Lie to Me Episode 12 Recap

It’s such a bittersweet feeling watching episode 12 of Lie to Me. On one hand it was so unbelievably sweet and wonderful, but you know the killer angst is coming. On a personal level, I was counting down that we’ve got only four more episodes left of LTM, and that made me all sorts of preemptively sad. One of my biggest regrets at the playground was not being around to captain the final two episodes of M3 (you guys still have the image of me pointing my Macbook Air all over Hokkaido looking for cell signal, right?), leaving some capable fans at the helm keeping everyone sane and stable (holler LizzyD & Co.).

This time I’m here to the end, so everyone get ready to have a blast for the next two weeks. I’m ready to blow the roof off if the next four episodes continues with the Ki Joon-Ah Jung love story the way it’s been unfolding. If I were a billionaire, I would pay Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye to star in every rom-com and be in love for the rest of their lives right before my eyes. Or if the BTS clips of them are to be believed, they are clearly doing just that.

I’m not quite sure how to respond to folks who are not watching LTM and want me to post less about it, or in general post more about other stuff. I’ve always written precisely what and when I feel like. It just so happens that my current obsession is this drama. My darling PKisser chingus and my lovely M3 ladies have all been there, done that, with me. So, um, yeah, that’s the end of that subject.

Having a mania drama hit is always just tons of fun to participate in online fervor if you happen to share the obsession. If not, then know that even the best of things must end. But in my mind, I’m not sure I have the emotional energy to captain another drama insanity anytime soon. It took me about 4 months to recover from M3, so we’ll see if I manage to stay sane for the next two weeks. Lastly, there have been rumors of a writer switch since episode 11, so I’ll discuss that issue at the end of the recap.

Episode 12 Recap:

Ki Joon walks Ah Jung back to her room after dinner. Can we stop for a moment and just stare in awe at how gorgeous they look together in matching formal wear? *drool, drama gods, you guys are awesome, thanxbai* Ah Jung says goodnight and walks up the stairs. Ki Joon returns the good night and tells her that he will wake her up tomorrow early.

Ah Jung, still wearing her gown (yeah, I would never take it off either, unless Ki Joon takes it off for me), walks outside to her balcony. Ki Joon, who took off his tux jacket (damn the man is fine) follows suit. They look at each other and smile. Ah Jung shyly goes back inside and sits down. She smiles to herself some more. Yeah, I bet she’ll be a smiley fool for a good long while.

So Ran is by the pool when Jae Bum arrives and slow-mo runs towards her. He tries to hug her while apologizing, saying he was wrong. She pushes him off her and he ends up in the pool. Jae Bum floats for a good few minutes, which freaks out So Ran (herself the queen of pretend drowning), who runs around calling for help.

Finally Jae Bum surfaces, apologizing for everything and telling her that she should not waste her life because someone like him. So Ran finds out that Jae Bum got her whereabouts from Ah Jung and gets enraged again. She accuses him of pretending to be all sad and going to see Ah Jung again. Jae Bum says he had no choice, he was so worried about So Ran. He even thought about jumping off a bridge and making the news so that So Ran would hear about him.

So Ran asks if he really thought about killing himself. He says he did, the thought of a day without her makes him feel like he can’t go on living. So Ran tries to help him up but she ends up in the pool with him. They flail about until Jae Bum grabs her for a hug. Okay, next comes makeup sex time. Jae Bum wakes up the next morning in So Ran’s hotel room.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon leave the hotel. He opens the limo door for her like a gentleman and gets in after her. Yoon Joo the lurker stares at their departure. Then she thinks back to the kiss she witnessed last night. Now I’m even more PO’d that she spied on such an intimate moment between Ki Joon and Ah Jung. I hope her eyeballs rot.

Ki Joon drops Ah Jung off outside her house. He asks her what she’s doing tomorrow? She says she’s busy, and he concedes that he is as well, but he says they have to see each other. She suggests 8 pm, he counters with 7, she compromises with 7:30, and he pushes it up to 7:20. Omo they kill me with the cute. They both smile at each other.

Ah Jung goes home and her dad happily welcomes her. She sees the food on the table that Ae Kyung made and tries it, saying it’s delicious. Dad hints that Ae Kyung made it and Ah Jung knows but doesn’t say anything. Ah Jung goes into her room and talks to her monkey stuffed animal that Sang Hee gave her. Ah Jung makes the monkey Ah Jung sing the Jeju island song that Ki Joon lip synced for her.

Ah Jung gets a call and goes out to meet Yoon Joo at a bar. Yoon Joo is already nursing shots when Ah Jung arrives. Yoon Joo tells Ah Jung that she just got back from Jeju. She knew Ki Joon and Ah Jung went to Jeju, so she followed them. She saw them there, but for whatever reason she couldn’t get close to them.

Yoon Joo asks Ah Jung how she felt when using one single lie Ah Jung entered into a fake marriage with Ki Joon. Yoo Joo was really engaged to Ki Joon, but she could never marry him. Yoon Joo confesses that their engagement ended because of Sang Hee, who also liked her. Yoon Joo left only temporarily. Ah Jung doesn’t want to hear this, but Yoon Joo says that Ki Joon is her first love and someone she thought she would always have. Ah Jung takes a drink and tells Yoon Joo that she can understand how she feels.

Aunt and Ki Joon are meeting with Chairman Chen about signing the contract. Everything is going well until Ki Joon stands up and announces that he has something important to tell Chairman Chen. He apologizes to Chairman Chen first. He did not mean to deceive him, but he is not married. The lie happened for other reasons but Ki Joon continued it to garner Chairman Chen’s favor. He wants to begin their business relationship being completely honest and transparent. The Chairman is not happy to have been deceived.

Aunt tears into Ki Joon for revealing the truth at this critical juncture. She tells him that the Board will never vote to make Ki Joon the CEO of the World Group. Ah Jung is at work and her boss praises her for being their department’s crown jewel. He asks how she lobbied the members. Ah Jung says that she was just honest with them. Another project comes up that no one wants to take, which lands in Ah Jung’s lap. It’s a program to promote Korean traditional music.

Ah Jung walks out of her office and Ki Joon is waiting for her outside. He asks why she’s leaving work so late, she asks why he left work so early? He says he missed her too much. Ah Jung shows him the new traditional music program that she’s handling. She asks him if he wants to go. He says no one is interested in this stuff anymore. He teases her for handling all the department’s work from now on. She asks where they are going, and he says Sang Hee wants to talk with them.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung arrive at Ae Kyung’s restaurant, walking in to say hi to everyone. Suk Bong warmly welcomes Ki Joon and introduces him as Sang Hee’s older brother. Sang Hee looks shocked to see them arriving together. He asks why they came together, and Ki Joon makes Ah Jung embarrassed when he asks if Sang Hee hasn’t ever heard of husband and wife moving in tandem. Suk Bong registers Sang Hee’s discomfort.

Suk Bong offers his new dessert for them to try. Ah Jung takes a bite of her dessert and finds it delicious, immediately feeding Ki Joon a bite (by the way, this shot was clearly one take, so Eun Hye took a bite, and then Ji Hwan took a bite of the same pastry – I dies). They compliment Suk Bong on the dessert being delicious. Ki Joon feeds Ah Jung a bite of his dessert. Sang Hee looks like he’s in pain.

Yoon Joo arrives and sees this scene, turning around and leaving. Sang Hee sees her and chases after her. He takes her hand and tells her to look at him. He says that when people fall in love, they hold their hands tightly. But when the hands let go, it feels like they are breaking up. Sang Hee says until Yoon Joo finds happiness, Sang Hee cannot be at ease. Sang Hee tells Yoon Joo that, as hard as it is for him to admit, he thinks Yoon Joo needs to let go of Ki Joon now.

