Written Preview for Episode 13 of Lie to Me

Okay, this was totally unexpected. After two weeks of radio silence from SBS until hours before the next episode airs, I was not expecting to see the written preview for episode 13 of Lie to Me released so soon. Hey, not looking a gift horse in the mouth here. I have the say that the written previews for LTM have generally been very meh, and are true for most dramas out there. With the exception being M3, where KBS would release pretty much an entire episode summary that was paragraphs in length. That was sweet.

For LTM, I find that all the good stuff is never revealed in the written preview anyways, so I’m just patiently waiting for the next episode. After hopping with anxiety for the last two weeks, I’ve totally forced myself to calm down and be patient, because I don’t want this ride to end. What will I do without more Ki Joon and Ah Jung?

Written preview for episode 13:

With a bang, Ki Joon’s fist strikes the punching bag. Accompanied by the cacophanous music, Ki Joon and Ah Jung put their heads together and stare as the score keeps going up. When the punching bag comes back up, Ki Joon’s fist immediately punches it back down. Seeing the high scores, the two of them happily jump in place and high five each other. Ki Joon’s phone rings at that time and he sees that its Yoon Joo. Because Ki Joon’s not in a position to answer the call, he let’s it hang up.

On the other hand, Ah Jung is busy organizing data on her computer, while Hyo Joon (Ah Jung’s co-worker who pawned off the traditional music program on her in episode 12) is being scolded right next to her. The other co-workers notice the tense and heated mood and exchange glances. Only Ah Jung, who is busy with her work, doesn’t notice. Hyo Joon goes back to his desk with a disgruntled look, staring intently at Ah Jung……

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Lie to Me bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 13 of Lie to Me — 161 Comments

    • Hyo Yun is the one in charge of the Chinese convention right? that’s why he was able to passed on his assignment (traditional music) to AJ. Uh-ohw, there might be some connection with Chairman Chen there somewhere. HY might do something bad to AJ, like spill the beans that the Minister has kept as a secret. More dark clouds coming on AJ and KJ it seems.

  1. “What will I do without more Ki Joon and Ah Jung?”

    Oh yeah, I ask my self the same question. I sooo don’t want it to end so soon. I’m not ready yet. I’ll miss my KJ & AJ so dearly. What should I do without them on Monday & Tuesday ???
    Gosh…LTM haven’t ended yet but I’ve already got a withdrawal symptom 🙁
    Anyway I’m confuse with this written preview, it isn’t depict the plot of 13th epi at all. But it’s better than nothing right ?

    • Once LTM, pass to the other side?? Ottoke? I dunno!! Thank God, that at this time, I have my bet on Best Love/The Greatest Love!! That is my next victim!! Mhahahahahaha

      • Mhahahahahhahahahahaha

        Is like THE EVIL LAUGHTER from Doctor Evil, with the pinky in the mouth and all, the only thing I don’t have, is a Mini-Me!! LOL

      • mwahahahahahaha….. insane!!

        btw…plz give back my Park Hoon, ok? please feel pity for this ahjumma which desperately enough to find younger man … LOL
        you can take Jang Geun Soek ..I don’t like him that much since he’s legs is too skinny… I like JGS’s face part only not his body part… ^^ but Park Hoon.. I’ll take him just the way he is

      • @ Nowhere… yeap..thanks to Park Hoon’s popo.. he makes me feel better but still need extra rest 🙂 I think I need more popo from KJ now… hihihihihi

      • What about the rehabilitation place you’re talking about lately Angelitocurioso. Is there still any space for me ?

      • Everyone with a LTM Addiction, are welcome!!

        The symptoms are:

        *Sleepless nights marathoning watching last episodes
        *Raccoon eyes, while waiting any kind of news
        *Playground’s Page Refreshing every 5 minutes
        *Reaper’s Death Wishes
        *Ice Prince Beating
        *Marching Song Chanting
        *Creating an Unni’s Army
        *Stalking the Playground
        *Having Imaginary Conversation with the characters
        *Having Imaginary Conversations with Playground Stalkers
        *Having Imaginary Conversations with The Fairy Godmother (Sang Hee )
        *OCD while drinking Cola
        *OCD with Ice cream
        *Catatonic states for Kissy-Kissy
        *Catatonic state for Huggy-Huggy
        *Giggling alone without a reason
        *Crying alone without a reason
        *Screaming alone without a reason
        *Ignoring family members
        *Burning food
        *Neglecting Mental Health

        If you suffer one or more of these symptoms, please seek help, immediately, or call 911 or ask to be hospitalized. This disorder is highly contagious, extremely dangerous, and the CDC in Atlanta, reports that the side effects are devastating!!!


