Drunken to Love You Episode 8 Recap

I truly savor the opportunity to watch each new episode of Drunken to Love You. I feel like I’m peeking into the most tender of love stories, so down-to-earth yet so magical. While Rainie Yang‘s acting continues to amaze me, it’s really Joseph Chang‘s Song Jie Xiu that’s running away with this drama (and all the ladies hearts).

Episode 8 was exceedingly low on the angst, allowing everyone to take a breather from the Yi Xian or Avril emotional roller coaster and just settle into watching Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu do something as mundane as go shopping for groceries. And yet it wasn’t mundane at all, because everything Jie Xiu says and does for Xiao Ru simply takes my breath away. We would all be so lucky to find out very own guy just like him.

Cup 8 recap:

Avril looks at her cellphone, considering whether she should call Jie Xiu. Rickie walks up to her and reminds her that the show they just put on would go to waste if she called Jie Xiu. Avril’s asks why he helped her? Rickie says he doesn’t want their first movie to be destroyed. He asks Avril to tell him the entire story, so he knows how to continue the charade with her. Avril smiles. Okay, Rickie is such a sweetheart. Avril doesn’t deserve him either.

Jie Xiu is walking out of his office and his hands are still clenched. Suddenly his hand unclenches when Xiao Ru slides a can of soft drink into his hand. He looks at it, remembering the picture she drew for him to cheer him up. They smile at each other, and continue walking side by side down the street. I love them so much together.

Meng Jun is getting a back massage from her son, complaining that her new boss is tormenting her, and even Xiao Ru owes her. Because Xiao Ru took the day off, Meng Jun got punished and had to clean the toilet. Meng Jun’s son notices that Xiao Ru’s shirt is missing a button. Meng Jung sews a new button back on the sweater, reminding her son that she taught them never to waste. Meng Jun thinks if Avril is really dating Rickie, then Xiao Ru and Jie Xie can become a real couple.

Avril cries and tells Rickie that Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are a fake wedded couple, and they got married at the request of Avril. Jie Xiu wants to delete Avril’s picture from his cellphone background. Xiao Ru asks him not to give up, give Avril one more chance to explain. Jie Xiu refuses, everytime he gives Avril one final chance, it always ends with him cursing himself for his own stupidity. Xiao Ru reminds Jie Xiu that as long as the love exists, he can’t end things like this with Avril.

Jie Xiu says its not possible anymore. After that “incident”, the love between them has already changed. Jie Xiu thinks that he’s done his penance to Avril. Xiao Ru refuses to give his phone back, and jumps into the fountain to get away from him. Jie Xiu gets in after her, shocking her since he’s got OCD. Jie Xiu says he’s cured his OCD since he’s living with Xiao Ru. Jie Xiu deletes the picture, telling Xiao Ru that he’s also lost this battle of love. In the future, he simply wants a choice.

Xiao Ru goes to grab the coins in the fountain, which embarasses Jie Xiu. When the security guard finds them, Jie Xiu grabs Xiao Ru’s hand and they make a run for it.

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru are walking home, and Jie Xiu is holding an open box of pizza. Xiao Ru is munching on it while she’s walking, telling Jie Xiu he needs to stop caring about his image and just eat a slice. He takes a bite, and she moves to wipe some sauce off the side of his mouth.

Suddenly Xiao Ru’s old landlord shows up, complaining that Xiao Ru hasn’t changed her mailing address yet so all her mail still arrives at his place. He drops off the mail and leaves. Xiao Ru opens an envelope to see that it contains a deed to a piece of property. Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu walk into the Farglory Hotel. She heads to meet with Yi Xian, saying that she just wants to return the item and will be back right. Jie Xiu follows her, worried that she’ll be mistreated again.

Xiao Ru returns the deed, and Yi Xian asks her to accept it to make him feel better. Xiao Ru says Yi Xian is selfish, forcing her accept something to alleviate his own guilt. She tells him to treat Peggy better. Jie Xiu sits down and tells Yi Xian that he’s the person who is treating Xiao Ru well these days. He tells Yi Xian that everything Xiao Ru needs, he will provide. Jie Xiu tells Yi Xian to stop making overtures to Xiao Ru or else he’ll object. Yi Xian confesses that since his betrayal of Xiao Ru, he’s regretted it everyday.

