A New Hairdo for One of the Male Leads in Lie to Me

I wish I had more substantive Lie to Me updates for everyone, but all I’ve got is a haircut to share. It’s better than nothing, right? The male lead in question unveiled the haircut today while filming an upcoming birthday party scene. I have to say he looks so much better with this new do.

I guess a new do is yet another indicator that the second half of LTM might be chock full of new complications and new directions. As long as Ah Jung and Ki Joon remain on a collision course towards each other, I could care less where anyone else ends up. But I prefer Yoon Joo to end up at the bottom of a snake pit. Filled with a bajillion snakes.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the online chatter so rabid for a K-drama. Baidu and DC Gall have been on fire all week, and if you guys think my threat to punch Yoon Joo in her smug face and then bust Ki Joon’s kneecaps was violent, it’s nothing compared to the disemboweling they are getting elsewhere. C’est la vie – that what you get for making Ah Jung (aka Yoon Eun Hye) cry. Though I confess I haven’t the heart to lay a hand on Kang Ji Hwan. I am willing to be patient and hear him explain himself.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Lie to Me bar]


A New Hairdo for One of the Male Leads in Lie to Me — 116 Comments

  1. Disemboweling sounds good…why didn’t I think of that?

    The fans of our Young Girl Warrior YEH are prone to display that love in a gratuitous, awesome, and fearsome fashion

  2. short hair becomes him, I think. I hope his role in the show improves as well. Otherwise, he will also get a disembowelment.

  3. Some one mentioned from DC that they saw filming YEH at the airport. woooooooo you go girl (AJ), you deserve to have a vacation from all the heavy stuff that happened to you.

    • wow, i’m kinda expecting it to happen coz i want Ki-joon to really miss Ah-jung. Since they have a big project supervised by her in her work, i kinda wished that it will be something that will take her away from Ki-joon. Anyway, her work and being a civil servant, is her salvation to insanity when he got broken hearted the first time. I just wisj that Ki-joon will miss her BIG TIME!!! And all the people around him will see his depression, including Sang-hee (so that he will no longer push him to Yoon-joo…

  4. Darn. Unni, does this mean our plan is off? Even if I had to wear a hazmat suit to do it, holding down Ki-joon would still be an experience. ^_~

    • I’m letting my beloved Ji Hwan/Ki Joon skate for now because he said only two sentences in the last ten minutes of the episode, and looked very unhappy. Dongsaeng-ya, you appear way too excited to hold him down. *eyes estel warily*

      The line for Kang Ji Hwan starts about….oops, can’t see the end of the line anywhere. πŸ˜‰

      If he doesn’t shape up in episode 9, we can revive the plan.

      • ~le sigh~ Ok, ok, I’ll back off Kang Ji-hwan. As long as I get to keep Choi Siwon. And Jang Geun-seok. And Jung Il-woo. And Lee Minho. Song Joong-ki. I’ll confine myself to the more age-appropriate group, I suppose. ~heaves resigned sigh~

        ~looks around warily for endodo~

      • Since my other dongsaeung endodo isn’t around to KAPOW and refute your Choi Si Won claim…..I guess its finders keepers, right?

        As for the rest of the twenty-something boytoys, man, you are getting greedy, lil’ sis. But hey, that’s totally the pot calling the kettle black. *runs off the secure my stash of oppas and ICOMYM boys*

    • thank you for that πŸ™‚ heh..how funny is it that the minute the kiss starts it goes on slo-mo and they play Blink’s Kiss me

  5. He looks so much better with that haircut but i hate all of then right now except for my Ah Jung. I wanna punch Yoon Ju in the face when I see her smiling like that.

  6. I keep checking every couple of hours for something, anything about lie to me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive the rest of the week without something to soothe my curiosity. Not even this upcoming sunday’s episode of DTYL is exciting me as much as finding out what Ki Joon is going to do to redeem himself in my eyes.

    • I know right? I keep thinking this is only a drama, but I can’t help but feel strongly for Ah JUng and Ki Joon! πŸ™ I don’t want Mondays to come because that’s the first day of class, but I want Mondays to come faster because of Lie To Me! Why can’t it be shown everyday?? (Just like here in the Phils). ^^

      16 episodes is not even a month, if that will be the case.

  7. would these photos from a flashback? I do like the haircut, so cute… =)

    And my addiction in this drama is unbelievable!

    Thanks for all the information provided!


  8. Ahhh Sang Hee looks really good with that hairdo….but I cant muster much Happiness for him right now. Everytime I see his face I think of what he did!!! Gah!! Todays thursday atleast….Monday, can you hear me?!!!!!