Sang Hee is drinking in his studio and he kicks over the portrait he was painting earlier. It’s been completed and we see that it is indeed a picture of Ah Jung. He asks the Ah Jung in the portrait why she can’t look at him, just look at him for once. Suk Bong arrives and wonders why Sang Hee is drinking so much. He tries to help Sang Hee up and notices the portrait of Ah Jung. He looks at Sang Hee and guesses that the girl Sang Hee likes is Ah Jung. Sang Hee asks Suk Bong to hit him once. Suk Bong calls him a fool. Sang Hee cries, asking rhetorically what he can do .

So Ran meets with the friends, who mock her for her series of dramatic acts like wanting a divorce, attempting suicide, wanting to go abroad, when really she went on vacation to Jeju. So Ran says this is Lesson 1 in how to train your husband. So Ran reveals that Ah Jung confessed that she’s not really married to Ki Joon, it was all a lie to make So Ran jealous. But Ah Jung has really fallen in love with Ki Joon, who appears to have another woman. So Ran saw everything so now she can’t go abroad because she’s worried about Ah Jung.

Ah Jung is planning the traditional music festival program. I love scenes showing competent Ah Jung working. Ki Joon goes to meet with Yoon Joo at the banks of the Han River. He’s calm and kind with her, asking what she wants. Yoon Joo says she misses him, she cannot forget him even if she tries. She doesn’t know what to do. She tells Ki Joon that she went to see Ah Jung.

Yoon Joo confessed all her feelings to Ah Jung, even if it hurt her pride. Ki Joon says that he used to not believe in fate, but that has changed now. Sometimes it means falling in love with someone you shouldn’t love, or breaking up with someone you can’t break up with. Breaking up with Yoon Joo three years ago was his fate. He’s accepted it and dealt with it. Now it’s her turn. Ki Joon tells Yoon Joo that he loves Ah Jung. He doesn’t want to be a coward anymore. No matter what Yoon Joo says, he doesn’t want to hear it. In his eyes, he has no more space for her. Ki Joon coldly walks away.

Ki Joon calls Ah Jung out to meet him right away. They walk arm-in-arm to their bench and Ki Joon asks Ah Jung what Yoon Joo said to her. Ah Jung says it doesn’t matter, it allowed her to understand Yoon Joo a little bit more. But just like the pain So Ran delivered to Ah Jung, she is doing the same to Yoon Joo. It makes her feel bad. Ki Joon asks if she’s fine, and Ah Jung nods her head.

Ki Joon asks her for a favor – no matter what she does, he wants her to tell him. What she ate, how she feels, if she cuts or perms her hair because she’s in a bad mood, how many times she washes her hands a day, he wants to know everything. Ki Joon takes Ah Jung’s hand, promising that he will never allow her to be sad alone anymore. Ah Jung wonders why he’s like a completely different person. Hahaha, so she noticed like we all did!

Ki Joon hugs Ah Jung. She smiles and asks if he came because he was worried about her? Or was it because he wanted to hug her? Ki Joon smiles and they break apart and look at each other. Then Ah Jung leans in and hugs him again. I swear, their hugs are THE BEST HUGS I have ever seen onscreen between any OTP. Full contact embraces that show you their bodies are intertwined and flush with each other. And their expressions essay this deep warmth, affection, and need for each other.

Ki Joon is shaving at work in his office when Park Hoon enters to deliver some documents. Ki Joon plays coy and won’t tell Hoon why he’s grooming and where he’s headed later. Ah Jung is on the phone with Ki Joon, who says he’s at work because he’s been playing too much with her lately. Suddenly the door bell rings and Ah Jung goes to answer. Ki Joon tells her on the phone not to open the door for just anyone.

Ah Jung opens the door to reveal Ki Joon standing right there. He immediately asks if “dad” is around and wants to go inside. Ah Jung tries to push him out but it’s too late. Her dad sees Ki Joon, who immediately bows in respect and shouts out his greeting. Heh, he’s so nervous it’s adorable!

Ki Joon sits on a chair all uptight and stiff. Dad opens a bottle soju and pours Ki Joon a glass, asking him if he’s that “cherry blossom”? Mwahaha, daddy is so awesome! Dad says that his Ah Jung went to look at the falling cherry blossoms and cried her eyes out. He tells Ki Joon to drink, and when Ki Joon drinks, Ah Jung’s dad mutters that he’s a “thief” (because he’s stealing his Ah Jung, awwwww).

Dad asks Ki Joon if the first time he saw Ah Jung, she was eye-catching? KI Joon hesitates and says yes, Ah Jung was like Polaris, the reincarnation of a falling star. AHAHAHAHAHA, I’m sorry, is that Ki Joon describing drunk, bee-stung, eyes-rolled back Gong Ah Jung? Dad keeps making Ki Joon drink, and follows suit.

Pretty soon Ah Jung is staring at the two of them getting completely wasted. Dad asks if Ki Joon is drunk and he answers no. Dad takes out more soju and they pound it down. Finally dad pours the soju into a bowl and poor Ki Joon has no choice but to follow suit as they chug the entire bowl. Afterwards Ki Joon looks like he’s about to throw up. Dad passes out first on the couch, followed by Ki Joon fainting in his chair.

Ah Jung deposits Ki Joon in her bed and takes off his tie. You know, we never got to see exactly how Ki Joon took care of drunk Ah Jung in episode 8. Ki Joon calls out for his Ah Jung-ahh and grab her tight. She leans in to kiss him on the cheek, and then puts her stuffed animal toy in his arms and tells him that Ah Jung is right here. She looks at Ki Joon sleeping, playing with his eyelashes.

The next morning, Ah Jung and her dad stand beside the bed and stare at a still sleeping Ki Joon. Dad wonders what Ah Jung sees in him, and she says that he’s handsome. Dad points out that Ki Joon’s eyebrows are not nearly as thick as his, but he does have more hair than him. Ah Jung says Ki Joon is tall, and dad doesn’t think height is good for anything other than reaching the bus handles on top. Ah Jung says that Ki Joon doesn’t take the bus, which upsets dad thinking Ki Joon is someone who thinks he’s too good for public transportation.

Everyone sits down to have breakfast. Dad says that he won since Ki Joon passed out first. Ki Joon refutes that since he watched dad pass out first. Dad says he still won nevertheless since he woke up first. Good of him to keep changing the rules. Ki Joon refuses to let dad win, which gets dad worked up. Ah Jung tries to say both won.

Ki Joon arrives at work and Park Hoon notes that he’s marinated in alcohol. Hoon delivers the report Ki Joon asked him to check on, discovering that the program Ah Jung is in charge of has only sold 5% of its tickets because people aren’t interest in traditional fare nowadays. Manager Park calls Ki Joon to tell him that Chairman Chen was seen having a meeting at the Great Hotel. Ah Jung is at work and her co-worker tells her that tickets sales have risen for her program.

Aunt meets with Ki Joon and asks him what he’s going to do about Chairman Chen’s imminent defection to another company. Aunt reminds Ki Joon that it’s not about finding another investor, it has to be Chairman Chen’s partnership in order to enter the Chinese market. Aunt tells him that she’s asked Congressman Park for help since he knows Chairman Chen from when he worked in China.

Ki Joon asks his Aunt if she’s insisting that he get back together with Yoon Joo? Aunt says she doesn’t care what Ki Joon does with Yoon Joo, date, get married, break up. All she cares about is Ki Joon grab hold of this connection for a business opportunity. Yoon Joo’s mom finds her passed out at home from exhaustion. It’s not anything serious, just stress related.

Aunt has dinner with Yoon Joo’s parent (her mom and stepdad, who is called Congressman Park). Yoon Joo’s mom confesses that as long as her husband and Yoon Joo are happy, then that is all that matters. Aunt says Yoon Joo will be happy soon. Aunt asks Congressman Park if he can assist them with the partnership with Chairman Chen.