He asks Xiao Ru to believe him, he never wanted to give up Xiao Ru willingly. She says that it’s all in the past now, and Jie Xiu concurs. Yi Xian then reveals the truth, he got drunk at a party three months ago and hooked up with Peggy. He didn’t want to tell Xiao Ru so that it would destroy her memory of him. Xiao Ru tells Yi Xian that she doesn’t want his regret and apology. She wants him to treat Peggy better, because Peggy is his choice now.

Xiao Ru says that Peggy is the person who loves Yi Xian the most right now. Xiao Ru doesn’t think she could ever love Yi Xian the way Peggy loves him. Jie Xiu tells Xiao Ru that his patience has its limits, and she has ten minutes to finish the conversation. Xiao Ru tells Yi Xian to accept that Peggy loves him, and will treat him better than Xiao Ru can. That is the only thing he can do for her now. Yi Xian wishes Xiao Ru happiness, seeing that she’s found someone who appears to be able to bring her happiness. She smiles, thanking Yi Xian for taking her on this trip (of their relationship).

Jie Xiu walks into the lobby and runs into the flirty client from episode 1, who recognizes him and blatantly tries to come onto him right there. Xiao Ru sees her pawing at Jie Xiu, and runs into to insert herself between them. She announces that Jie Xiu is her husband, and Jie Xiu smiles in concurrence.

The wench doesn’t give up, and insults Xiao Ru has being flat-chested and not pretty. Xiao Ru sasses back that the chick must’ve gotten a boob job, and she leaves in a huff. When Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu leave the hotel, the chick thinks back to her first meeting with Jie Xiu and remembers that Xiao Ru was the waitress who spilled coffee on his lap.

In the car, Jie Xiu compliments her on “beating a witch to save her husband”. He asks if she was jealous, and she laughs and claims what she did was because she’s Jie Xiu’s wife on paper. She tells Jie Xiu to reflect on his personality, and why it attracts ladies to hit on him. He reverses the question, asking Xiao Ru to reflect on why men don’t hit on her. For example, why did she stay to talk with Yi Xian. Xiao Ru says some things need to be explained so it can finally end.

Jie Xiu worries that next month Yi Xian will give her something else. Xiao Ru asks not to talk about this anymore. It wasn’t that pleasant to see Yi Xian again, and she wants some quiet for now. Jie Xiu stops the car, and asks Xiao Ru if she knows a famous architect called Yang Ying Feng. He points out a building that was designed by the architect, and the facade of the building resembles the Chinese character for “wisdom”. Jie Xiu leans over Xiao Ru to explain the architecture, and he gets really into explaining why its so brilliant.

Suddenly the two of them realize how close their faces are to each other. Xiao Ru stares at Jie Xiu, and he stops talking as he looks back at her. Finally he sits back on his side of the car, apologizing for talking about architecture since it puts her to sleep.

Peggy is sitting outside and talking with her unborn baby. She tells the baby that daddy wouldn’t not love the baby, he just needs more time. Yi Xian is standing behind her and listening to her conversation with their baby. He walks up to Peggy and asks how she’s doing? Peggy says all a woman needs is a promise, and all she needs is to stay by his side. She’s willing to wait for him, however long it takes for him to reach for her hand. Yi Xian reaches for her hand, and asks Peggy to marry him. He promises they will make a happy family together. Peggy smiles and hugs Yi Xian. Well, I’m glad to put these two behind Xiao Ru.

Avril is drinking by herself and she thinks she has another chance with him. She gets drunk and goes to Jie Xiu’s house. She goes into Jie Xiu’s room and throws him on the bed. Suddenly Avril becomes this demon woman she tells Jie Xiu that if he leaves her, she’ll eat his liver. Jie Xiu wakes up from the nightmare and tumbles off the bed. He immediately takes Avril’s poster off his wall. He goes downstairs and sees breakfast on the table but no Xiao Ru in sight.

She left him a note, congratulating him for joining her in the lovelorn club. She says the best cure for a broken heart is to eat. Jie Xiu sits down and happily digs into the food.

