Best Love Episode 10 Recap

Do the Hong Sisters think I’m a robot? Do they think it’s funny to screw with my heart? To reach deep inside and squeeze until I can’t breathe anymore? I’ve just barely been able to stop hurting inside from the last ten minutes of Lie to Me (oops, take that back – I just checked, am still butt hurt and want to inflict bodily pain on a certain hotel president), and then the last ten minutes of Best Love (The Greatest Love) episode 10 happened. It was like pouring acid on an open wound.

Sometimes I rue the day I discovered K-dramas, wondering why I subject myself to this pain and pleasure in equal measures. But then I look around and realize that it’s thrilling, from start-to-finish an exhilarating ride to follow a beloved K-drama live. But I’m steeling myself, because after this, anything can happen in the remaining six episodes of BL. Today Jin learned what love means, and how strong he can be when he finds a love worth protecting. Today the robot became a real boy, and the real boy turned out to be such an incredible man he left me quaking in my boots from worry and happiness.

Episode 10 Recap:

Pil Joo steps into the ring of roses and holds out his hand to Ae Jung. She extends her hand, with a slight hesitation, and puts it in his. She steps into the ring as well, and fireworks go off and light up the night sky. Jin is off to the side and he sees this tableau, leading him to clutch his chest in extreme pain. He asks “Gu Ae Jung, it hurts so much, am I dying?” If the Hong Sisters kill off Jin I am breaking up with them. I mean it.

Back on stage, the production of Couple Making coo over how picture perfect Pil Joo and Ae Jung look standing together. In comparison, they remark that Se Ri clearly doesn’t look happy. They wonder if she’s too tired. Se Ri can’t contain her dismay as she looks at her Ae Jung unni and the man she’s falling in love with standing hand-in-hand together, the publicly acknowledged new celebrity couple.

Ae Jung talks quietly to Pil Joo, telling him that even though he has to keep holding her hand for the show, he should pretend the cameras and production folks aren’t all around them. We see everyone disappear until it’s just Pil Joo and Ae Jung standing in the center of the stage. Pil Joo smiles and tells Ae Jung that this is real to him, and he wants to grab onto her heart. He tells her that he already imagined that it was just the two of them since he saw her on the stage.

As Jung smiles, sorry that Pil Joo has to go through this crazy mess public scrutiny. He doesn’t mind because he made the choice to jump into this industry to hold onto her, and now won’t let go that easily. She asks him to release her hand since filming is done, and he does, only to intertwine his fingers with hers, holding on even more intimately and tightly. O____O By all that is holy, please stop making Pil Joo so utterly amazing, because his upcoming heartbreak will KILL me. Pil Joo tells Ae Jung that since he’s taking this for real, he wants to keep holding her hand.

Jin sits in his car and clutches chest as he looks towards the stage. During the clean up, PD Kim asks Se Ri what she said to Pil Joo that left him looking stunned? Se Ri asks PD Kim to explain how exactly Pil Joo looked on camera, and is told he initially looked stunned, and only perked up once Ae Jung arrived on the set.

Ae Hwan calls Ae Jung, finding out that she’s with Pil Joo, who is driving her home. Ae Hwan makes an excuse that he and their dad won’t be home all night, and Ding Dong is with his Jenny omma. Ae Jung says their excuses are so blatant. Pil Joo says everyone is on Team Pil Joo, so Ae Jung needs to hurry up and come over as well. Ae Jung asks what’s so good about Team Pil Joo, and he answers that its safe, comfortable, unshakeable, and secure for the rest of their lives. Okay, 1, 2, 3……awwwwwwww.

Jenny is feeding Ding Dong and explaining that his dad and grandpa will not be in the house later, and for Ding Dong not to interrupt his aunt’s special date. Jenny walks away and Ding Dong looks at the magnets and decides to go home to change. Ding Dong is clearly Team Jin.

Outside the house, Ding Dong finds Jin in his car waiting for Ae Jung. Jin’s too scared to call Ae Jung. Ding Dong suddenly presses himself against Jin’s car window and freaks him out. Ding Dong asks Jin if he’s sick since Jin has this totally exaggerated hurt expression on his face. Jin turns on his actor charm and acts all gravely in pain.

Ding Dong takes Jin inside the house. Ae Jung comes home and is surprised to find Jin sitting in her living room. Ding Dong explains that ahjusshi was sick so he brought him home. Ae Jung asks how Ding Dong can just let anyone inside, and Jin is a wee bit miffed to hear himself called an “anyone”.

Jin continues with the super sick performance and thanks Ding Dong for the warm tea. When Ae Jung presses Jin to leave after finishing the tea, Ding Dong reminds his aunt that Jin always lets him play at his house, and he wants to let Jin stay because Jin is his friend.

Jin concurs that he’s super buddy buddy with Ding Dong, and even gave out autographs to his friends. Ding Dong says that because of Jin, he’s been selected as team leader for their upcoming school picnic. Ae Jung relents and allows Jin to stay, reminding Ding Dong he can play until 10 pm. When Ae Jung goes inside, Jin breaks into a giant grin and tells Ding Dong that the kid did well, and Jin will give him 100 DVDs to pass out at school.

Jin is sitting in Ding Dong’s room and thinking about how to talk with Ae Jung. Ding Dong, likely the most mature person in the house right now, asks Jin why he’s always in trouble with Ae Jung? Jin explains that he did something wrong to Ding Dong’s aunt. When Ding Dong tells him to apologize, Jin says it’s not that easy for a 37 year old to just apologize the way a 7 year old can just apologize.

Ding Dong thinks otherwise, his dad is always apologizing to his aunt. But Jin says he’s Dokko Jin, a special man. Ding Dong wonders if that means Jin needn’t apologize, and Jin concedes he does need to apologize. Ding Dong gives Jin his diary with a special block for writing down the mistake of the day. Jin thinks its brilliant.

Ae Jung considers whether Jin is really sick, and why it’s so quiet out there. Jin is writing an apology on Ding Dong’s notebook. He writes that he did wrong today, but then erases it and starts over. Jin puts it away and pretends that he’s playing with Ding Dong when Ae Jung walks into the room to put the kid to bed. Ding Dong stalls for time and runs off to prepare for tomorrow’s picnic while Ae Jung makes kimbap.

Jin checks out Ae Jung making the kimbap and wants to eat some because he didn’t eat since he’s hurting. He notices that she puts cucumbers in and says that he doesn’t like it, which makes Ae Jung throw a couple more slices in. Ding Dong comes out wearing a Spiderman outfit. Jin laughs at Ding Dong’s get up, which embarrasses the kid and he decides he doesn’t want to wear it.

