum, so while Ah Jung has buried her first love, Ki Joon’s caught between his past and his present. I know he’s confused, but I’m not certain if he’s confused about where his heart is pointing right now.

I think the main reason Ki Joon chased after Yoon Joo is because she was hurting. He still cares about her, and obviously she affects him. On top of everything, his own Aunt purposely staged this show with the intention to hurt Yoon Joo. How can he just let her go? I know that he knows that Ah Jung was hurting when he took off, so he apologized to her, but he still went. I need to talk us all off a ledge, and reduce the urge to drop kick Ki Joon to Mars for seemingly choosing Yoon Joo over Ah Jung at the restaurant.

It’s not like that at all. The person that was intentionally hurt at the restaurant was Yoon Joo, not Ah Jung. We know Ki Joon still cares about Yoon Joo, even as his heart is growing ever close to Ah Jung. I can’t hate Ki Joon for running off to make sure Yoon Joo was fine, even if I HATE HATE HATE the fact that the damn writer wrote this scene, because Ah Jung got hurt.

But narratively this was absolutely necessary, we need to cross this bridge for Ah Jung and Ki Joon to actually have a chance to have a real possibility together. Any drama predicated on a lie, on a fake marriage, on anything of pretense, almost always needs to throw that plot device away as soon as possible. Otherwise it becomes a crutch. Instead the focus needs to be on the emotional development as opposed to the forced situations getting the OTP to spend time together.

I’ve heard rumors swirling about either or both Jae Bum and Sang Hee pursuing Ah Jung, and I don’t know how I feel about either option. I actually want Jae Bum and So Ran to work through their rough patch. She’s been taken down 12 notches, and he’s grown half a backbone through his cheating form of rebellion. So Ran could not have married Jae Bum purely to steal him from Ah Jung, as much as she loved lording it over her. I hope the two of them learn from their mistakes and save their marriage.

As for Sang Hee, now I’m fairly certain its highly possible for him to fall for Ah Jung. He’s put a period on his first love, Yoon Joo, and the first thing he does is call Ah Jung. I can sense that right now he just treats her as a friend he can talk to, but thats often the first step in falling for someone. I’m hurting so much for Ah Jung right now, I’m all for more Sang Hee-Ah Jung chill time if only to help her feel less like she’s been emotionally run over by a mack truck.

What can I say about Ki Joon? I’m as pissed at him as all of you, but I take solace in a few small signs that perhaps speak volumes. He did not hug Yoon Joo back at the beach, and he never held Yoon Joo’s hand the way he took Ah Jung’s hand after he kissed her. Throughout the entire conversation between the three of them, while Ki Joon never said anything, I think it was a combination of working through his own emotions and the fact that Yoon Joo was right there.

Ki Joon clearly wanted to talk to Ah Jung one-on-one, but Yoon Joo turned it into a group discussion. Ki Joon even chased Ah Jung outside, clearly trying to explain things. But he was never given a chance to talk. I really wonder what he thinks about Ah Jung’s claim that she’s happy to see Yoon Joo and Ki Joon together? Honestly though, I don’t care about whether Ki Joon is torn, because all I care about is Ah Jung’s hurt.

In the last two episodes, she’s really coming alive as character, exhibiting the character descriptions initially used to describe her – a smart, daring girl, one who lives her life without pretense and affectations. I loved every single interaction between her and Ki Joon, how she talks to him always catches him off guard, until he’s as candid as she is. He teases her, and he tells her the truth when she asks for it. I don’t mind all the jaw-dropping kissing that been going on in the last few episodes, but really it was the concurrent emotional development that has made me rabidly addicted to this drama.


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    Ah Jung really knows how to cry and hold her self together! Geez I felt like I was to explode watching that! I’m pretty sure that my heart stopped several time before getting to the end!

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  6. ockoala, thank you so much for this recaps. It’s the first thing I do when I get into computer in the morning(even though I already read the live transcap from softy’s site).

    Wow, from here, it feels like we will be watching a different drama. Coz now, the game is different. Lie is revealed, reasons have gone. From now on, it will be the emotional and love journey of Ki Hoon and Ah Jung. I can’t wait how this will play out.

  7. My heart broke when hye wept in coffee prince , she is too good and very natural love her Acting

    Kj better sort things fast before i become anti-fan

  8. Dear Koala, Thank you so much and please take care of your health. As happy as I am with your fast recap, food is more important. Eat your lunch. I haven’t seen the episode but I am crying while reading the recap. I am totally invested in Lie to Me and since I have a serious case of drama fatigue, I’ve actually chosen to not watch Ripley or City Hunter.

    • Please take care of yours selves!! Health is important!! BTW, the dramas ain’t going anywhere, you can always watch them tomorrow!! Please, rest a lot, eat healthy, good food, do a little exercise, and enjoy the emotional roller coasters that this dramas are, they kill me you know!!

      =0) Koala thanks for the recaps, and if you need any help, just ask!! I’m not an expert, but I love dramas, and if they doesn’t make sense, the better! Like Pasta, the plot was, *it really have a plot*?? just saying, but I love it.. It took me by surprise, and never let me go… Of course, No Min Woo, was in it!! LOL!!

  9. I think I’m starting to hate Sang Hee and Yoon Joo a LOT! I hate Sang Hee, because he continues to ruin his brother’s love life. And for being so dumb as to not even notice that history is repeating itself… Clearly, I hate Yoon Joo for even existing! Can’t they both just disappear and let our OTPs be alone…

  10. Thanks for recapping this. I was a bit sad that dramabeans stopped recapping it exactly when Allkpop gave a kiss spoiler. Luckily I found your blog!!! Thank you SO much!!
    I can now say that this drama has started to pace up. Almost half of the drama is done and the lie is out. I wonder how the writers will push/extend the story till 16 episodes??

  11. Thank you Koala, because I was so upset by today’s episode that I was wondering how I was going to continue living, lol. This episode ruined my whole day until I read your post, which I’ve been refreshing since 11 o’clock; you really did talk me off a ledge cause I was seething with anger at Ki Joon and Yoon Joo, mostly Ki Joon. Now I think I can peacefully wait for next week.

  12. Thanks for an early recap, found myself sobbing in tears last night because of this. Fell asleep and woke up with froggy eyes. Your summary is very much appreciated and your after thoughts are good. Til the next episode recap, hope it will be lighter.

  13. I think Sang Hee is forcing himself to be okay with it. He’s not really over Yoon Joo, nor will it be easy for him to be a brother in law to Yoon Joo. I think both Ki Joon and Aunt recognize and realize that.

    They realize that no matter what, a family gathering wouldn’t be completely tension free. Sure, Sang Hee can push it down and be and act as normal as possible. But the underlying feelings are still there, as evidenced by his conversations with his Artist friend.

    The only person who seems not to realize it is Yoon Joo. Sang Hee may make himself fine and want to fix what be broke. But it’s too late. He outed himself three years ago, the damage has been done. I don’t see how Ki Joon could possibly go back to that relationship.

    Yoon Joo’s not understanding that why Aunt and Ki Joon still are suddenly on train with her resuming the relationship since Sang Hee is now okay–it makes sense since if you look back at their break up conversation at her apartment. She knew of Sang Hee’s feelings, but didn’t see the big problem because she doesn’t have those same feelings. Ki Joon on the other hand has only just found out, and is thinking about how it could affect his relationship with his brother.

    I don’t really blame Yoon Joo. But she’s really not thinking of anything else besides her own happiness here. Which again, I don’t blame her. But some love stories are just meant to end and move on from. Yoon-Joo and Ki-Joon are one of them. No doubt he loved her. I don’t think that should be belittled, in fact I hope the show doesn’t belittle the genuine love he had for Yoon Joo.

    But yeah, it’s not a relationship that should be revisited. In fact, Yoon Joo/Sang Hee shouldn’t be a couple either. She just needs to move on away from the brothers.

    • sorry the first sentence in the fourth para should read

      Yoon Joo’s not understanding why Aunt and Ki Joon still aren’t on board with her resuming the relationship since Sang Hee is now okay

    • I agree. In fact, I wonder if the storyline with Ah Jung’s parents (and I use that term deliberately) is there to serve as a parallel. Ah Jung object to the marriage, so they didn’t marry. However, they stayed together as a couple, even if a wedding didn’t bind them together. (They might have even decided that they didn’t need the wedding anymore.)

      But Yoon Joo didn’t do that. She left. Aunt’s reason for objecting to Yoon Joo’s very presence could very well be because Yoon Joo didn’t love either of her nephews enough. Not Sang Hee as a brother nor Ki Joon as a life partner. (She did love them, to be sure. But not enough to be able to put them ahead of her own desires.) Perhaps if Yoon Joo had been open to following that same path as Ah Jung’s parents and be willing to stay with Ki Joon without the promise of being married, they would still be together and Ki Joon’s heart would not have been available for Ah Jung to take by storm.

  14. Holy. COW. I used to think the kiss in City Hall (you know the one, in the car) was my favorite, but I think the Cola Kiss has topped even that one, in every category. I loved that scene; the lighting, the acting, the directing, the editing, the score…all were top-notch. Props to YEH for portraying Ah-jung’s hesitance and attraction pitch-perfectly. I was so proud of her for making Ki-joon admit to her — and himself — out-loud, that this wasn’t make-believe, but the real deal. But of course, it just hurt all that much more when he went running off after Yoon-joo. ~le sigh~

    Man, what a cliffhanger, huh? I’m so glad that the air is clear, and Ki-joon and Ah-jung know the stakes now. I can’t really blame Ki-joon for what he did in this episode, because he’s really caught between a rock and hard place, but lemme tell you, he better clear the air fast, or we will have words. ~glowers in his direction~

    • If LTM goes the MNIKSS route, I will seethe. I barely forgave Samshik for pulling that stunt on Samsoon and almost screwing himself, Hee Jin, and Samsoon over with the switcheroo. If Ki Joon does it, you can hold him down, I own a big bat, and it will be put to good use.

      • I don’t own a big bat, unni, but I bet I could borrow one and be right behind you to back you up. ~drifts off into daydreams involving holding Ki-joon down and then stops in fear that Koala-unni will use the bat on me instead~ Despite all the hype about MNIKSS, I really can’t like that drama because of all the crazy in the last half with Hee-jin and Sam-shik being all wishy-washy. No. No no no. LTM better not go that route. I will scream and throw things at the screen if that happens.

      • Oh right, my dongsaeng (you) holding KJH down would involve you touching him. Hhhmmm, yeah, that not going to work. How about you wear a hazmat suit and then hold him down? 😀

        Btw, studies wrapping up for the school year? I don’t want to hear LTM interfering with your academic future. But I always smile when any of my fave dongsaengs (i.e. you again) pop up to join me in drama spazzing.

      • Awww, unni, thanks for thinking of me! Unlike our lovely endodo, I have no studies this summer. My only problem is trying to muster up the motivation to go find a job. Finding a good job in a college town in difficult. Plus, being so far away from either coast means that my mad Korean skillz are not really a hiring point. ~le sigh~ But hey, more time for dramas, right? Now’s a good time to be footlose and free!

  15. And I’m second.
    Wow, wonderful recap and wonderful review.
    I’m travelling so much on the same route you describe towards these two characters, I’m speechless. I love Ah Jung, from the very beginning, and I ascribe this to the actress and her skill. She always manages to make me feel for the characters she plays, no matter how I would otherwise dislike them.
    But that’s enough. Thank you for recapping: it’s good to know there’s great pleasure on your part.
    Keep the great work. 🙂

  16. I’m a DB-gal and I haven’t jumped the DB ship but I’m thoroughly enjoying TKP and your LTM recaps! Thanks for your hard work!
    And I’m with ya, if Ki-Joon hurts Ah-Jung, I will be very VERY upset.

  17. Thanks for the summary. I am a new visitor to your blog. I’m using the google translator. If not understood, sorry. I just wanted to thank you. I’m from Mexico. I send you a kiss.

