Kang Ji Hwan to Return to the Big Screen in Tomorrow’s News

Kang Ji Hwan, one of the few K-stars I have made a valient effort to be a completist of his works because I adore him so much, is currently burning up the small screen with Yoon Eun Hye in Lie to Me. The drama doesn’t wrap until the end of June, but Ji Hwan has already lined up his next project.

He’s headed back to Chungmuro and doing a movie which starts filming in August. It’s called Tomorrow’s News, and is based on a popular manhwa about a pair of siblings who find a radio that can report tomorrow’s news. The siblings initially find the magical radio entertaining, but gradually begin to want to change the future.

The movie will modernize the original manhwa setting from the 80s to today. Rumor has it that his leading lady will be someone who starred in a Spring drama, which pretty much means a handful of potential co-stars. I’m so obsessed with his Hyun Ki Joon right now I can barely imagine him playing another character, especially acting opposite a leading lady that is not Eun Hye.

Nevertheless, I’m thrilled at his busy schedule since his contract dispute really stalled his projects for the past 2 years. You know, if Faith keeps getting delayed, Ji Hwan can end up doing the drama again. Though what would be most amusing is if Faith gets delayed so long its original star Lee Junki gets out of the military and returns to the drama he had to drop out when the army poached him from us all.


Kang Ji Hwan to Return to the Big Screen in Tomorrow’s News — 44 Comments

    • Ji Hwan puts Eun Hye in his pocket wherever he goes from now on. He’s taking yet another cue from Samshik – you are so cute like Thumbelina, I want to put you in my pocket and take you with me……

      • I can Live with that. After all Samshik is definitely a man who goes for what he wants.
        OH Em Gee, it literally freaks me out how much im shipping for YEH and KJH. Then I take back my shipping because of what I went through with Ariel and Joe. Tsk tsk, they rained cold hard logic on me! They ruined my shippy heart with their logical reason in the game of love.

    • You can see that Ji Hwan and Eun Hye get along great offscreen but with the case of Joe and Ariel although I think they are a great couple in ISWAK, in reality/offscreen, I don’t think they were compatible. Even in interviews you could see that their personalities didn’t match. But with Jiwan and Eun Hye even their interviews are hot!!!

  1. Heeeee! KJH news is always welcome! 🙂

    And lol, imagine if Lee Jun-ki comes back and he can really do Faith again? That would be hilarious but idk, I’m so happy about KJH atm that the more project he is in, the happier I am. Even if I do like LJK a lot.

    • Did you know Ji Hwan and Kim Hee Sun filmed some promos for Faith with the director. It looked AWESOME.

      I can’t play favorites between Junki and Ji Hwan, no no no, refuse. Junki got the lead before he was taken to the gulag for 2 years, so if he can do it again that would be good karma. But I want, need, nay, am dying for Ji Hwan in another sageuk. I prefer Junki in modern fare.

      • I did! I even watched it! Iirc I even saw a few stills with Lee Philip as well? Er, I might be mixing up things now. XD

        It’s been so long so he started his MS. He’s going to be out soon, yeah? Awesome! But yeah, I’m in full KJH fever so atm I think I’m a liiiiiiiiiiiittle more biased in his favor. *hides* What can I say, I’m fickle!

  2. This movie won’t require him dancing right?? Yaayyy to his new project n him not dancing…

    *I adore him oh-so-very-much, but my heart can’t take it when I see him dancing tho’.

    Leading lady? YEH I hope… Let them burn the big screen as well.. /winks

      • lolz… agree with u.. also hope he dun dance.. coz its freakin my nerves when he shake his bon2.. i dun like it dowh… All his charismatics gone by second..
        . ngahahaha..

  3. Rarely do I EVER say, hope or wish that an on screen pairing be together in real life. It is 99.9% never true and certainly the reality of the “very rare” pairing, if it happens, is never going to end up like a drama…. (coughhyunbin&songhyegocough)

    But Damn those two would be pretty together wouldn’t they? Bummer that they probably will never be.

    so glad another project is coming from him ~ Kang Ji Hwan…I’d watch you in anything! Loved him in Rough Cut.

  4. Haha though I like their pairing but Kang Ji Hwan with someone makes me run back to my mom and cry (I didn’t even cry on my last guy). But since they said love unselfishly I am wiling to share him to someone who loves him..lol

  5. Good for him!
    He became my favorite actor after LTM.
    I couldn’t not picture him with anyone except YEH, but life must go on….