Ae Jung yells at Jin, who looks contrite when Ding Dong looks sad and says he won’t wear the costume anymore. Jin fixes his faux pas by telling Ding Dong he needs to stand up straight and be a proud Spiderman. Jin explains that he’s always wanted to be Ironman since he was a kid, because Ironman has a powerful man-made heart, and Jin wanted that to become a superhero.

Ae Jung looks at Jin, and he tells her not to feel sorry for him. Ae Jung tells Jin to eat the kimbap, but Jin complains he can’t since Ae Jung threw in so many cucumbers. Ding Dong gets tired and wants to go to bed, but Jin wants him to stay up longer so he can speak with Ae Jung. Ding Dong passes out at the table.

Jin says it’s better for kids to tire oneself out before a picnic. He sadly notes that he never went on any field trips as a kid because he was so sick. He makes Ae Jung agree to go on a field trip with him tomorrow. Jin wants a miracle so that Ae Jung will go on a picnic with him, it’ll be like she made the dream of a weak teenage Jin come true. He asks her to please forgive him, just this once. She won’t agree, saying that it’ll keep raining between them. Jin says he’ll wait until the rain stops between them, and then a rainbow will emerge.

The next morning dawns and its pouring rain outside. Both Ae Jung and Ding Dong are disappointed the rain is ruining the picnic and field trip plans. There’s a knock on the door and Ae Jung assumes it’s Jin again. She opens the door abruptly and hits Pil Joo, who is there to deliver the camera present he bought for Ae Jung.

Ae Jung looks at the camera and remarks that it would be perfect for a picnic. Ding Dong asks Pil Joo if he liked superheroes when Pil Joo was a kid, clearly trying to compare the two ahjusshis who like his aunt. Pil Joo likes detective stories more, and Ding Dong thinks Pil Joo looks just like Sherlock Holmes.

Pil Joo spies the lunchbox of kimbap and deducts that Ding Dong’s aunt made it? He then offers to buy Ding Dong something better in exchange for it. We see Ding Dong staring at a display tray of donuts, and Pil Joo telling him to put as many donuts into the bucket as Ding Dong wants. Poor boy shuts his eyes and hilariously apologizes to Ironman, before proceeding to load up the tub.

Back at Ae Jung’s house, they’ve set up a tent in the living room. Ding Dong plays with the camera inside the tent with Pil Joo. Ae Jung’s phone rings and it’s from Jin. She hesitates before answering. Jin tells her to come down, he’s here for the picnic and is all prepared. He wants to take Ding Dong, who must be disappointed he can’t go to a picnic. She tells him that she’s having the picnic now in her living room, and everyone is happy.

Jin says he’s outside and wants to come up. Ae Jung says no, she has a guest. Pil Joo overhears her talking and can guess who is calling. Jin’s face falls and he asks if Pil Joo is there? Ae Jung confirms it, and tells Jin that even if Jin hurts so much and dies, she won’t be paying him any attention anymore. She says sorry and hangs up the phone. Jin sits in his car outside in the rain, looking up at Ae Jung’s house. Ae Jung eats ramyun with Pil Joo and Ding Dong.

The latest episode of Couple Making Season 3 airs, and everyone is watching it. The nurses at the clinic ask Pil Joo if he was nervous? Pil Joo’s mom is utterly miserable. Se Ri watches the episode in her car. Ae Jung sits in the living room and watches it with her family. Jin watches it on his TV and quickly turns it off, clutching his chest in pain afterwards.

In a production meeting, Se Ri brings up public comments that Ae Jung and Pil Joo don’t look good together. Se Ri grumbles that all she does is provide the introduction and closing remarks, and the new format leaves her with nothing more to do.

Se Ri tells her stylist that she regrets allowing Ae Jung on the show, she doesn’t want a repeat of ten years ago when she lost everything to Ae Jung. Pil Joo walks towards Se Ri, who sees him and tells herself that she doesn’t to lose Pil Joo to Ae Jung. Pil Joo asks to speak with Se Ri, and proceeds to construe her confession as a joke intended to upset him.

The way Pil Joo sees it, if Se Ri was sincere in her confession that she liked him, then she wouldn’t have told him at that very critical moment to confuse him. His assumption upsets Se Ri and she goes with it, claiming she did it because she doesn’t like Ae Jung. Pil Joo tells Se Ri to stop behaving so poorly, telling her that she’s beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. He asks her never to joke like that again.

Se Ri sits in the bathroom and cries, berating Pil Joo for having no sense to differentiate between truth and a joke. Se Ri hears a girl group member in another stall talking to a boy against agency rules, and flashes back to ten years ago when Se Ri had a crush on popstar Brian Joo.

Ae Jung helped her plant a note in a vending machine hoping Brian would pick it up. Instead it was picked up by their manager, so Ae Jung grabbed it out of his hand and ate it before it could be read, so that Se Ri wouldn’t get into trouble.

Se Ri comes out of the bathroom to see her former manager confiscating the phone of one of his current girl group entertainers, who is getting too close to a boy bander. The manager thinks Se Ri was so well behaved back then, but Se Ri says that she was just never discovered.

The manager says dating was Mina specialty – she dated one of the most famous popstars back then and incurred the wrath of fangirls who mailed razor blades to the agency. The manager thinks Ae Jung was also annoying, accusing the agency of failing to protect the girls. Se Ri wonders if Ae Jung also helped Mina with her romance.

Pil Joo’s mom goes to Ae Jung’s house and this time goes inside to talk with the entire family. She finds out everyone lives here with Ae Jung, including Ae Hwan and Ding Dong. She asks about the rent, and finds out its month-to-month. Ae Hwan introduces himself as Ae Jung’s manager and Ding Dong as his son. Pil Joo’s mom determines that Ae Jung is the responsible breadwinner for the entire family. She’s even more upset that Ae Jung comes with a pack of beggar family members.

Jin gets new from Agent Moon that he’s been considered for a superhero character in a Hollywood movie. Jae Seok shares the news with Ae Jung and Jenny. Ae Jung thinks Jin would be perfect to play a character like Ironman (uh, not if RDJ has anything to say about it, LOL).

Ding Dong goes to Jin’s house and confesses his donut betrayal, but Jin’s not angry and tells Ding Dong he didn’t nothing wrong. Ding Dong brought to donuts for Jin to eat, but Jin declines and tells the darling boy to eat as much as he wants, and just work out afterwards.

Jin says he can’t eat the donuts because it was purchased by his enemy and is used as a wicked lure. Jin remarks that the next time he sees Ding Dong, the boy will have grown this much. Ding Dong wonders where Jin is going, and is told Jin’s off to play a superhero.

Ae Jung is cleaning the living room and comes across Jin’s apology note written to her. In it, Jin apologizes for mistaking that his rapidly beating heart wasn’t beating so fast because of her, and admits that his heart beats faster because he likes her. Ae Jung doesn’t want Jin to come back and confuse her, and hopes that he instead goes to Hollywood to further his career. Jin sits in his house and stares at the potato, noting sadly that it’ll die if no one is around to look after it.