  18. What can I say? Really? I was lost for a moment but now I’m finding myself again. WTH? The grove starting to cook, and then they turn off the stove? Finally they opened their hearts, and both get burn. Ah Jung, believing that Ki Joon feelings were real (right now she thinks he was playing with her) and Ki Joon, getting being torn apart, by what it could be then, and what it could be now. He is such a mess, that really, I felt bad for Ah Jung, but the one who break my heart is Ki Joon, he doesn’t know what to do. That sucks!! Big time!!

    But as Koala says. “anything growing under false pretenses doesn’t work” Look at So Ran and Jae Bum, marriage. I think she started a relationship with him, not only because she likes him, but because the life style he could give her and she want to make Ah Jung life miserable. And it ended with a bitchy, evil, heartless witch for wify, and a cheating, scumbag, for hubby. Nothing good! But they deserved each other!

    As for closing the chapter in “lie that bring us together” it was necessary. They need a clean, fresh, healthy start. Not with a bunch of lies, and misunderstandings. I’m really sad that Ah Jung, get hurt, but she do that to her self, Ki Joon try to speak, but she didn’t wanted to listen. Maybe he wanted to say, that “he just want to make sure that Yoon Joo, was fine, and Aunty didn’t hurt her more than she do previously”. Or “that she was his first love, but a lot of things happened back then, that he needed to close that chapter, before he can start a new life with her”. Or maybe “she was the one I used to love, but know I don’t feel like that anymore. You change that”. *Hey one can imagine right?*

    Either way, I think is interesting how they at exactly the middle of the drama, they start at zero. Like ok. this doesn’t work, lets try this other way. I really hope that Sang Hee, doesn’t fall for Ah Jung, because I don’t want, history repeating itself, that is just pitiful, and as for Jae Bum, pursuing Ah Jung, I think he never knew that she was in love with him, she never confesses, and I’m totally sure that So Ran never tell her either. So, im still in LTM, bus and to this moment enjoying the trip.

    BTW, Koala dont break his knee caps, breaks his legs, I can help you with that!! LOL

  19. Oh Koala. *sob sob*
    Actually the last 10 mins of this episode seals the deal for me. Totally invested now. Because I can totally relate to AJ, and her pain. AJ is innocent in love (in her own way) and seeing her like that breaks my heart. Hat off to YEH for making it so real. I feel as though my sister is crying right there, and all I want is to comfort her.

    And as in KJ. I just hope he won’t turn into a total bastard!

    Thanks Koala again for an awesome recap.

  20. Thank you so much for your recap!!!

    I totally cried during the last ten minutes of this drama too like you 🙂
    So much happened in this episode!!! Personnaly, I won’t complain that the pace is too slow now, because today’s episode felt like the real drama finally began.

    Yoon Eun Hye is such a good actress especially when it comes to her crying scenes! I can really feel her pain and her sincerity. In fact, when she cried in her car and at the end, I cried with her too. I think that I even cried more than her lol. This is the first time that I cried while watching this drama and I am now 100% emotionally invested in this drama. I LOVED today’s episode (even though I hated to see Ki Joon and Yoon Joo together.) The Cola kiss left me with no words. It was amaaaazing. Ah Jung’s pain was very relatable. I feel for her. (*I’ll even punch Ki Joon for her ^^*)

    I really hope that now that there are no more lies between Ah Jung and Soo Ran, they can rely on each other and be genuinely good friends. Soo Ran can even help Ah Jun make Yoon Joo go away with her scaryness bwahahaha. Now, I’m I hoping for too much?

    I’m looking forward to next week’s episode and to see how Ki Joon will make up for all the pain/confusion/sadness that he put Ah Jung through.

    Lie To Me fighting!

    (Btw, I’m so sad that there was no preview for next week’s episode…There was only the image of two little kids in kindergarden with their respective name tags –Ah Jung and Ki Joon– That means that they already met when they were kids….I found it interesting and I wonder how they will incorporate that in the storyline ^^)

  21. can we just have our otp for 2 hours a week and forget about the rest?
    I don’t mind watching YEH/KJH make out all day long. HEHEHE!!!!

    • *KISS BACK*. Not the twinnie-fauxcest kind, of course. But because I miss you~ 😀

      Glad you’re liking Ripley. I’m tempted to watch, if only to see how horrific the OST is since everyone’s talking about it. LOL, what a way to almost kill a promising drama in every way.

      Btw, you have to watch CH for the LULZY. Seriously, episode 2 was so wackadoodle I was nearly in stitches. And then I picked himself off the floor to do a serious recap. But I still laugh AT IT whenever some random LMH as a killing machine moment flashes through my brain.

  22. We need to acknowledge that Ki Joon and Yoon Joo actually had a pretty serious relationship before they were forced to break up. They were engaged and on the verge of marriage if not for the aunt’s interception. At this point, it is clear that Ki Joon realizes that he is now in love with someone else but that doesn’t mean he should ignore Yoon Joo altogether, especially since they never had closure to their relationship. I’m rooting for the OTP as well but I feel we need to be a little more understanding towards Ki Joon’s and Yoon Joo’s feelings and actions.

    • I agree. Except it wasn’t the aunt’s interception. It was this time around. But the first time it was Sang Hee’s drunken confession and Ki Joon’s refusal to go through with it. Everyone outside the knowing few, simply assumed it was the aunt.

      I don’t blame Ki Joon for his decision. It’s actually realistic, which is why dramas with brothers, close friends or cousins seriously in love with the same girl (or vice versa on genders) are always iffy. Which is why I hope Sang Hee doesn’t fall for AJ.

      I don’t blame Ki Joon for breaking up with her and holding on to that decision even now. And I don’t blame him for gong after Yoon Joo. I will blame him if he decides to pick up his relationship with Yoon Joo. I don’t think he will. But he’s certainly allowed to still worry about Yoon Joo and still have feelings he needs to work through and get over.

  23. Between this drama and all the other dramas currently showing, this is the one I’m addicted to and emotionally invested in.

    I cried when AJ cried. I wanted to smack the sunlight away from the camera when they kissed. I wanted to kick KJ where it hurts for hurting AJ.

    Some people say that AJ didn’t let him speak after YJ, AJ, and KJ where in YJ’s house and that’s true. But what’s also true is that he didn’t go after her even though he went after YJ.

    I am hoping that AJ and SR become friends. SR looked like she wanted to console AJ and she almost forgot her own failed marriage. I don’t think that SR married JB just to get at AJ. I think that they were attracted to eachother at their first meeting. I don’t think that AJ will ever like JB again. Right now, I don’t think she’s ready or want to like anybody again. For right now, I want AJ to avoid KJ like a plague but with a lot of accidental run ins with each other.

  24. ockoala, as much as I appreciate your super-fast and thoughtful recap, please do take care of yourself and eat your lunch. koalas need food too. 😉

    that said, i really don’t like Yoon-Joo’s passive-aggressive ways. i get it, she’s been hurt, she tried to move on but couldn’t, and now she wants him back. but geez louise, if you want to fight for your man, stop doing the damsel in distress and emotional blackmail route. i really hate that. there’s something about her tone of voice when she talked to Sang Hee and the way she said “I feel sorry for her” about Ah Jung that really rubbed me the wrong way. its so passive-aggressive.

  25. Thank you so much for the fast recap again dear ockoala! It’s the first day of winter and everything was covered with frost outside but it was scorching hot in here when I looked at the cola photos! I cannot get enough of those! So sexy! But what happened soon after? Oh dear. I just wish Ki Joon was more persistent and reactive in explaining things to Ah Jung. I mean rather than being so frustratingly inert and passive. He should have been more persistent in explaining even if he was not given the chance to. He should have gone to her office or house, but then I’m not really even sure if he actually knows what he’s going to say to Ah Jung. Really.

    Yoon Joo? She’s really annoying me now. Yes, I know she’s needed for the conflict, but still… About Sang Hee? Well, he’s falling for Ah-Jung alright, I reckon, and he’s not aware of it yet. Jae Bum? He seems to like Ah Jung even way back during their residence hall/ dorm days. Now that the lie is out, well, yes, he might pursue Ah Jung too, and I’m all for that only to make Ki Joon realise what Ah Jung really means to him. I loved how Ki Joon stared at Jae Bum during the party, when Ah Jung and Jae Bum came out from the loo. I love jealous Ki Joon whenever Jae Bum or her first love was mentioned. But then what just happened? Ki Joon should have his feelings straighten up and just be forthright with Yoon Joo. Trouble is, I think he’s so confused right now, and maybe he doesn’t really know who to choose.

    Looking at the photo of Ah Jung crying made my heart break too. I know she’ll go to Sang Hee for comfort and I am so looking forward to that. They’re the best buddies now, her fairy godmother like he said. So Ki Joon you better shape up or lose dear Ah Jung to some other guy who might even be your brother and it will all be your loss! Boo hoo!

  26. Oh my god! Its so hurting seeing how ah jung cry. I cant wait till next monday.

    And thanks for ur recaps, u are so fast!

  27. I forgot to mention this earlier, love the act the Aunt pulled. why does not Ki joon just sit back and enjoy the fact that his aunt accepts AJ and be content with it.

    Another side note, whats with the wardrobe malfunction at the end ? pink jacket, long frock, divided skirt, i think the best dressed person in the whole episode is the aunt.

  28. Wonderful recap. Love your choice of words to cleverly and amusingly describe the situations. I was initially confused whether there was a translation error due to Ah Jung’s shocked and hurt reaction when Yoon Joo thanked Ah Jung for allowing her to finally ‘meet with’ Ki Joon. Because why did Ah Jung exhibit such a hurt reaction when Yoon Joo only ‘met’ Ki Joon? Or did ‘met’ in this case means that the two of them got back together. What do you think, ockoala?

  29. Ockoala, you have save me from misery. I was so sad when DB drop LTM recaps. I’m not mad at them though, its just a matter of different drama taste.
    I just want to say, glad to finally have found you!
    Btw, this episode is making me so emotional.

  30. love,love,loved your recap—you described each scenario with so much intensity i couldn’t stop reading—thanks ockoala for your hard work — can’t wait for your next recap.

  31. Thanks for the recap! Your site is the first one I’ve visited this morning. I’ve read the transcaps from Softy’s site last night too, went ot bed upset at the new developments. You’re right about the lie reaching it’s limit, it has served it’s purpose and left a nasty fallout. I guess, Ah Jung needs to experience this because she needs to mature emotionally. What she did was really petty (the lie) and now she’s being hit with painful repercussions. I liked it when she bravely face them and told Ki Joon and Yoon Joo that she understood where her place is and that she never meant to get in between – girl, that was a classy move (even if you’ve just been pole axed.) I guess I just have to get in line huh…how do we break kneecaps?

  32. Thanks you so much for your insight on this episode. I totally agree with your comments. I’m not mad at KJ yet should he explain himself in the next episode. But I hate seeing the brave front AJ is putting up in front of everyone and then crying her guts out alone. We all seem to empathize and sympathize with her. Which means we have all either been there or watched someone we care about go through it. It hit home! I love DB and will continue to read their comments, recaps, and news as well as yours. Keeps me well rounded. Something for everybody. Different strokes for different folks. Thanks a BUNCH!

  33. Thank you so much for the recap. I am happy that you are going to continue with recaping this show. I am still hoping that the plot will get better but, I’m deffinitely not going to stop watching this drama. I think that Yoon Joo is not considering other feelings about the Ki Joo thing. She just wants Sung Hee’s okay that he’s fine so she can win Ki Joo back. As for Ah Jung I think that she thought that Ki Joon’s feelings for her were dispelled when Yoon Joo came along. I also think that the contract between them is over so maybe that caused her to do that.

  34. Dear ockoala,
    Thank you for addressing DB’s decision here. What you said is very true. Its their blog, its their choice. I respect that. Same respect goes to your drama choices and insights. Its a pleasure reading your recaps.