      • @Angelitocurioso

        I suffer mostly the list below. I dunno if the hospital will cure that we have. Can we call Ki Joon? I mean as long as he calls me Anh Jung-Ah maybe it will cure it for a few days?

      • @ angelito

        oh dear got most of the symptoms… just finished rewatching ep 11 and 12 and when i visit the playground so happy to see this post…doesn’t really matter if it’s not as exciting as we hope to be…just meeting the wacky bunch is enough for me…gosh it is still friday…gotta be a very looooong weekend again…i know i should have a life besides waiting for monday but then…oh well…am already suffering depression while thinking we only have 4 eps left…

      • @Angelitocurioso

        I’ve got some more to add to your list of symptoms for LTM Addiction…
        -Drooling over the laptop, ipad or iphone (hehehe you know what I mean)
        -Desperately looking for a Korean Boyfriend. (For Kdrama translation purposes)

      • @ Angel

        Yeah, totally forgot!!

        *Nail bitting
        *Hair pulling
        *Continious shouting to the pc/laptop screen
        *High consume of junk food
        *Late nights assaults to the fridge
        *Food depravation
        *Sleep depravation
        *High electricity consumption
        *Fighting with relatives, who tries to use the pc/laptop
        *Koalas Playground as the Home Page


      • I have almost all the symptoms..I want to check in to LTM addict rehab center!!!

      • oooppppps i forgot to mention that the secret to my weightloss is LTM addiction!!! tried all kinds of diet and exercise but never did i succeed…but for only 6 weeks pf LTM madness i lost a lot (including my sanity)…..whoooaa i hope i wouldn’t gain back the wight that i lost once LTM ends…

  2. These written previews almost makes no sense to me… but better than nothing.
    Looks like KJ and AJ are at an arcade or amusement centre or something.

  3. My dear OT sister,
    This reminds me of our PK’s days…how I get my “fix” from you,hehe….I think this drama is up there in my all time fav OTP’s(close but not yet beat my Choi Han Kyul/Go Eun Chan)Thanks for all your hard work,chingu…mwah & hugs..always 🙂

  4. I know what you mean – LTM could go on forever – make 100 episodes drama and then go on We Got Married and then do a Korean version of Bill & Giuliana only this will be Hwan & Hye and show us the wedding and kissy stuff and and trying to have babies and what not!!!!


    Meantime – Ockoala – any chance of maybe a review after the drama, followed by analysis and then followed by a discussion and top off with a revisit to LTM? Maybe? Huh? Can we? Can We?

  5. Oh! you really are just as hooked on this drama as we are, ms.koala! thanks for the preview, even if it doesn’t say so much. ^_^

    i have a feeling though that either (a) Yoon Ju herself will tell her folks it’s enough, that she wouldn’t want to force anyone into marrying her once she realizes how pathetic she is or (b) the Minister himself, by some chance finds out the real score between the Ah-Ki couple and RepPark’s daughter, would find a way to convince Chen that Ki Jun in fact is sincere. Maybe play Rep Park as the bad guy for using his relationship to advance an ulterior motive.

    I don’t know. I just want to watch the rest of the episodes now. i’m used to watching dramas in marathons, Lie to Me is the first i’m watching as it runs in korea.^_^

    • “I just want to watch the rest of the episodes now. i’m used to watching dramas in marathons, Lie to Me is the first i’m watching as it runs in korea.^_^”

      hahaha, same here!!!

    • Same here. I actually just started appreciating KDramas around March this year and I’ve marathon watched most of them.

    • Me too! I was happy to know that I’m not the only old gal here, and now I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one watching them as they air – for the first time. That didn’t make any sense, but you know what I mean… I am so not a patient person! Between LTM, BL and DTLY, I still have two days without a ‘live’ show and they are very.long.days. I’m waiting until CH and RT end so I can marathon those. My old heart can’t take the anxiety of not knowing what’s going to happen next. Bring on Monday!