Ki Joon tells Manager Park and Hoon that he will handle the Chairman Chen situation. He gets a text from Ah Jung asking if he’s busy and reminding him to eat before doing more work. Aunt calls Ki Joon telling him that Yoon Joo is at the hospital. She demands that he visit her. If they lose the support of Congressman Park then it’s all over. Oooh, Aunt is so cold. Ki Joon goes to visit Yoon Joo, but she’s still asleep. He covers her up before leaving, telling her to please don’t get sick.

KI Joon leaves the office the next day and heads to traditional music program Ah Jung organized. Ah Jung hears that a lot of tickets were sold and is excited to see a lot of people attend. But when she comes out, the auditorium is very empty. She gives an opening speech and Ki Joon claps loudly.

After the performance, Ah Jung confronts Ki Joon to find out how many tickets he bought? She’s upset and asks why he made her out to be a fool. Ki Joon tries to apologize, saying that it was a good program that he gave the tickets away but he’s not sure why people didn’t show up. She’s upset because she thought that the tickets sold well due to her hard work, but he made her feel stupid.

Ah Jung walks home and sits down on her bench. Suddenly lights string up around the cherry blossom trees lights up. Ah Jung thinks it’s beautiful but almost freaks out when she turns around to see Ki Joon crouched behind her fiddling with the light switch. He apologizes for the ticket situation, confessing that he thought it was a good idea and didn’t realize that it wouldn’t work out.

Ki Joon walks up and sits down next to Ah Jung. He says that he’s still learning the method to match Gong Ah Jung’s way of life. She smiles at his confession. He asks her if the lights are pretty. She nods and puts her head on his shoulder. Ki Joon pulls the light switch and the lights flicker on and off.

We see Congressman Park meet with Chairman Chen and shake hands afterwards indicating they are on good terms. Aunt demands to know why Ki Joon didn’t go visit Yoon Joo, but he doesn’t explain that he did, instead telling her that it’s not her concern. Aunt wonders why Ki Joon has to pick the difficult route. Aunt says that she’s investigated Ah Jung, but Ki Joon tells her that it’s his personal life and cannot be mixed with business.

Aunt says that Ki Joon became the President of the World Hotel by his own hard work, but he must realize that to succeed in business it’s not always so clear cut. She wants him to listen to her on this matter. He cannot keep treating Yoon Joo as a stranger. Aunt has organized a dinner tonight with Yoon Joo’s entire family and she warns Ki Joon that he has to attend no matter what.

Ah Jung gets called to meet with the Minister. He compliments her on the Jeju Island project. The Minister asks Ah Jung again if she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon? aThen he asks Ah Jung if she knows Congressman Park? The Minister informs her that word on the street is that Congressman Park’s daughter is discussing marriage with Hyun Ki Joon.

Ah Jung doesn’t answer when the Minister asks her why she would tell such a lie. The Minister says that telling such a lie and getting into a scandal is bad for the department’s image. But since Ah Jung did so many good works, he’ll let it slide this time. He warns Ah Jung not to make another such mistake.

Yoon Joo goes to dinner with her family and Aunt. Everyone sits around waiting for Ki Joon, who is still at his office. He gets a text from Ah Jung asking how he’s doing. Before he can reply, Aunt calls demanding that he come right away. Ki Joon says he has no intention of going. Aunt says to treat this as a simply business matter request, begging him to come because she cannot let her rival Great Hotel take away this China opportunity. Ki Joon says he understands.

Ki Joon gets into his car to drive to the dinner of doom when his phone rings. It’s Ah Jung, and he hesitates to pick up at first. She asks him where he’s at? He says he’s still at work and busy. She asks why his voice sounds off. She thought she was stressed, but he sounds even more so. He promises to call her after he finishes work.

Ah Jung says she hates misunderstandings, or suspecting things. Initially she wanted to keep everything to herself, but then she asks Ki Joon if he knows Congressman Park? Ki Joon’s face freezes and he doesn’t answer Ah Jung. She laughs and says it’s nothing, she’s just feeling bothered today by some stuff. Ah Jung says that dating Korea’s busiest man Hyun Ki Joon, even if she wants to see him, she needs to endure it. Ki Joon calls her name, but doesn’t say anything more other than he’ll see her when work is finished.

They hang up the phone and both continue to look bothered. Ah Jung texts Ki Joon, apologizing for bring up that matter (Congressman Park), and confessing that she just really wants to see him. Ki Joon is driving when he reads her text. He drives to the Han River and gets out of his car, loosening his tie in frustration. He looks like he made his choice and gets back in his car and drives off.

Ah Jung sits down on their bench, muttering that it would be great if he’s by her side on a day like this. But he’s not even answering her texts. Suddenly she gets a text from him. Ki Joon says he really misses her. Another text comes in from him, asking why she looks so glum today. Suddenly Ki Joon calls, asking Ah Jung why she has that look on her face. Ah Jung looks around until she sees Ki Joon standing here.

She gets up and walks over to him, finally running the final few steps and throwing herself into his arms. They hug each other tightly. She cries and asks him “do you know how tough it was for me today?” He asks her “do you know how much I missed you today?” Word – do you two know how much I love you both, and how tough it is when I can’t spend more time with you darn lovebirds?

Thoughts of Mine:

After this episode, I feel like I can finally see how the external angst will hit our OTP. If the writer makes an attempt to keep everyone sane, then the angst is welcome, because both Ki Joon and Ah Jung needs to face the consequences of their actions and their love. It has to be done so that they can be together for the future instead of just the now.

Let’s talk about wuri Jungie first. The entire story started because of her one lie that she was married, though she initially never said it was to Ki Joon. That lie spread like wildfire, and while the intended target of her lie, So Ran, has made peace and understanding with Ah Jung, the ramifications of said lie still need to be dealt with. Now that the Minister knows, and Ah Jung’s career is possibly on the line, I like this obstacle because it’s real and the stakes are so high. Ah Jung is herself to blame, but we all know she deserves to keep her job because she’s earned it.

Ki Joon’s obstacles are twofold: Aunt now pressuring him to get back with Yoon Joo for the sake of the company, and potentially when he finds out Sang Hee really likes Ah Jung. I know Aunt loves Ki Joon, but I’m pretty annoyed at how she cuts Sang Hee so much slack, but she keeps pushing Ki Joon to sacrifice time and again. I’m glad that between career and love, Ki Joon picks the woman he loves even when he doesn’t need to. It’s not an end-of-relationship choice when he ran to Ah Jung. He went to her because she needed him, and because he wanted her. The textbook definition of when love makes us fools who value emotion over logic.

I’m glad Yoon Joo just cried herself into a faint and didn’t try to kill herself. I don’t think she’ll do the latter either. I’m slightly appalled that she actually saw firsthand how much Ki Joon adores Ah Jung, and heard it from him firsthand that he LOVES Ah Jung, and yet she continues to walk away with her head held high. Her behavior is reversed for me – when Ki Joon ended their engagement three years ago, she shouldn’t have left for Paris, she should have stayed and fought for their love; now that Ki Joon doesn’t love her and wants her to let him go, this is when she needs to leave and go nurse her broken heart elsewhere.

Love cannot be forced when there is none left. Legions of people, in dramas and in real life, have suffered heart break (losing the person you love, giving up the person you love) and have gotten past it. What has never happened is forcing someone to love another. Love can be forced to die, but love can’t be forced to begin. It’s a sad realization that Yoon Joo just has to accept, however unfair and painful it is for her. What I love about Ah Jung is that she actually worked through her pain of losing Jae Bum by herself, not because she found Ki Joon. She fell in love with Ki Joon after she ended the last remnants of her first love.

I really felt sorry for Sang Hee in this episode, but also proud of him. He’s trying so hard to be mature, to be considerate, and yet it hurts as it naturally would to have the person you like not like you back. I knew new and improved Sang Hee wasn’t going to pull the same stunt on Ki Joon again, but I like that he is willing to privately express his pain and grieve for losing yet another girl to his hyung. Yes, it sucks, but you’re dealing with it like a man this time instead of a whiny boy. So for that, Sang Hee officially gets a diploma from Koala for graduating from the school of hardknocks.