At the hotel, Meng Jun and all the employees are exhausted and complaining about their new witchy boss. Meng Jun wonders why Xiao Ru isn’t here yet? Suddenly they smell something, and everyone happily runs into the kitchen to find Xiao Ru taking something out of the oven. Everyone happily greets her. She shows everyone the pudding bread she developed with her husband during their honeymoon.

Xiao Ru asks the team to be patient with their new manager, and try to create a good work environment. The team is lined up to greet their new manager, who turns out unsurprisingly to be the witchy woman who flirted with Jie Xiu. She is insanely strict with the staff, deducting salary for even a few second of tardiness. She walks up to Xiao Ru and looks her right in the face, smiling her evil smile. She takes Xiao Ru outside and lists all of Xiao Ru’s mistakes – being late, bad service, and insubordination. Xiao Ru refuses to accept the censure, talking back to the new manager. The witch offers Xiao Ru a choice – she quits or some of Xiao Ru’s co-workers gets fired.

Xiao Ru sincerely apologizes to the manager, and the witch tells her not to worry about other people when Xiao Ru’s own job is at stake. She makes Xiao Ru get down on her knees and wipe her dirty shoes with her hands. Xiao Ru bravely gets on her knees and wipes the shoes clean, telling the manager that she’ll voluntarily quit. She asks that her co-workers be treated properly. She tearily says her goodbyes to her co-workers.

Yi Xian walks to the restaurant to find Xiao Ru, only to see Meng Jun in shock. He asks her where Xiao Ru is? Xiao Ru is cleaning out her locker. Jie Xiu calls Xiao Ru, and she swallows her tears and answers his call. He thanks her for the breakfast. She says it’s no big deal, and he asks her if she’s crying? OMG, Jie Xiu, you are so amazing and perceptive. Xiao Ru tells him nothing is wrong, and that she doesn’t want Jie Xiu to get involved. Jie Xiu threatens to ask Meng Jun, and Xiao Ru confesses that she got fired by her new manager, who was the witch who harassed Jie Xiu yesterday.

Jie Xiu tells Xiao Ru to go to a certain restaurant and order a wild boar specialty dessert. It always makes him feel better. Xiao Ru says she’s never heard of this so-called boar dessert. Jue Xiu tells her to just go, and he’ll meet her there. Jie Xiu then calls the owner of the restaurant.

Yi Xian is meeting with the manager and ordering food for a wedding banquet. He orders food that only Xiao Ru can make, as it’s her self-created speciality. Yi Xian smirks and tells the manager he has to have it. Meng Jun and Yi Xian pair up and insist that the food is available at this hotel, and he must have it. Meng Jun says that Rain ate Xiao Ru’s food once and loved it, and she even has the pictures to prove it. The hotel manager tries to convince Yi Xian to order something else. The manager refuses to entertain Yi Xian’s request and brushes him off. But the hotel manager overhears this and immediately apologizes to Yi Xian. He drags the manager outside to talk, and Meng Jun and Yi Xian give each other high fives.

The hotel manager tells her to accept the banquet. He tells her to get Xiao Ru back, and reminds her that she was demoted from the US branch of the hotel here and is still in a probationary period. She agrees to get Xiao Ru back.

Xiao Ru goes to the restaurant and they deliver the wild boar specialty dessert, which is adorable! Xiao Ru says it looks so good, but wonders if it has the special characteristics that Jie Xiu claimed it to have. Xiao Ru takes a bite, and finds a note inside that says “failure is a step towards success.” Suddenly Xiao Ru gets a call from Meng Jun telling her to come back to work. Meng Jun tells Xiao Ru that Yi Xian was the one who helped her.

Tony is at the office and is given a letter meant for Jie Xiu. It’s a card from “Samantha”, which freaks out Tony. He gives Jie Xiu his favorite pudding first to soften the blow, and then shows him the card. Tony asks Jie Xiu if Jie Xiu’s mom is getting re-married again? Jie Xiu tosses the card, saying he’s too busy to deal with that woman.

Their boss shows Jie Xiu a design he did that’s not suitable, since it’s intended for a baby’s room. Jie Xiu says when he was small, his room was not decorated for a child. Jie Xiu thinks the baby should grow up in an elegant aesthetic. Tony says Jie Xiu doesn’t understand anything about babies, how can he ever become a dad in the future?

