Hayate the Combat Butler with Park Shin Hye and George Hu Releases Teaser Trailers

With the recent confirmation that Park Shin Hye‘s TW-drama Hayate the Combat Butler, co-starring George Hu and Tia Li, was getting a premiere date of June 19th on FTV, I’ve been wondering when the promotional materials would start trickling out. I need wait no more – the first three teaser trailers have been released.

Yes, I can confirm that Shin Hye will be dubbed, but thankfully her dubbed voice does not sound like a Chinese chipmunk. And yes again, I can also confirm Hayate is in fact a live-action manga adaptation that resembles it manga roots. Based on the trailers, expect zero logic or reality and enjoy the cute and silly.

Teaser 1 (Sensational World Edition):


Teaser 2 (Kidnapping Edition):


Shin Hye: Let me go!

Tia: Our miss had been kidnapped!

Shin Hye: Do you really believe you can escape the comprehensive trap set by my family? Xiao Feng….(George’s character’s name). To save me, he is willing to give his life. How is he? I asked you to take him to the medicinal bath, has he soaked in it yet?

Tia: He’s soaked in the medicinal bath per my lady’s instructions. He should be awake shortly.

Teaser 3 (Cute Girl Edition):


George: I’ve never lived in the same house with a girl. Especially with a girl this cute.

Shin Hye: She’s not that cute.

George: Miss Maria (Tia’s character’s name) is so beautiful AND so cute, don’t you think so?


Hayate the Combat Butler with Park Shin Hye and George Hu Releases Teaser Trailers — 19 Comments

  1. I never liked the manga and the anime for this. I doubt I am gonna like this Tdrama…
    but one thing i noticed shinhye and george are both equally cute, and together they make adorable seem so exciting.

  2. Well at least it should be better than the japanese drama, right? but yeah, too much craziness for me, and not enough hot scenes! ;D or at least emotional development btw characters!

  3. Wow… the special effects are so convincing (not). That’s some half-assed CGI going on in the second teaser.

    Why are dubbed Chinese girl voices so whiny? I think I’m going to pass for that reason alone. I remember when I watched my first mainland drama (the one with Jang Nara), I was so confused as to why ALL the girls had such high pitched whiny voices, and wondered whether there was something wrong with the water. After finding out the answer years later… lol.

  4. Park Shin Hye dubbed? Oh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird! And I should get used to dubbed actors since here, most American/UK movies are dubbed, but homg, I’m not.

  5. Que linda la voz que le pusieron a Park Shin Hye, por lo general siempre me ha molestado los doblajes chinos, pero este no me molesto para nada, de hecho me gusto jaja, estoy esperando por muchos tw dramas, material queen y ahora Hayate the Combat Butler, ademas que estoy viendo, drunken to love you =D, este año hay twdramas de donde elegir jojo, ya colapse….

  6. Can someone confirm whether the 2nd girl is the 3rd party in Miss No Good and Rainie’s bestfriend in Why Why Love?

  7. Hey don’t mean to nitpick but in the last trailer, the trailer is slightly off. The Cute Girl trailer, the last line where George Hu says Miss Maria is so pretty, it’s actually not Park Shin Hye’s character’s name but the name of the character of the maid girl, which is the punchline of the scene and why the pissed off reaction of Park Shin Hye later is amusing.

      • Yeah, I also have the advantage of having read the manga as well as understanding Chinese so that’s how I know. I’m kind of interested in seeing this series so thank you for posting the news about it. Wondering how the story will go since they had to age Park Shin Hye’s character up from the original manga age.

  8. I was going to ask if Park Shin Hye learned Mandarin? But after I saw the comments I was like she’s dubbed? I personally think dramas that are dubbed sounds really awkward and cheap. I’d rather read the subtitles all the way through the credits than hear voices that sometimes doesn’t fit the actors conversation AT ALL. -_-

      • Loooool I guess you live in a sheltered place (name it ! I wanna go there too), because where I live (….France), EVERY series are dubbed. *sob*
        Just for that, I’m glad K-dramas are not targeted by French channels.

  9. I’m kinda iffy with this one just because I never really cared much about the manga. Now I’m even more iffy because the fact that Shin is dubbed. I been trynna figure out for the longest how is she gonna make this work. Did she study Chinese &can do it well? But now I see that is not the case. She’s gonna be dubbed &honestly that’s the kinda thing that irks me a little. It’s like if your gonna try to break into another countries entertainment circle it’s only right you learn their language. This goes for mainly idols breaking into the Japanese market but now I’m applying it here too.
    I really do hope that Shin learns Chinese more that way next time she does a drama for Taiwan or even the mainland she won’t be dubbed.
    If that’s the case I’m wondering is Hye Sun gonna be dubbed too for Absolute Boyfriend with Jiro? If so then imma be real annoyed because I love that manga &drama..I wanna see Taiwan do it justice with real voices.

    • Dubbing is very common in Chinese especially because of the different regional dialects so sometimes it’s more distracting for to hear a HK actor with a Cantonese accent attempt to speak Mandarin if they’re not fluent than to just have them say the lines in Mandarin and then overdub it. I know that’s what happened with Jang Nara in Mischievous Princess and Yoo Hana in My Lucky Star where they spoke their lines to the best of their ability in Mandarin but they were overdubbed to match their lips. It’s likely a lose-lose situation since the dubbing is sometimes discernible and you lose the real voice of the actress but if you use the actual voice, you’d likely have a very unconvincing portrayal to the native audience because of the accent.

      • I’ve always wondered why all the HK movies I watch are dubbed in Mandarin. It was such a headache to watch since their lips were out of sync with the audio and I was following the English subs to match. But good point on the convincing the native audience. I don’t speak Chinese and even I got annoyed by Rickie’s accent in DTLY. Dubbing might make for a smoother viewing experience.

    • It’s actually an official policy for the PRC, because the government wants people to learn the official language of China (which I think is putonghua Mandarin, but someone can correct me here. It’s basically the same accent/speech/way of speaking that Chinese newscasters use). So films and TV shows released in China will be dubbed, even if the actors/actresses can speak fluent Mandarin. You can see this case even in mainland idol dramas, like Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower and BBJX.

  10. Totally FAILURE -_- …… Body Structure… Failure………..

    well lets see if she can portray the TSUNDERE QUEEN ROLE…….


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