  9. I think no one gave KJ a chance to explain… He could be telling YJ that their relationship cannot proceed anymore… I am praying and hoping Ep 9, KJ will explain…

  10. It’s at Ki Joon’s house, huh? I wonder whose birthday it is… Ki Joon’s? I wonder if they invited Ah Jung. If they did, they should let KJ know that they invited AJ and then she never shows up…… Let him wait for her….

    Here’s an interesting conversation by some Korean fans on DCLie:

    Lhay says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    Koreans posts this @ DCLTM:

    useless yoonjoo!
    kill yoonjoo!
    yoonju isnt really the problem since she doesnt know, kijun is in the wrong!
    kill kijun!
    but what about ah jung?!
    oh…. kill sanghee, he gave yoonju hope!
    stupid yoonju why listen to sanghee?
    so we’re back to yoonju?
    kill yoonju!
    Link: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/360480-drama-2011-lie-to-me-%eb%82%b4%ea%b2%8c-%ea%b1%b0%ec%a7%93%eb%a7%90%ec%9d%84-%ed%95%b4%eb%b4%90/page__st__2540

    After all the heartache we all felt yesterday, I needed a pick me up, so even though it’s way-off topic, here’s a new guy for YEH (for now): (Cr: HallyuYoonEunHye)

    • after a day’s work and nothing fr LTM to cheer me up, this conversation helped!!
      YEAH!! (sharpening butcher knife) KILL Yoon Ju ….

      • Muahahahahaha !! We are GONNA kill her like NOW!!! I’m buying my plane ticket online!!! Its gonna be, Iron Chef World Tour and Yoon Joo is the secret ingredient!! LOL Muahahaha!!

        And the songs says:
        I wanna be wicked, I wanna tell lies
        I wanna be mean, and throw mud pies
        I wanna be evil, I wanna be mad
        But more than that I wanna be bad

        Muahaha I’m EVIL!! >.<

    • ROFL on the posts. I think everyone’s in agreement that someone should die for what happened to Ah Jung. So DIE Yoon Joo Ki Joon Sang Hee Evil Aunt for making that situation possible!

      • u think we should do evil aunt?
        But evil aunt wanted to keep YJ away fr KJ.
        so may be we should team evil aunt & oust YJ.

      • I like the aunt, she gave it to YJ on the face telling her, because of you, i want to agree to this marriage. Love aunt for that.

        I think you should take on YJ for running to younger brother with her sob story, trying to get back to elder brother, and making faces to aunt.

        On a side note, i love you pictures and posts ockoala, but can you edit/delete/remove YJ face for sometime now until AJ is fine and we are all settled? I hate to see her pics even in spoilers now.

  11. SH looks better with the new hairstyle.. Not bad at all.

    But please please please don’t touch KJ’s hair!! Don’t go all blondie like lee Jin soo in CH.

  12. new hair equals new love for Sang-Hee?

    imagining the tension if KJ, AJ, YJ, SH, it’s in the b’day party… hahahahaha

    oh, and btw, i like you imagination : “Yoon Joo to end up at the bottom of a snake pit. Filled with a bajillion snakes.” >> like cobra, rattle snake, and black mamba please…

  13. *swoon*

    I’m not a SH/AJ shipper because their friendship is so adorable as a regular friendship, but every time he’s on screen I melt into a puddle of goo. There’s probably something wrong with my brain chemistry, but I actually prefer him to Hunky Joon. Kang Ji Hwan is admittedly VERY attractive but I find his acting a bit wooden at times (please don’t flame me).

    Currently I’m only angry at Ki Joon: Manipulator of Emotions. I feel bad for AJ, but it does feel a bit like karma since she has spent so much of the show being extremely petty. I’m very proud of her for finally coming clean though!

    I actually feel bad for Yoon Joo too, since she had her life turned upside-down by those brothers. She’s not likable, but I don’t feel any violent urges yet.

    As for Sang Hee, I think he’s getting way too much hate! What he did was completely the right thing, and he would’ve been a jerk to keep trying for Yoon Joo. He’s been living with the guilt of breaking them up for 3 years, and he’s pretending not to have feelings for her for the sake of them both. Whether or not they actually get back together or not isn’t his responsibility, but at least he gave them the gift of choice! Besides, how can you dislike him when he smirks like that?

    • somehow i agree w you, Fanderay! i’m angry at KJ for being slow at recognizing his feelings (and for making AJ cried!). i can’t really hate YJ (yet!) bcoz she hasn’t given any vibes that she’s going to be bitchy abt the whole situation. As for SH, can’t really blame him as from his p.o.v, he doesn’t know what’s going on btwn KJ & AJ (ah…the kisses!).

