Written Preview for Episode 9 of Drunken to Love You

This is going to be a HUGE week in Drunken to Love You land. The ratings hit 4.89 last week, and the entire world knows that Joseph Chang and Tom Price are jumping in a pool shirtless if the ratings break 5. Luckily they get some help this week with the arrival of yet another male lead – Rainie Yang’s real life ex-boyfriend Xiao Gui is guest-starring as someone who harbors a long-held grudge against Xiao Ru. Everyone’s waiting to see if sparks fly between them. And lastly, TW-netizens are already naming Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu’s maybe baby. They call the kid Song Liang Ping which means Song Two Bottles, which you can draw your own alcohol related reference.

Written preview for cup 9 of DTLY:

One button allows Jie Xiu to confirm that the person who spent that night with him at the resort was Xiao Ru. And Jie Xiu even exchanged this button for a baby?! Like a practical joke played by a stork, Jie Xiu can’t believe that he could be like a male lead in a drama and “hit the jackpot in one try.”

But Xiao Ru’s many suspicious behaviors lead Jie Xiu to have no choice but to conclude that he’s going to be a daddy. As Xiao Ru is deciding whether to keep it or get rid of it, Jie Xiu decides to wholeheartedly receive this unexpected surprise with Xiao Ru……

On the otherhand, just when Xiao Ru is busy dealing with the baby and Peggy and Yi Xian’s wedding banquet, the new restaurant manager arrives. Xiao Ru is just a head waitress and doesn’t appear to have ever met him before, but the new manager stares at Xiao Ru with hatred in his eyes…..


Written Preview for Episode 9 of Drunken to Love You — 41 Comments

  1. OMG!!!! I want to get drunk, now!!! A round of dry dirty martinis, with 2 olives!!!! Can’t wait for the next episodes!!! Seriously, the waiting is killing me, since the addiction and the alcohol overdose, I don’t have a brain or neurons anymore!! Well I didn’t have one before either, for that matter!!! Mhahahahahha!!

    And the song says:

    I wanna get drunk, I wanna be love, I wanna be kissed by you!!!!
    I wanna get drunk, drunk, drunk !!!
    I wanna be love, love love, !!!
    I wanna be kissed by you!!!! Only you baby!! Only you yeah!!
    I wanna get drunk, I wanna be love, I wanna be kissed by you!!!!
    I wanna get drunk, I wanna be love, I wanna be kissed by you!!!!
    I wanna get drunk, I wanna be love, I wanna be kissed byyyyy you!!!!
    Only you baby!! Only you, yeah!!

    Artist: Me
    Song: I wanna
    Company: LTMA

    LOL, that is my drunk song!!! Mhahahaha!!

      • My avatar is Tae Kyung’s pong in You’re Beautiful!! Lurve that image from him, is exactly Tae Kyung personality! With the smirk and the “evil eye” LOL Why you LOL so hard? The song is very silly, and I invented I don’t know why!!! LOL

        BTW, still hooked by Manny, if only I can understand Korean!! God, please let me understand Korean!! Y_Y

  2. Ommo! She’s really pregnant then? Whoa! I can’t wait for this Sunday’s episode… hehehehehe thanks for the recap of Ep9 preview…

      • I agree with you. I don’t think she is pregnant either. I think she was talking about the Peggy’s baby.

      • Isn’t it too soon for her to know, anyway? I think time is passing at a slow pace in this drama… I mean, she just slept with the guy. It takes sometimes months to know! xD

        Anyway, it looks like the misunderstanding will be funny, and at the same time it will show us more of the good character that is (all kinds of awesome) Jie Xiu. Can I please have one?

      • You have wait at least 3 weeks, or a delay on your period to know if you are pregnant indeed. This depends on every woman, but I don’t think she is, already. The time elapsed on the drama, is daily. It is like their daily, life and interactions, with other people in their life. Remember, she marks with an x the days that pass.

        The drama focus, on their relationship, (Jie Xiu, and Xiao Ru), how they start every morning, how they end their day, how they go shopping, and how one of the most sweet loves story develops under the interaction of being a couple. Comforting each other, respecting the other decision, in the moment of need, being there. Give the partner, love, support, a shoulder to cry, and just being there.

