Ethan Ruan Dons Period Attire for the First Time for a Pepsi CF

Ethan Ruan’s next project, the big-budgeted HK/C period movie The Flying Guillotine, has had its start date for filming pushed back a couple of times now. So Ethan’s been chilling byΒ doing endorsements in the Mainland, and he recently filmed another CF for Pepsi as one of their Mainland spokesmodels.

This CF marks Ethan’s first time in period historical attire for any project, and damn does the boy look fine. I wasn’t sure Ethan could pull off the armour and warrior look, because he’s so darn pretty, but surprisingly he does. The CF itself is really cute as well, so have a watch.

In the CF, Ethan plays an unidentified warrior who goes to extreme lengths for a bottle of Pepsi. Which apparently bestows martial arts abilities in the form of a powerful burp. Pepsi is purposely keeping the identity of his character a secret and is inviting fans to guess by logging on to the Pepsi China fan forum, which is a brilliant interactive idea. It could be either a real historical figure, or a famous novel figure.

Pepsi CF – The Great Wall Edition:


Ethan Ruan Dons Period Attire for the First Time for a Pepsi CF — 14 Comments

    • Yes. They’ve been together since 2004. Ethan’s acting debut was delayed because his agency wanted them to break up but he wouldn’t. They are probably the most high profile TW-ent couple since Vic and Barbie broke up.

      • Argh, Vic and Barbie where so awesome in MARS Q_Q I thought it nice that they were a couple ^^

  1. yeah hahas, ethan acted in fated to love you (i liked that drama, hahas), and his girlfriend tiffany acted in drunken to love you (fated to love you 2, i LOVE this drama ^^), so maybe they’ll act together someday in a fated to love you 3, smoking to love you or something hahas.

    i wish they can act together as a OTP πŸ˜€
    that’ll be nice <3

  2. Wow this CF is so cool, to bad it’s a chinese CF it would be cool if they showed it out here in the states or just anywhere. The guy is really cute πŸ˜€ I don’t watch to many TWdramas so I don’t know who he is but this CF peaked my intrestest!

  3. in the FTLY he isssssssssssss dammmnnnnn handsome!!! and his body… yums yums… though i prefer vaness wu’s bods hahaha

  4. wow! he’s so damn good in that costume..! thank you pepsi! that’s one great CF we’ve seen here! πŸ™‚

  5. ethan is so sexy….but i miss his tandem with joe chen in FTLY.
    i still think that his chemistry with joe chen is the best…wish they will still have a chance
    to pair up in the future…
    sad that joe chen is more active in mainland china now doing movies…

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