    • Hi Gem, how about after careful review of World Group and its competitors’ proposals, Chairman Chen finally knows that KJ’s proposal is not just the best deal but KJ is also a honest partner worthwhile to work with? Plus extra bonus, a capable girlfriend/wife AJ to be his assistant??

  6. Oh what a cute header!… and Wow what an early treat! Thanks ockoala unni! I just watched episode 11! My goodness, I think I’d faint for the sweetness of Ki Joon. When Ah Jung was walking in that beautiful gown with those rose petals on the floor in slow mo, wow, it seems that it’s a wedding scene of sorts. Then KJ goes to her and kisses her on the forehead then kneels, my gosh, and his eyes was like wow, really in love. Then AJ cries then was kissed on the lips, my goodness. It’s not hot but tender and beautiful. I hope it’s not merely acting…I really felt faint mwa ha ha! They looked so in love. I really think that these two had the greatest chemistry in kdramaland ever!

    • Agree! I get goosebumps in that scene… So naturally in love.

      I also love the scene at the beginning if Ep 12 where the OTP was getting into the car (YJ looking at them in the background) and AJ was holding KJ’s hand and smiling while she was getting into the car first. She gave his hand a small tug and KJ gave her a smile that looks so warm and intimate.
      It’s all these small gesture of expression of intimacy that captivates me. So natural. Either their acting is so good or they are definitely feeling the love in real life…

      • You guys want some 411? I was planning to save it for a later post.

        The scene where AJ grabs KJ’s hand as she enters the limo was also ad-libbed by Hwan-Hye. It was Eun Hye who did it, so the smile from Ji Hwan is all real, baby.

        Production have been revealing some info about ad-libbed moments. There are more, too. Hee.

      • Ahh… Ms Koala – I can’t reply to your actual post so this is as close as I can get. That “scene” is what I mentioned in the ep 12 recap comments as one of my favorite parts of ep 12!!! That like hand thing AJ did before getting into the limo. So natural and smoking hot at the same time. Can’t believe it’s adlibbed.

        A lot of people mentioned that they felt like they were spying on an actual couple in love… and I didn’t really feel that yet. Until I went and rewatched the wiping of the water scene again – and wow – I really felt like I was spying on them in a random intimate moment. Phew… a little embarrassed to replay the scene LOL 🙂 The AJ/KJ scene in front of SH with the desserts – OMG – sooo cute. I am going to super miss this couple – sniff sniff – crying. 🙁

        I guess the preview tells us almost nothing. But I’m a little shocked that something got released so fast too. thank you for the update!

      • @koala — OMO.. I knew it! Kyaa!!! I think I posted it somewhere in the prev LTM post…

        in that scene: the smallest smiles, the lingering touches and even the tiniest laughter.. totally radiates GENUINE feelings..

        i so love this couple <3

      • Did you guys know that YEH is the first female artist that touched KJH’ s eyelash?? I really love that scene ^.^

      • Chingu, it’s real? It was an honest-to-god ad-libbed moment? OMG! *flails* ladjklasdjkaldj

        I seriously love that kind of stuff! Just like madqueen said, what has me spellbound by this pairing is the little gestures that seem to natural.

        There was a moment in ep 11, during the dinner with So-ra , when Kang Ji-hwan chuckles and I bet that was real too. I find that when he’s acting and LOLs, his laughter seems a little forced (I STILL LOVE IT, OKAY?) but that moment in ep 11? Omg! Adorable!

        BTW, yesterday after finishing ep 12 and was still high thanks to it, I realized that there are only 4 eps left. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Time sure flies! I swear it seems like LTM started yesterday! I have no idea what I’ll do with myself when I can’t get my weekly fix of Hwan-hye!

        Oh and please, keep us updated about the DVD release too? I’ll be monitoring YA closely, but I sure don’t want to miss the boxset. This time I’m def getting the director’s cut if it gets released. I DO NOT CARE if I have to spend lots of money on it.

      • Koala, please tell us more backstage stuff!!! SBS has been stingy on BTS… maybe they’ll do a fan service of giving us a whole NG special?

        KJH is known as king of ad libs… and YEH is also pretty good at it, but some of those reactions are totally them in person and not character! We need more!!!

      • omo this two lovebirds are giving me heart attack…adlibbed moments???? please oh please your highness…feed those to us….am dying here…need those fix….

    • One of my friends said, and I completely agree, it would’ve been amazing if this was a loosely scripted show and we get to watch them ad-lib the majority of it.