  35. thanks for this site we can comfort each other on times like this…. poor ah jung, i hope we have a happier kj-aj moments next week. i’m all for kiss and make up or whatever as long as they kiss again. 😛

  36. When one door closes, another opens! I was so disappointed when I read that DB is dropping recaps on Lie to Me. But then, someone posted that another site had recaps and posted your link. This is my first time here, but definitely not my last. I have enjoyed your recap and now that I know about you, I will follow you! I am amazed at the writing. I have been on such a high with episodes 7 & the first half of 8! That the writers didn’t drag the lie out until the end has hooked me…What can possibly happen next? And then the last half of episode 8! What an emotional roller coaster! I don’t become invested in every kdrama (like most US shows-they can be too predictable), but lately the writers are knocking them out the park! My other favorite at the moment is The Greatest Love—with an anti-hero hero! I am not sleeping much these days!

  37. i see AJ being SUPER torn over this, i see SH comforting her and maybe having a sort of fight with his brother, i see SR and AJ becoming friends and supporting eachother through their pain, AJ giving JB a piece of her mind.PH giving hints to K making him feel guilty,him feeling mighty torn and my God knows i love when male leads suffer over a girl. AJ avoiding K and him trying to get her back somehow.i dont know if hes going to give it a go with YJ just to realize that for YJ .he doesnt feel half of what he feels for AJ.and obviously i expect more dramatic reunions and kisses á la coffee prince *melts* a bed scene done in a classy OMG I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE way would be amazing D; hahahaha.come on,we all want that at least deep still wondering if the aunt will oppose AJ being with K buuuut i do see SH stepping down and making her back off out of the care he feels for AJ at least ultimately.

  38. hi! i’m new here, but i’ve seen you around everywhere i go for kdrama beats. i’m SO glad to have found you here because i can’t imagine missing out on your recaps on LTM! i didn’t say anything, but my heart broke when the DB girls dropped LTM, but at least it led to my discovery of AKP!! maybe the DB girls dropping it was a blessing in disguise after all! thank you!! 🙂

    also– does anyone have a video link to that cola kiss scene??? 😛 I’M DYING HERE, HELP A GIRL OUT, YA’LL! 😀

  39. thanks for continuing to recap this drama…i dont know what to say i feel hurt its as if im the one that was dumped…

  40. YES!!! koala you are a lifesaver!

    Love your thoughts about each episode as it reflects my own especially during the scenes where there was an overwhelming urge to totally bust Ki Joon’s kneecaps hehehe. However, I do agree that since he was not given the chance to explain himself then i will delay my special karate skills on him. Although, damn him for not saying anything at all. As in anything and not even stopping her from leaving but I guess his heart is still in trouble land…knowing that he can again hurt YJ by totally saying no to her. Besides, I am now anticipating the courting phase…and HELL YEAH bring on Sang Hee and Jae Bum and who ever wants AJ’s heart on the equation. The more the merrier…it will be a great thing to watch. I believe we are going to see different kisses soon after the angsty parts. I AM POSITIVE ABOUT IT!!!

    • I love coming on your site and reading the recaps! LTM is one of my favorites now and I can’t wait for the next episode! my heart went out to Ah Jung…and I’ve got a feeling that the next half will be even better than the first!

  41. awesome recap! thanks so much. i always like to read recaps after watching each episode coz it’s fun, and i was so bummed when DB dropped this series. But I am so glad to have found your blog ^_____^ The last two episodes of LTM is just awesome, the show is getting better and i am so emotionally invested in the hotness of YEH and KJH together! i agree, the last ten minutes had me sobbing. I hope the remaining of the series will be good, and there’s be more hot kissing! hehehe

  42. urgggg…my heart still hurt from reading your recap(where Ah jung crying out loud at the empty place after she went to So Ran place)

    Yes, agree with you Koala sama, there are so many possibility that Ki Joon actually didn’t do anything to Yoon Jo, He was just accompany her because well, they had good past and they never actually hate each other.

    I just hope the the next episode we can see more about their blooming feeling than the sad moment=( just like this(but I am happy that all the fake-lie thing was done)

  43. I was crying a buckets when I watched live and I just cannot control my tears again while reading your recaps. YEH is amazing when it comes to expressing emotional feelings.

    • i felt the same, in the car, her cheeks were all red and she is so real when she cries. i wonder if she really does that. I hoep they have a BTS or NG of the crying scenes.

      • I know right!! I have not watched it yet – but merely reading Koala’s recap and seeing the poor girl bent over in pain made me cry!!

        How can he kiss her, tell her it is real for him and then do this – whether he is a nice guy or not? Poor AJ – just as she let go of her unrealistic 1st love and was ready to open her heart again.

        Hyun Soo was a nice guy – Hyun Soo did right by Jung In – acknowledging his inexplicable attraction and not wanting to hurt her – he took her along when Jung Kyung made here SOS call.

  44. You’re hysterically funny with your recaps and I dont know why it took me SO long to fine this cozy little place of yours, and im gonna be a faithful reader now..

  45. This was a very heartbreaking episode to watch, and I cannot predict what will happen next. They don’t really have an excuse to see each other again, and if I were her, I wouldn’t want to see him again either. I get that you like the other girl, you have a history, but there is no excuse to treat someone that way! I will not be able to wait until Monday!

  46. Thanks alot for ur recaps!! Totally enjoyed it. Checking your webby is the first thing I do when I stepped into office. 🙂

  47. I agree with Koala’s thought about KJ.
    I think, KJ is super nice person and he is going to have hell of a time to find a way so to hurt everyone that he cares : brother, aunt, ex and AJ.
    At this moment of the drama, given that he gave up his fiancee before for the sake of his brother and yet, everyone got hurt. I don’t see how he can make anyone happy without hurting another. No, decided to scratch that and have faith in KJ, “YES, YOU CAN!”
    I have got a gorgeous ship for KJ & AJ so don’t go titanic with me.

    sigh….. nearly sob (AJJJJJJJ….) at work and it would have been so embarrassing.

    Great recap and I often read it more than once especially the sizzling yummy parts.

  48. They have a very nice ballad sang by M to M played during AJ’s hurting scene just like the one we have for our OTP in MSOAN, also by M to M.

    • Sigh, “Because of Her” by M to M. Love that song.

      My Geun-Geun babies. M3 may have sucked, but they just radiated love from the screen.

      I think that I’m going to be hurting wayyyy more in LTM than any ridiculous angst they threw at M&M in M3.

      • Regardless the ratings and badly written scripts I still love MSOAN, love the Geun-Geun couples. And so, regardless the ratings and plot, I’m in love with LTM and the irresistible YEH/KJH. We got the same taste =)

  49. I love all your stuff! I come on this website everyday practically juss to check wats in. Thanx for recapping, subs werent out yet
    Unni Hwaiting XD

  50. I found DB first then from them I found yours ..Whatever their decision to drop LTM it is their blog..because of your( you and DB)blogs I found another way to enjoy dramas without the emotional attachment that at times drained me out….Thank you because of your recaps I started to like LTM ..I ‘m in the making one of your greatest fan.Love your playground most.

  51. Thanks for the recaps. My eyes tear up as well during the last 10 mins. Was feeling the pain for Ah Jung. Stupid Ki Joon, how can u kiss her, tell her its real then ditch her??? Damn. But he will know that he is wrong v. soon. I hope.

  52. If AJ decides that she wants to move on, and hopefully not too soon. Maybe episode 10 or end of episode 9. I hope she tries with a different guy. Not SH, not JB, not anyone we met yet. JB is not good enough for her and SH will forever be tied to KJ, the heartbreaker.

    Of course, then KJ will be jealous, try to pursue AJ but is being avoided but then she realizes she loves him.

    • How about Park Hoon, KJ’s secretary. I’m sure it’ll stir upmuch much more jealousy in KJ but I don’t think his secretary will “betray” him by making this move.

      • or maybe…. as the Title goes “Lie-To-Me” maybe, it’s a quite good possibility that Park Hoon (who roots for Ahjung to get together with Kijoon) will actually get along in the play as the new “crush” for AJ, and since Park Hoon knows Ahjung and Kijoon’s feeling for each other, (and definitely Park Hoon has no romantic feeling towards Ahjung) so… he will act up just to help AJ and KJ get together. LOL. That would be something fun to see. heheheheh

  53. first time comment here 🙂

    thank you ockoala for your witty recap, haven’t watch the eps yet (35% downloaded now) but I swoon, laugh and sob with you when i read your recap..

    i guess i’m not just addicted to LTM but also your website 😀

  54. I have not seen one episode of Lie to Me yet and had been relying on recaps (here and over at DB) to keep myself posted. The plot is not as good as that of Best Love but I agree about the OTP’s sizzling chemistry and I ship them like crazy.

    I should have taken heed on your warning about the last 10 minutes of this episode, though. If I had, I would have stopped reading right away and waited until I was in the privacy of my home. But I didn’t, and now I’m in a crying mess. Ottoke, ottoke!

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    I am writing to thank you for your hardwork n effort. By reading your recaps I can see you are writing from the heart out of passion. Please continue with the beautiful writing. Thank you again.

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    Im also a DB’ers..i really appreciate ur recap very 2 read it be4 watch LTM subbed,…kamsahamidaaaaa….

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  58. I think the aunt is right,

    I think she would want AJ rather than YJ , its because of AJ that SH came back to his brother, otherwise he would be in hiding for a long time.

    AJ – who is a total stranger to the two brothers until few days ago united the brothers where as YJ who has known them since childhood has separated them for three years.

    Go figure YJ why aunt does not like you.

  59. Wow, ockoala, thanks for addressing what happened over at DB yesterday. That was just nuts. And also pretty sad because your blog and theirs are wonderful and have their own unique flavor (e.g. here for LTM recaps and there for CH recaps). And it’s really more fun to read recaps when the ones writing it are enjoying it.

    I salute you for staying classy! And congratulations for getting more traffic on this site! 🙂

    • I agree 100% with you… I visit both blogs and find them extremely goods, well written and funny (each one in its own way)…. Thank Goodness for Ockoala, Javabeans, Girlfriday, Thundie, Dahee, Blue, Bella, Softy, etc. etc… And all the bloggers of kdrama (tdrama and jdrama) that make our lives easy.

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    T H A N K Y O U!
    thank you for recapping this drama, thank you for giving this drama a chance despite its obvious flaws and thank you for giving us a space to all spaz and go crazy together 🙂

    you’re the best! DB is dead to me and this site is now my new playground for all things K-drama!

    i was feeling really sad and down ever since last night, seeing AhJung go through all that pain and hurt. but reading your review definitely lifted my depressing mood 🙂

  63. thank you koala,
    monday and tuesday for me are the worst day ever now because i cant do or think about anything until i get to read your recap. my mind for the rest of the week is in plain torture. but i do enjoy watching on how this couple progress, bring joy and pain.
    “i want to fall in love again”

  64. Thanks for recapping this drama! I’m sorry people have sending you hate-mails. Those people just need to chill out. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would do that especially since you’re doing it for FREE. WTF is up with this mentality? Sorry for the rant!

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  66. Hi !
    I just want to thank you for your detail recap, i was waiting since yesterday to know what happen in episode 8. I just finish to watch the episode and like you said, i could fell AJ pain , i love YEH she is an excellent actrees and together with JH they are great as a couple!! now i just wonder what is going to happen between them, there are no more lies, what will happen??? I can’t wait till next monday…i hope we can see some pictures from the next episode!! Thank you again!!! 🙂

  67. OMG! I can’t stop grinning. I love them so much. Watched it Raw just to see the cola kiss, loved it. Thanks for the update. 🙂

  68. dear koala, thank you for the fast recap… it’s so good to start the day with such good drama … i will be able to watch it tonight and i already know i will sob one or two tears at the end…. poor AJ *sigh* arigatou!

    • I just looked at the bigger picture and it’s Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon.
      A major failure. The drama have already established Hyun Ki Joon to be 33 years old and Ah Jung to be about 27 or 28 right now. That’s at least 5 years of age difference. No way they’d look like that when they were young.