      • agreed.. Sang Hee is actually growing up, letting go of his first love to her and his bro happy. Its just that he might be a little too keen on getting them back together later on in the story. For now, I have nothing against him. As for Yoon Ju.. I think, most people hate her for being a distraction of OTP but otherwise, she is a fine person (so far!)

        I will be happy and sad if there is SH/AJ/KJ triangle… bros fighting again for the same girl is kinda heartbreaking… but at the same time, I want KJ jealous!!

    • Totally and completely agree with you. The bad one here is Ki-joon shi. First, you kiss ME, not once, but twice… Second, you tell me about why you didnt reply my text msg worrying about you, making me have all this fuzzy emotions… and all of a sudden you go running towards your ex-fiancee whatever, thats back in town and leave ME there?Β‘?Β‘

  14. all i can say is i’m falling for the two assistants of the two dramas Park Hoon (LTM) and Jae Suk (BL) they’re both too adorable =)

    • I luuuurve Jae Suk. I’ve found him more attractive than the leads in both BL and Queen of Reversals (even though he plays dorky characters). I would love to see him with a starring role in a drama (although I think he’s coming out with a movie soon).

  15. Prediction: I’m thinking there will be a jump in time, given the haircuts. What is going to happen? I don’t know. They don’t have a reason to see each other again.

    • There should be a time leap. In episode 1, the festival scene says September 2009. I haven’t noticed until I read one of the comments on soompi and then I looked back…

      • There is no time jump after all. It seems like it was a mistake by the subbing team. They missed one word that caused chaos at the LTM Thread at soompi… Crazy…

        But there was a fan picture of YEH that was taken at a weird angle. It looked like her hair is also cut, but again, the picture was taken at a weird angle so don’t take my word.

  16. i so love reading your blog ockoala…:) your sense of humor, im lovin it!! even if you are only talking about the haircut dont matter to me as long as it still relates to LTM reading other peoples comment is really fun too….will sure check your site again few hours from now, just in case you got something else about LTM hehehe..

  17. Yoon Joo to end up at the bottom of a snake pit filled with a bajillion snakes???
    NO… NO… NOOOO!!!! it’s her bailiwick. she’s a gorgon…. she’s MEDUSA!!! why not make her a missile instead?

    • Medusa?? Really?? Then let’s call Perseus to help us kill her!! Again!! OMG my murderous mode is TOTALLY ACTIVATED !! LOL

  18. He definitely looks better with the new haircut… I’m starting to hate him less because of it… let’s just hope his character changes for the better just like his haircut…

  19. I liked Sung Joon’s previous hair better.. this one is not nice. But, KJH looks better in his haircut for sure.

    Me too, I don’t want to punch Ki Joon.. yet.

  20. SH’s haircut is soo refreshing.. I looiikkee..Brings out his features.. better.. Looks like the party is at KJ’s.. Hmmmm.

    • Muahahahaha OMG, you are relieving my “I cant wait for monday anymore”!!!
      Really can Monday be tomorrow, please!!!
      Like tomorrow!!

  21. Is is possible that this is a flashback instead? They’re also wearing kiddie party hats and having cake so it could have been a birthday party pre-break up of Yoon Joo and Ki Joon? With Sanghee’s current portrayal of his role and Ki Joon’s OC behavior, I doubt they’d agree to have such a party. It’s too lighthearted an occassion for the current moodiness of the drama.

    I’m so amazed that a lot of us are starved for LTM news that a haircut and a birthday party are a source of joy. It makes waiting for Monday much easier. By the way, I’m more of a lurker than a participant in the many blogs I’ve read. Aside from LTM, the only other time I’ve commented on a blog was for Coffee Prince. Thank you Koala for giving us an opportunity to spazz. I discovered your site because of DTLY. I’m surprised that you know chinese as well as korean.

    • I looked back at the episode 4 flashback of SH crying 3 years ago, and his hair is the same, so I think it might be a flash-forward (kudos to vegaspink for noticing that the “current” year is 2009).

      Normally I hate big jumps in time, but since it’s not the last episode (which is when they usually happen) it could be interesting. Not something I expected though…very mysterious.

      • It isn’t 2009 after all. Sorry….

        There was a mistake in the subbing…

  22. Ms. Koala,
    I have one question. Why do you hate Yoon Joo so much. Her character never did anything wrong or bad. All she did was come back. She never did anything sinister or evil. So why do you hate her so much?