I guess it’s finally time to discuss the writer change rumor, which frankly is probably true even if SBS doesn’t release an official statement confirming it. Apparently two writers have taken over for the drama since episode 11, so this week’s two episodes are from their pen. No wonder we have nearly no spoilers or previews until hours before airtime. This drama is literally being rewritten as we speak, and the live shoot is pushing close to airtime. Quality-wise I can see all the editing sloppiness and the exhaustion on the actors faces.

In terms of story, I did mention yesterday that Ki Joon’s personality has changed so much, and the tone of the drama is really different yet another. I feel like episodes 1-4 were one drama (the funny and slapstick comedy of errors), episodes 5-10 were another (the intense and passionate melo-rom-com), and now episodes 11-12 shifts gears again and combines the two earlier extremes into one drama that has a different execution and tone.

Remember how in episodes 1-4 it was all Ah Jung who was the cut-up, the goofball, the drunkard, the weirdo, the one who we all laughed at because she was just do darn odd yet strangely endearing? Suddenly since episode 11, that person is Ki Joon and suddenly Ah Jung is the mature one in the relationship. There are two ways to consider this. The negative is that it’s just piss-poor writing without character consistency. The positive is that the early writer laid the foundation for Ki Joon being deep down just this kind of dorky boy and being in love with Ah Jung brings it all out of him.

Unless a drama is based on a prewritten work, live shooting a script that is able to be revised means that characters and behaviors can and do change for a variety of reasons. Sometimes OTPs even get changed based on the chemistry of the actors themselves, regardless of how the writer originally envisioned the story. That is the Catch-22 of the K-drama live shoot system. We are watching it played out. I actually think……a lot of what is transpiring is because of the real chemistry between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye.

I think they have a very playful, natural, flirty, and tender chemistry with each other. The scene in episode 11 where Ki Joon keeps wiping Ah Jung, apparently some of what we saw on screen was actually just ad-libbed moments by the two of them that worked so well the PD aired it. So what’s happening with the LTM story reflects this understanding that the only thing that’s working in this drama is the relationship between Ki Joon and Ah Jung, so that has to be preserved at all costs. I see the story being written around their relationship, not concurrently therewith.

I feel the fandom for LTM stabilizing, no longer the rabid insanity of a few weeks ago, but rather a stable and steady group who love watching this drama. I love it, too. Episode 12 made me smile from cheek-to-cheek in every single Ki Joon-Ah Jung scene. I don’t find the conflicts of this drama melodramatic or random. It’s not ideal, but the seeds were all laid from the beginning (two brothers-one girl, lies that endanger a career or business opportunity). Now we just have to trust this love story will reach its sure to be blissful conclusion in a way that will make all of us cry tears of joy like we’re all suddenly Father of the Bride giving our daughter away.

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    The KJW-YEH hugs are the BEST.I jolly well hope they are so used to contact with each other that they CAN’T stop seeing each other AFTER the drama ends.

    I will even go to DC and post something if that happens :-)

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    ” What about the “Psycho B’ ex-girlfriend,” why do we need to endure another useless “Codependent” Female???????”
    ” The main lead has been an absolute “Ahole” all along and then “Wamm” he wakes up after being a ‘Two Timing” Idiot and turn into “Prince Charming.”

    • I’m not to far from that, because, I hate Reaper’s guts too! I wanted her sleeping with the fishes!! I know as fans we have to hate, yet understand Reaper’s feelings. Did I sound so awful? I wonder? o.O

    • peipei78, I’m a big fans of YEH and I can tell you that the person you’re called a “YEH fan” at soompi isn’t a real YEH fans. A TRUE YEH fans doesn’t do that kind of act. Bashing & belittle his/her idol publicly. Yes I understand he/she disappointed with the drama outcome, I felt it too in the beginning of LTM. But since my love for YEH is bigger than that, I can overlook it and enjoy LTM instead. Now I’m addicting to it. What I’m talking about is that a TRUE fans have to take whatever condition their idol is in (be that good or bad) and love her/him the way she/he is unconditionally. That’s what YEH mean to me. So don’t take his/her rant into your heart.

      • ditto..I’m with u…they not the real YEH fans..because being warrior has to support YEH till end..whether is good or bad n must respect every YEH decision..n till now she never disappoint LTM her acting is what else you can ask for???

      • Im a YEH fan. I take her as she is, Even if she wants to have a one-night-stand with Kang Ji Hwan…ahem,*clears, throat and looks around* guess thats my own path for her. But I dont think anyone has a reason to be disappointed with YEH. I mean, ok the show isn’t filled with so much intricate plotting and superb story telling, but what has that to do with YEH? She pickes the show because she likes it. Its fun and breezy. She enjoyed what its all about. And Gah I love that she pics a character who isn’t all damsel in distress, who cant live without a guy, and who takes shit from everyone because they are just so ever freaking polite *sorry Gil Ra Im–I still love you though*.
        But YEH’s character is strong and plagued with evryday worries and flaw. her self esteem is kinda shot but, she pulls it through. But..where was I? I got so passionate I lost track.
        Oh yeaah i remember. People should be happy with the fact that Yoon Eun Hye is a freaking great actress and she’s breathing life into this character. Not just anyone can do that. So these ppl need to stop complaining about the drama. there is more than one show on tv, so if you dont like LTM, go watch Best love or ripley or that town one. And while your bashing a show, someones hard work : whether or not its up to your taste, just remember that “You probably cant do better.” The writer is a new one, and while she has passion, she’s obviously headed on the right path, writing what she wants, she just needs to learn from mistakes and she will become a better writer.

      • haha..u guys really YEH warriors! cool…

        that person is already put “white flag”… after most of YEH warriors and LTM’s fans ‘attacking’ his/her comments. hahaha…
        including me!
        therefore, think before u act…

        I, personally, like her but not thaattt much. It just I’m a “seasonal fans” hahahahaha…. I’m so easy to get please with those beautiful and handsome faces of korean artists, especially when they played an awesome stories.
        If u ask me which actors and actrees I love the most… NONE! hahahaha… I just love GOD’s creatures…

      • @ Leishers: one nite stand of our OTP??? couldn’t agree more LOL… love it!

  5. One comment for those other websites that they are recapping Lie to Me: They are totally not good in recapping, there’s no love in their work that why many people who are reading their recaps are getting disappointed, Koala is really the best, you will see love on his/her works. I keep on reading only in this websites that’s why I didn’t get influence to other people and to other websites, especially in dramabeans, really disappointed to his/her wee cap, he/she didn’t say some of the sweet moments in the episode, the hug scenes, holding hands or their embarrassing faces in some scenes. I say no LOVE to their work. I totally gonna stay to Koala.

  6. Thanks for recap! After yesterday episode, I need to come out of my lurker mood! Yesterday’s LTM is overloaded with so many touching moments! I think I’m such a hopeless shipper for AJ and KJ/ YEH and KJH – I keep rewatching their scenes and smiling to myself what great pairing they really are! I need more of their BTS!! I can’t be bothered with the negative/sarcastic criticisms anyway – it’s simple- if they don’t like it then don’t watch.

    Oh the drama’s ost are really good as well – especially the one that goes ‘i love you and i need you like pouring rain’… seems like noone is able to find out the title of this song…

  7. I really love this site. So happy that i’ve found this. I’ve been visiting ‘that’ other blog site, i was a fan then, but when i read their ‘weecap’ on kdramas they thought was not well-written, i was disappointed. Because of that, haters keep on coming ’cause they thought they found an ally in that blog.. Anyway, really glad i’ve found this one..

  8. puffff… why?? why all i can see after this epi is just hurdle by hurdle for this OTP??? Such a common scene in any Kdrama.. Obstacle, can it just disappear just for this sweet couple? Can the PD-nim n writer-nim just let them drown in love , get married and happily ever after??

    aunty; YJ : SH; Chen:; I’m warning u, if u hurt AJ n KJ, i will not let u go easily.
    u got that???!!!