  69. First off, you have GREAT writing!
    Second, most love stories involve people willingly trying to pull the leads apart. I think that KJ like you said, probably hasn’t gotten up the strength to break YJ’s heart again. He clearly rejected her offer, he clearly said it was over to SH, and he clearly showed his emotions to AJ. Now if he rejects YJ, she gets hurt, and then SH gets hurt because of YJ and his guilt. AJ is a strong girl, he knows that, and he in no way seemed to end his fake marriage,even when he found out his aunt knew and probably wouldn’t like it. In the 3 years she was gone, we don’t hear of him being with another girl or anything. But he was able to feel something towards AJ and kiss her passionately, knowing he could have YJ. …

    what will happen next? who knows…..

  70. Thanks for the recap. I love this drama. Could you make a recap for romance town? I appreciate it very much. Thanks!

  71. Thanks for your recap. I enjoyed reading it. I support DB’s decision not to recap, it’s their blog they can do whatever they want and I can always read your wonderful recap!

  72. GAH!! Have to wait a whole week!
    By no means do I think this a good drama. It has so many flaws but I seem to be able to overlook them because I’m so invested in the leads. It is still sort of ‘flimsy’ though. I totally agree that only recently did Ah Jung’s character ‘come alive’ so to speak. Ki Joon’s an idiot and he’s staying in that ‘file’ until he fixes this!!

    So glad that you’re recapping this! I was bummed that DB dropped the recap but they have the right to their own blog.

  73. I am a Dramaben’ers and I really am a fan of that site ever since but I feel a little disappointed when they decided to drop this drama…I don’t know, maybe we have different choice when it comes to dramas…the same happened when they don’t seem to like Secret Garden that much… on some point I think they just want to become rational and fair in recapping dramas…pointing out the pros and cons about it…and it’s not just so ME. When I like the drama, I’m like “I LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!”neverminding ratings or bad reviews…
    I’m am not Korean but I’m a Kdrama fanatic and it’s difficult for me to buy copies of kdramas here unless our networks buy the rights to air them here…So I’m really is disappointed when DB says they drop this drama that I’ve learned to like merely by reading unto their recaps…
    In short I just want to thank you for doing this recaps though you have to skip meals…:-( I do that to when I decide to watch kdrama on a marathon)…so allow me to scan your site for more…:-)

    • I can understand your disappointment, I really do because like you I do not speak Korean so I rely on recaps until a subtitle is released. Even so, freeloaders like us should tone down our demands. While Koala, Javabeans, GirlFriday, Thundie and all other recap writers may enjoy basking in our praises and appreciation of their work, they are not our slaves and they are under no obligation to submit to our wishes. Ultimately, they do recaps for their own pleasure, as an outlet for their enjoyment or frustrations. We cannot force them to do something they no longer enjoy, to torture themselves to please us. Especially on top of other things in their REAL LIVES.

      Instead of venting on them for not giving in to our demands, why not look for other sites because I tell you there are many other recappers out there. They may not write as awesomely as others, but their work should be enough.

      I really wish people would stop throwing tantrums just because they did not get their way.

  74. Episode 8 was awesome..enough said..

    Ah Jung’s crying scene in the car~~
    I’m sure many cried with her.

    This is getting very good. Acting was really good too..

  75. Wow koala I’ve never seen the “thoughts” part as full as in this episode 🙂
    Reminds me of your M3 recap days where the “thoughts” often succeeded the whole of the recap ^-^
    It’s what happens when the OTP completely overwhelms you emotionally, sooo much to say about them, I also can’t stop talking to my friends about LTM *mainly KJH & YEH*

  76. By the way..I just noticed that Ah Jung’s mirror has her name written on it..
    Somehow..that’s kinda funny..haha

  77. Hello, I love you. 🙂 Thank you for recapping this! && I quite frankly, people who are fans of recaps of any site should chill. Recappers aren’t paid anything, and this is purely for entertainment. It’s difficult to digest an episode, let alone recap one. So, thank you for recapping this. <

    AH. Since I have a very limited Korean vocabulary, I rely on recaps and sort of skim through it before I watch an episode. I CRIED WITH THE RECAPS. IMAGINE IF I'M GOING TO WATCH IT WITH SUBTITLES. OH MY POOR HEART.

    Quite frankly, I love where the story is going. Albeit the crazy antics in the first 5 episodes (dear Lord, I thought I was going through an schizo attack with the 'coincidences' and the choppy editing), the charm of this drama is the depth of its characters. I'm happy that the cast is not only gorgeous, but equally talented – down to the supporting cast. I'm happy that halfway through, if Ah Jung and Ki Joon should be together, they have to address their own issues and start over.

    With that said …

    OFF WITH KI JOON'S HEAD! (Lol. Gahd. This made me hate Ki Joon so much.) && Yoon Joo should know when to back off. What a persistent btch.

  78. Your recap really makes my day! It has helped me survive until eng sub episodes are available. I do hope that you can recap until the final episode. Thanks a lot!

  79. Ms Ockoala – to echo someone else, you are indeed very classy 🙂 Sorry for all the haters. I’m glad I found your blog at the end of last year when I was searching for updates on TW dramas :). Love your updates on TW dramas and what a plus that you love kdramas too! TYVM 🙂

    Anyhow back to LTM… I cried with Eun Hye’s Ah Jung today. I do not usually cry with characters – not SG, not 49 days, none of the Hallyu mega melos from 2001-2005, so I was surprised with myself. I just felt soo bad for AJ. I just find her to be a very real character (despite what a lot of people think about her character). Eun Hye just has this way to getting viewers to cry with her. I absolutely loved her acting in today’s episode. My preschooler saw me watching YEH crying and she pointed at the screen and said that she was crying and she felt bad. Sniff sniff.

    Koala – I hope you’re right KJ not being able to say anything to he but if nonsense that hurt AJ even more comes out of his mouth — I was be in the jumping into the show and kick some major butt. Can we sent over Jie Xiu to teach him a lesson in how to deal with the “ex”? Also, I want to see jealous KJ… where is that? Where’s the super hot guy for AJ (not SH) that will make KJ go crazy hehe.

  80. Thank you so much for recapping LTM. I’m yet another DB’er, and as sad as I was to hear they were dropping this, I understood even if I didn’t really like it. It’s good to know there’s another recapper for this. Happy to step into the playground, Koala!

  81. Wow, the drama has progressed rapidly with ep8! I’m so glad that its getting more interesting and emotional. And wow, it would be great it there were 3 guys wooing Ah Jung! But i rather it sticks to 2 because i want more screen time of Ki hoon and Ah Jung! haha. But i hope that Sang Hee would make a strong love rival so as to speed things up alittle.

  82. Thanks for the recap Koala! Very much appreciate it. I always check your recap for LTM first, as I am here in the Philippines I get to watch the episodes with English subs a day or two after it has been aired.
    This episode sent me on a roller coaster ride and I sympathize with Ah Jung completely, it is so heart breaking and as much as I want to wring KJ and Sang Hee’s necks or beat the life out of Yoon Joo their characters have issues that they want to resolve their way. For Ki Joon, it’s always others first before himself even it means sacrificing his own happiness. Sang Hee, has began to mature from being selfish (or has he? Maybe not if the writers decide that he should pursue Ah jung.) Yoon Joo, needs to let go as Ah Jung as let go of Jae Bum. Like KJ and AJ were discussing about in episode 5, sometimes your first love can’t be as cool as you remember them before and that people change. That day when AJ said to herself that “True to this day, my first love has come to an end.” maybe KJ said that to himself as well.
    And if the writers send us to another roller coaster ride, then all we have to do is brace ourselves.

    Oh well. If DB decided to drop LTM, there’s always you Koala…=)

    Sometimes it’s ok to squeel and get emotionally invested in a drama you like, but also do not over analyze the characters or situations and just enjoy every bit of it (The ice cream and cola kisses included LOL!). After all dramas are produced to entertain us….=) Cheers everyone!

    • Hey angel! Well, how about that – I’m from the Philippines, too! Glad to know somebody is squealing over this drama somewhere closer to home. 😀

      • Been waiting for another drama from YEH, I love her so. Don’t care even if the subs take a long time….=)
        Squeeling, crying and a whole lot of other things….so happy to know that someone from where I’m at is doing the same thing….cheers!!!

  83. Finally, the lie is out and done with!

    Thanks, ockoala, for the recap. For the first time I watched this episode raw and I just figured around 50% of what actually happened. It means the story is now progressing…truly!

    Such a relief! ‘Cause I really love this couple and also want them to weave a believable story and not just fluff.

    You are so right! There are bound to have new stakes now with all previous stakes out of the window. This means we are in for some serious and mature romancing between the two.

    I love Ah Jung for being oh so transparent with Ki Joon. And how easily he reads her….The chemistry is palpable as ever! And cant wait what other plot points that the writer has in store for all of us. Well, as long as it involves, deeper relationship development for our OTP, I’m in!

  84. From recaps and comments, I would love to think that the night spent by kijoon and yoonjoo at the beach (and maybe somewhere else) was filled with kijoon explaining his condition and feeling right now. Possibly explaining that, indeed his relationship with ahjung is not a legal and “real” husband-and-wife-relationship. But he has indeed ended his feeling toward yoonjoo. (Even if she argued that sanghee has permitted and allowed kijoon to like her) He will be saying “sorry, if my aunt hurt you with this. But, my feeling for you has faded into family love. I see you now as precious as sang hee, who is my brother.”
    Yoonjoo: “Seems like 3 years is such a long time….. But what about your feeling now?”
    Kijoon: ….. *contemplating* –as he walked her back to her house–
    Kijoon saw Ahjung at the front porch, he wanted to talk to her in private. Then Yoonjoo asking her to come into her house—which she did because she just wanted to tell Ahjung that she is in the light of their fake-marriage.
    While Kijoon’s was being silent during this dialogue happened. (Dooh!!!! Don’t you see how FAAARR and uneasy Kijoon sat next to Yoonjoo; while Yoonjoo is FAARRr at the tip of the sofa—that speaks A L.O.T!)

    Soo… Hahahahah, felt like we need a short fanfic to fill in the blanks. Or at least let the writer, PD and everybody give us the best explanation and Story for us. LOL

    • maybe we should kidnap the writer and have him fill in the blanks for us in detail…LOL!…you provide the getaway vehicle and I’m in charge of the hideout… =)

      • sure! LOL. And if that PD who took over Lie-To-Me since ep 6 or 7 will do us a favor–as I read (somewhere) that Mr/Mrs PD is someone who is good in making melodramatic emotional drama— so… I would like to ask the PD to give me the fluffy, warm and fuzzy feeling, mixed with angst in it. LOL.

  85. thank you so much for the recap Koala , I was sad 🙁 when DB dropped this but good thing someone suggested your site. Thanks !!!!!

  86. also another DB’er here hehehe, thanks for the recap, really enjoyed reading it, I enjoyed it more because I know you’re on the Ah Jung Ki Joon boat hehe. ^_^_^

  87. wellll… I felt like I just have to throw in my comment (again) that….
    The one scene that I really want to see (besides the kiss) is the “holding hand after kissing while he’s on the phone”. It’s just…..hhhh…. awesome. (maybe it’s just me who put much weight and value on this… or somebody else, here?) ;D

    • Hi all,

      Another DB’er here. Sad that they drop it but thank you Koala for being my salvation.

      I totally swooned at the post kiss, hand-holding act. I went mush and awwwwww. It definitely is a highlight for me. Though the kiss has me burning up. Did I ever mention reading recaps in office is hazardous to your concentration?

      • Totally hazardous for your concentration…hehehe
        tell me about it! can’t work after that kiss…

      • Hi all (too) and, yes, I am a DBer LOL (looks like there are a lot of exodus happening, for real 😉 )
        Yay!!! Am happy that it’s definitely a highlight point…. You know what, (to all), that I was wondering(and believing) that his hand holding after the kiss was done as his (kang ji hwan) natural response after such an electrifying and steaming kiss. I mean, okay, he is a good actor, but human is still human, and to enact those kisses (I believe, or so I like to think of) that they were not doing it in one shot only… (as someone has probably analyzed here, by looking at their head angles and hands in the spoiler pic and the made into screen kiss)
        There should be some emotions (and…. Oh, am I pushing it too far) and real feelings getting into it?