    • I sure hate her too. if she really love k.jun and unwilling to gave up. she would have stay instead of going away for 3 years.no matter who ask her to leave.she can stay around and wait, if she left and the seat is empty , and aj jung is on already, then she is consider to be a 3rd party! I agree beat up
      k. jun and yuen joo!

    • i have an answer for that.. bec of that sort of smirk she gave while inviting AJ in.. YJ, way to go rub more salt why don’t you? She seriously need to be more sensitive especially since she’s a girl…
      I looked at AJ’s expression and it’s quite obvious that she’s upset, for someone of YJ’s ”well-bred’ upbringing.. that was some shitload of a maneuver on her part..

      I really dislike damsels like her.. and can’t she atleast style her hair.. this drama is really similar to MNIKSS.. esp the love-triangle; the second lead in MNIKSS did not own a hairbrush as well..lol

      • LOL *on the hairbrush comment! hilarious! i was thinking the same thing when i saw her. i just hate well-bred 2nd lead girl. now, if it’s 2nd lead male, hmmm…that’s a different story.
        oh c’mon, it’s a given to HATE 2nd lead female. remember yoon ju from My Princess, hate her. UEE in YAB, hate her, too. but there won’t be much drama without their characters.

      • Muahahaha no hair brush? Really? ROFLMAO You kill me really!!
        I hope LTM doesn’t go like a cheap copy of MNIKSS, and Ki Joo, a cheap clone of Sam Shik!! HELL NO!! The blood will get to the river, if that crap happens!! Hey I’m with the Iron Chef World Tour, and Perseus is my sous-chef!!! LOL OMG Im going nuts!!! ah, Yoon Joo still the secret ingredient!!

      • Yes, it is definitely a given to hate female 2nd leads esp the bitchy ones like Yoon Ju from My Princess.. but I really hate the damsels more.. i find it irritating how oblivious they’re all trying to make themselves to be, regarding the now-existing prospective partners of their past loves,just to feed ‘their’ cause (wc is to get back together with the male lead).. it’s borderline pathetic imo.. i dislike girls who’re willing to use pity just to get what they want..

        and i don’t agree with soran when she implied that yoon joo is gorgeous or something to that effect.. like the sun shines for her.. ugh.. just look at the state of her hair.. compare it with Ah Jung’s primped-up hair-do.. no contest at all! Her hair looks downright messy IMO..not beach waves at all if she’s trying to go for that look. She could’ve used some frizz-free styling cream or something, what with all this bullshit-talk of Sang Hee of Kijoon not being able to replace her in the latter’s heart.. wc doesn’t really ring any truth NOW because…..

        NEWSFLASH Sanghee!!!
        Your beloved and (according to you) forever-loyal-to-his-first-love hyung just exchanged tonsils with Ah Jung.. not once.. not twice.. but thrice.. (they kissed twice during the Cola kiss.. so I counted that 2 times.. lol) that it could’ve melted the polar ice caps causing a second Great Flood! So really, stop with the false hopes already.. aish! >>

    • Maybe they were friends in their childhood- that would be great.

      What’s worst is that Gong Ah-jung is his half-sister. The accident happened because their parents(Ki-joons father and Ah-jung’s mother) have an affair. Remember, Ah-jung’s father happened to be in love with that ahjumma who owns a restaurant? So her mother basically finds another man(Ki-joon’s father) and the result is AH-JUNG!!! What the heck.

      The plot should better not take the route of my second prediction or else, I’ll go straight to korea and kick the writer all the way down to the bottom of a snake pit. hahaha

      • AJ is most likely not gonna be KJ’s half-sister… This is a rom-com, not a melodrama….. Besides, I think that AJ’s mom was just friends with KJ’s parents, hence the description of AJ being a “mother’s friend’s daughter”.

      • Can I help? In the kicking!! Look, I’m in a murderous, full of rage stage, right now, and I have to release the pressure some how, can we all go like a fearless mob, and kick some ass, to hell and back!! Please!! Say yes, please!! I wanna, I wanna!! Please!!! LOL

  23. Yep… the 2009 timestamp timestamp is a good catch.

    Maybe it is flash forward.
    I’m assuming that this short hairdo is Sung Joon’s (aka SH) real hairdo right now. If it’s a flashback and he had short hair in the past while and in current times, he had the longer hair, does that mean he has to wear the wig (long hair) for the rest of the show?

    Also, someone mentioned that YEK was seen filming at the airport. Here’s a thought…
    Maybe after this heartbreaking event, AJ left Korea for a while or something like that and then the story continued on the flash forward.