Jie Xiu says he’ll find another designer to do the baby room, since he has no inspiration. Tony says Jie Xiu needs to go home now and make a baby with his wife, then he’ll get inspiration. Tony confesses that he punctured a hole in every single condom that was sent to Jie Xiu’s room at the resort. Jie Xiu tells Tony to design the room instead.

Jie Xiu rushes to the restaurant but Xiao Ru is already gone. He drives around looking for her, and sees her walking on the street. He pulls up next to her and gets out, asking her where she’s going since it’s the opposite direction from their house. He drags her with him to go eat some food, whatever she wants. He tells Xiao Ru that he’s designed many a restaurant, and Xiao Ru is so hardworking that lots of restaurants will want her.

Xiao Ru smiles and thanks him for always encouraging her. She tells him the wild boar dessert worked, because she got her job back. She tells him that Yi Xian and Peggy are getting married and she’s being rehired to do their wedding banquet. Jie Xiu says clearly it has to do with Yi Xian, since Xiao Ru seemed so out of it when he pulled up next to her. They agree not to argue, and head out to go buy groceries. At the supermarket, Xiao Ru complains that the beef is so expensive, and Jie Xiu adorably joins in the crowd of housewives to score some on-sale steaks for their dinner. Xiao Ru smiles and watches him.

Xiao Ru picks through the various cuts of meat he grabbed, telling him none of it passes inspection. He gets upset and puts the meat back, and she grumbles that he doesn’t even wait to hear everything she needs to say, because she wanted to say thank you. Xiao Ru is walking down an aisle and trips over a bottle on the ground. Jie Xiu leans over her and extends his hand to help her up. He think picks her up and deposits her in the shopping cart. Xiao Ru thought he took off and was angry at her? Jie Xiu says he’s never once left Xiao Ru anywhere before. He chides her for being so careless and tripping again.

Back home, Xiao Ru has prepared a feast for Jie Xiu from her special menu. She asks for his highly-refined opinion. He takes a bite, and she anxiously asks him how is it? He chews and nods, asking her if there is any rice. He gets up to grab some rice, and Xiao Ru wonders if her food is that bad he’d rather eat white rice. Jie Xiu tells Xiao Ru that the only problem at the table is the lack of white rice. He can easily eat five bowls with the dishes at the table. Xiao Ru thinks Jie Xiu normally would criticize every little detail, mimicking him nitpicky behavior at the construction site. Jie Xiu says that it’s no wonder people can’t stand him.

Xiao Ru wonders why Jie Xiu is not angry with her mocking him? She tells him to open his mouth and let her check if his poisonous tongue is sick. They lean into each other, and Jie Xiu closes his eyes and adorably pouts his lips for a kiss. Which is when Meng Jun shows up to sample the food, and she enthusiastically digs in. Meng Jun hilariously steals every piece of food Jie Xiu is reaching for. He yells at her, asking how many days has it been since she’s eaten? Meng Jun asks if there is any rice, and Jie Xiu show her the last bowl, and then takes it back and refuses to let her have it.

Xiao Ru takes out the pudding bread she made at work today. Jie Xiu takes the entire plate of bread and gives Meng Jun his final bowl of rice. He says that the bread is exclusively his, since he invented it with Xiao Ru. Meng Jun tries to use her unborn son to make Jie Xiu feel guilty, but he mocks her by pretending to share some with her, only to make a big gesture of shoving the bread in his mouth. Oh god, Jie Xiu can be so adorably immature sometimes. The two of them engage in a food eating contest, and Xiao Ru sits here and smiles at Jie Xiu’s adorableness.

After dinner, Meng Jun wishes she can get married again just to have Xiao Ru cook the wedding banquet. Xiao Ru wonders if the food she made today really was good? Meng Jun tells her all the food was eaten, and she needs to trust in herself. Meng Jun thinks that Xiao Ru’s suspicious nature reminds her of how pregnant women behave. Jie Xiu perks up when he overhears this. Xiao Ru runs off, and Meng Jun asks Jie Xiu to please give a shirt back to Xiao Ru.