    • regardless we like it or not, there will be hurdles for them.. something which kdrama will not miss out.. haha of course my wishful thinking is that the next 4 epi will be all about them having make out scenes, making cute mini aj/kj and this cycle goes on LOL anyway, since this is a romcom, i think it will not be a sad ending… i hope =D

  9. thanks for the recaps koala. this is your playground and you can lay whatever ground rules you like. we, as your guests, will have to abide by the rules if we want to play here. don’t be swayed by those unreasonable demands. i also wish they would stop saying such things about jb. it is her blog and her prerogative.

  10. thanks for the same day recaps:)
    i hope you had the same whit city hunter i also love that drama but i have to waite 3or 4 days for recaps ok.
    this ep was to sweet just lake yesterdays i love how the dad y him act in front of echoder i so love them y love the drama :)

  11. YJ – I can’t believe she keeps up this charade. She clearly doesn’t love him, because if she did, she’d want him to be happy. And to echo something other people have mentioned – what is wrong with her parents??? Don’t they want their daughter to be happy? How can pushing KJ against his will make anyone happy? If I was her mom, I’d do my best to help her to move on to someone better and more suitable.

    Aunt – I agree with everyone who said that she seems very willing to sacrifice KJ but always gives SH a lot more leniency. I want her to trust KJ (being that he’s the president of WG) and have him come up with a proper solution to win back Chen’s favor — sans using a “business marriage” to get it. KJ is more than capable with his smarts to come up with at least some kind of solution – and I hope that the writers put that into the story. I’m sooo tired of the standard plot line where it has to be a choice between love or business. Chairman Chen seems to be written such that he values genuine love and marriage and if his character was consistent, I would think that he would be highly against a marriage that wasn’t because of love but for business benefits. Sure KJ’s career is on the line, but if he came up with a solution, I don’t think it would lessen the “sacrifice” that everyone is looking for.

    KJ & AJ — I love you guys. I have read lots of comments about people not believing in their love story. I personally think it’s quite genuine now and they are so cute in love. I just want AJ to go and see the models that KJ likes to build. I always thought that KJ was a lot more dorky and fun then he ever let himself be. Too much responsibility and the need to grow up so fast… he just shelved that side of himself until AJ kinda just slowly drew that out in him. I absolutely can’t get enough of our cute Ah-Ki couple!

  12. I can’t even think about LTM ending soon. I’m a huge Yoon Eun Hye fan, and I remember when there’s virtually no news about her for months. It was horrible. It sucks waiting…

  13. Thanks for the recap…You and LTM made my day..I love again every single minutes of it and of course this episode even more…I need rehap after 16 (if they still not extent)..Oh dear, can not get enough of KJ AJ, love them sooooooo much.The character was so real and the chemistry is awesome…I swear I’ve never been this addictive…save me LTM

  14. Oh – i also wanted to mention that I love the first part where KJ and AJ get into the limo to leave — hotness!!! Super cute. And I just can’t help be replay the part where AJ thinks the lights are pretty and KJ is behind still plugging them in and stuff and she sees him. Ridiculously cute!! Smiling and laughing with them all the way.

    Me too – I am going to miss HwanHye couple especially YEH – sniff sniff. Will be rewatching LTM like crazy.

  15. thank you for the recap i’m anxiously waiting for your recaps, i simple love how you write precisely and accurately wrote each episode with much conviction and emotions.
    love how KJ – AJ relationships is turning out. i felt and saw how KJ is sincerely showing AJ his feelings. after all the upside down, the conflict, the pain, disappointments from the moment they first met and now falling in love makes me envy the OTP so much! how i wish it’s for real! :)
    as for YJ, i feel her pain but she have to pick up her attitude and try to move on with her life. she’s an intelligent woman and pretty and everyone will have her for a wife. she doesn’t have to put the guilt on AJ bcoz in the first place AJ didn’t steal anything from her. YJ and KY already ended their relationship when AJ came in KJ life. no one is to be blame. the four of them are living a different and strange life from one another it just happen that KJ and AJ worlds collide and bring out the fireworks!
    SH, poor SH for the 2nd time his ego, heart was crushed into pieces and flushed down the toilet. it’s unbearable to experience pain for the 2nd time with the same situation. poor, poor SH if only i can do something for you.
    Aunt, i know you like AJ for KJ but for the moment your mind is over the business that’s why you haven’t seen how KJ is in cloud nine, i know after all this is over you will glad to have AJ as part of the family.
    no amount of words can describe how at the end of this epi KJ and AJ comfort each other. how they express deeply the importance and love for one another. i just can’t help but to have that wide grin in my face just looking at them.
    for me, “Jungie + cherry blossom” = fate, love <3<3<3

  16. thank you so much for the recap!!! OMG, I can not tell you how anxious I became at work, AND how SLOW the clock was counting the hours, minutes, seconds, I had left before I can get home and read the recaps and still watch it RAW!;) Love It Love It Love It!!! when people mention some of the bad writing, I think, “what bad writing?” then it hits me…”ah, yeah there was some bad/could’ve been writing”…BUT, what can you do when just watching the OTP of the LTM just melts your heart, keeps you sighing and dying for more??!!!…So looking forward to the next episodes and sad that it will be ending soon….

  17. I don’t know why people do not like this drama. I love it (your recap anyways), especially since it keeps getting better and better. Thanks for continuing to recap it.

    Being talk is also about being able to put your carry-on in the overhead.

  18. Your site just proves that the essence of watching dramas isn’t primarily for cerebral battle purposes but for entertainment warming the heart.

    Your recaps are like sunshine for a lot of people . It definitely warmed mine.
    Many thanks !

  19. I have only been reading recaps on LTM, and have been a big fan of AKP due to M3 and just wanted to say that i really appreciate all of your hard work; along with everyone else here. just wanted to drop a post stating: “how the F did SBS and KBS manage to create such crap script for both LTM and M3, where both dramas have really amazing actors/actress and talent on their team! what a stinking shame!” really, they should be embarassed.

    • I little bit agreed with that, in the few first episodes of lie to me episodes 1-8 was really good written but it suddenly goes down, no offense but it seems that what happened, I read awhile ago that the writers has been changed since episode 11, I was really expecting something really but I can still say episode 11 and 12 are just okay. And this recaps making me to pull up from my disappointments. And I really like the recaps in here, thanks by the way Koala.

      • i just find it ironic that it happened to both LTM and M3. both had writer swaps, and both started off strong then went a little amok half way through. however, the fan base remains strong due to their love and adoration for the actors/actresses. :) its just such a waste of talent and great couple on screen presence. i’m most regretful about that for both dramas. i can see both couples being epic for a drama that has a stronger script writer.

      • I really hope that in the next episode will make us get more interested in Lie to me, so that the haters will stop bothering Lie to me. But you know lie to me is just okay not that boring if you find it that it’s not that good. If I can only say to haters that Lie to Me is not boring to watch, it’s one fine kdrama. And besides no one will like Lie To Me if it’s really that boring.

  20. by the way, my comment wasn’t intended on getting anyone pissed. i think everyone in both dramas are amazing and i adore them (esp my JGS and MGY); however, the flaws within the scripts for borth dramas are obvious and prominent. if not for the OTPs, both dramas wouldn’t have had made it.

  21. I just returned from visiting DB’s site and I have no energy left. None. Zoro. Err. I meant Zero. Nada. So all I’m going to say is THANK YOU ockoala for your honest recap. It’s very much appreciated by the Lie To Me fans! I love reading your recap, because even if there’s some negative comments, you always back it up with a good analysis and constructive criticisms :)

    • When I discovered the other recap first I think they professional n mature writers…but when they recap LTM n change it to open thread…I felt very disappointed…how come good writers can turn to third rate reporters n maybe worst?? When they hate a drama they also want readers/viewers hate that too..very disrespectful manners…of course everyone has rights to speak their mind n I respect it…never mind..we still have Koala..our saving grace…LTM still the best for me ^.^

    • i was just about to head there but ur comments stop me. agree with Totallyliar, this playground is the world with no wars :)

    • I agree with you guys… I respect everyone’s taste in dramas and if they dont like it, its ok, but please dont trash it! The mood here is really possitive! thanks!