      • I totally feel like an intruder watching that kiss! And AJ gave away her feelings – she took a step towards KJ when she rached up to kiss him – his declaration that it was real made her take the step toward him – and then he takes her hand – as if to say – you are not getting away from me – which is why his actions later really hurts and devastates her.

        I’m glad she outed herself to So Ran – but I feel this is a prelude to her running away.

    • I definitely feel that holding-hand-after-the-kissing-while-answering-the-phone thing….(I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, somebody help me zip my grin.)

      So, are we going to kidnap the writer yet or just threaten them first? LOL! We want the warm and fuzzy feeling with a little angst or else……

    • omo…. the holding hands is the sweetest and best part for me. it speaks volume than the kiss. for me, it’s the confirmation of KJ growing feelings to AJ. kiss sometimes can be attributed to lust,

  88. Also, I cried again when I got to the end of this episode.

    and i cried again too. i cried a bucket just reading your recap and now i cried a river after reading your correction to your original translation. my heart broke into pieces for adorable ah jung. and i hate ki joon for doing that to her after awakening her dormant heart and to think she just have gotten over with her first love. i hate him already when he seems to be in denial of his feeling towards her after their first kiss and my hatred for him now reach the maximum level. TO HELL WITH YOU HYUN KI JOON!!!!!! MAY YOU BURN IN HELL!!!!

    • calm down…. calm down…. inhale…. exhale….. inhale….. exhale…..

      I hope you don’t hate him too much that made you jump out of the ship. (since I ever did it once to a very favourite story coz that hurt me too much LOL). 🙂

      • wahahahh!!! thank you linkyo. i seem to be over reacting. just cant help it. heheh!

  89. Hi there! another DB’er, still devoted checker of their site (100+ a day i swear) so no worries on that front.

    ep 8 is definitely the turning point in the story! can’t wait until next week!

  90. Thanks a lot for your recapping this drama! I love it! But i was crying because of the end of 8 episode:((((((((((( And there is no preview of the next episode!!!! Why why why!!!!

  91. so jealous of everyone who actually saw ep 8. i tried looking for eng sub but couldn’t find it anywhere . waiting for mysoju to load it, but from what i’m reading in this recap i feel like im heading for heart break. yeah , i feel sad for oh yoon ju because i mean it wasn’t her fault that her perfect engagement got called off and she never really had a chance to have a clean break or completely understand why he had to give her up ( but i mean it’s obvious to all of us that he would pick his little sang hee over her ), so it’s obvious now that she’s back in town she’s going to try to mend their relationship. BUT COME ON ! NOW NOW NOW ? after all that hot and steaminess kissing scenes between ah jung and ki joon ? i’m still crossing my fingers he’ll run after her in ep 9 and tell her how he is devoted to her and all he’s doing for yoon ju is pure friendliness or he feels bad for breaking up with her 3 years ago. our poor ah jung is probably devastated because hell i would be. her first love got stolen by her best friend, she found a great fake husband and her relationship is turning real and THEN…. DUM DUM DUM —-his ahjumma dressing ex fiance has to come back and steal her limelight after losing her first and second kiss to him (lol well i must say she had quite of an enjoyment there so i don’t know if i can call that a loss). but seriously im not bashing oyj but come on ahjumma go back to paris and finish your little birthday party there because we tune in for kj and aj hotness. TEAM AH JUNG….

  92. Why do I have to wait for another week for the next episode….Koala-shi thank you for the recap and I personally appreciate that you missed a meal to recap this roller-coaster episode. I was so giggly and having the time of my life in the beginning , just to be brought down from heaven in the end huhuhuhu my heart bleeds with Ah Jung.

  93. I’m so scared to watch this episode cuz I’m such a cry-baby. I cried a lot when YYH had that crying scene on the bus in Coffee Prince. If I recall, she got dumped by her date for his ex. Seems like Episode 8 is a repetition of that scenario. YYH is such a great actress that we viewers get sucked in by her all emo scenes. What else will this writer and PD put us through?

  94. after i reading the recap i felt that my heart so hurt for ah jung…and the way YEH cry its make me more sad… KJ u’re a mean person..

    i watch episode 8 in even with no subs at all at least i want to see coz aim so curious a lot. i just hopping that from episode 9 to 16 KJ will try all his got to make AJ happy.. and ’bout yoon joo just go to paris ASAP!!!

    and Koala’s i really2 love your recap and always enjoyed..

  95. I’m just wondering. There is this scene of these two little kids in school uniforms and a group of other students are teasing them or something. The boy is crying. I heard that the little girl is playing young Gong Ah Jung. Did I miss that scene or they haven’t shown it yet? And I just paused the scene to get a closer look and I can read their names tags. One is Ah Jung and the boy is Ki Joon! GASP! They knew each other as kids? what?!

    • omg fishy! you are so OC, I admire your attention to detail. I really had to look for myself….=)….Is it fate?

  96. for the last 10 minutes of episode 8 of Lie to Me, I just sat there and sobbed. and that what exactly i did. can’t wait for next week hopefully Gong Jung Ah would make Hyun Joon Ki jealous that he was sorry to hurt her.

  97. Ugh I’m so emo right now. I hella cried for Ah Jung at the end. The ending scene is so depressing that it literally trump the cola kiss scene for me. I swear I watched her driving away crying more than the kiss. I can’t watch something so good yet knowing that Ah Jung is depress right now xD.
    Ok the that pisses me off is the fact that Ki Joon basically played her. I mean him not going after that end is a little understandable cause he chose to be by Yoon Joo &not Ah Jung so I can sorta relate on him not going after her but its the making her fall for that pisses me off &kills it for me.
    Yes she started the lie but he just let her. He let her impose &then him kissing her twice, 2nd time basically confirming his feelings for her allow her to feel for him back hence her kissing him. He like you said was the first to get emotionally attach to the lie. He was the first to make the lie become something more &than to run back to his first love is just douchebag 101. Not cool at all. He played with emotions &just left her on the sidelines when Yoon Joo came calling.
    Its like if you knew your gonna go back to Yoon Joo or you still can’t let her go than why did you give Ah Jung hope? You made someone open up their heart after getting hurt years ago from her first love just to get hurt again in the end. Such a jerk ugh pisses me off.
    I get you &Yoon Joo were in love &were gonna get married but still you just don’t play with someone’s heart like that you indecisive bastard hahahaha ugh still pisses me off xD lol I can’t wait for Monday. Hope it comes faster &bring on the angst.

    Yes the cola kiss was indeed hella hot. I want them together in real life so much. Seriously two of the best kissers 🙂

  98. Finally I watched episode 8 with chinese sub…the last ten minutes very (⌣́_⌣̀)..but I don’t hate KJ because he’s seems not happy reunite with YJ…or maybe AJ was there so he feel sorry for AJ?? I guess not…his feeling to YJ its different now..he just confused..just give him time to think…this episode was all YEH anti fan…this episode she proves that she is the TRUE actress!!LTM fighting!!

  99. Finally I watched episode 8 with chinese sub…the last ten minutes very saaaddd..but I don’t hate KJ because he’s seems not happy reunite with YJ…or maybe AJ was there so he feel sorry for AJ?? I guess not…his feeling to YJ its different now..he just confused..just give him time to think…this episode was all YEH anti fan…this episode she proves that she is the TRUE actress!!LTM fighting!!

  100. ockoala dear and friends,
    someone posted this at soompi and i thought i should share it here. it eased my heartbreak from watching AJ’s pain because here, KJH and YEH are definitely lighting up a fire. i feel like such a voyeur watching this BTS video. but that didn’t stop me anyway. haha.

    definitely shipping these two IRL. gah, that looked so REAL and INTENSE. 😉

    BTS Cola Kiss:

  101. thanks koala for the recap. i am new here. i knew this blog b/c of DB’s dropping recap of LTM. i have no comments about their decision and because of that now i know that you also make a good recaps. i really enjoy to read it. keep your good jobs and once again thank you very much ^_^

  102. oh my, why are there already so much comments althought I’m just 1 day late? ah, coz it’s the time differences, I suppose. I’m just worried that you won’t bother to read my comment anymore after reading 150 …
    well, but still, I’d like to thank you very much for this recap. I’m fully agreeing about your forwords about DB dropping the drama. I fully supported them knowing how hard it is to write about something you don’t like. I didn’t read through all 300 comments, but also picked up some harsh words which annoyed me because of their ignorance.

    I’m glad we’ve got an alternative with YOUR blog and thanks a lot for that!
    As for the story, I totally realized the technique behind this turning point. *lol* I would have done it, too, if I have realized that 80% of the audience was getting more and more frustrated about the non-existent-plot.

    It’s most likely that Sang Hee will pursue Ah Jung and she’s forced to meet Ki-joon again (something like a foursome-date for reunion after 3 years?), for Jae-Bum I suppose this train has left (and he’s not even THAT handsome enough to get Ah jung! come on! you’re too SMALL! sorry, boy)

    The kisses…!!!! Althought I’m not that swoon like I was by the first karaoke-kiss but the pictures are just so …HOT *swoon* I took that as my wallpaper *ggg* can’t get enough of it.

    It should be hard for Ki-joon to forget about those passionate kisses. Passion always beats responsibility and I think that’s exactly what he’s feeling: responsible. As Yoon Joon pointed out in Ep.7 they haven’t really broken up. Now that Sang Hee had made a point on his feeling for YJ, it’s Ki-joon’s turn. And he’s got lucky coz he Aunt would rather accept Ah Jung than YJ.

    Well, there’s a lot of options how the plot can develop. I hope the writer doesn’t mess up after she could catch (finally) the audience otherwise I send in my own script!!!

    someone interested in a fanfiction script of Lie to me? I recently wrote my own version of sequel of Ep. 7:

  103. Thank you.
    I haven’t watched this ep 8. Reading your recap made me ooh & aah, then sobbed with Ah Jung.
    Ki Joon must be wavering between Yoon Ju & Ah Jung. Poor Ah Jung to hear that hurtful statement from Yung Joo & Ki Jooon is just sitting there quietly as if to confirm he’s chosen to get back with YJ after telling her AJ is just a show…a fake love/wife. Really hurts…but makes me anxious about KJ’s real feelings. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  104. Ah i love reading you ! Your comments make this recap AMAZING !
    I think we all agree with you ^^ And if you want help for Yoon Joo case i’m pretty sure we’ll all be willing to help you 🙂 -If you don’t need help, don’t forget to put her face photo after ;)-

    Anyway, Thanks a lot for this !
    Your work is really GREAT
    (I read all MSOAN, Drunken to love you, … posts and there’s no one who can do as good as you for this !)

  105. I appreciate your hardwork and thank you. Its really killing to wait for subs….
    Somehow all of us were expecting something like this I think. At least I waited for it and it reminds me a little of ” My name is Kim San Soo.”
    I feel like KJ will try to get first along with his ex-fiance cause he ows it to her. (At least somehow he will feel responsible for this unfulfilled marriage to her.)
    And later on he will notice that he actually like Ah Jung and will look for excuses to meet her again and will look for a way. Like lending the hotel for Ah Jungs next project…or something like that….
    The main problem will be again Sang Hee…., cause he is looking forward for a relationship with Ah Jung. But I am not sure about his feelings….
    It can`t be love what he feels for Ah Jung , maybe its her presence what comforts him and thats what he is been looking for….

  106. thanks koala for a nice recap..after watching, I’m always turning to your recap for an added insight which I found so entertaining..anyway, I’ve really enjoyed Ep.8….it got a dose of KJ’s case,we all knew that his past with YJ is not something that he can throw off the garbage that easily..all those years they were together is not something that he can just ignore so maybe he is just trying to do what a normal person will do,choose the one that he had been with for a long time..normally, if we are asked to choose between someone we knew for a long time against someone we just knew,we would select the former..why, because we are already secured about them…BUT..the big BUT will come during the time that the two of them will reunite..KJ will feel the difference and the impact of losing AJ,so that will be the time that he will finally realize that HE REALLY LOVES AJ and can’t live without her…I am so looking forward for next week and the weeks will be a lot of fun both for AJ and KJ…KJ will do the wooing now co z he knew that he needs to convince AJ that his past does not matter anymore…Fighting LTM!!!!