        That is how their love blooms, because, despite the fact, that they get married, drunk, and stay married for a lie, the closeness, the “be there”, when you need me, tell you “you have to stop fell sorry for your self” at your face, cry with you, and make you laugh, that kind of interaction, make you feel special. And you open your heart, no matter how hurt you get before. If someone, see you on your darkest hour, cry with you, laugh with you, and give you his/her support, despite your being a totally jerk; that is LOVE. Besides, Jie Xiu says, that he was gonna give Xiao Ru, happiness, just like she give him some.

  3. Wow… Never thought that the drama would actually take yhe pregnancy route. I admit, I was sure that there was going to be an assumed pregnancy (on Jie Xue’s part) but I never thought that it would be a real pregnancy. Can’t say that I’m not happy about it though…

    I’m not even watching this drama, I’m just reading your recaps Koala. But I will definitely be marathoning this baby when I have the time.

    • I lurve it because, is so funny, but it make you cry your eyes out too! So, you never know what to expect next!! I’m waiting for the next episodes, and watch Jie Xiu confess his love, finally, and Xiao Ru get kiss, and blown away!!! *biting my nails* LOL

  4. the entire world knows that Joseph Chang and Tom Price are jumping in a pool shirtless if the ratings break 5
    HA! I was the only one who didn’t know! *facepalm* LOL

    I really hope it breaks 5. Fightin’, DTLY!

    I still don’t think Xiao Ru is pregnant. I’m hoping she isn’t cos it’d be a bit lame as plot points go.

  5. After seeing all the recaps of this drama, I think I might want to watch. What website is the best to watch on? Thanks!

  6. Was jst abt to sleep then i came across this. Can’t wait for episode 9. Love the interactions btwn the OTP. Abt the preggers part, i dn’t think she is bt rather that he jumped to conclusions. Bt we’l c soon enuf.

  7. Just for good measure, I hear this about Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), the real-life ex-bf of Rainie Yang – who will appear in DTLY soon. If the rating hits 6.0, Xiao Gui will don the bikini and jump in the water as well! (Credits: babyval22 @ Asianfanatics)

  8. Hua.thought that the new guy is her lost brother.well thats what rumour said but from preview he’s her long forgotten friend which happened that they make a promise before but XR forget bout her thats why he hugs her then be mad when he found out that she forgot bout him and married!hua this week episode going to be DAEBAK

  9. If she pregnant which I don’t think she is then it fall right in line with the spin-off of Fated to love, I think she referring to Peggy’s baby. Do any one else think it was just a little much for Tiffany sleep in the bed that Joe and Rainnie just finished getting they freak on ….ewwwwwww.

  10. hehe, I already voted at the official site as in where Joseph should jump if the ratings hit 5!! And Xiao Gui offers to jump to the pool IN BIKINI should ratings hit 6. I’m so looking forward to both hahaha

    and btw, there’s a variety show at the same TV station that always have news on DTLY. One recent episode was like a “ratings analysis” of the drama, and some Baidu-ers spot that it seems the total no. of episodes is 15. I am not sure if I want it to be true or not… at least it’s better than having only 11 episodes…

  11. haha just another note to attach to the naming of their baby, not only is the baby name “Liang Ping” = 2 bottles, but their last name “Song” can also sound like the chinese word for “give.” as in Song Liang Ping = Give 2 bottles.

    • Apparently they grew up together in the orphanage, but she doesn’t remember, so he is a little piss with her, for forgetting him, or something like that!!

  12. HAHAHHAHA I am loving SUNDAYS Cuz DTLY!!!!!!!!! I am just sad that we have to wait an entire week for an episode!!!!!!!!

    • Me 2!!! Love (TW-drama) Drunken to Love You, (K-drama) Lie To Me, Manny and (J-drama) Rebound!! OMG, I’m so addicted, I can’t stop!!! Oh City Hunter and Best Love are my next victims!! LOL Drama addiction Fighting!!

  13. Why are they jumping into the pool shirtless? Isn’t that given? They should be jumping into the pool clothless LOL.

  14. wuahhhh,,,
    i cant believe that Xiao Ru get pregnant !!!!!! ohh,, the writer idea is easy to guess

    btw thx for the preview ! cant wait to watch it and watch LTM!

  15. Episode 9 is getting subbed right now and I can’t wait…Drunken to Love You is my first TW drama and I love it. I started watching all because of ockoala! Thank you so much because the show is awesome. 🙂

  16. I’m soooo frantic for this recap!!! :S I mean I can watch it without the recap but it’s just more special after reading your summery. I hope you get to DTLY some time soon >.<

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