      • Hi Totallyliar,

        I found Koala website information given by you at DB website. I dont go there anymore. Both the writer`s and viewers comments are depressing.


  22. Hi AKoala THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for providing us everyweek of your very much talked about RECAPS…one word to describe it AWESOME!!! that’s why I would always wait for your recap (baby and full episod) before and after watching each episodes. I am a SeGa shipper but I got totally hooked with KJW and YEH not only because they are good actors but they have amazing and ooozing real romance kinda type of chemistry…even in BTS you can feel their chemistry… i love their couple dressing it sets the mood and the tone of scene. you are right episode 11 and definitely most part of episode 12 are about OTP, its their time to show their captivating character though both started not that much good but i think the changing of the writer really do them good although they have a hard time for sure doing the shoots because its like a writer submitting his article the last minute before the publication so all of them are under pressures no wonder YEH get thinner every week…though KJW still looks good and sauve all the time. can’t wait for the last 2 weeks and feeling sad knowing this kdrama would end soon. how I wish we could ask SBS to extend it even up to episode 20 or 30 if that’s not too much to ask…i don’t know why some people don’t find this LTM a nice drama i guessed they have a hard time junderstanding romance with a touch of comedy…but really from episode 1 up to ep 12 i have not much complaint because their aim is to entertain the viewers so they know that they can not please everybody…however if people are not satisfied and they dont have good things to say about i think its better to just sealed their lips. as the saying goes…less talk less mistakes….have a nice day everyone and God bless..

  23. @ockoala
    After watching ep12 over and over (first reading live recap by soulrebels, then reading your mini-cap, then watching raw Viki feed, then reading your recap, then now watching 90% subbed viki feed), I realized that Aunt wants to perpetrate a lie about a good relationship with Yoon Joo’s family in order to get business deals. This sort of deceit, which is often seen in many business deals in reel/real life, is what Aunt wants Ki Joon to learn (and has been hinting at it throughout LTM).

    But Ki Joon’s business methods are all about sincerity and plain truth. I think I see why he keeps gravitated towards Ah Jung, how AJ’s trip to Jeju (and their convos) play a role in the grand theme of the show, and where the original and new writers might be taking us in the last few episodes.

    Now how will Aunt take all that and react to it? Don’t know yet… that’s still an area of worry. And I also wonder if they’ll revisit some the bits of deceit/lies going on within Hyun hotel management (resort problems, Manager Park’s executive meeting). The ominous music is there, but so far it hasn’t blown out to make any sense yet.

  24. I don’t know about other people, but I really really love epi 11 & 12. Yes it kind of cheesy, but this “cheesyness” I like. KJH & YEH chemistry when these two on a screen together is really burning. The way they act, be that sad, happy, worry, angry etc, are so related to the viewers. It’s just like watching KJH & YEH in real life rather that their character. So no wonder many people ship them as a couple IRL cause they act so natural. I applaud them for being so standout despite of mediocre writing. That’s what I call good actor/actress.
    Watching these two interact (on & off screen) make me love them even more. And I’m dreading the moment when this drama is over.
    Love your witty & funny recap Koala. We love you :)

  25. thanks koala i just been to DB site and what a let down that’s why i can say that ur totally awesome because ur comments are adorable and witty i just love it this is a light and funny drama not the heavy and soul searching drama what do u expect so ppl just chill it out and just be happy we have 2 great actors out there working their butts out to give us the best love story ever YEH and KJW loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee u guys to bits and salute to u too koala

  26. I wanted to let you know Ms Koala that this is a pretty good drama. But the only reason I am commenting is Park Ji Yoon – OH MY GOD this is the most beautiful woman I have seen in Korean Entertainment. I am enjoying cause of her and Kwon Se In (adorable) and Sung Joon (killer smile). But I was captivated by your comments and recaps so here I am at ep 10 not caring about otp but because this woman (PJY) is gorgeous.

  27. thanks for a recap. there is no exact word to describe how thankful i am coz you made my day a interesting one. i love HH and GG so much. love the chemistry they have.

  28. ah…i just got back from work, reading ur recap happily (smiling like an idiot), half way i realized, i forgot to download the ep. Gah! stupid, stupid me.
    On another note, when you mentioned that the Aunt pressured KJ but kept on giving SH some slack, i just realized that’s what some parents do to their 1st born (set them out to be responsible and obedient) but totally clueless on how to handle the 2nd one (who almost always become rebellious).
    i’ll come by again (and again) to check for more LTM news. thanks Koala!

  29. OMG, I just realize that the song in the scene when clumsy Cheater (aka Jae Bum) runs in slow-mo to Pool Lady (aka So Ran) is The Power Of Love!!!

    And the song says:

    “Cause I am your lady
    And you are my man
    Whenever you reach for me
    I’ll do all that I can
    We’re heading for something
    Somewhere I’ve never been
    Sometimes I am frightened
    But I’m ready to learn
    Of the power of love”

    Artist: Celine Dion
    Song: The Power Of Love

    Totally their song!!! Coz she is your lady, and he is your man!!! Mhahahaha

  30. Our wonderful playground! tx Koala for yor recaps, stills and all the info you give us! you make laugh with your inputs.
    We all share the same addiction for LTM, that´s the most important thing at the end of the day!

  31. BTW, does anyone knows the name of the song that goes like: I love you and I need you like pouring rain… very beginning of epi 12
    Please let me know @Lie to Me ~ 내게 거짓말을 해봐 facebook page :P
    gumawo chingus!

  32. dear ockoala eonni :D thanks for the recaps!!! I always love how you wrote the recaps because they’re so detail and you even put pictures. I really hope this drama wont end so soon :’(( I hope SBS would kindly extend this drama. Waiting for the new episodes of this drama makes me crazy, but I become more crazy when I know the drama will be finished in 4 next episodes :(((((((

    anyway, a few hours ago I saw the animation of AJ running and hug KJ on the top of your blog. It’s a good one!! :D :D I wonder, can you share the animation with me? teeheee I really like the animation it’s so sweet (><) <3

    enjoy your day, Liars ;)

  33. Many thanks Okoala, your thoughts were very well written and your ability to see the nice perspective of the negative comments from those viewers are very much appreciated. Likewise I am looking forward to next episode of LTM.

  34. where can i watch episode 12.?? i need to see it now cause i have need to be in our school early in the morning… GST +8:00 time zone… i will be glad if you’ll just tell me the site, not the link coz it may slow down this webpage… thanks! :))

  35. “he wants her to tell him. What she ate, how she feels, if she cuts or perms her hair because she’s in a bad mood, how many times she washes her hands a day, he wants to know everything.”

    Uh – carefull, Ah-jung! Sounds like a very obsessive stalker man to ME! Someone ever watched Obsession? *lol* I always thought that Ki-joon gives the vibe of “What’s mine is MINE.” (evertime he just TAKES Ah-jung away, where, when and from whom he wants)

    the PDs must have been blind to NOT see the 200% chemistry between the leads, I’m glad that the writers have changed. Though I don’t envious them for cleaning up the mess of the first writer(s). The audience never forget the last one…

    I also was swooned by the hugs – although it’s just HUGGING, but hey, you’re only being able to hug someone with full body contact if you really feel confortable with him like his smell must be good and his body must be the perfect form for your body. But maybe it’s just me thinking like that…
    Based on that acting I’d say KJH & YEH like each other a lot. *ggg* They both are old enough and thank god actors but no idols so they could date if they want to – theoretically. I’d be glad for them since I’ve read recently that KJH’s last relationship has been over 2 years ago. And he isn’t that much older than her.