  24. Here’s my thought…….

    Don’t take my words to heart about the time leap…. I am more confused than anybody here. This show went from very predictable to super unpredictable….

  25. Well after reading through other spoilers or rumors I think this whole time was indeed a flashback or past scene. Since the festivel was 2009, so if that is the case then it’s gonna fast forward to 2011. Two years later.
    I think Ah Jung is gonna leave with So Ran. My predictions is that after realizing that Ah Jung’s marriage was a lie. So Ran is actually gonna be a friend to her. I think their friendship is gonna heal &they’ll be real friends again. They’re both gonna leave to go to Canada &study aboard. So Ran is gonna help Ah Jung get over her heartbreak.
    Then FF to present time 2011 Ah Jung is gonna be successful. Hopefully So Ran &Jaebum fix their problems &reunite.
    during Ah Jung’s absence Ki Joon is gonna hella miss her.
    I don’t know what’s gonna happen that’s how far I’ve come with my predictions xD All I know is I do hope Ah Jung leaves &returns later. I want Ki Joon to miss her more than he missed Yoon Joo.
    Plus it makes sense with Sang Hee’s new hairdo. That time is gonna move forward to the present time. No more past, time for the future/present.

    • Again, th 2009 – 2011 time leap thing is probably just a result of an omitted word from a sub team, meaning, there is probably no time leap. At least for now.

      What we’ve seen so far is more likely from the present because of the missing word. But who knows. This drama is hard to predict right now..

      • vegaspink, definitely there’s no time leap, i have captured all the facts shown on Ep1 and 3 that’s indeed what’s happening now is in year 2011. First fact from Episode 1, check the flashback of AJ happened 3 years ago, looking at the announcement posted if she pass the civil service examination, the date was 2008. Second, from Episode 3 after she received the violation agreement sent to her from KJ, it was dated 2011. πŸ˜‰

  26. DONΒ΄T MESS UP WITH AH JUNG!!!!!!!!!
    POISON WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lets getting on!! The Iron Chef World Tour, is on the right path!! Yoon Joo is the secret ingredient, I’m not gonna let that eel, live! No, no, hell no!! Going to airport like right now!!! VENDETTA!!!

  27. guys.. please take a look at the preview for episode 8 of lie to me. yes, episode 8. you’ll find a scene there that ah jung is walking down the stairs bag on hand leaving a sad sang hee behind. the bag s a bit bigger than an ordinary handbang, this is what i want to convince myself to support the going to abroad idea. hehe..
    my guess is that sang hee tried to convince ah jung to stay, confessed his love maybe but still ah jung is too hurt opted to leave the country.
    i got obsessed with that bit of scene because it wasn’t shown in episode 8 and the only preview that we saw is the two kids.
    and come to think of it why does the new hair cut photo of sang hee for the bday party showed yoon joo’s face not ah jung?
    maybe sang hee and ki joon were both left brokenhearted. and since sang hee has finally let go of yoon joo they are now really good friends without malice on his side,

    haha.. im getting too many random ideas since i’ve watched the last episode and it will surely go on til i watch episode 9. waaah…

    • Yes, it’s true… that scene in episode 8 preview has not been aired in episode 8. So I guess, your prediction is pretty convincing.

    • Finally.. i was actually wondering about that scene too.. AJ walking out from Sang hee while coming down a flight of stairs (i think)

      Maybe, she also found out that sang hee had a hand to the ‘seemingly’ kj-yj reunion.. and SHE felt used… coz let’s face it.. AJ may have started the lie but SH was the one who nailed it good by introducing her (unbeknown to AJ) as his sister-in-law to the Chens.. and though AJ did get something out of the whole contract.. it will still piss her off to know that SH decided to take control of their (AJ-KJ) situation and gotten rid of her to please YJ (or his state of mind) as if she’s just a pawn.

      • I will be kind of mad at AJ if she thinks she was treated like a pawn by SH. He’s continually helped her out as a friend, and she’s never told him that she has a crush on KJ. He’s starting to realize now that she might like Ki Joon, but SH would never guess that KJ would like her back, and if anything wants to protect her from getting hurt by him (which is a valid sentiment, since KJ certainly does toy with emotions). SH clearly cares about AH, and I don’t get the impression that he would knowingly hurt her.

        I also don’t think he should take much of the blame for getting KJ and YJ back together. He basically said “don’t not date each other because of me” which is something they should’ve done in the first place.

        I too am very curious about that scene though. I wonder if it just got left on the editing-room-floor?