      This news makes me squee like a child. **Goes back to watch scenes repeatedly**

      • I have officially seen eps 11-12 10 times the past couple of days… and I keep keeling over from squeeeeealing everytime YEH and KJH share the screen. LITERALLY keeling over.

    • Oh my goodness ockoala unni. Really? Yes, I played that many times over because it’s cute. When AJ takes his hand and says “kahamsamnida” before getting in, so cute. Just watched ep12. Oh my, I think there’s another ad lib too. When they went to the resto to see Sang Hee and he asks why they are together and KJ says why isn’t it that the husband always has to follow the wife or something of that sort. Then AJ giggles and KJ says why, what did I say? It looked so natural it might really be ad libbed. So. Cute.

      I also played the hug scenes over and over again. My goodness. You’re right ockoala unni, the hugs are never before seen hugs in kdrama land. My, the first one, when KJ met AJ after finding out that YJ met AJ, wow, you’d know these two are for real. When KJ says from now on I’d like to know everything, what you ate for breakfast, etc. Those really are good lines, I mean who’d not fall for this guy, then when he hugs her, gah, I’m out of breath, then she hugs her back, I mean hugging his neck, then you see their facial expressions, by george! You’d feel so in love too mwa ha ha ha!

      Then the last scene, omo, I love KJ’s expression. When you see AJ having such a bad day and badly needs to see KJ, then KJ finally comes and well you see this guy having such a tough decision to make, and they don’t have to utter one word because it is all there in their faces. Their acting skills are so great that they don’t need those lines (if they are indeed just acting, which I hope not). The emotions are so palpable it would touch your heart. I mean really, I am so in love with these two. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this and don’t know either how many times I’ll mention this in the future but I’d like saying it, that I just wish that they’d end up together for real. Mwa ha ha ha. I just so love them!

      • “When they went to the resto to see Sang Hee and he asks why they are together and KJ says why isn’t it that the husband always has to follow the wife or something of that sort. Then AJ giggles and KJ says why, what did I say? It looked so natural it might really be ad libbed. ”
        My thoughts exactly! KJ’s expression was so natural!

        I’m also thinking the quick gesture of AJ patting off the something on KJ’s shoulder while walking to the limo at the beginning of Ep 12 seemed ad-libbed as well.

  7. omo, the preview doesn’t make sense to me, lol. they’re totally keeping the juicy stuff for Monday.

    I think we did not have previews for 11-12 because of the change in the writers, like they were still writing it or something.

    thanks for this.

  8. What will I do without more Ki Joon and Ah Jung?

    yeah, what to do? can we just make a petition for an extension of the show just like PK? i don’t mind watching just the two of them with sweetness overload. 🙂

  9. Dear Koala,

    RE: Rehab Program post LTM 101

    The proposal for a review, analysis, and discussion of LTM hereafter sounds good but too cerebral for me (what can I do? am shallow).

    Instead, can we not create small groups from the camp to stalk “wuri” OTP then each compete in coming up with the best and juiciest “scoop” for us to chew on>> marvel on >>> until we find something substantive to support a
    Petition for another reel and a real partnering? Of course additional suggestions are welcome >

    I’m open to anything except mind bending.

    Yours truly, BO

  10. the limo holding hands was real?! omo! *screaming* so sweeeeeet! i’m dying of happiness!!!
    i can’t wait for monday to come! aigoo! our AJ is in trouble! tsk! tsk! tsk! hope KJ is not that busy to rescue his lady love.
    pls. monday come back soon!

  11. i also hope that LTM will be extended for few episodes more…but right now, even after watching LTM episode 12 for the nth time, i still feel the heavy feeling and angst that episode 13 and 14 will not be a pleasant one..but still, i can’t wait for the next episodes..i’m still excited though with a heavy heart…i can feel for ah jung and ki joon…nonetheless, ki joon and ah jung..fighting!!!….

    wish that it’s monday and tuesday again….lol…

    thanks ockoala…

    • i guess TM should follow the PK foot step. let’s keep it to ep 16 but we get more spin off episodes after ?..perhaps about their engagement, wedding and babies ?

  12. Thanks, Unni. Aah, if only Monday comes sooner! I can re-watch ep 11& 12 OTP moments forever, they are so in love! Lucky us who can witness these intimate moments.