    What’s with korean dramas and passing out because of love ache and ending up in hospital? I’m passing out of stress all the time and sleep 3 days then get back to work/life. LOL.

    Thanks you, koala for your awesome recap! Though I’m not happy about how the writing is done in this drama, I still stick to the drama till the end! :D

    • KJ wants AJ to tell him everythings because he knows that
      AJ KEEPS THINGS TO HERSELF. YJ lies to her that
      KJ and YJ get marry. KJ aunties always gives KJ girlfriends
      (those not her own choice). YJ follows them to Jesu and meets
      AJ to stay away from her man(KJ).
      After AJ ASKS KJ over the phone if he knows Senator Park???
      KJ runs to AJ and hug her because he knows that his auntie
      YJ and her family are planning KJ TO MARRY YJ to trade in
      the business for President Chen
      This is my guess and hope you are not upset

  36. i’ve noticed that most of the music that has been played in episode 11 & 12 are new (well. not really new but songs that you never expect to be played, ie power of love)… for me, the music editing has changed a lot, and for the good. :))

  37. Wow, 257 comments! I guess I’m the last one today. Gee, I used to be in the first ten or twenty but I had an exam today so there. Good thing there is a baby recap to have my fix this morning and can leave my LTM campsite, but you just can’t imagine the will power I had in trying not to turn on my notebook to check for this recap. I’m a crammer, always have, so panic mode + will power = turned on this notebook just now, and my, what Bliss!!!

    Thank you for this recap ockoala unni! Ogled the screencaps of our OTP, my goodness, they are just so cute, so sweet and so beautiful together! My, and we only have four episodes left? Can’t there be more episodes to make us see the future with little Ji Hwan or Eun Hye, er, Ki Joon or Ah Jung holding dad and mom’s hands while happily walking along the cherry blossom lane (with falling cherry blossoms too)? That would surely be nice…

    Well, I guess the real hero here would be Sang Hee who would really be the fairy godmother he claimed to be, only it’s not for Ah Jung but for his dear ol’ brother whom he wants to be happy. He’d be the advocate. I can see that now. I’m really getting nervous for next week’s episodes.

    Well, I remember answering the exam awhile ago and came across something that I’ve never seen in any way, shape or form, but the question was there staring at me and I couldn’t even guess the answer that I was tempted to write “Hyun Ki Joon loves Gong Ah Jung!!!”. Maybe a little push and a little craziness and I would have done that. Why would they just not give kdrama questions which I could answer with my eyes closed and have a high distinction mark in all of them! Acad is all craziness. I’m just so glad kdramas keep me sane (or is it the other way ’round? mwa ha ha ha!)!

  38. Thanks for the recap, ockoala. If DB hates LTM so much, they should have just stop recapping it.Why continue on to bash it left, right centre? Nearly every sentence they spew in their recaps is tinged with sarcasm and negativity. One man’s meat is another’s poison so if you don’t like it, stay away….let the rest enjoy a simple romcom. Thankfully, we have a bunch loyal LTMers in this playground.

    • I stayed away from that site after they started with the open thread since I’ve felt that it would just spoil my watching LTM.

      I guess the best thing to do is to avoid reading their write-ups about LTM since everyone’s aware of the not-so-nice comments or whatnot that they have written about the series if you don’t want to be disappointed.

      I watch shows because I enjoy watching them and drop them if I don’t anymore.

  39. dear ockoala unni..thank you for the awesome recap. I’m usually a silent fan of LTM and other dramas but after this episode..i can’t hold my thought.

    I love this drama because it’s simply easy to be digested :). it doesn’t need a super genius brain to understand eventhough there are so many flaws on the script but it still could bright up my mon-tues night with its magical ingredients (YEH & KJH for sure!).

    I know a lot of people have their own opinions and preference and I’ve seen enough many dramas with fancy plots but I’m enough with my AJ&KJ relationship :). I don’t mind if both leads will date in reality….

    Can’t wait for the last 4 episodes. Hopefully, the writer will give us something sweet, tender and unforgettable AJ&KJ moments *wishing mode on*

  40. anyone has the same feelings like l had? l must be crazy…….thinking about kang chi won singing with a v sign to yoon yen hye and she carry a smile on her face, so sweet 3.
    and the scenes that he is doing electric decorating light near their love seats..hahaha , he did it himself, he is that rich he did not have to do it , but he did it for ah! sweet couples if they can become real.

    • That scene was sooo adorable. He looks so crazy in love I loved it. heheh especially when he got caught, their interactions had me screaming I had to pause my computer every second. took me 3 hours to watch it, and it was raw.

  41. i got teary eyes at the end of episode 12 for the first time watching Lie to Me. this is like the sweetest episode ever, it’s so much better than episode 11 which was kind of weird. i just LOVE Kang Jihwan more and more every day!!!!!! by the way, what’s the name of the song that’s playing toward the end of the episode when Ki-joon was by the river with fireworks in the back??? i love that song!

  42. can somebody enlighten me as to what M3 means? i kept reading bout it in this blog…very grateful for the recaps…

  43. I get what people are saying about DB being a total let down for LTM recaps(because we love and respect(ed?) that site just as much as Koalas), but still it kind’ve sucks to be bashing it on Koalas site. I mean, IMO, it seems Koala an the DB team are friends, maybe even great friends, so it might not be a comfortable situation for her to be recieving these comments. I’ve been reading DB for a while now and I do like JB’s recaps. And even more since GF helps out. But you just gotta know what you want from what you dont want to read. because as we’ve seen in this past month “Words are powerful”.
    To me Koala takes the best route because she writes about what she wants when she wants. DB team writes for the masses, to bring them everything they may not be able to find other places, which is cool, but sucks. Because even though they are bringing people a variety of things, they themselves may not like it–and it shows in their writing. So its up to you to choose if you want their take on a drama. But around episode 1 or 2, you should pretty much know how they feel, which gives you time to see if you want their take for the rest of the series. And its kind’ve obvious what their fave kind of plot entails. While their open to other things, I think they pretty much love more intricate plots with tons of guessing and what not to be done till the very end hehe.
    What I am saying though is, even though the DB team doesnt like LTM (which sucks, because we love it and we want others to love it and c’mon, lets be honest, YEH is in it!) They still do a pretty good job bringing you guys other drama recaps and other tidbits. So lets not let this little LTM fiasco of theirs color your guys view on them–just let it help you see how better to approach their site–and lets not put koala in kind of an awkward position. Cuz no one wants to hear their friends being bad mouthed. So let us Thank god Koala LOVES LOVES LOVES Lie To Me, and does everything to bring us all our “fix”. Heheh God I love that word. hehe LTM fighting, Yoon Eun Hye fighting! Kang Ji Hwan “what the hell are you doing? Date Her already!!!” heheh

    • The other blog should at least be objective in recaping the drama. coz if someone who hasn’t watch the drama and read the recap they might change their mind and not watch it.

    • Cool . . words of wisdom . . . thanks God that KOALA’s bears are the more compassionate kind, easily appeased and not blind haters. This is a reflection of how KOALA’s “powerful words” affects us. As they say, birds of the same feathers >>>

  44. I agree with you…
    Let’s respect each other’s opinions on dramas and dont take it personal.
    BUT, i must say that here in AKP everyone is really respectful, honest, easygoing and never make fun or criticize harshly any drama… Can’t say the same of other places @_@

    • i usually watch LTM episodes 3 times… first, i watch it as soon as the eng sub is available. second, i watch it again when my sister is watching it (coz i’m the one who always inform her that the next episode/s are already available.). Then lastly, i watch it again after i downloaded it… :))

  45. i love ur quote here:

    “Love can be forced to die, but love can’t be forced to begin.”

    it happens to me and people in a real life…

    *miss my high school’s crush* hehehe

  46. Thank you for all the recaps. Always check your website before I even watch the episodes and go back after finishing the episodes for more fun with the readers comments. I am so addicted to your site that I keep on repeating your views to my officemates. Now they also call me koala addict. Ha ha ha at my age I should not be mooning after Ah Jung and Ki-Joon like a love-sick juvenile. Gosh…. after the cola kiss my husband and I are much more in love…. funny, funny, funny! My love life will never be the same again. Thanks to koalasplayground.