The production of Couple Making visit Pil Joo’s house and think it’s perfect to shoot a housewarming date episode here (OT: hmmmm, housewarming…..after LTM I now expect all housewarmings to end with a sizzling make out session). They will use Jenny’s restaurant to stand in for Ae Jung’s place.

Jae Seok is at Jin’s house with him, explaining that they need to leave now because the director wants to meet Jin. Jin is watching a program showing kids on a field trip. Suddenly Jin clutches his heart and doubles over in pain, asking Jae Seok to take him to the hospital. His heart rate is at 135.

At the hospital, Jae Seok cries and asks the medical staff to work faster to help Jin. Jin tells Jae Seok to inform Agent Moon to ask that the meeting with the director be pushed back, and not to make a big deal about this situation. Jin asks the doctor what is happening, and the doctor asks that Jin undergo some tests.

Ae Jung is at Pil Joo’s house waiting for the taping to commence for the show. She remarks that is so nice. He tells her to come over and hang out with him here. If she’s not comfortable being alone with him, she can bring along her Spiderman to accompany her.

Jin is informed that his pacemaker is broken, and he’s going to need open heart surgery to fix it. RAGE, KOALA RAGE. No. Just no. Jin asks if this is the same situation as ten years ago, and is told that it’s so severe Jin could have collapsed and died any moment. Thanks to the song, it allowed Jin to recognize his heart was acting up.

The doctor tells Jin this surgery has a 50-50 chance of success. Jin says this was what the doctor told him last time, except after Jin survived that surgery, the doctor then confessed the surgery had only a 5% chance of success and it was a miracle Jin survived. The doctor refuses to admit he said that, only wanting to discuss this surgery as a life or death result.

We see the potato begin to wither and die. Jin sits in the lobby and thinks back to what the doctor said – his heart really is broken. Oh the damn symbolic irony, you Hong Sisters! He grabs his heart and looks as weary as he must be feeling inside. Suddenly he’s surrounded by fans asking him to sign autographs, which reminds him that he is Dokko Jin. Jae Seok wants to get him out of there, but Jin puts on his sunglasses and just stays and signs.

Pil Joo and Ae Jung are filming a cooking scene at Pil Joo’s house for the show. Ae Jung reaches into the vegetable bowl and picks up a potato. She looks at it a little too long, leading Pil Joo to ask if she likes potatoes. Ae Jung says it’s the opposite, she hates potatoes. Pil Joo takes the potato from her and puts it in a separate bowl.

Jin meets with the Hollywood director and agrees to do the movie. The director says Jin is the man he wants for the role, and it will make him an international star. Agent Moon tells Jin to leave now and she’ll handle things in Korea. Jin wants to accept his award (at the Korean Movie Awards) before he leaves, so that he’s left the coolest image behind.

Agent Moon meets with the production of Couple Making and is told that they got Ae Jung a presenter slot on the upcoming movie awards. Agent Moon agrees to prepare Ae Jung’s outfit for the award. The production wants Ae Jung and Pil Joo to start using couple phones, and the model selected is the one Jin and Se Ri endorse.

At the designer boutique, Jin is putting on a tux in the changing area. Ae Jung is there to try on her own formal dress, and she sees Jin modeling his tux in front of a mirror. Their eyes meet in the mirror, and Ae Jung turns and hurries away. Jin follows her and asks if she liked sneaking a peek back there? Ae Jung says she wasn’t sneaking a peek.

Jin compliments her on looking so pretty in her dress, and finds out she’s presenting at the Movie Awards. He asks if she’s not by chance presenting the Best Actor award, is she? Ae Jung shakes her head, confessing that her heels are so high she’s worried she might trip on the red carpet. Jin advises Ae Jung to keep her head held high with confidence, believing she is the best celebrity in this world.

Ae Jung thinks that since she’s back in high demand, she will maintain her confidence and perhaps even brag a little. She asks Jin if she looks less cheap now wearing this dress? Jin confesses that even when Ae Jung wore a frog costume she never looked cheap, she was the most luxurious frog he’d ever seen. Ae Jung thanks Jin for his compliment, and Jin tells her to work hard.

Jin turns to leave, but then turns back and asks Ae Jung if he looks cool today? He wants to look the coolest he’s ever looked. Ae Jung says he does. In fact, even when Jin was Dongko Jin, he always looked cool. Jin says that of course he always looked cool, and reminds Ae Jung to remember him like that. Watching him walk away, Ae Jung shakes her head, reminding herself that no matter how cool Jin looks, she needs to forget him.

Jin arrives at the Awards and walks down the red carpet, posing for pictures. He goes into the dressing room to see Se Ri, who dismisses everyone. Jin informs Se Ri that he’s headed to Hollywood, and he wanted her to know so she wouldn’t look surprised. Jin says that today he needs to look the coolest he’s ever looked in his entire life.

Ae Jung is a ball of nerves before the show, with Jenny and Pil Joo keeping her company. Pil Joo suggests that she hold her wrist down with a finger to calm herself. Ae Jung is the first presenter so she needs to go get ready. She heads out and runs into her old manager, who is with his entertainer, the other girl who was on Couple Making Season 3.

Ae Jung says hello, and tells the other girls to work hard and do well. The manager is in a snit, and asks Ae Jung if she really wants to tell the girl who was cut from the show because of Ae Jung to do well? Ae Jung tries to explain it wasn’t because of her, so why is she being faulted for this? The manager doesn’t take kindly to Ae Jung speaking back him, thinking she’s uppity because she’s all dressed up today.

The manager doesn’t think that Ae Jung is at a level where she can be forgiven for everything, even if she’s all dressed up today. Ae Jung refuses to be cowed, saying that she has no reason to hold her head down today. She moves to leave, and we see the manager shaking his extremely hot cup of coffee. He tosses the cup of coffee on Ae Jung’s dress, immediately exclaiming that it was an accident. He snarks that her clean white dress is back to being dirty, which suits Ae Jung much better. Oh god, I want to take a spoon and stabbity him in his manparts.

Se Ri is asked to pinch hit for a presenter who can’t present because a situation arose. She was supposed to be in the audience only, so she scrambles to find her stylist and a dress. Jin overhears this and asks the production member if the award was supposed to have been presented by Gu Ae Jung.

Jin heads to the lobby and sees Jenny accusing the manager of spilling the coffee on Ae Jung intentionally. The manager is unrepentant and keeps insisting that it was just an accident. Jenny asks why the manager is doing this to Ae Jung, to which the guy keeps proclaiming that he has no reason to do this to Ae Jung.