      • it is quite understandable for her to be a bit pissed at sang hee.. coz altho she started the lie, she was actually all for discontinuing it.. and sanghee’s ‘help’ only worsened the scenario (without her knowledge too, wc is why KJ proposed the contract marriage in the first place)..

        yes, he does care about AJ, but she won’t see it that way. Why? because Sanghee didn’t bother to warn her about YJ beforehand.. and he didn’t even think about the consequences of getting his hyung pretend to be AJ’s husband at all. He said it himself, it was all for fun. He only backed out of the said ‘merry-making’ after seeing yoon ju.. and AGAIN decided to ‘control’ things and make everything right to ease his conscience.. not even realizing that (though his thinking it impossible for KJ to fall for AJ) AJ could’ve been developing feelings for his hyung.. then he decided to stop it way too late in the game..

        so yes, AJ will absolutely feel like she’s a pawn to his grand scheme of making-fun of KJ.. then getting dropped or pulled out of it when she’s already emotionally invested.. he was only thinking of 3 people here.. himself, yoon joo and ki joon (not even realizing that his hyung is already on the same boat with AJ in the emotion dept.)..

  28. Oh that’s alright dear ockoala! Anything about LTM is a treat for me! So thank you for this lolly. I’m really so glad you’re doing this. This playground keeps me sane in this crazy world I live in.

    Yes, that new hairstyle is making me nervous. It looks good on him and well, it makes him Ki Joon rival material. So it’s drama time from now on. No more funny moments I’m afraid. The wrist grabbing during the party clean up (when Sang Hee came back to drag Ah Jung out of Ki Joon’s house) was plastered with jealousy. It’s all over the wall. Even when Ah Jung asked Sang Hee how Ki Joon is and “well, maybe he’s busy”, and he answered to not bother Ki Joon anymore, well, that was an angry look from a jealous guy. Sang Hee has fallen for Ah Jung alright.

    I just watched the 8th episode awhile ago and it got me sniffling in the quiet area of the library. Oh dear. I feel for Ah Jung. It felt that it was me who was heartbroken. That girl Yoon Joo, the way she said thank you for getting us back together? Such a bitch! (oh am I allowed to say that?) And that guy Ki Joon is, I don’t know, I want to smack him senseless, I mean gosh, hello Hyun Ki Joon, aren’t you gonna say anything? I mean anything at all? Nada? You’re just going to sit there and stare? Even if he was wearing a rust suit that is so perfect on his skin, oh well, I want to give him a smack still. The guy looks like he’s really confused. He has always been honest, like telling Ah Jung that he lied when he said he was just acting, or when he said that he didn’t know how to answer her text messages. So I really guess he’s stumped, like the stump that he was just looking at Ah Jung drive her car out the property that drove me nuts. This guy really made me mad. The good thing in this episode? Why, the cola kiss of course (however brief my happiness was) and well, I also felt relieved that the lie is out really.

    So Koala unni, again, thanks for this. Any LTM news is a treat for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates your superb blog. Nice header, by the way. Love Geun Young!

  29. Ok – so I’m going with no time jump – I don’t want a time jump – that would mean KJ & YJ have 2 years? NO WAY!!

    KJ has to man up now. Come on- it is not fair to let poor AJ nurse her broken heart and have KJ toy with it again 2 years down the line!
    I would not mind AJ going off temporarily for her job and that will then be the catalyst that gets KJ moving – maybe go after her?

    • Maybe Ah Jung leaves, after the lie mess and the Ki Joon “I dont know who I love right now fase” and , get back, and they have to work, together in a huge project, and sparks start to fly!! They dont want to see each other, but are force to “be together”.

      Can we add a super duper hot new guy in Ah Jung’s life, other than Sang Hee and Jae Bum, please, someone like (Siwon, No Min Woo, Song Seung Heon, Eric Mun, Jang Geun Suk) just as an special appearance, like for 2 episodes, as the spectacular, extra yummy, super delicious new “boyfriend” she meet on the “trip” she was and go to visit her for a few days, and also help her in the huge project!! ?? Please!!! Just to make Ki Joon full of jealousy!! Please!!

      LOL, me and my imagination!!, But, common, it could happen right?

      • Yes!!! I wholeheartedly agree. This is what I’ve been saying. We need another super hottie to guest appear and make HKJ jealous as heck and eat his shorts for hurting AJ. =)

      • omo!!! super fantastic idea…. i’m with you gurl. LOL please drama gods, make it happen…plsssss!!!

  30. at a glance, i thought kang ji hwan hugging lee seung gi.
    but when i take a closer…closer…. look ….. it’s sung joon

    • I had the same thought! I wondered why a cameo is neccessary.. think they are tyring to get the brother to have the same hairdo in this shot.