  47. You know what? DB still watches LTM. They even manage to write weecaps. That speaks volumes. If they really think that the drama is that bad, I guess the girls over there would just drop it, end of story. They took the “in-your-face” LTM drama gods route, so we just need to accept it and respect their decision. Ironically, their weecaps generate more comments and passionate discussions than some of their other entries. LOL

    So guys, just chill and enjoy watching LTM. Whatever our reasons are, when we like something, we just like it. There is no need for further rationalization. LTM for me just hits the right spot. I like it. Plain and simple. LTM fighting! Koala dear, you’re doing us fans a great favor. Mabuhay!

    • LOL! i realized that too, looking at the no. of comments, LTM is always the highest. i still read their other recaps, just not LTM (bcoz i love YEH-KJH too much!) and the haters watch it too (they won’t know what really happen if they didn’t, the weecap didn’t give out much).
      Bottom line, we LOVE LTM and Koala’s playground (just don’t claim KJH for ur own, ha ha!) or there will be blood-bath :)

  48. Ok so I’ve been watching and rewatching ep 11 & 12. Ok I’m nuts – but I love it.
    Thing is this – I for one don’t care writers have changed especially if they say they’ll keep to the spirit of the 1st writer -[which means kisses - remember KJH said she likes them - so there's hope :P].

    Still – I love how KJ has developed – it’s like his smack down of YJ says it all – he ended with someone he thought he wouldn’t -YJ – and he grew to love someone he shouldn’t have normally – AJ – and I think that it took him some time to realise that the physical attraction he had for AJ and not wanting to keep his hands and lips off her was him opening his heart again. This after Reaper got home and wanted to start over – I think he had to suss out that what he felt for YJ was back to brotherly love and concern which is what I think it started out as. With AJ it was all out explosive animal attraction!

    So that took time – and with AJ being the strong and somewhat stubborn but scarred woman that she is – romance pinging of what she went through with So Ran must be daunting – so she chose to put up a brave front.

    KJ could not act on a maybe so he too had to be sure of AJ. And when she finally confessed – he had to sit and rethink his strategy – who to put first. Much as i HATE ti say it – Reaper helped in calling his actions cowardice – it made him step up and take action.

    So KJ being dorky and all – that’s just who he is – playing games on his phone, building models, flopping face down on his couch, pouting like a little boy, scampering around pulling pranks, shaking cola bottle like the imp he is, acting like a baby when sick, teasing, falling into a bush! O the little things KJ does is endless. He’s just so enthusiastic!!

    But when he has AJ in his arms – he looks like a drowning man who just clasped his life buoy, the man in the desert who just saw his oasis, the wandering soul who has come home.

  49. my 3 current loves :

    1) the dearest OTP of LTM ( praying hard they’ll be together forever)
    2) LTM ( no matter wat others say)
    3) koala’s playground


  50. I’ve been out for awhile >>exercising my “visitation rights” to other blogsites just to see what’s going on in the outside world of KOALA.

    Honestly, if i ever see / read/ or hear anything that says “flaws” in it>>> pardon my French, but I’m gonna puke! Whew!!!

    That’s what I get for getting out of my comfort zone…

  51. KJ, you’ve obviously made your choice. Now, make a move now. I mean, make some BANGS now or otherwise, I’ll bang my forehead against my wall and bleed all over my my floor! Enough about getting slow, you two have been learning each strengths/weaknesses. It’s been apparent since the first time you two met. When AJ said boggoshipeyo, it’s translated as I WANT YOU, NOW. If I’m her, I’ll probably ‘wear him out’ six ways to Sunday!
    *I’m totally in a full-blown pervert mode right now* Not because I’m a dirty minded person (but ahem, couple in love are bound to do the dirrrrrrty, right? ) I just want some absolution/consummation of their love. We do not want the ‘hints and glance’ that KJ throws over to AJ’s direction everytime they meet, no? Have mercy on that lad, will ya PD-nim?

    Now, where’s my pills for angina attacks?

    • Shoot im so with you that im hoping they are making up for their onscreen couples lack of banging by banging it up and down the walls-floors-bed-dresser-kitchen table in real life. Gah, i’d be happy with that. hahah…ahem*coughs, looks around nervously*

      Bring on the LOVING in ep 13. Please!! I said it before and i’ll say it again “You can’t end an episode like that, where the OTP’s are just so much into each other and needing each other, that you dont start off the next ep with a Me-you-my-place!” That definitely calls for a me-you-my-place, so Ki Joon, please drag her back there. Maybe after, while in the after glow, you can finally tell her about your chen problem and your crazy ass aunty, and why mr park is in the picture. He needs to leave!!

      • ala-Coffee Prince in ep 16 is also preferable. Hehehehe, the scene where Han-kyul hoisted Eun-chan up against the door and kissed her senseless all over before falling into-bed and get kissy-kissy-huggy-huggy-bang bang!


      • Hahah Yes. Coffee Prince ep 17, man did Gong Yoo do justice. hahah. Gosh, giving the opportunity I think Kang Ji Hwan would do just as great. Gah, I’d probably faint everytime I try to watch their bed scene heheh. Gah, I think they should go completely different route and give us a shower scene after the bed scene.
        I’m not being greedy, i’m being logical. People do need to shower, and since both parties have respective jobs to attend in the morning, why not go green and take a shower together, to use less water, which will prevent the wasting of finite resources. The world already has major issues, so them showering together is helping.
        I demand fan service SBS. Dont be stingy. How many times do you have explosive couple chemistry like this? Act on it.

  52. leishers is quite hilarious . but yeah the whole coffee prince reenactment would be huge thumps up. ideally have them make out senselessly, roll all over the bed, do their thing, wakes up in the morning, ah jung rolling out of bed running out nervously like always and *BOOM* we have ki joon pulls the arm pull like in the previous episode and she rolls on bed with him and they go at it again. *wink*. lol i wouldn’t mind sitting through a whole hour of repetitive and senseless making out and major bed scene between our two adorbs. but for some reason i have a feeling stalker yoon joo will be outside watching like she have been doing the last few eps.

  53. I love it here in koala’s playground. I enjoy reading the posts and hysterically laughing at no holds barr, y know what I mean, tenderness touchy feely comments for KJ/AJ. I’m with you. why is it toooo hot here LOL
    No matter what other’s say on the contrary, we just love LTM to bits. Fighting!

  54. i saw your web site link on DB (who ever it was – thanks!) and i agree with everbody……the tenstion was getting rediculous! over a drama! lol! anyways i just finished ep 12 – loved the way KJ barged in to AJ’s house and had soju contest with her dad……thats such a korean guy thing to do! and how he ended up sleeping with her stuffed animal -that was cute hehe! but why was AJ so upset in the end? (why was she crying to KJ)

    • Another natural and great chemistry in the drama is between Ah-jung and her dad! They really have a great father/daughter relationships. They especially looked adorable in ep 2, where Ah-jung had just arrived from her Jeju trip and she saw the foods on the table and playfully asked her dad who came and did the cooking. The dad looked so cute, trying to hid behind his book, getting flustered from Ah-jung’s probings. Come to think of it, they always give me this warm feelings throughout the drama :)

  55. I so like this episode… hahaha.. I like Gi Jeon saying that he wants to know all about Ah Jeong and all that she does in a day…. Now I really cant stop wanting a boyfriend like him!!!! Aish….

  56. When Yoon-Jo was like “Do you know what it feels like to have your first love taken away?” I would be like, “Yea, bit*h i noe what it feels like! I had him taken away by my best friend so I was in a lot more pain then you, so y don’t u just shut up and stop whining like a little baby, u wretched girl!!!”
    That’s what Ah Jung should have said!!

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