Jin goes searching for Ae Jung, and finds her sitting at the bottom of a set of stairs, bathed in the soft light of the setting sun outside the window. He walks down and she looks up at him.

Jin notices that her arm is burned. He looks at it intently, saying in a quiet voice “you’re burned.” Ae Jung tries to downplay it as not serious, put on some cold water and it’ll be fine. Ae Jung thinks it’s not her place to life to wear a dress like this and be here putting on airs. She’s more suited to wear frog costumes and perform pratfalls. As Ae Jung talks, Jin never takes his eyes away from her burned arm.

Jin finally looks up and tells Ae Jung to hurry and put medicine on the burn so it won’t leave a scar. He then stands up with a scary determined look on his face. The awards show starts but Jin is instead looking for the manager. Jin finds him on the phone laughing about what he did. Jin stalks the man as he walks away.

Finally Jin calls out to him, and when the manager turns around, Jin decks him in the face. God, this was so overdue, but I am in tears knowing what Jin’s is giving up to protect his Ae Jung and stand up for the mistreatment she has endured at the hands of this cretin.

Pil Joo is tending to Ae Jung’s burn, telling her it’ll blister and sting, but won’t leave a scar. She apologizes that he has to miss the show because of her, but he would rather see her. Jenny wonders why their old manager has it out for Ae Jung. Pil Joo asks if Ae Jung is at fault for the Treasure Girls disbanding? Jenny is about to discuss how Se Ri and Mina both share some responsibility, but Ae Jung shushes her and tells her not to say anymore.

As Jenny and Pil Joo are about the leave Ae Jung’s house, Ae Jung’s dad tells everyone that Jin’s on the news. Everyone looks at the news report about Jin’s sudden no-show at the awards ceremony, and could it be related to rumors that there was discord between Jin and the director of Fighter. Reporters have swarmed the agency, and Jae Seok is telling everyone that Jin is not here.

Agent Moon is at the hospital with the injured manager, who is totally beaten up and it wasn’t just one punch. She asks Jae Seok to tell the media that there is a personal reason and they won’t be discussing this incident at this time. She’s told Jin’s at home but not answering his phone. She tells Jae Seok to reach him no matter what and tell him to lay low until everything blows over and is resolved.

Ae Hwan gets dressed and tells Ae Jung that Jae Seok asked Ae Hwan to go to Jin’s house and get him out of the house before the media descends. Ae Hwan tells Ae Jung that Jin beat someone up. Ae Hwan doesn’t think Jin will listen to him, but Ae Jung asks to go in his place. She wants to confirm something. Ae Jung goes to Jin’s house and enters using the same 6090 code.

Jin is still wearing his tux. He looks exhausted and is drinking a Vitamin Water. Ae Jung asks what happened and who Jin hit? He begs exhaustion and doesn’t want to discuss it right now. Ae Jung wishes he didn’t cause an incident like this, especially when he needs to go to Hollywood and become a superhero, protecting his life and career in the coolest way possible.

Jin tells Ae Jung that he’s not going anymore. Instead of his career, which will continue with needing him to protect it, there is something here MORE IMPORTANT (emphasis mine) that he needs to protect right here. O.M.G. I am sobbing like a baby right now. He tells Ae Jung that in being so cool and protecting it today, he’s completely wiped out.

Jin leans in and hugs Ae Jung, who asks what he is doing? Jin tells her to be still for a moment. He needs to recharge and rest so that he can continue to be cool (and protect what he wants to protect from now on). He hugs her tighter, saying he needs to recharge.

Thoughts of Mine:

Wow. What a brilliant episode, the most painstakingly substantive one yet. It takes every emotional thread and plot narrative and runs with it until it reaches a crisis point that keeps us unable to look away. Everything converged today: Jin’s diagnoses that he needs surgery to survive with only 50-50 odds of making it out alive and Jin understanding fully that he loves Ae Jung and the lengths he’s willing to go to love someone.

The hug at the end of this episode was a billion times more impactful for me than the kiss in episode 9. The kiss was lovely, we all know Cha Seung Won can make even a simple lip press so sexy. But the hug, just one more hug in the handful of hugs between the OTP so far, was accompanied by so much heart ache in both the physical and emotional sense of the word.

Jin’s heart hurts, because he exerted so much energy to beat up that scuzzy manager. Jin’s heart hurts, because he loves Ae Jung, and she’s not yet at the realization that she loves him back to the extent he loves her. Jin’s life hurts, because he’s put his career, formerly the most important thing to him, on the line to stand up for Ae Jung.

It wasn’t like he saw her in the process of getting hurt and in the heat of the moment punched out the manager. Jin thoughtfully, deliberately, and knowingly tracked the guy down to kick his ass. It was insanely awesome, if I didn’t scream noooooo because I knew what was at stake for Jin. He kissed Hollywood goodbye, and probably his popularity along with it. But he doesn’t care, because the stakes were higher in his heart if his Ae Jung were hurt again.

Jin beat up the manager not just for what he did to Ae Jung, it was also a warning never to mess with her again. In essence, Jin traded his career for hers. Pil Joo has nothing at stake in choosing Ae Jung, whereas Jin has everything at stake. We laugh at Jin for fighting his attraction to Ae Jung, for discounting the truth that he was falling in love with her. But he had a good reason for fighting against his heart, and today he faced the reality and chose to follow his heart rather than his uber-logical mind.

Pil Joo just has no chance, no matter how everything he does (seriously, every single thing he does) makes my knees weak and I want to grab him and tell him to please don’t hurt when it all shakes out and Ae Jung chooses Jin. His sincerity and openness in love is a stark contrast to Jin’s fakeness and struggle against love. But in the end, Ae Jung has fallen for Jin, and not Pil Joo. Because in the end, Jin needs Ae Jung more than he needs anything else in his life, including fame and fortune.

The Hong Sisters didn’t just randomly construct an OTP, they put thought into it. Jin and Ae Jung are the end game not because Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin are the leads. They are meant to be together, because only they understand each other’s struggles in the entertainment life they have chosen to live, and have the werewithal to walk the rest of their careers together. Ae Jung picking Pil Joo means leaving the industry (and I think she likes being an entertainer, albeit not a hated one), but Ae Jung picking Jin meaning they can turn this industry upside down and hopefully emerge stronger by each other’s side.


Best Love Episode 10 Recap — 83 Comments

  1. On the musical side:
    Has anyone else noticed what a treat Best Love is to the ears? Last time was Schubert’s Trio #2, today was Sting’s song Shape of my Heart. I love how such songs are used as melodramatic, cliche and thus comical soundtracks as well as how they display the producers’ strong musical culture.

    Best Love, you spoil me. And I’m lovin’ it.

    • Back in the other episode where he tells her his story of being sick when he was little, (they were at the elementary school), the song “My Way” was playing in the background. That was very funny.