    • “if we are asked to choose between someone we knew for a long time against someone we just knew,we would select the former..why, because we are already secured about them”

      okey, that’s fine with me. but why KJ has to kiss AJ not only once but twice when in fact YJ is around already and also asked him to start all over again??? he shouldn’t have given AJ false hope and awaken AJ’s dormant heart. it’s really very painful to AJ’s side and traumatic having been in love for the very first time but wasn’t even given a chance and to love for the second time but lost him. poor AJ… my heart aches for you!

  107. tnx koala for the recap. another dbers here. LTM is really getting better. i kept on giggling then crying. its a roller coaster of emotions. LOVE YEH AND KJW!!!!!!

  108. What???????

    Oh No! This is a Disaster with a capital D!

    How could he????????

    I hope Yoon Joo got it wrong or was just imagining things!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!

  109. urgh…the end scene reminds me so much of my lovely sam soon scene when sam shik’s gf returned n he just brushed sam soon aside. ki joon, i so wanna shake some sense into u rite now.. ah jung fighting.

    thanx koala

  110. She’s so adorable when after the kiss she said, it’s sweet and then she rubs her eyes…..Thank you so much for the recap.

  111. thanks for the beautiful and well written recap. i love how you describe each and every details of all the episode. and true, no one can dictate on what you can write and how you feel so don’t mind others who want to to control your thinking. we share the same sentiments when it comes to LTM. i love the show and the actors. i think the story makes it big when the actors immediately have a chemistry. and as far as LTM is concern, their chemistry is INTENSE! hahaha!
    my guess would be that Sang Hee will try to pursue Ah Jeong just to interfere her blossoming romance to Ki Joon while trying to hide his true feelings to Yoon Joo. hay! Love look what you’ve done.
    hoping for your next recap of LTM.
    wishing Monday is here is again!!!

  112. thanks a ton for the recap Koala.. i am a regular reader at DB, and as much as i will miss their posts, i am glad that you are continuing – since I like reading your posts too.. Thanks for your time!! 🙂


  113. Thank you for the recap.
    I felt so sorry for you until I read this :

    Oh Yoon Joo, you are so kind and perceptive – which is why I’ll feel sorry for you, too, when your face runs into my fist by accident.

    Hahaaa…..good luck till next week.I am just focusing on the first 1/2 of the episode and just watch MNIKSS now for the happy ending tonight.
    That’s my plan to get through till next week.

  114. Hi Koala!

    I read the edit and I watched the episode with eng subs – Yoon Joo looked very much like the cat that ate the canary. She even wondered why she felt sorry for Ah Jung…Ha! Yeah Right! Oh and Ki Joon really dropped the ball on this one. I don’t think there is much that he can do to mollify Ah Jung. What he did was so mean, he had no business cozying up to Ah Jung while he was sorting out his feelings for Yoon Joo. What’s with men and their indecision and self-absorption?

    Gong Ah Jung should not have suffered two heartaches. Give her a break – she lost her mom at a young age, her BFF betrayed her and her first love is turning out to be a flake! I hope that the writer wouldn’t continue with this sadistic streak. I hope to see Ah Jung breaking away from this stereo-type and to ultimately be with a great guy! Park Hoon?!? Kekeke…kidding. Of course Ki Joon should redeem himself.

  115. Ockoala , thankuuuu so much for the recap , I loved this epi and while people were watching the cola kiss over and over again I was watching the final scenes after AJ left YJ’s house , that was a really very good scene .
    I was thinking just like you about KJ , first when I was just reading softy’s recap and spoilers on soompi , I was saying OK we have to give the guy the benefit of doubt , they didn’t show us what KJ-YJ did at the beach and he didn’t have the opportunity to speak a word when AJ was living so maybe things didn’t happen the way we think it did and this untill I watched the epi and there I felt disappointed with KJ , u said it na during the lunch KJ ran after YJ and didn’t talk with AJ becoz it was YJ who’s hurt and he couldn’t let her be alone when she’s hurt so why he didn’t do the same with AJ when she was obviously hurt when she left in her car , I mean in addition to the fact that it was shown on her face that she was heartbroken , even her actions showed so and he now knows her pretty well even when she doesn’t speak ( didn’t he know she was trying to meet him when she called him about the imagiary pen ? ) so why didn’t he go after her or call her or whatever , even if we suppose that he didnn’t know what to say for the time being , even if he was confused , just telling her that he will call her or meet her or whatever will help her to come over her sadness , at least for that moment untill she meets him and gets his explanations about what happened exactly , but no , he was just looking at her car going away without any reaction ( excpet looking back to YJ’s house , at least that we saw in the epi ) .
    Right now I want her to be away from him and even SH too ( mostly becoz I don’t want him to fall in love with her and go back to the old story of the two brothers fighting over the same girl) , I want her to focus on her work and the project she will organize , maybe to go away for sometime , I want to see KJ realizing that AJ is the reason for his actual happiness , I even want him to root for her and try to seek her forgiveness for sometime , I wish she won’t be like all typical kdrama female lead , a weak woman who will forgive the man who hurted her just becoz he tod her one or two sweet words or kissed her , he needs to win her love back by some hard work this time and not only by a kiss or by a ” saranghai “.
    LOOOL I’m feeling so pissed off right now , but still I love KJ and I’m sure I will melt as soon as he asks forgiveness from AJ ( I may even melt before AJ 😛 )
    ockoala this sentence ” Oh Yoon Joo, you are so kind and perceptive – which is why I’ll feel sorry for you, too, when your face runs into my fist by accident.” is hillarious , couldn’t stop laughing when I read it and I was at work LOOL

    • ahhh also I’m sure SR will be AJ supporter from now on and she will be the helping her to get out of her sad state starting from the upcoming epi , or maybe she will help the couple to return back together like I’m sure AJ will do to her and JB

  116. Koala I’ll join you when YJ’s face meets your fist – in fact I’m soooo helpful I’ll even push her towards you!

    And Ki Joon better grow a set soon and go give Ah Jung a long and comforting Hug.

  117. “Damn you, indecisive men.”

    Oh, I can totally feel you there, Koala and Ah Jung. I need something to cheer me up after this heartbreaking episode. I don’t even want to wait for another week for the next. All sighs.

  118. waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! i love your recap!! you’re the best!! HAHAHA. you do not only write for the sake of writing, but I can feel your emotion, which is why i’m officially a fan of yours! 😀

    AND I AM NOW OFFICIALLY MAD AT Ki Joon! I mean, WTH? After passionately kissing someone and you make her feel like she’s on the top of the clouds in heaven, you’ll say “sorry” and leave her hanging and you get back to your ex?! ASJHFKNFVEIW!! But I can’t close my doors for the possibility of them, getting back together. Aisht. I’m still a Ki Joon .<

  119. Thank you Koala for your recap. Even though I read your recap i felt a knot in my heart towards the end. I do not concern what YJ will do but I would like to see how KJ step up being a man and protect the person who is worthy, in this case AK. I read that there was a screen about young AK and KJ. Young AK looks so non chalant. lol… Where as young KJ is such a crybaby. Its funny how the present AK denied her first kiss with the present KJ. It could be young AK have her first kiss with young KJ and she doesn’t recognise KJ. Wow… That would be so so interesting…

  120. With so much hurt AJ is out of her mind – keeps restarting car, turn on wiper. I’m amazed she was able to avoid the car parked ahead. It would have been more DRAMATIC if she would have just rammed it full bore in full sight of KJ.

  121. haven’t watch the last 2 episodes but couldn’t fight back my tears by reading your recap (tearjerker me) hu hu hu…love LTM!

  122. Hi ockoala,

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. I was kinda busy so I was not able to check DB early and just not found out that they have dropped LTM. I know how hard it is to recaps the dramas and they have plenty on their plate right now. So it is truly a blessing that you are going to continue recapping this. While I am reading all the posts and your recap – about everything about the lie and all getting thrown out the window by this episode (8), an idea keeps popping in my mind.

    What IF Ki-joon will be the one devising a lie to get Ah Jeong back. Maybe she will really concentrate on the big project that she is heading and will be too busy and preoccupied to think or bother about Ki-joon. Maybe Ki-joon will get back to Yoon Joo to get closure on the relationship and he will realize the vast difference between the two women – the bland, no life, no passion one versus one that’s open, fun and truly alive and very passionate one and realize that Ah Jeong is someone who is his match in every way. But since Ah Jeong refuses to have anything to do with him again (and the fact that the Chinese couple has agreed on the contract and loves Ah Jeong so much) then he has to devise a BIG LIE to get Ah Jeong to at least cooperate (at first) for the sake of the business and work his way from there.

    Just a thought. And nice to be back visiting your blog once again. Kamsahamnida!

    • I soo like you idea Agnes, devise a BIG LIE to get Ah Jung back again, after he’s hurt her so bad.
      Isn’t it the theme of this drama, about lie.
      And after what happened in epi 8, I think this time it will be KJ who’s chasing after AJ (after he’s realise that AJ is his true love, not YJ)
      I will love to see how he will do that. It must be interesting.

  123. Just finished the Eng Sub Episode 8, I do feel KJ was given an opportunity to speak up when he chased AJ outside YJ’s house. However he just stood dumbfounded after calling out AJ’s name. He could just speak while AJ has her back towards him, it’s just because he wasn’t saying anything, thus AJ quickly spoke up to make him feel less guilty but her, more pain.

  124. Hey Koala,
    I’m so with you—i’m so so so mad at ki joon. He is an a**. You know what got me? That he not only kissed Ah Jung but held her hand. If kiss could be explained as something out of impulse, the hand-holding is a sure sign of commitment that cannot be explained away. argh!!!! I was crying tears of anger for Ah Jung at the end.

    appreciate your recapping! i’m also hooked on ‘drunken to love you’ thanks to you! now off to read that recap!

  125. Oh, btw, do you think that it is possible that the whole ‘oppa and I are back together’ thing from Yoon Joo was her wishful thinking? She still thinks this is just a misunderstanding and assumes Ki Joon’s appearance at the beach as a sign that his heart is still hers.
    At least that’s what i’m hoping.

  126. Ahhh… 🙁 I too went back to rewatch with c-subs and saw that and then I came here this morning and saw the edit. So I am back to what I originally said which is was go into the show and kick KJ in the @ss for being such an @ss. (pardon the language!!!) KJ – I hate indecisive men and the fact that he turned into one is a big X in my book. If I were AJ’s friend, I would say, “stay far far away from this one”. Not a whole lot different from the cheating JB. The hurt and pain is the same. Ah Jung – you have us supporting you!!

    Frankly, based on what YJ said, AJ had the right reaction. Why stand around and hear him make excuses for needing to get back together with YJ or even that he’s sorry. Does that even remove any of the pain at all for AJ, especially at that moment… and I think she was trying to hold it all in and stay composed. One dose from YJ isn’t enough? I doubt KJ has anything better to say. He sat there like a dead fish/ scared little boy and let YJ say all these things to her. WTH?!

    KJ had better man up fast and redeem himself. I did not like what samshik did to samsoon and if done like that in this drama, I will not like it again. KJ is currently at the top of my poop list. LOL

    Drama gods pleeeasssseee… don’t wait until the last episode or even 2nd to last episode to get them back to together.

  127. The last few episodes have made me think that maybe I’ll watch this series after all (the first two bored me/disappointed me so much I quit) — but the Aunt’s motivation has me baffled. She likes Yoon Ju but then goes out of her way to get the girl to go away? Was it just a ploy to make Ki Joon feel sorry for Yoon Ju, or what? Or is this just a case of “ignore this scene because the character’s being yanked around by the writer’s wish to create some dramatics”?

    • i think it’s the aunt way of protecting her nephews. 3 years without contact with SH is a long time. and with YJ back in the picture, aunt is just trying (in her own way) to protect both SH and KJ. just my thoughts.