Meng Jun takes out the black sweater and tells Jie Xiu that this sweater was missing a button and Xiao Ru had asked Meng Jun to toss it. Jie Xiu takes the sweater and rushes up to his room. He takes the button and compares it to the other buttons on the sweater, determining that the missing button did indeed come from Xiao Ru’s sweater. He realizes that Avril lied about the button belonging to her. He wonders what happened that night? And if something happened between Avril and Xiao Ru.

Jie Xiu runs downstairs and overhears Xiao Ru and Meng Jun discussing what happens when a woman is pregnant. The two ladies run up to Xiao Ru’s room and closes the door. Jie Xiu presses his face against the door and wonders why they are talking about. Meng Jun and Xiao Ru discuss something to do with a baby, and Jie Xiu starts to freak out. He thinks to himself that something clearly happened between him and Xiao Ru that night.

Thoughts of Mine:

When I say this episode was low on angst, I meant it. Aside from Xiau Ru’s work issues, which arrived and was resolved immediately, DTLY has settled into a groove that is all about the OTP spending time together. It doesn’t even pretend there is any meaningful plot or genuine issues. I’m not complaining, but it does make for less meaty thought discussions. I can only squee so much about how much I love Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu, and boy do I love them more each and every week.

I’m so glad that Xiao Ru and Yi Xian got the closure they needed. Not the fake “I’m leaving you without a reason” posturing, but a genuine discussion about why their relationship ended and how to move on. Xiao Ru didn’t care why Yi Xian cheated on her, nor was his revelation of the truth change anything about their relationship. It’s over, and she’s truly made the effort to move on and grieve and pick herself back up. It’s time Yi Xian manned up, and if he chose Peggy, he needs to make a conscious effort to try and love her. Otherwise why bother?

It’s hard to hate Avril and Yi Xian in this drama, and actually Peggy as well, because they don’t hold that much power to derail our OTP or destroy their emotional sanity. Avril’s relationship with Jie Xiu was on the rocks for a long time, and he’s partially at fault for enabling her and always relenting in the end. I’m glad he accept his own responsibility for that dysfunctional relationship going on for so long, and very pointedly decided it’s time to end it once and for all.

I can’t even begin to count all the adorable and sweet moments between Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. From then running away from the fountain, to him lecturing her on architecture again, to holding an open box of pizza so she can munch as they walked, it all just defines and confirms their growing affection for each other. They share their successes and triumphs with each other, which is truly the most solid way to build a lasting relationship. This contract may have been a gimmick, but this love story is the real deal.


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    thanx for the recap!..my stalking paid off..hahahah

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you… I know that you’re completely into LTM – I read your recaps and love them- but when you recap DTLY, you make my week complete!!!!… Thank you again Unnie!!!!!….

  3. Ladies!! May I direct your attention to the BTS of this episode – a MUST-WATCH scene of Joseph taking off his pants (YES only underwear inside) so that Rainie can “lick” on his leg. I got my jaw dropped for like a minute and LMAO.

    Please, go ahead to forward to about 10:00 for the SCENE:

    (okay, since there’s no sub, here’s a very brief explanation – I think Joseph and Rainie made a bet; if Joseph dares to take off his pants then Rainie will have to [pretend] to lick his leg.)

    Last but no least, thanks Koala for the recap~

    JX totally wins my heart. He’s the man.

  4. I agree… low angst, however, all the JX and XR moments were just SUPER adorable. My DD hear the part where XR said “put me down” in the supermarket and she wanted me to repeat the scene over and over (and over and over again).

    JX is just so funny – I really love his character too. 🙂 It was great seeing ep 8 after all the LTM craze. I almost forgot to watch it since I was so busy over the weekend. It was a pleasant surprise just how cute ep 8 was. I can’t wait for his mom to come back.

  5. I’m so waiting for this so much and each week the recap update getting later and later but still grateful.I love this because they now just focus on the OTP.now only left for JX to come and clean with avril for good since XR already did it.must wait another week for new episode.fuih.

  6. thanks for the recap!

    waahh, i’m behind this drama for four episodes already! i just watch this from viki and it just takes too long to stream those links, huhuhu. i wonder if there are raws and subs that can be downloaded somewhere?