  2. Hmmm like what I’ve always said to myself it’s hard to write soaps than film, and I was scared to be boxed in a freaking template…. 😉 this recaps are so long it’s testing my patience…. I’m in lazy mode really!!!! 🙁 I guess watching them speak in Eng sub is much fun….waiting for ENG SUBS… thanks KOALA BEAR 😉 Great Friday to yo!!!!

  3. Unni,

    Thanks so much!! I couldn’t go to sleep without this recap!! Yep it is 12 am and I am waiting for this recap!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG, now I am shakking! JIN forever (I also like Pil but we have to choose a team right??)

    Unni, fighting!! and thanks again for this recap!

  4. I loved your last sentence! Oh, my heart just ached watching this episode…

    Just one correction. The news report was not about Jin’s violent incident. It seems like that’s not out to the press yet, but it was merely a report of his sudden no-show at the award show and there were speculations on whether it was because of the rumors that Jin was on bad terms with the director of Fighter during the shooting as well. Only the “insiders” (like Moon, the manager, etc) know of the real reason so far, but once that gets out, Jin’s career will be in big trouble.

    • Thanks Blue, I fixed it. I was as tense as a pulled-back bow the moment Jin walked away from Ae Jung with that “I’m going to kill the bastard” intense look on his face. I watched the last 10 minutes with my gut in my throat. Guh, BL is SO GOOD. T__T

      • I am really really hoping that Jin only threw one punch & the manager will be revealed to have had his friend beat him up the rest of the way, just to appear totally victimized. I really really hope, because while it was all kinds of cool that Jin stood up for Ae Jung, it’s hard to believe that he’d be that malicious that he wouldn’t stop after the first cold-angry punch. I mean, I suppose it’s possible, but still. I want to believe it’s the scummy manager being, well, his usual scum.

  5. Thank you so for the quick recap. What an amazing episode.

    As much as I love Pil Joo and want him to be happy, I hope So Ri doesn’t become his consolation prize. I don’t hate her. But she needs to grow up. And growing up she will, and she will no doubt learn and mend her ways. Perhaps even make up for everything in an awesome way.

    But the thing is, she needs to experience the loss. Not just get what she wanted all along in the end anyway. Life doesn’t work like that. She needs to, and can move on. She’s young and has plenty of other chances.

    Pil Joo–deserves someone whom he’s taken by and likes as much as he likes Ae Jung. I don’t see him liking So Ri in that way.

    Please. Please don’t just put them together in the end.

  6. I agree with that it’s pretty obviouse that Jin and Ae Jung will be together in the end and not because of just the attraction between them but also because of the hardships they have faced in the Indrustry and can relate with each other. I love reading your recaps of Best love…They make me laugh just as much as watching the episode. I don’t think they will kill off Jin…I have not seen a romantic comedy where someone dies yet…that would be just inhumane. I do think that Ae Jung will find out later about his pace maker being broken and the heart surgery Jin needs to undergo and therfore makeing her realize how deep her feelings are for jin.

  7. One thing I’m wondering. Why would Ae Jung have to leave the industry? Other than Pil Joo telling Jin that he would rather take her away from the industry which steps on her, nothing has indicated that she would HAVE to give it up. Jae Suk and Jin did have the conversation that she can become a doctor’s wife. But again, does she HAVE to give it up? Only if she wants to. Their conversation was after Jin said Pil Joo had ruined Ah Jung’s livelihood by doing this. But Pil Joo didn’t ruin her livelihood. His actions turned her the star of a dating show and made her popularity a bit better.

    The Agent encourages her to become a real couple with Pil Joo, and still is planning on releasing the album. Surely, she can continue if she wants. Pil Joo wouldn’t stop her, if she wants. It’s not the same of course with one person in the Entertainment field, and the other out of it. And it would be much easier for two entertainers. But Ae Jung doesn’t have to leave her industry.

    In fact, Pil Joo is the one who’s stepped into the Entertainment industry for her. Something he himself says and acknowledges.

    • There’s a certain “brutality” in the industry that Pil Joo wanted take Ae Jung away from. He said something along the lines of I want to take you away from this world that hurts you . The fact of Ae Jung’s sudden rise to popularity has not really pre-empted the fact that she still has a legion of anti-fans out there, that incident with the ugly-ass manager being only the start.

      Being a doctor’s wife would give her a certain kind of financial and social security, one that she can never get in the fishbowl world of showbiz. Dating Pil Joo has been beneficial to her career, and will continue to be beneficial in the long run, if logic is to be followed. It would also free her from the burden of being the family’s breadwinner, one of her underlying motivations for sticking with the industry for so long.

      That being said, I remain part of Team Jin, because I am irrational like that. 🙂

      • Oh, I know she still has a legion of anti-fans. But my comment was in response to the assertion that picking Pil Joo would mean leaving the industry. It doesn’t.

        Now as much as I love Pil Joo, this is ultimately a story of Jin and Ae Jung. And it shows. You feel for them and the couple. I am not rooting against Jin.

        But I was just pointing out that Pil Joo, like you said is helping her career, and not really hurting it. Nor would she have to get out of the industry.

        I’ve seen a few comments in various places using Pil Joo’s words against him. The fact that he wants to take her away from the world that hurts her and treats her so badly. But that’s just his protection-mode talking, and who wouldn’t want to help a person they like/love–take them from their world of hurt.

        If she wants to stay in the industry, she can and he won’t stop her. She’s gotten a better gig because of Pil Joo, and her being a couple with him won’t stop her from getting other gigs or get in the way of her album.

        Isn’t Jin doing the same thing? Protecting Ae Jung by beating the pulp out of her old manager. I still have issues with that, really. Not that the dude didn’t deserve it, but no that’s not how you handle things. Deck him once, and that’s good. Maybe even twice. Okay. Not enough for the dude to go to the hospital. How exactly is that helping or protecting Ae Jung? Extreme violence is now the amazing answer?

        Like I said before, I hope there’s more to to that manager’s current condition. Maybe he did and said something after going down.

      • Oh. I was under the assumption that Ae Jung looked at this business as a source of livelihood, a steady income by which to feed her family. I never really got the impression that she particularly enjoyed it. So I figured that what Pil Joo’s offer does is give her an comfortable out, without necessarily undermining his romantic aspirations. You’re right, she doesn’t have to leave the industry but if she accepts Pil Joo, she is able to retire comfortably and without guilt.

        And now that you’ve pointed it out, I do think that manager blew things out of proportion. But strangely, I kinda want Jin to pay for his actions because that boy seriously needs to put something on the line to win Ae Jung.

      • I actually don’t disagree that she looks at it as her livelihood. She’s said wondered more than once about how it would have been like if she had left the industry.

        Though I guess with the album, that’s might be something she truly enjoys. Though I don’t know about singing at various clubs and events.