  31. If it is a birthday party surprise for Ki Joon, I am sure he will be miserable & lonely, wanting to drink only coke and eat macarons (recommended by Ah Jung when they met in the cafe to add the clause about not meeting other women publicly).

  32. As for the 2009-2011 time leap or no time leap speculations, I am more confused than anyone regarding this. I don’t know if there is a time leap or not. I guess we will see. I’m moving on for now because I’m dizzy trying to figure it out.

    • Hey you might just be correct to your prediction. According to EPDrama.com, their translation goes like this, “September 2oo9. The UN World Tourism Federation T.20 Executive meeting will be held here in the republic of South Korea. It is a historic event. We feel extremely honored.”

      -About the T.20(I really don’t know what this mean but if you view episode 1 again, there’s a banner on top of the speaker at 4:51 where you can see it).

      • Yeah, the subs say that it’s 2009 but some Korean speakers are saying that the subbers just missed a word that implies that it’s actually present time but they were just talking about another festival in 2009 that was held at the same place…..

        Time leap or not, I can’t wait for next week!!!

      • Definitely there’s no time leap, i have captured all the facts shown on Ep1 and 3 that’s indeed what’s happening now is in year 2011. First fact from Episode 1, check the flashback of AJ happened 3 years ago, looking at the announcement posted if she pass the civil service examination, the date is 2008. Second, from Episode 3 after she received the violation agreement send to her from KJ, it was dated 2011. πŸ˜‰

    • don’t worry about it, seems like soompi is chaotic over the time-leap issue πŸ™‚ it’s good that it created a lot of hype for the drama. i was a bit sadden when DB decided to drop LTM from their recap list.
      then i found this playground! excited that i found lots of LTM fans worrying over KJ-AJ. LTM is receiving much love and attention it deserves.
      And to think all these came from koala’s post over a new hairdo for SH! keep the predictions coming, guys!

  33. i appreciate your little updates about LTM!! Thanks for feeding our addiction πŸ™‚ I really like your blog more than others. It’s so fun here πŸ™‚

  34. Wow, he looks so much better though I admit whenever he opens his mouth, I go waaaaaaah. His voiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! *swoons*

    Whoa, this thread has exploded! ACK, I’m missing all the fun! πŸ™

    Chingu, mianhae!

  35. like his new hair .hmmm I’m wondering, seems like its a birthday party for a kid because of the party hat he is wearing…

  36. [quote] Koala : I prefer Yoon Joo to end up at the bottom of a snake pit. Filled with a bajillion snakes. [/quote]

    Koala, unni, you are evil too? For the record, is for the disappearance of Yoon Joo only!!
    Muahahaha, I cant stop laughing!!

  37. Wow – you all are soo funny πŸ™‚ Love reading all the comments.

    I do like Sang Hee’s short hair cut. I think it fits his skinny tall frame much better and makes him more attractive by far, IMO.

    HKJ – I’m still coming at you with something not so nice if you don’t explain yourself to AJ in the first 10 minutes of ep 9.

    What he did at the end of ep 8 was horrible toward AJ. Sure, he didn’t get the say anything but after he just sat there and let YJ say all these things to AJ without even a peep — well, he doesn’t deserve any sympathy. AJ was fighting to hold back the tears (and clearly super upset) that she just wanted out of there. I just didn’t think there was anymore for him to say at that moment that could make her feel better. The damage was clearly done already starting with what happened at the lunch scene with the aunt, with the final blow of what YJ said. I hope he has to grovel and beg for her to come back to him. Not without a lot of going crazy thinking about her — serves him right for not treasuring what’s was in front of him. If AJ takes a break and leaves Seoul – good for her.

  38. Reminds me again to never drink anything hot while reading your blog. Sigh I need to wipe my messy screen now LOL

    • LOL, I had a headache, but I laugh so hard that the pain disappear, so this blog, the fearless fans, the murderous sides of all of us, God, they are good!! LOL
      be careful, remember its HOT!!

      LOL o.O

  39. I always hate the previous hairdo of Sang Hee. So, I feel so happy that the stylist has decided to change his look.

    Anyway, Sang Hee’s new look reminds of Taecyeon….hmm…

  40. Hi its my 1st time to post here and Im proud to say the I’m overly addicted to LTM. Thanks God I found this site, tnx Koala in deciding to continue recapping this drama. I’m very sad that DB drop LTM, anyway we have you :),

    Im very heartbroken for AJ and very pissed with HKJ, he even didn’t retract the words of YJ (evil woman), I might say that HKJ gives AJ false hope the time he holds her hands after their COLA kiss (bad bad bad guy)!!!!!!! Haissssttttt……

    • Welcome, but I think Ki Joon is in a total shock right now, that’s why he doesn’t say anything… plus Ah Jung don’t let him either, so, who is to blame??