    I think there will be a bit of jealousy AJ will face in office, the guy will spill the beans on maybe, she having a relationship with HKJ laying the ground for a press conference. I remember earlier spoiler that there might be a press conference where AJ is answering reporters’ queries.

  13. OMG! Hand tugging ad libbed? Exactly what I’m wanting to see. Hope we get more BTS and insider info. That was really coooooooool.

  14. What is this? *Scratching Head* I don’t understand!! It would be better, if they don’t give us anything, because, really? What is that, with the punching bag, and the high five?? *Lost in translation* LOL

    • I think it’s an arcade game, you punch the punching bag and it falls down and the machine registers how strong your punch is. It gives some kind of score. In this case I think the punching bag has the face of YJ or the Aunt on it….hehehehe

  15. That’s it? No hints for kissy-kissy-bang-bang? Yes, I’m a lurking pervert. If there’s no progression towards that, then Imma canonball-shoot the scriptwriter to Timbuktu!

  16. Omo! Good thing i checked your blog site before leaving the library… :))
    This is better than having the preview in the last minute. 🙂

  17. I too love the hand holding moment while KJ AJ getting into the car at Ep 12, such a simple gesture but it caught my attention, such a wonderful moment and makes me smile too.

  18. PLEASE ockoala… PLEASE oh please give us more backstage details!!!

    I know YEH is known for being good at adlibbing… I remember NG scenes from Goong where she’d keep going with adlibs and it would take JJH by surprise. With Coffee Prince, she learned to really feel the emotions in order to portray the character better (she once said this was something she learned from Gong Yoo and her Go Eun Chan family)…

    But what I really love to hear and see is how if things were adlibbed, KJH and YEH will fall out of character and naturally react as their real selves (i.e., YEH getting shy/blushing that KJH kept rubbing her shirt; KJH’s natural laugh/smirk/giggle to YEH’s adlib with the door opening scene).

    I hope SBS releases more BTS clips… or that YEH and KJH go on a ton of variety shows after so they have to answer questions we all want to know.

    • i know i’ve said it before but i love KJH’s smirks hahahhaha, he’s sexy =D i love his eyes/smiles/hairs/nose/style………and everything about him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. wow totally unexpected early written preview although it doesnt make sense to me so happy with this,,,i need to go to rehab to cure my ltm addiction …

  20. i never thought i would ever wish Monday to come already more than the weekend? Is this me? No this is what LTM did to me, hahahah!

    • want that too! but i want them to get married secretly first, i wan the lie to become the truth, then the bed scene =)

      • yeahhh it’s possible too.
        Maybe they might get married secretly to avoid the pressure from aunt and YJ’s family? Then we’ll have hot bed scene to swoon over lol

      • Hahah Is it totally creeptacular that I can seriously picture their bed scene? The korean censored version of course. But I really can. You throw her on that bed Kang Ji Hwan and ravish the daylights out of her!!
        Look what this show has dont to me. My bithday is this week, and I’d rather it come and go fast so LTM can be here already. Thats how much I wanna watch KJK and YEH!! Damnit tv. BS, you need to make this a daily thing!!

  21. Until LTM, I didn’t think I could live through a series and be content even if it’s just the usual, everyday things a couple does together. I feel giddy in every single scene, it actually keeps me happy, haha.

  22. I Love LTM Thanks so much Koala for updating us!

    By the way if you guys don’t mind could you tell me the model name of Ah Jung’s (Eun Hye) samsung mobile phone used in the series?

    Thanks so much! Response would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  23. Wow, written preview earlier than usual…I almost fainted…but it is not enough for my hunger…Same here guys, used to hate Monday but now I chasing weekend away…That’s totally nuts!!!

    Thanks captain for the insights, it’s really out of the blue for me, knowing the hand holding was real??really? really? I thought I was day dreamer?More backstage insight pls??I love every bits abt them (i means the OTP) the wipping water best, holding hand, the super duper hugs with warmest gesture, the hugs at the end of e12, all the kisses and the drinking session to warm up to AJ’s Dad.Awesome…I can rewatch it xxxx times honest.

    Thanks for the playground and all the LTM fans, I know that I’m not alone.