  8. Awww the angst….it’s not enough that his career in jeopardy but also his life? Thanks for the detailed recap Ockoala. Btw this is just an input for you, I can’t open your posts all the way through yesterday, it never happened before. I noticed that it happens with your posts which get a lot of comments, btw congrats on that.

  9. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next episode. I already feel bad for Pil joo. I would definitely dislike the writers if Jin dies in the end.

    Thanks for the recap! I’ll be waiting until next week.

  10. Today showed once again the reason I love the Hong sisters for their manchild heroes. When the time comes for those heroes to man up they do it so well that everything else goes out the window. 🙂

  11. OMG OMG OMG. I can’t wait to see this week’s episodes, and find out what happens next!

    I always had a feeling that the Treasure Girls song literally saved Jin’s life back then, but hadn’t considered that it would do it again now. I also love the gradual revelations of the Treasure Girls’ story, and it’s nice to see that Se-ri had a good memory of Ae-jung helping her out back in the day. BEST OF ALL, I love that Ae-jung’s former manager (who is literally a ddong-ko!) got part of what he deserved. He should end up totally discredited and broke!

    And now, having read the recap for Ep 10, I am recharged and ready to get to work! 🙂

  12. Ockoala, thank you once again for doing a summary! But what I enjoyed MOST, is your after-thoughts. They are always so well-written. I love your personal take of certain scenes, your analysis, or your feelings about the show in general.

    However, it’s always your last paragraph that hits me with awe the most. Thank you! So touching, so spot-on!

    “They are meant to be together, because only they understand each other’s struggles in the entertainment life they have chosen to live, and have the wherewithal to walk the rest of their careers together…Ae Jung picking Jin meaning they can turn this industry upside down and hopefully emerge stronger by each other’s side.

    • That is something that I notice in this dramas ( almost all of them) one of the leads, have, what the other don’t. I mean, they complement each other. Just like Shi Zhu’s mom says to Xiang Qi’s dad: “Xiang Qi had what Shi Zhu don’t have”. I think is a rule, in drama world?

      Like in ISWAK 1 & 2, Shi Zhu had and super human intelligence, but lack human emotions, how to recognize them, how to react to them, and how to show them. He always was cold, and angry! On the other hand, Xiang Qi, had every emotion on the skin, she truly show how much she lurve him, but lacks of any IQ * she doesn’t have any academical intelligence, but at the university of life, she gain a PhD! For sure!!*

      In Lie To Me, Ah Jung, is someone, when it hurts, she live the hurt, when she is happy, you notice, when she is sad, she can barely, hold the tears, or the anger. But, Ki Joon, had a poker face for everything, and anything, except when he is when Ah Jung. I wonder why?

      In MNIKSS, Sam Shik was an ice prince, until Sam Soon, take him by surprise, and melt the ice away! He even talk about his brother death, something that he don’t do before! Like never in years!

      In Drunken to Love You, the closeness from living together, with the extreme pain, that Xiao Ru suffer, during the “realization that her love has come to an end” show Jie Xiu, what was missing from his relationship with Ai Wei. And Xiao Ru, having a man who stood for her, who be there for her, a man who hug her when she need it, make her realize, that her “man” wasn’t a prince charming for that matter!!

      In Personal Taste Jin Ho, teaches Gae In, how to become a desirable woman, how to get her self respect and her self-esteem high. On the contrary, Gae In teach him, Jin Ho how to feel, how to let go, how to react to the emotions, and how to loosen up a little. The most important lesson Jin Ho learn, that not everything, goes accordingly to the plan. Some things, just happens, because they need to happens!

      For me, it is no surprise, that Ae Jung, have what Jin dont. And viceversa. Jin have fame, money, fan love, but lacks a heart *not only physically, but emotionally (irony taken)* Ae Jung lacks, money, fame, and have more anti-fans, than the population of South Korea, but she IS all heart, and emotion, and for trying always to do the right thing, get burn, over and over and over again.

      You see, someone always have, what the other don’t. I think that is what they are trying to teach us, to look in a potential partner, some one who can be the exact “you complete me” and you say “you had me at hello” that kind of thing!!

  13. Hong sisters are getting better. I like their Gumiho drama, but it lacked the emotional punch in the later part of the show. And I was super bored with the whole ‘noble idiocy’ theme.

    Best love just hits the note so well. Fingers crossed that it will keep its steam now that everyone’s feelings and thoughts are in the open.

    The more I watch the show though, the more I wish its name was still ‘the discovery of affection’. How appropriate is that name, huh?

    • I agree with your comment about Gumiho. I mean, the acting was great, the plot was awesome, and Gu Miho will forever be one of my favorite kdrama female characters, but I only really was interested in the first half of the drama.

  14. oh the angst!!!!!! but oh how i love it all nonetheless!.. now it’s going to be such an agonising wk waiting for the nxt eps to come out!!.. i have to remind myself to breathe now and again.. as much as i love BL (and kdramas) i sometimes wonder too if this is good for my health considering the extreme ups and downs i go thru watching it!! but then again, it is cos of the emotional rollercoaster ride that makes it all the more fun!

    i have to say though, Koala you are the bomb! 🙂 hehe. thanks for putting up the recaps super, super fast – and you do it consistently for all the 3 dramas you are recapping!! THANKYOU!!!!!

  15. I forgot one thing. Am I the only one who’s not crazy about the fact that the Treasure Girl’s manager was beaten that much? I don’t know. I was waiting for Jin to kick his ass and was rooting him on. And that punch we saw was amazing.

    But then we see the manager beaten much worse. I can’t help but feel that there’s more to it. I understand getting angry and how Jin could do it. But it would have been so much smarter and packed just as much punch for just a punch–well except for the fact that it would only become less of a scandal.

    I also can’t help but feel that there’s more to it. We never saw Jin going in for more punches. There has to be reason for that, no? I hope there’s a reason for it.

    • hmmm. i wonder if all the beating up was done by jin…. maybe someone else saw him down and kicked his ass a bit more… like the bf of the girl who he berating for talking to a guy on the phone… because i some how can’t see jin losing total control like that… that guy ENDED UP in a HOSPITAL!!!

      • I wouldn’t put it past the manager to have done something shady and suspicious.

      • I replied w/this above, but it’s good to see I’m not the only person suspecting the manager took that one punch & amped it up to make himself into the innocent victim. Wondering if he got his friend (the one on the phone, the one who clearly also enjoys tormenting Ae Jung) to “help” him get more beaten up.

        …which reminds me, the whole speculation about Ae Jung’s protector (back in the day) being paid off, which allowed Treasure Girls to be disbanded. Have there been more hints about that, that I’ve missed?