  6. Miss Koala Unni, you keep feeding the masses!! LOL, the Lie To Me Anonymous, are getting stronger everyday, not in a rehab kind of way. Which is ironic, because, we as junkies need to get the drug addiction out of our systems. But, at the same time, LTM is an addiction that we all not willing to let go!!!! Oh crap, this is gonna get ugly!!

  7. Why am I here? OMG the LTMA 12 steps program strikes again!!! I’m hopeless>>> there I admit it.

    KHJ>>>> beware my eyes are on you (add very big owl eyes here) if you so flirt with your new gurl in that movie like you did with YEH you will get it >>> BIGTIME!

  8. I’ve never really appreciated KJH much until lie to me but i am impressed at their chemistry in real life, I haven’t shipped this much since so min and hyun joong in playful kiss and that’s nothing compared to how much I adore Ji Hwan and Eun Hye together….of the dramas I recently watched (that fool and my girlfriend is a gumiho) in which I loved the parings because they were adorable, something about KJH and YEH transcends the characters they are playing…makes me go into crazy fangirl mode each time I see them together

    damn, his eyes are enticing on above photo…oh yes KJH, I shall watch this and every project you’ll have!

    • Riiight!!! Its so apparent.
      I was reading soompi and thsi person said that YEH and KJH have no chemistry whatsoever, which is one of the reason she cant watch the drama along with the story plot not being good. I mean, I understand her not liking the plot and whatever, everyone has their opinion. But to say KJH and YEH have absolutely no chemistry…It makes me really wonder what other ppl are seeing.

      • There must be something seriously wrong with that person’s eyesight, most non-LTM shippers agree that KJH and YEH have an undeniably on-screen chemistry that’s so hawt!

      • I can’t see how that person goes about in the real world when she can’t even sense chemistry where it’s undeniable…tsk tsk

      • i definitely disagree with that, coz i like their chem in lie to me, luv them both they’re so good together! i hope they team up again!

  9. it’s been a while since Rough Cut..maybe he and SJS could be bros…anyways it kinda really funny how I was just watching KJH shake his as to Abracadabra when I came here to read this news

  10. The story seems fun and, of course, if I get to watch KJH in anything I’m a happy girl! I recently watched ‘my ff is civil servant’ .. It was hilarious!! Hope whoever they find has nice chemistry with KJH.

  11. I guess I’m one of the very few non-LTM viewers who didn’t see KJH and YEH’s chemistry? Let alone feel it. hehe.. and this coming from an avid avid KJH fan and one who likes YEH gud enuff. I must have been blind or something..

    But again I stopped LTM plainly due to the writing, so I never got to see the KJH-YEH chemistry bloom.

  12. I always thought KJH is a good actor, better than some of Korean top stars. Before LTM craze I’ve already watched some of his work Rough Cut & 7th Grade Civil Servant with KHN. And impress by his transition from a serious character to a comedic one. I think he’s a versatile actor. With his dedication to his acting career and his good looks, I’m amaze that he’s still not a top star yet.
    So although I’m not a big fans of him, I’m wishing him the best.

  13. hi koala! no teaser yet for lie to me? i’m so addicted to that drama too! but please explain to me what do you mean by OTP? coz u are always saying that in your recaps. tnx.

    • maybe they are not releasing it coz at the end of episode 10, they didn’t show any preview for the next episode (ep 11), right?

  14. Kang Ji Hwan…I’d watch you in anything! Love you in Rough Cut with HJ.Coffee hause with PSY .you are great actor .
    thanks for news

  15. woah i’m so happy for him! luv him luv him to da max! best actor of all time! can do com/rom anything you give him he’s good at it! oh if you’re a fan pls vote for him at the seoul int’l awards 2011, now he’s on 3rd place yup imagine that? i’m not surprised…he’s a v v talented actor & really funny in some dramas like capital scandal, hong gil dong & many more! i really can watch and rewatch him be strong geum soon, he’s adorable! kang ji ssi fighting!
    good luck at the seoul awards! even if you don’t make it to top, you’re no 1 in our hearts!

  16. i’m blessed to actually found blogs that wrote about ji hwan in english. it’s sooo hard for me to seek news or stories about him. thank you for your blog and your favourness on ji hwan :D..please post more about his work and his beautiful honest character…

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