First Teaser Stills of Eric and Han Ye Seul in Spy Myung Wol

THUD. *jaw drop* Eric…….wow. Just wow. It’s like art imitates life imitates fiction. The first teaser photos are out for the upcoming Beautiful Spy (Korean title Spy Myung Wol) starring Eric and Han Ye Seul. Eric plays a Hallyu actor, who gets involved with a North Korean agent played by Han Ye Seul who infiltrates South Korea. I have no clue what the story is about beyond that. But HOMG Eric and Han Ye Seul are two of the sexiest actors in K-ent, and paired together they might just combust the screen. Kinda like what Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are doing on the set of Lie to Me.

I like how Han Ye Seul’s character seems like a cross between Kim So Yeon‘s North Korean spy in IRIS and perhaps Kim Ha Neul‘s actress character in On Air. As for folks who bemoan the complete and utter collapse of Poseidon, and never seeing the bromance between Eric and Kim Kang Woo, I personally prefer Eric in something lighter like this spy rom-com as his comeback project. I dunno, I want to see Eric acting all doofy, and then BAM hit me with the hotness. July is starting to look bad, as in I’m doomed again.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Eric bar]


First Teaser Stills of Eric and Han Ye Seul in Spy Myung Wol — 26 Comments

    • OMG yeah that’s the word for Eric raw cool!!! I think he isnt THAT cool before! he had gone to military service right? It worked:D

      Btw they look hot together! I think I am gonna watch this drama, in which channel will it be aired? hope it’s SBS, their HD is awesome;D

    • I am totally itching for an Eric and YEH’s pairing since the xman days too!

      Wishing upon the drama Gods to pair these two up soon!! 😀

      • I actually heard that YEH was casted in Que Sera Sera, but due to so contractual obligations to her management company was taken off the project. Which means we missed the possibility of an Eric/YEH drama :'(

      • @noho I am actually glad that YEH didnt QSS because as much as I like her she wouldnt fit that type of role or drama. Her forte really is in rom-coms.

        I do wish to see the two of them in a drama eventually though.

      • Besides, if YEH did QSS, she might not have gotten to do Coffee Prince. But I’m hoping that YEH and Eric will have a drama to do together someday soon.

      • “””I actually heard that YEH was casted in Que Sera Sera, but due to so contractual obligations to her management company was taken off the project.”””

        Gosh! we missed that one definitely… if YEH was in Que Sera Sera, it definitely would have been a treat for everyone!

      • I think Que Sera Sera was a treat even with YEH involved! It’s one of my favorite dramas.

        Nothing against YEH but I don’t think anybody could have done that role better than Jung Yoo-mi did. She was perfect for it. I’m sad she hasn’t done any other dramas but seems she is sticking with the indie movie roles which is a really good fit for her. I hope she does another drama someday though.

  1. OMG! *____*

    You may be right, this may be the right comeback project for Eric, who btw looks smocking hot in these stills, BUT I will always complain I don’t get to see the epic bromance between his character and Kim Kang-woo’s in Poseidon. And yes, I convinced myself it was going to be epic and super bromantic and nothing will convince me otherwise. I think I need fics for a kdrama that didn’t even see the light? ACK!

    As for Han Ye-seul, I really hope she has GREAT chemistry with Eric because she’s not one of my favorite actresses so I need something else that distracts me from that.

    Denali mentioned Eric + YEH and omg YES, please! Gimmegimmegimme!

    • Denali mentioned Eric + YEH and omg YES, please! Gimmegimmegimme!

      Me too! can imagine the pair ooozing with lots of sex appeal.

  2. He is freaking. insanely HOT!! OMG, call the firefighters, because from here (the Caribbean) I can see his smoke!!!!
    He is so, so, so yummy!! LOL

    After BL, this is gonna be my next victim, and CH, of course!!!

    This is gonna get ugly!!!

  3. It’s funny how Poseidon’s time slot was taken over by Lie To Me and that time slot really was there only hope. So I guess as a LTM fan I can’t say I’m too sad to see Poseidon go :/

  4. Is it just me or is every other Korean lead actress sporting bob haircuts lately???

    For example, Ji-Hyun from 49 days, YEH in LTM, Han Ye Seul in this, PSH in Heartstrings, Ae Jung in Best Love, Sung Yuri in Romance Town, whats-her-name in Manny, KTH in My Princess, etc.

    • I noticed it to, and I have to say it almost makes me want to get one to. But I know it wouldn’t nearly look as good on me as it does on them. Especially YEH, she is really rocking the bob.

    I love Eric since QSS!

    This is such an interesting concept…North Korean Spy X Hallyu Star! Truly can’t wait!

    As much I love the idea of Eric & YEH, I didn’t mind his OTP in QSS. Jung Yumi is cute!

  6. Oh man my husband is looking mighty fine. Even more now that he came back from the army. He even makes that tacky blue &white strip suit look good. I am most def gonna watch this for my boo. Oh how I’ve missed him the last two years.
    I am still waiting for a drama w.him &YEH. I mean I miss &love my X-Man days with these two. Anyways I’m hoping for some konglish from these two xD jk

    • I think he’s just like 30. *runs off to look it up*
      Ok, looks like he’s 32 so yeah he’s still pretty young. Just the right age for moi! And doesn’t he speak English fairly well? Yep, he’s perfect for me since I can’t speak Korean. 😉

      • How do you know he speaks good english? I always wondered because of his english name, was he living abroad before he joined shinwa. Does anybody know this? And I also read somewhere that he is half korean, can anyone verify this? Or should I contact the Eric fanclub LOL.

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