      • Only thing the manager doesn’t realize is that Jin witnessed the assault on AJ in the garage, and he also overheard the confession that he threw the coffee on AJ on purpose. I’m sure it is enough to get him kicked out of his job FOREVER!

        Just watch him make a deal with Jin, promising not to press charges and in turn, he will keep his job but have to stay away from AJ for good (or be obliterated by the Jin Power Machine).

  16. yeah maybe they will flashback what happened in detail:D

    actually it’s better that he totally beated him because in entertainment world (actually Jin did the same in the first 2 episodes:PP) you punched him once but they will exaggerate and tell the media it is way more than that:D so no need to exaggerate by the manager:D Jin did all the way:D

    OMG this episode ruled by Jin and Ding Dong btw, they are adorable:D I wanna dream about their family life after AJ and DJ get married (yeah i am hoping for a celebrity wedding at the end^^)

    And hell yeah hugging scenes in this drama have more impact on me than kiss scene!!! the hug by AJ and backhug by DJ and now this hug with deeper feelings!

    AJ you need to stick with DJ till the end! dont leave him even just a second please he needs you more than anything in the world now!!!

    Team AeJin Fighting!

  17. wow, the Hong sisters have really outdone themselves this time. These past 2 episodes were EPIC! they’re able to make a simple story so compelling it’s unbelievable. CSW and GHJ are also phenomenal actors. they can portray their inner emotions with such subtle gestures it’s almost oozing out of the screen. love love love!! can’t wait for next week. thanks for the speedy recap 🙂

  18. tears fall down when Jin ask everyone if he looks cool today @ movie award.
    it seem he want to give his best impression to everyone
    before leaving them T_T
    Can’t wait for the next episode.
    thanks ockoala ^^

  19. my gosh, u’re fast in recapping! mucho thks! hope u catch up with sleep! as for yr heart hurting – it reminds me of dokko jin’s heartbreak! 🙂

  20. EPIC episode. It was so sad how Jin was getting ready to say goodbye and how he wanted everyone to remember him at his best — receiving a Best Actor Award, announcing that he’s going to Hollywood, and looking impeccable. But then he decided to give up the legacy he’d leave in the event of his death to spend the time he has remaining helping Aejung. He’s giving up more than just his career, he’s giving up what his life has stood for. Dokko Jin, the ultra-egotistic, image-obsessed top celeb, no longer cares what the world thinks of him — he cares about one person only. (You translated that Jin says his *career* will continue on without him. Actually, Aejung says first, what is he thinking when he needs to be a (Hollywood) superhero and protect the world. Jin replies there are a lot of superheroes to protect the world, and the world can go on without him. Instead, there’s just one person he must stay around to protect. ASD:JFHADKS:F. As I said, epic.)

  21. JIN looked HOT!! when he went to stalk the manager… to be honest with the intense look in his eyes i thought Jin was going to push him down the stairs!!lol. Fighting JIN!!!

  22. once again.. what an unpredictable story/script that Hong Sister written, its amazing.. BL is the Best!!! Thanks Ockoala…

  23. D*mmit you Hong Sisters….
    why did you have to make DokkoJin so cool NOW…
    WHy only now, when I have set my heart for PILJOO…
    okay okay i admit it, on these episode its clears anything and everything PILJOO does would not be comparable…
    The score is undoubtedly on JIN in this episode

    However cute my PILJOO is, how can he beat that awesome display of protection…
    that banging up the ex-manager trumps the hands in the ears and three roses of my PILJOO…

    SHOOT me now…!!!!

    okay okay i conceded JIN, you are awesome…!!!

  24. Seriously, if the Hong sisters killed Jin here I am going to go to Korea and hunt them with my…my….hmmmp! I know they write beautiful stories but they need not kill him off. That will hurt too much.

    The silly, proud, arrogant yet lovable, adorable Dok Jin…PLEASE don’t do that to us! I mean he is one of kind male lead that you don’t usually find in kdramas. Please have pity on us.

    By the way, thanks Koala…love reading your recaps.

    Is there a way to tell the Hong sisters that flowers and plants can be taken cared of as long as there is somebody taking care of them. Ae Jung can do that. Do I need to say a novena every single hour?

    Gahhh. How can one drama made me laugh so much then cry at the same time.

    Hong Sisters…if you wanna live longer than you are supposed to then make him
    stronger and let him have a new heart.

    • Its unlikely for the Hong Sisters to kill Jin..
      I mean Korea is a place where people’s opinion is greatly considered…
      Winter Sonata’s ending was changed cause the general public didnt like BYJ to be killed off…
      and if they really kill of JIN, i think there would be nothing left of the Hong sisters after the Koreans are through with them…

      • So true, and it’s not just the Koreans… I mean… If they kill him, drama fans from everywhere are gonna take a flight to South Korea to hunt them down (me first, I’ll make a quick France-Korea trip to have a heart talk with them).

  25. oh so sweet! i am so excited for the next ep but a bit sad that there’ll just be 6 more epi left before the show ends. i love DJ’s personality. i am so into the DJ team. never for a moment have i considered to jump ship! CSW has portrayed DJ perfectly. i love his comical and pitiful expressions when he’s trying to appeal to AJ’s tenderness. i like it that even when he projects an almost perfect persona to the public, he can be totally himself with AJ around. my heart beats double time with the last scene where he admits to needing to lean on AJ for support. thanks OCK!!! you’re really super-fast and i want you to know that i am one of those who truly appreciate your efforts. keep it up! 🙂

  26. Thank You Unni, for your hard work, for make me laugh,for being so thoughtful, and for bringing me (all of us) the latest, hottest, most wonderful news, of the drama world!! When I grow up I wanna be just like you!!

    I think I find my next victim!! LOL This drama, is starting to grow on me, and if I enjoy the episodes as much as your recaps, I’m gonna lurve them!! LOL For the record, I’m not watching this drama yet!

    Fighting! o.O

  27. i just can’t stop crying, and your wonderful recap made me cry more. i can barely write. this drama is just awesome but if hong sisters kill my jin i’d never watch one of their dramas never. the begining with ding dong was cuteness overload… and after that the heartbreak.
    Team Aejin fighting

  28. Jin needs a new heart..Ae Jung needs to convince him to do the surgery .. if not if they kiss again or end up sleeping together – he might just have a heart attack and die on her. and let me tell you that is one experience NO GIRL ever should want to experience!!!

  29. I totally agree with you Cherry….NO ONE will ever want that….! Despite of having the chance to sleep with DJ/CSW….hahaha…..

  30. I’m for team Pil Joo. who wouldn’t be? That guy is Mr. Perfect. But in this episode, Jin redeemed himself from being a butthole. And yes, I am convince that Jin needs Ae Jung more than he needs anything else in his life, including fame and fortune. And I agree, Pil Joo has nothing at stake in choosing Ae Jung, whereas Jin has everything at stake.