    Certainly need to check into rehab after this and I swear I will not watch any other Kdrama unless it’s HwanHye…

    • HwanHye…love that ! sometimes I was thinking if that was the ah jung and ki jun ? or the real HwanHye… hope they can become real. just like that time I was crazy about rain and sung hye kyo after full house. but how can actors and actress break thru their real face after so many body interac and kisses ( not a simple one)?HwanHye… wish they can really turns out………but, will that nly be drama…..as the drama end …everything will be gone. Hye… is in HwanHye…fact young and hot ,so many man’s target if Hwan really has feeling for Hye…he really have to works hard , like ki jun. Hye is very shy ,can’t expect a girl to make the start . =)

  24. more behind the scene info pleas koalas, you are truly amazing and a great help to all of us die hard fanatic of aj and kj, praying they really end up together

  25. Thank you.
    I’ve read the preview twice and I am still trying to figure out if AJ and KJ are together with the colleagues.
    Trust SBS…the cliffhanger was the dinner and we get a punching bag for a preview 🙂

  26. Errr…something’s missing. Can’t understand Epi 13.
    Soooo, me watch Happy Epi 12 again , again . Sigh!! Their looks , their hugs , even his cheesy words…A balm for tired souls & a sight for sore eyes !
    I waana order me a brother , a boyfren , a hubby like Ki Joon !! Oh wait , i forget , i already have a hubby.Ops!
    Oh, the things K-Drama does to mess with my mind!! BUT , I sure as hell, don’t want KJ as an ex.
    ” When you say something, my ears don’t hear you… My eyes don’t see you”
    OUCH! I’m no fan of Yoon Ju , but even I , felt the dagger for her.
    Since, I’m of Ah Jung camp , I stand in applause for a man who can be so point-blank & unwavering in his love & loyalty toward AJ .And don’t forget , he’s putting his oh-so-fine head on d chopping board by majorly offending Aunty Cruella DeVille !!
    Oh ,Ah Jung ah , if only you knew ,girl , whatever doubt will fly out d window!
    Think , I’ll re-re-re watch Epi 12 !!!

  27. oh sweet ockoala, I was speechless when u mentioned: “Production have been revealing some info about ad-libbed moments. There are more, too.”
    oh please can we have all those 411 behind-the-scenes and ad-libbed moments when the eps finishes (oh pls we want eps extensions) as another topic. And maybe we can find other topics to feed us about LTM, about Hwan & Hye. pleeeeesssss.
    LTM is gonna be harder than I thought to recuperate. Like everyone else, I’ve watch this kdrama as they were posted, never did before bcoz I’m a marathon kdrama watcher too. This couple has sincere n natural feelings written all over them. aigoo

  28. tx for the info… I just hope SBS reveals more before monday, cuz to be honest, nothing interesting on this preview…. :S

  29. oh, the dreaded question…what will I do without Ki Joon and Ah Jung?
    It’s the same question I asked toward the end of PK so I was happy the youtube episodes helped me move on…

    when LTM ends , it ends…I just hope it’s satisfying and wonderful (or pls pls pls Ji Hwan and Eun Hye date in real life!)…those ad-libbed moments just demonstrates the staggering chemistry between these two…honestly , I haven’t seen so much affection in a kdrama

  30. Predict for epi 13 is
    Minister warms AJ , if AJ marry to KJ is a lie, she is ruining
    the civil servants image and breaking the civil servants code and practice.
    She has to go………………………..
    KJ’s auntie senator Park and YJ want to annouce YJ and KJ ‘s engagement
    KJ and AJ drop everything and run away………………
    AJ ranaway like YJ and come back to KJ three years later…….
    I think the new writer is going to break our heart
    I can see AJ cry the hell out ………………….
    and KJ start jumping up and down……………
    Anyway, many chinese viewers found LTM STORY is boring
    and they only interest in seeing KANG JI HWAN AND YOON EUN HYE
    both of them doing excellent job.