      Cha, cha, cha, channnnn!!! Yoon Joo!!! LOL OMG, I really don’t like her!! God, even her name, makes me sick!!! LOL

      SHE IS GOING DOWN!!!! I’m gonna be evil!!! >.<

  41. Thanks for the news Koala!

    Waiting for episode 9 is torture. Any bit of news is very much appreciated. I’m a little antsy about the party get-ups, are they celebrating a kid’s birthday? Whose kid is it? I mean if there is going to be a time leap…ohh it makes me nervous. I hope it isn’t KJ and YJ’s! Kekeke

  42. whoa!!! can’t believe this thread continues to get longer and longer. you’re heaven sent ockoala for us LTM addicts. thank you so much for sharing us LTM news big or small.

  43. I can’t believe there’s not even a written preview of ep 9 yet??? I’ve been checking your site every hour for it! And thanks for all your recaps! I love reading them!!!
    I just need something to carry me over till Monday?!

  44. LOOOOOOL @ ” But I prefer Yoon Joo to end up at the bottom of a snake pit. Filled with a bajillion snakes ” , and totally agree with u dear πŸ˜‰
    thanks fr the pix , he looks cute now , doesn’t he look like Rain Bi .
    wonder what the second part of the drama will be about , I saw some pix posted by some friends on soompi with AJ having also a new hair cut , I wish she gives the cold shoulder to KJ or even go on trip where no one can find her , at least for sometime until she has back her balanve and gather herself so she can start fresh again and if KJ wants her he needs to really do his best to re-win her love and faith , I’m still boiling πŸ˜›

  45. http://imageshack.us/f/24/j3cau.jpg/

    So I saw this pic from the lie to me filming.
    My prediction@ I think this is before AJ leaves for Canada together with SR,who is now her real friend, and KJ is trying to convince her to stay!Before is look at the pic carefully you will she her bag is on the floor ~

    Or maybe this is how she looks when she gets back from Canada.But I’m pretty much convinced that it’s AJ.I mean it’s not YJ,it’s not SR,it’s from his Aunt,it’s not the hotel manager then it must be AJ ~ I don’t know if it’s before going to Canada or after but AJ looks really different. Maybe she changed style so she can overcome this whole situation with KJ :/ I don’t really know what to expect from this drama but I’m pretty much convicende that AJ leaves the country with SR,because on the episode 8 preview ( yes,episode 8 preview) you see AJ and SH ( he looks kind of sad :/ ) and it looks like they were having a discussion,he tried to change her mind but couldn’t and she left ( if you see her bag,it’s bigger than the usual bags! )

  46. soompi ltm thread is fun to read πŸ˜€ saw this post and kept me thinking…hmmmn…

    cheesycheesecake, on Yesterday, 05:10 AM, said:
    does anybody here think something is fishy about what AJ did the night she got drunk? i dont think KJ was just teasing AJ, but instead trying to verify whether she remembers what happened. he only pretended that he was only teasing, so AJ wouldnt be more embarrassed. just like how AJ pretended she didnt remember that KJ tried to kiss her the night they sat at the bench under the cherry blossoms. im hoping they had some kind of confession or a kiss. haha
    its just weird that KJ was nice to her when she woke up and wasnt really angry that she spent the night at his place drunk.

    I’m watching this part again once I read your comment….and yes maybe something really happen that night but forgotten by AJ which drive KJ to take some revenge by shaking the cola with such an evil face, hahahhaha, just my thought

  47. i so love yeh and lie to me ….. i just love a good chemistry and good actors even if some times the story is a little bland in the beginning but when they start kissing the drama went to sizzling hot 1oo hehehe

  48. yeh i think something did happen that night too but i think the director/producer lost the plot. I love to find out what he was referring to that she forgot. he looked a little off . maybe she took her clothes off in front of him, tried to seduce him but he ran away. hehehe. I hope it will be revealed later what happened. I really think that in recent eps he has kept AJ at the forefront in his mind, he worries about her, helps her. When she was depressed, he couldn’t walk away even from his aunt or even knowing how important that business dinner was to his company. He had to get to AJ. Ohhhh, can’t wait to see whats in store in the next episode. I don’t think the plots going to seperate them, not even for a second, he has put AJ first, shows how strong his feelings are for her. Even if he finds out about Sang Hee, he’s not giving up AJ. not this time around.

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