    I know that Ae Jung will face problem if she will choose Pil Joo. His mother will surely cause trouble. Though I know Ae Jung will be able to handle this having been used to be mistreated, I doubt if she she can still take it if it’s her family that will be Pil Joo’s mother target of ire. Hence, I’m now at peace to see Jin and Ae Jung to be together at the end though since the start I know that they’re meant to be since this is their story.

    I’m just too happy that this is the first time that I accept with ease to see both leads end up together when in fact I’m rooting for the 2nd lead. I have this 2nd lead syndrome and I always end-up heartbroken at the end of the show.

    • same with you..I’m always second lead team….(except for YAB which Hwang TAe Kyung is sooo charming)..and I know from the beginning that DJ and AJ will be together (but always hoping in my heart that second lead get the girl..although the possibility is very very little)…I know that AJ is a perfect match for DJ because DJ needs her more than PJ..and I’m very thankful to the scriptwriter to make uri YKS so adorable and become second lead character who is get love from many people with sooo many nice scene..Komawo Hong Sister..chongmal Komawoyo
      “I accept with ease to see both leads end up together when in fact I’m rooting for the 2nd lead”..very agree with you…hope that Pil Joo get a nice girl in the end.., but I think he doen’t like Se Ri because of her attitude..just get her a natural nice girl so he won’t feel alone when he left to China maybe…..huhuhuhuhu……….ready to crying a lot
      (but in my opinion if they make the character very torn apart and sad, viewer will root for him more and more..and this will be good for YKS career….Oppa Hwaiting)

      • Oh yeah, I want a nice ending for Pil Joo and I do hope too that Pil Joo would get a nice girl in the end but not Se Ri. What about Jenny, she seems to be a nice girl. heheh! At least it would end the rivalry between Ah Hwan and Jae Suk. lol

  31. Here’s my theory on how the Manager Jang scenario will pan out…

    Dokko Jin really did only hit Manager Jang once but somehow Manager Jang got himself beaten worse to make the situation for Dokko Jin worse. Manager Jang is going to threaten Agent Moon that he will go straight to the media if she doesn’t pull Ae Jung out of couple making and dissolve her contract.

    • But DJ witnessed the manager hitting AJ and now overhearing him confessing to burning her. I think DJ can get the manager fired for good.

  32. Thanks for your recaps and your brilliant commentary. I read them first and then go back and watch the episode RAW. Then I watch again with english subs later. Did you notice that the leads names for LTM and BL are both AJ? And their antagonist girlfriends are both SR. This drama has way, way, way superior writing and plot development. Though I do like LTM as well.

    Waiting to see what happens with DJ. Like how you described him as going from Robot to real man. You captured him well in this episode.

  33. Your commentary for episode 10 made me sob like a baby. *holds back tears*

    Episode 10 was just…UGH I HAVE NO WORDS TO SAY.

    And totally agreeing on the hug. It’s better than the kiss.

    Idk why but i was emotionally overwhelmed when DJ walked down the stairs to AJ. And when he saw her burnt arm, i felt …gosh! DJ PUT HIS STAKE ON THE LINE! gosh i’m so touched!

  34. It didnt make me sob watching the ep. 10, but your commentary/analysis did. You and thundie are brillant. Your words have absolutely captured the essence of this drama. I love the greatest love, I think the actors are superb and the script are so well thought out and raw. Real. Its all these little details that make a drama great. The words, emotions that moved us all. Great job, and I cant help but be dazzled by your writings! Keep it up!

  35. I was reading ur update while listening to kim bum soo singing one of his ballads with his beautifull tender voice , the combination of both made me just so nostalgic and sad for DJ .
    I didn’t watch the last two epi of the last week becoz I was pissed off with DJ for hurting AJ , but this epi , from what I read in ur update , made it for him big time , I just love his beautiful way to love AJ , giving everything up for the sake of the person u love , that’s the bestest way to show how much u love that person and that’s too heartwarming , sighhhhh .
    But now I’m really worried for him , worried for his health and carrieer and I wish at the end of the drama everything will be fine .
    I’m also feeling sorry for SR , seems her feelings for PJ are sincere and such kind person , PJ , will help her to change to the best just the way AJ is helping DJ to change to the best .
    all in all the drama is really very well written and very consistance and I think this weekend inchallah I will watch the last four episodes that I missed since it’s becoming more and more and more interresting .

  36. Thank you, Mrs Koala. I don’t have time to watch dramas and reading your recap just make my days (and your LTM spoilers as well, kkkk).

    Btw I am not aboard any ship cuz I can’t choose. Seriously. Glad that this doesn’t happen in real life. Or does it? ^^

  37. What an ugly dress Agent Moon chose to AJ, really ugly. It looked like one of those hotel maid dresses, no style. It was not fit for the occasion. On the other hand, SR was wearing a really gorgeous dress. Why can’t they give good dresses to AJ?? So unfair!!

    I would be happy if Jin wouldn’t go through another heart surgery, it’s too painful and dramatic to see his life by a threat. I liked how he stood up for his feelings during this episode, it was superb!!!

    I think that maybe SR is going to change her behavior towards AJ, because she is starting to remember good things about AJ.

    Koala, thanks for the good work!!! =^.^=

  38. Has anyone here considered that the press is about to surround DJ’s house?

    How will AJ get out?
    Do you think AJ will have to spend the night at DJ’s house? LOL

    • I thought he might have to go and stay at her place for a few days? On account of the whole needing-to-hide-out-for-a-while thing. (I am totally hoping for that kind of development 😀 😀 😀 *giddy*)

      • Maybe they lay low at DJ’s house until the press goes away and sneak off to AJ’s house to hide out there… BUT then the one lone reporter follows them and the scandal breaks out! Waah!

        Oh… Could you see how cute it would be for DJ to have to share a room with Ding Dong? Or would that be weird?

  39. Aww, the reality that awaits them is sad, if in the end dok go jin loses his job it would be really really devastating, but knowing the hong sisters style of writng i guess they’ll make it better for the both of them. Seriously i dont get why ae jungs ex manager acts like childish old guy.. There must be something wrong with his mind.

  40. Is this really a romance comedy drama?? How can the story really touch me like this ;_;
    Hong sister I really adore you to write such this amazing drama and ockoala thankyou for this amazing recap.
    Jin already attract me from the beginning with his comic side and now he make me fall in love again but with another side of him, that I never expected!! <3

  41. I have watched the show over and over gain. I have read your recap million times over and I am still addicted to GL/BL.
    I am soo in luv with the show, the cast and the Hong sisters. Any new dramas from them?

  42. You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be really one thing which I think I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely extensive for me. I am taking a look ahead on your subsequent put up, I’ll attempt to get the cling of it!

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