  7. Thank you for recapping this series. I enjoy it very much, your recapping.

    For once, I would like Kingone and Rainine play the lead couple since they have so much chemistry and he lost her 3 times already. It would be interesting to see them together.

  8. I love them! My crush on Jie Xiu, I’m afraid, will never go away.

    I’m so glad Xiao Ru had the closure she deserves and may I say that I cheered out loud and pumped my fist in the air when she told Yi Xian that he made a choice and he should man up and take responsability for it? Such mature words from her. I did not agree with her statement that Peggy’s love for him was/is stronger than Xiao Ru’s mostly because Xiao Ru had been with him for 4 years and Peggy only for a few months. Also? When she wanted to have an abortion just because she couldn’t have Yi Xian? WTH? But it’s all in teh past.

    The thing about the OTP is that they act and talk like adults when it really matters. However, I admit that I do like the fluffy ones when they (well, only Jie Xiu actually) act a bit immaturely. The scene when JX was stealing Meng Jun’s food and viceversa had me in stitches.

  9. DTLY OTP rawks. Even the ratings peaked at 4.89!

    Can’t wait to see Joseph Chang jump into the ocean! HAHA.

  10. i usually thought that taiwanese dramas are childish and over reacted. But DLY prove me wrong. Love the chemistry between the main actor. Thanks Unnie for the recap.

  11. I, too, have really enjoyed this series, and am interested to how it will develop. One minor point in the recap is worth noting. In the dream sequence, when Avril becomes vicious and threatens to eat Jie Xiu’s liver, I don’t believe she was supposed to be a demon woman, rather, a nine-tailed fox. Usually nine-tailed foxes are in Korean stories – including films -, but they have been found – a long time ago – in Chinese, and even Japanese stories. Of course, I suppose that a nine-tailed fox could be considered a demon woman.

    • In My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, there was a legend that the Gumihos – nine-tails-foxes, can take human form, transforming them, in to insanely beautiful woman, who eat man’s liver to live, but at the same story, it shows that it was created by village women, and become an “urban legend”! Of course I’m not saying that is an history fact, but the nine-tail-fox-lady, is true, at least in Asian legendary creatures and folklore, btw, here is a link that I found in Wikipedia.org. All credits, own by their respective owners!


  12. Okay, okay:

    I’m totally drunk (Drunken to Love You), bouncing, (Rebound) accepting a few lies (Lie To Me), insanely in love, (Best Love) all that by getting hunt (City Hunter) by a hot, korean guy, who is totally awesome!! Just joking, I just lurve these dramas!!!

    Miss Koala Unni, you are insanely, fearlessly, truly, madly, deeply AWESOME!!! Unni Fighting!!

  13. I have to say I was really skeptical about watching another Taiwanese drama cuz in my opinion, they’re always super slow and reeeeeeeeeeeeally long to get through but this show is absolutely awesome! The whole cast is just great and I can’t even help liking the second-leads cuz they’re all pretty much adorable. I can’t wait for the next episode. Also a note, when Xiao Ru was mocking Jie Xiu’s criticisms, I believe he said “I wonder why people hate me so much, cuz I think it’s kinda cute.” Where can I get my own Song Jie Xiu?

  14. I love the mature and rational discussions that went on such as Xiao Ru & Yi Xian’s. I thought it was lovely that Xiao Ru bluntly but gently told Yi Xian to man up and love Peggy since he had chosen her. I also like that Yi Xian tried to at least explain himself even though everything is in the past even if nothing change (ie they are totally not getting back together).

    I also love love love Jie Xiu..he is the guy every girl wishes they had. Smart, sweet, charming, caring and funny to boot! OMG his eating fight with Meng Jun had me ROFL.

    Jie Xiu & Xiao Ru = perfect OTP

  15. Man… after looking over everyone else’s comments I guess I’m the only one falling out of love with DTLY. I dunno… for me, the show’s been going slow, angsty down-hill for a while but episode 8 really took a nosedive. I still love our OTP, like the first 10 minutes when they were being supportive to each other. But everything else was meh. The contrived crazy boss who was coincedentally a client of JX was a random time-waster, though that did give us a flashback to the coffee spill scene=) I was also expecting more of YX, Kingone is so underused. Don’t care for much of Peggy, still annoying. But my biggest displeasure comes in the form of JX’s clueless moment at the closing. The guy has the button mystery solved, and before he already had an inkling of spending the night with XR, and then he overhears the friends’ conversations yet still draws a blank…. what happened to our smart, assertive hero?