      @ockoala – thank you for the awesome recap and screen caps. YEH has outdone herself as AJ, especially in the last 10 minutes. i totally cried with her.. i hope that next week’s episode wont rush into the explanations though, i like the pacing as it is. ^^

  128. very glad that you didn’t drop this drama…..can i help you smash KJ’s kneecaps? i hate him!…..anyway, thanks for the recap….

  129. My heart bleeds for AJ….. 🙁 and i’ll join you in busting KJ’s kneecaps! Shucks …. i hope AJ don’t forgive him easily for all that pain his indecisiveness caused. And i also hope the writer doesn’t wait until the last 2 epi to get them back together ….. otherwise i just might jump ship from a broken heart!

  130. Thanks a lot, it was so fanny read it, you are de best !!!! and i agree with you in this moment Ki Joon is NOT LIKE to me =b…

  131. Not sure if it’s significant, but I’m wondering why YJ said “Thanks to AJ, we are now back together”. What did AJ do so help them get back together?
    I’m hoping against hope that KJ is not what it seems in this episode. I don’t want him to go back with YJ and then find out his true love is AJ… must the plot be so cliched?

    Great acting from YEH, I love the way she cries, no dramatic bawling, but not too understated either… very believable and heartfelt.

    On the side note… did anyone noticed that the COLA Kiss scene in the show is a bit different from the spoiler pics of the kiss?
    In the Cola kiss scene where KJ has one hand on her head, AJ’s right hand was on KJ’s waist, whereas in the spoiler pics, AJ’s right hand was pinned behind her back.
    Hahahha… this means YEH and KJH had probably rehearsed the kiss or had to redo the kiss a few times? Hmmm… 🙂

  132. I’ve followed your playful kiss recaps and now your LTM recaps and both are so entertaining…thanks for all these

    great acting by both leads…they just pull you in and get you to emotionally invest, as I thought when I learned they’d be together in a drama, they have this sizzling chemistry that is just the right mix of adorable and sexy. anyway…when can we smash KJ’s kneecaps? I totally agree with you, I don’t care how adorable I think KJ is, Ah Jung is hurt damnit! I can’t wait till next episode and I just hope KJ’s actions wouldn’t make me want to punch him in the face

    ps. shameless hussy in playful kiss plays shameless hussy in this too (jae bum’s mistress)…I guess she just has this aura that screams that

    • OMG, I was wondering why Shameless Jae Bum Hussy looked soooooo familiar.

      It’s is indeed Shameless Seung Jo Hussy from PK! Thank you for making the connection.

      Okay, poor lady, to be continually typecast in Shameless Hussy roles.

      Oh, and the fact that you remembered my nickname for her in PK brings such joy. To think people actually read what I write and remember stuff from it. 😀

  133. Hi, thanks for the racap! I admire you for your dedication, you even skipped meals just to do these things. Gamsamnida 🙂 Though, I have to disagree with you about KJ. At first, I also thought he was such a jerk for what he did to AJ confirming his attraction to her then the next moment getting back with her (if that’s what’s really gonna happen) but then I thought he’s just human, he might just be confused.

  134. I am liking this drama more. Not sure if I like KJH and this is the first drama I’ve seen him in. There’s something about him that’s not masculine (don’t shoot me). I like YEH though. I think she is a really really nice person which clearly shows whatever role she is playing. The best lines of the drama I think are

    Boss: I said to write me a letter of apology.
    GAJ: I wrote one but somebody stole it.

    It’s funny because she gives of that vibe of being a good girl.

    I can’t really say much about the drama but I am looking forward to next week. And love you love you Ockoala!

  135. On the JB bashing, to be fair, I don’t think there are any hate comments on their dropping the drama, just avid followers that really value JB and GF’s recaps that are very disappointed and saying how disappointed they are. Its a testament for how good the two girls are at recapping. And for me, their dropping LTM has meant I discovered your blogg. So its all good to me. (You’re link was posted in the comments which is why I think there has been a mass exodus to you)

    • It upset me that some of the disappointment was coached in sarcasm or dripping with condescension that they can’t drop this recap anytime they want, for any reason they want.

      It belies a feeling of entitlement, no? As a blogger, we appreciate the love and thanks, but conversely expectations ought to maintained about what we do. And lastly, it’s no fun to write a recap when one doesn’t much enjoy the drama, and its not fun to read said recap. Which is why when a drama is dropped, it’s really for the best. Just my 2 cents~

      • One thing I learned about writing you can’t please everyone, and the content of your writing says a lot about the writer 😉 My motto if I want to write, I simply write, NO PLEASING PEOPLE, stay factual and be original… what makes writing fun, someone told me that keeping your urge to express yourself will make you go crazy and writing about it is a healthy way 😉 it gives you an new angle of things an eye opener….but again we have to be responsible too about what we write because it affects people’s lives! 😉 Keep the faith!!!! And simply have fun 😉 Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

    • As for me, I started following DB since my princess. But yes, because I couldn’t read LTM there I searched for another and I found yours(thanks drama God)…so thank you for recapping this great show koala sama=)

  136. Hey there Koala, thank you for the recap.

    I like/love the show (episodes 7 and 8…) and just find it so addicting. The main casting is great but I have my doubts about the others and as for the plot….

    I posted on JB that I recall that City Hall was mediocre until about episode 7 or 8, then it exploded to become my favorite rom/com of all time. So here’s hoping, eh?!

  137. I watched the drama this morning once the English subs were up and caught that line, “thanks to AJ, YJ and HJK are back together.” I’m thinking, WTF? Really? I’m hoping it means something else other than, “we’re back together again and giving our relationship a second chance”. I was happy that AJ did not grovel or beg but walked out with her head held high, accepting responsibility and not allowing him to see how devastated she was by this blow. And even happier still that AJ went directly to SR and confessed that it was all a lie. I really felt for her during the last half of the episode and upset with HKJ for not speaking up (although, he was probably confused and AJ didn’t give him an opportunity to explain herself). If that were me, I would have done the same thing (except sitting outside YJ’s house throughout the night–no, don’t think I would have done that. I have to have some dignity). But I can understand why she did it. So many mixed emotions and signals. She fell completely for HKJ only to have her heart stomped on. Not cool. And part of me thinks that Sang Hee realized that his brother was falling for AJ as he was starting to develop feelings for her as well, and banking on HKJ’s still lingering feelings for his ex, decided to push YJ towards HKJ, hoping to drive a wedge between them both so that he can have her for himself.

    This episode had enough angst in it to drive me crazy until next week’s episode. I wasn’t expecting to get hooked (as Eps 1 and 2 were a disappoinment). It was that attempted first kiss that got me hooked again. I really want to know what is up Sang Hee’s sleeves and want to see how HKJ is going to redeem himself and make it up to AJ, assuming that he realizes that AJ is the one who truly stole his heart.

    Thanks ockoala for your brilliant recaps! I happened upon your site during the 49 Days madness and noted that you had your recaps up before DB–you eased my anxiety level from week to week during that time period (I seriously have to learn Korean). I still love Dramabeans but am glad that I have another favorite resource to go to for all things drama! Thanks again! =)

  138. Aunt now recognize how nice AJ is- after all she got the deal closed with just her charm. Notice how AJ didn’t forget to give her bow/greeting whereas the snooty YJ never did. Classy AJ. I’m sure Aunt now knows AJ ( investigated/watched ) from head to toe so letting AJ hear she is agreeable is a big YES to AJ. It looks like the immature(table slam and glare) KJ wants the umbilical cord cut by Aunt. Remember, AJ – “How did you get to be a CEO?”.
    How would KJ presents YJ as his wife to Chaitman/Wife? Aunt understand this and she doesn’t like YJ either after saying she doesn’t matter anymore.
    KJ should wake up to the hints the Chairman/Wife have been telling him – AJ is a really nice person, and someone marrying one tells a lot how nice a man is. For 30yrs Chairman/Wife is a mirror of each other.

    I’m beginning to like the writer use of new metaphor. It might turn out the biggest lie after all is the notion of these young kids who got to be CEO not on merits and thinks they carry the whole of ROK on their shoulder? It’s getting interesting, and of course, entertaining.

  139. Captain, thank you so much for the recaps.
    I really appreciate your hard work and even tho this is your playground. you do it for your enjoyment but happily share it with us all. You have absolutely NO obligation to us. I’m sad to hear how others can be critical…where are our manners…
    We forget to show appreciation for things that are taken for granted.
    Everything around us exist because of someone’s hard work….I exist because of someone…I may not know all of whom it may be…but thankful always.

    ~sigh~I love the chemistry between YEH & KJH! Yes, gives me the feeling I had when I saw the GEUNs! In one BTS where KJH is fanning YEH…so adorable…it reminds me of Eugene & Ki Tae Young. KTH is so caring for Eugene…really shows a couple in love! I loved the chemistry between YEH and Gong Yoo in Coffee prince. That there was definitely something between them…but I feel more intimacy with KJH…
    I can’t jump ship onto the Hwan-Hye ship since I’m a LOYAL Geun-Geun shipper but I hope they will sail along side our ship so I can keep an eye and support HH as well. I wonder who will find Land first?! ~land ho~!
    Once again thank you Captain Koala, your highness!

    • Oh MikiMouse sweetie,

      I need my GG-ladies to keep the GG-ship going strong, while I flit around here and there starting more trouble. 😛

      Without a doubt, if the Hwan-Hye ship starts dropping as many insane hints as the GG-ship, they’d reach land first cuz they are older. Our GG-babies needs more time to mature – with each other, of course. 😀

  140. So though i don’t regularly watch this drama, after all the praise about the beautiful chemistry, i had to at least awtch the last two episodes.. So first of all thank you for your recaps- it was’nt hard for me to follow along because of your adn DB’s recaps till now..
    Anyhow when i was watching the beautiful chemistry between YEH & KJH, i kept thinking about one of your comments about how both of them are just acting how two people act when they are just starting to like each other..You are sitting there thinking- “should i call or not”..”omg what will he say if i call, but why is’nt he calling?” ..i mean fine this may not be the best written drama out there..But it really did tap into the whole initial love phase which everyone goes through..Where you are smiling for no reason! Of course the credit goes to the actors for bringing these characters out so beautifully that we could all relate to them….
    Anyhow hopefully the rest of the 8 episodes left in this show continue to be cute and have more kisses.hehe

  141. Ockoala–thanks so much for the recap—like you my heart was soo badly broken, beaten up, strangled, mangled at AJ’s anguish, I justed paused the moment she started sobbing because YEH does that to me…. brings anew and makes the similar scenes from Goong/Princess Hours and Coffee Prince seem like I just watched them a few seconds ago. I really couldn’t continue because YEH is so great at this kind of scenes…. This coming week is doom-gloom until the light that comes with the next episode.. I hope that happends and the gloom doesn’t perpetuate to another week..
    Thanks once again for your take on this episode, fighting…!!! SOB!!!

  142. you guys are so funny what the point of the show if their is no confilct and leave hj alone he did not start the lie. now the story is more intense and i did feel so sorry for a j. my heart broke for her but this means she has really falling hard for him could you blame her we will get a happy ending thats the main thing and leave hj alone

  143. as at 2:26 pm, 2 Jun 2011, NZ time, this recpa has “235 Responses to Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap”… is that right? I’ve never seen so many responses…

    interest was piqued by the 3 kisses 🙂

  144. hi! i was also looking for that very important line Yun Ju said about getting back together again with KJ.
    however, somebody posted at the soompi thread that it did not literally mean getting back together, to quote:

    whenYJ said: “woori dashi mannatsoyo” this literally translates to “we met again”. She used past tense which indicates that they simply just met. if she had said: “woori dashi mannago itsoyo” than that would mean “we are seeing each other”. But she said, either way it’s VERY confusing as it’s quite vague. One can take “we met again” to mean more than just ‘meeting’, but instead take it as ‘seeing’ which is understandable.

    i don’t know what to think anymore. i just think it’s impossible he got back together again with her, after those kisses? if he did and if i were AJ, i would hire somebody to knock his senses out.