    • Agree with you, Kingone is so underutilised… however, it’s not really his story. Hope he gets a leading role soon. Why do they typecast people as 2nd leads?

      • @mud, well I can tell that you don’t like this TDrama, its obvious that you are looking only the lack of DTLY. If you really love the drama you wont be bother you just love it and wants to keep watching it, like me.. I love DTLY, And I don’t think JX is that clueless, he just wonder whats going on with Meng jun and Xiao Ru conversation about the baby and not sure about it, and he definetely not thinking about spending the night with XR after he finds out about the button I believe he’s thinking what happen between him and XR that night. So for me JX is still so adorable and cute, and all boys will be boys.. no matter how old he is, there is sometimes when they shows us their immature side, which make us smile or even laugh because of it. I love DTLY.. and I also Rainie Yang big fans.. ;P

      • @ mud

        I don’t think the show is slow, is showing us the daily life’s of OTP, how they interact together, living as a couple, how they overcome obstacles, get to know each other and give comfort and support in the moments of needs. Beside the drama is based on their daily lives, and how they interact together, after the marriage contract.

        When Xiao Ru was crying after, she was fired, Jie Xiu call her, and the first thing he ask is, “are you crying”?, letting us know that he is starting to know her, how she reacts to anything. When Xiao Ru, went to talk to Yi Xian, Jie Xiu get worried, wandering if she would be belittle or mistreated, so he runs by her side, to protect her, and show her that HE IS by her side.

        When Jie Xiu, gets out of the meeting with his boss and Tony, he was furious, making a fist, what his sweet wifey do? She gave him a can of soda!

        Every time they are about to kiss, something weird happens, when he is talking to her about architecture, they look at each other, awkward! When she cleans his mouth, after the pizza bite, the old landlord,(grrrr I wanted to kill him, thank God, he fell, he deserve it damn it!!! And when she was checking his “poisonous tongue”, he was so sweet and childish, waiting for her kiss, he even close his eyes!!! AWWWWWW!!! LOL But then Ming Ju get on his way, of course he was angry with her, beside she was stealing his food!!! Damn you, woman!!! LOL

        The whole Yi Xian + Peggy situation, was for giving us closure, in this chapter, so they can move on, as our OTP is moving on as well.

        I’m really waiting, that one of the episodes, the friction, the sexual tension, get so high, that they enter the house, knocking over everything they encounter, taking their clothes of, and bow shaka waka pow pow!!!! LOL o.O

  16. I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think that’s one part of the plot – Jie Xiu thinking Xiao Ru is pregnant when she really isn’t. Anyway, I loved this episode. It’s nice to sit back and just see them being a couple. There should always be an episode like this in a drama when everything stops then the storm resumes again. Thanks for the recap Koala! 🙂

  17. She’s not pregnant.They were probably discussing Peggy’s condition n XR’s reservations about preparing a wedding banquet for her ex’s pregnant bride.
    Pregnant or not,this is still gonna be my fav TW drama of the yr..I’m positively intoxicated with the JX-XR romance and relationship.Hey,now that his relationship with AW is over,will there still be a need to continue the contract marriage?Its thrilling to see how JX is falling for XR fast..notice how his desktop is their photo taken at the registrar?And how protective n possessive he is of XR?I’m in a drunken stupor after epi 8 and am deliriously happy to hear the rating peaked with this epi!!Just hoping ratings will continue to soar with future epis and fingers crossed that it will be more than 11 epis.
    Meanwhile,thanks koala for taking time off ur fixation with LTM to nurse our craving for the DTLY recap n review.Hicc…hicc..guez I’ll sober up in time for epi 9…hicc..

    • Awwww!! Desktop photo!!! It melted me away!!!!

      They are so into each other, but they don’t want the other to know yet, I think they are afraid, that the other don’t feel the same way. The marriage, maybe started with a lie, after a night of alcohol, but their love story is so real, so passionate, so childish, it is unique, quirky, funny and beautiful!!

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