  145. Seems like AJ might go on a vacation or something soon……. Some people saw YEH filming at an airport….

  146. The following episodes would surely have a mother load of surprises, I think this time around it’s Ah Jung’s turn to make Ki Joon regret that he let her go….=)

  147. Ki joon better have damn good reason for “restarting” his stupid relationship with yoon joo like her basically having cancer or something equally detrimental to her health….That is the only reason i will look at Ki joon with gooey lovey dovey eyes again..or its WAR!!! well war as in i will pray for him to suffer like no other to get Ah Jung back!!! And i swear i have never hated a kdrama second lead female role who does not display a outright bitchy front but i cannot stand yoon joo..From the way she looks like a freaking 10 year old to the way she clings on to Ki joon. Seriously does the woman have no ego whatsoever!? The man left you 3 years ago- MOVE ON!!!! actually that could probably be said for a lot of second lead females in Kdramas but that’s a different story..
    And on second note, as i read in one of the comments in one of the posts that you made about their kiss– “I will never look a coke the same way again”. Coke has forever been transformed into lusty sensuous aphrodisiac for me..hehe 😉

  148. Koala.. I’m one of your biggest fans.. I love reading your recaps..
    I maybe a minority here… I think that KJ is not indeceisive man. If he is he would have succumb to YJ request during her barefoot walk with him. AJ’s is being presumptous and not giving him an opportunity to explain himself. I hope KJ will be assertive and work to woo AJ. In my opinion, KJ has already fallen for AJ.. KJ & AJ are both similar, both always putting others before themselves..this is the basis of his attraction to her.

    I’m looking forward to the role SH will play.. will he continuue to be fairy godmother or villain in disguise.. Will SR & AJ relationship improve as a result of development in Ep8? Can’t wait for Monday.

  149. OK! Someone please confirm and reconfirm for me that oh yoon ju really said ” thanks to ah jungshi we’re back together “. I don;t understand korean but if she really actually said that then it’s a major FML. How dare she !!!!!! UHHHHHHHHH…

    • She did say that thanks to Ah Jung they were “meeting” again.

      Im not Korean, or even great at it but I know a few things and the way that she said it, is the way one would use for dating someone.

      she didnt say that because of Ah Jung they “met” again but “meeting” as in currently dating again. Bummer…. :(. I hate that woman!!

  150. So im not the only one that wants to kick Yoon Ju and Ki Joon until they cant move and send them to mars in a spaceship with no food…

    YEH’s acting is great in this episode, which is why our anger is elevated a couple of notches at the Yoon Ju/Ki Joon situation. Yeah, Ah Jung cut him off when he was going to say something but I dont think he was going to say that things werent like she thought. I swear that the word coming out of his mouth was going to be “I’m sorry”… I mean, when Yoon Ju said that they were back together, he just sat there, SILENT!!! He didnt say anything while he clearly saw that Ah Jung was hurt. It was obvious that the situation was ripping her inside out but all he could do was let Yoon Ju say whatever she wanted.

    Uggghhh and dont even get me started about Sang-Hee… if he comes to try and date Ah Jung, I will send imaginary mental threats to the writer (WHAT?! XD). Im all for Sang-Hee being a friend but NOT RIGHT NOW. I think Ah Jung needs to get past this hurdle alone and that will make her mature; this is the golden opportunity to change her childish character (I loved her bluntness but she is too irresponsible). Sang Hee can go play little brother to Yoon Ju and stay away from Ah Jung… for some odd reason, I actually think that the person who is going to help her will be So-ran; she looked genuinely worried about Ah Jung when she left.

    Hyun Ki Joon better go through hell and back to get Ah Jung back to him because if she just forgives him over worry or is just swoon by a kiss (im all for kisses but not now) I will probably rip my guts out.

    Ok, rant done XD. Thanks for recapping this…. You dont know how happy I was to learn that you were doing it since I was reading the recap at DB. I understand they got little time with all the great dramas airing. Uff, I needed a place to go off like a time bomb.

  151. Hiks…hiks….hiks…. how poor you Ah Jung… Yoon Ju!!! I hate u…., Ki Joon… How dare u….! Why???? 🙁
    thanks for recapping ya…..

  152. My Heart for Ah Jung
    I can feel her broken heart…so sad…
    Damn you ..Ki Joon, just playing her feeling toward u now
    Thank u Captain and i always impatient waiting for next eps recap 😀

  153. Ok guys – I’m having serious issues with Yobo this is what happened pre Tuesday
    Yobo: what is it?
    Me: hmmm?
    Yobo: what so funny? You keep giggling and smiling to yourself.
    Me: o nothing.
    Yobo: look you’ve been smiling and humming the last 3 days! What!
    Me: giggle, giggle. – he kissed her – squeeee!!

    After Wednesday
    Yobo: Now what!
    Me: nothing 
    Yobo : so what with the face?
    Me: Nothing!

    Yobo: seriously! What?! You have been crying haven’t you?
    Me: I’m ok

    Yobo: open the door!! Open this bathroom door now!!
    Me: kwenchana! Kwenchana!! Sob sob!!!
    Yobo: ok that’s enough you’re telling me what’s wrong now!
    Me: POOR AH JUNG!!!
    Yobo: you kill me – you know that!! Sheesh!!! Stop watching Lie To Me!!!

    Question – what do I dobwith him?

    • Ask Yobo to watch LTM with you and have him analyze what KJ did, maybe we’ll get some insights…
      For all we know he may be more giggly or more cry baby than we all are put together, when he gets to watch LTM…=)

      • That is O so true – he bawled all the way through Jejoonwon – really.

    • It’s a good thing my husband is not around when I watch LTM, he’ll just laugh at me when he sees me cry. Too much drama over a drama he’d say…LOL

      • Mine is smarter than me – he waits till I’ve downloaded all episodes with subs then he sits and watches. Me – I keep saying I will not watch in real time and what do I do? All I can say is Yobo better watch it this week cos I’m depressed as h*ll and mopey to boot!

      • @Angelitocurioso
        Yobo in Korean, can either mean “dear” or “honey”. A term of endearment for couples, in Madkdr’s case it’s her husband…. =)

  154. thanks yosi for the confirmation -__- …. uh what are we going to do now ? yoon joo better have some sort of incurable illness or something. have anyone notice the evil characters are always named oh yoon joo. oh yoon joo the crazy lady from my princess and now this oh yoon joo. how can he just do her in like this ? what happened to our cola kiss ????!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. love your recaps. big fan. always visit your recaps after i watch each episodes to check out what your thoughts are on each character. makes me understand them better.
    can’t wait for next eps. dying here for another week

  156. “…reduce the urge to drop kick Ki Joon to Mars…”

    This statement was funny. I haven’t heard ‘drop-kick’ in sooo long. I loved this episode to death. I agree with you that he is confused, but I kinda got the impression that he knows that his relationship with Yun is done. He’s in love with Ah Jung.

    Thanks for the recap. 🙂

  157. OcKoala Unni,

    PLEASE find something about episode 9 (pictures, preview,..) I am dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for your comment and recap! LOVE it!!

    • From smr05 in :

      i hope these havent been posted..

      8 spoilers in no particular order, from DCLTM who read the script/synopsis.
      may not make sense until we watch the episode. warning: poor ah jung

      1. KJ goes to where AJ is.
      AJ tries her best to hide from him but eventually they bump into one another.
      AJ ends up telling KJ: “[seeing you] is annoying and i’m ashamed to look at you.. and it hurts too much” and ‘breaks up’ with him.

      2. AJ goes to SR’s place.
      AJ asks SR for help. She doesnt know what to do in this situation and wants SR to help her out of this (emotional) mess.

      3. One of AJ’s colleagues finds out about AJ and KJ’s relationship* and asks AJ if it’s true. AJ denies it, saying it’s just a nonsensical rumour. [*i dont know whether this is about the fake marriage or the recent breakup]

      4. SH is in desperate need to ‘solve an issue’ with AJ and fails to get in contact with her. He ends up going to the cafe, asking around if AJ has visited. There he runs into AJ and AJ has tears in her eyes and runs away. SH goes after AJ but is unable to find her.

      5. A Han River duck boat scene makes an appearance.

      6. YJ goes to where AJ is and wants to have a talk.
      AJ tries her best to hold herself together and listens to what YJ has to say. YJ asks AJ to go meet KJ and wonders why KJ doesnt ask her himself. […huh?]

      7. There are a number of scenes with the Ah-Ki couple sleeping/lying on the same bed. […woot?]

      8. AJ can no longer hold in her anger and the unfairness of this whole situation that she hits/slaps KJ. […yay?]

      ^^ seems like the whole episode is centred around people looking for AJ, lols.

  158. So, I just saw 8 episode right now and I think that kiss with ex-fiance was real. AJ was worried and decided to expect them in from of her house but meanwhile they were together and what we saw wasn´t her dream. And YJ said they get back together. It makes sense.

  159. I seriously want to punch Ki Joon just like everyone else. Yoon eun hye’s sad crying scenes always made me cry either it be in Coffee Prince or LTM, and she always made me break out and laugh during the funny scenes. Thanks so much for recaping!!!

  160. Ms Koala,
    We think alike. I love your recaps and always looking forward to reading them every week. Thanks for writing down all the emotions when I felt watching this drama. Every comment was spot-on. Thanks again.

  161. From smr05 in :

    i hope these havent been posted..

    8 spoilers in no particular order, from DCLTM who read the script/synopsis.
    may not make sense until we watch the episode. warning: poor ah jung

    1. KJ goes to where AJ is.
    AJ tries her best to hide from him but eventually they bump into one another.
    AJ ends up telling KJ: “[seeing you] is annoying and i’m ashamed to look at you.. and it hurts too much” and ‘breaks up’ with him.

    2. AJ goes to SR’s place.
    AJ asks SR for help. She doesnt know what to do in this situation and wants SR to help her out of this (emotional) mess.

    3. One of AJ’s colleagues finds out about AJ and KJ’s relationship* and asks AJ if it’s true. AJ denies it, saying it’s just a nonsensical rumour. [*i dont know whether this is about the fake marriage or the recent breakup]

    4. SH is in desperate need to ‘solve an issue’ with AJ and fails to get in contact with her. He ends up going to the cafe, asking around if AJ has visited. There he runs into AJ and AJ has tears in her eyes and runs away. SH goes after AJ but is unable to find her.

    5. A Han River duck boat scene makes an appearance.

    6. YJ goes to where AJ is and wants to have a talk.
    AJ tries her best to hold herself together and listens to what YJ has to say. YJ asks AJ to go meet KJ and wonders why KJ doesnt ask her himself. […huh?]

    7. There are a number of scenes with the Ah-Ki couple sleeping/lying on the same bed. […woot?]

    8. AJ can no longer hold in her anger and the unfairness of this whole situation that she hits/slaps KJ. […yay?]

    ^^ seems like the whole episode is centred around people looking for AJ, lols.

  162. Thank you for recapping LTM. I’m a BIG fan of YEH, and I must admit that KJH and YEH look good together. I can’t wait to see the next episodes and hot madness scenes. Your good writing skill is very much appreciated by your followers, including me.
    Please continue recapping LTM =)

  163. waoo went from heaven to hell with this episode, my heart cried with tears, I love the couple and desire to overcome all obstacles to be happy. Koala I appreciate your summaries. THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND MORE. Counting the hours, minutes and seconds to see and episode 9, this is as good for the better.

  164. I was wondering why AJ dreamed that KJ kissed YJ on the beach?

    I think its because thats how KJ has always behaved, i think his minds get to kiss first and then do talking later. Proved twice, when he had to kiss first to get a word out of his mouth.

    Just saying….

  165. hi! do you know the title of the “depressing ballad” / the last 3 songs which drunk Ah Jung sang in the noraebang? Thanks

  166. I love how you do your recaps, your comments are all excite me!!
    I have tons of heart breaking/breath taking/ and joyful fun moment

    thank you for the hard work, I know it ain’t easy
    and we love you for that 🙂


  167. “which is why I’ll feel sorry for you, too, when your face runs into my fist by accident.”

    lololol. the funniest line ever. this is why i love reading recaps.

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