  31. First reaction when I read the title of your post ; ” episode 13…13?…great!” ..But even though we don’t get enough info for the next episode, still this is better than waiting for Sunday or Monday to see any preview..I definitely agree with everyone’s thought, that ad lib in ep 12 is super sweet. If ever there are more ad libs other than that, should I say maybe because they’re too comfortable with each other that certain actions just comes out naturally…hmmm I sure smell something…*clap *clap* giggle…:D

    • Rainbow I LAAAAH it. I LAAAAAAAAAAHHHH it so much. thanks. so cute. So sweet. That damn icecream kiss is so DAEBAK!! Nothing like it. Lets not mention the cola kiss which I still cant watch straight, for feeing like a complete voyeur.
      Oh Wait, Funny story. I have to share.
      My phone died and was off for about 3 dasy now. Turns out my sister has been calling me for forever. So she finally got sensible and called my moms phone. I answered and she screams at me, turns out she needed to tell me all about LTM. Hahah, my sister watches dramas infrequently. So I indulge her and let her go on and on (hehehe I love that shes addicted) and somehow i brought up the end of the show. I mention that its almost over, and she freaked. She was like, you dont know that they’ll only do 16 eps, and it took me forever to tell her how I know this. She’s completely going crazy. She makes me proud.

      • thanks to the fanmade viedio,the one made this,I only found it and felt so sweet .wish they can turn out like the drama made up destiny “eugene and Ki” became real couples =)

    • Why you share this? And that song? OMG, make my cry and want to fall in love!!!

      You are my love!!!! Cellphone, in hand, moving both arms!!!! LOL

    • @ rainbow

      thanks for sharing that wonderful fanvid… am really embarrassed today, my son who is 18yo caught me watching this video with a goofy smile and starry eyes… and then he asked what new drama is this that making me all giddy. said its Lie to me…asked him why?apparently he’s using my addiction as convo lines to his classmates who loves kdramas but don’t have the time to watch… his friends wouldn’t believe him unless he mentions some title…oh dear now his friends know that am a wacko…..hehehe

      • @ mizweng

        Wacko? LOL I barely get out of my room, only a few things, my family is really concerned!! LOL

  32. Gosh, here I was, doing my morning Job, and just wallowing and feeling soo down. I’ve been so lackluster since wednesday when I know there would be no more LTM.
    I came on and Look what I found. Even though I really dont get why they would tell us that Ah Jung and Ki Joon are at a game place…but kudos for them, they are having fun. I like.
    Koala I sincerely love you. And I am so glad that the scene with YEH and KJH going into the limo was real. Bhahahahahahahah, I lah it. I laaaaaah it soo much. I’m addicted. I dont try to hide it, its too powerful to hide. Gah, I wonder what YEH is going to do…..after. I really hope she does something, anything, preferably strike up a serious romantic relationship with KJH.

  33. My God, I want more episode of lie to me. I love Yoon Eun Hyen and Kang Ji Hwan. I’m so addicted to this drama that I will suffer a lot when it comes to an end, because it is the best comedy, which Vyo’ve seen in years. Thanks Koala and as always, I’m counting the hours, minutes and seconds to arrive on Mon

  34. gahhhhh cant really wait on monday…….. why these drama is sooooo adickting…… damn, monday is away ahead to go………….Miss you Goong Ah Jung and Hyun ki joon…….. wish you will kiss on the next 4 episode……. haizzz

  35. should sbs change yoon’d hairstyle to be more stylish.
    They seems lack of hair dresser for yoon .
    kang ‘s hair is always so neat. now that she’s in love , they should make her more pretty as woman in love.

    • I see AJ’s character as someone who is very simple who wears just the right amount of make-up and doesn’t spend time pampering herself like SR and her friends. So I don’t think it’s necessary for her character to have something like that. She’s already looking radiant and lovely even without changing her style. You can tell she’s really in love.

      As for KJ, he’s an OC and a respected man in the society, so I think it’s natural for his character to be like that.

    • I’m with you but only with the hairstyle.. Simple is nice but the tied bangs does not match with a Senior Officer. Can she not just let it down or put a nice side clip as a finishing touch?

      • yes , may be hair bang instead ,more mature looking because she looks high school girl hair style than a working woman. like her long hair for ah jung. =)

  36. Wow written preview for episode 13! Thank you Koala! I really hope that they will stick with their relationship, fight till the end… But I’m sensing a lil to big trouble ahead for our PERFECT OTP. Hopefully if they will announce the engagement between KJ and YJ unexpectedly KJ will tell them it’s a LIE and present AJ as the women he loves and intends to MARRY! I like the idea of them running away together with the help of SH. Or SH can throw a tantrums again that he still loves YJ. But the aunt had AJ investigated I’m wondering what she found out, she was about to say something but KJ interrupted her and told her to stop meddling with his personal life. I hope what the aunt found out is nothing serious enough to break them apart and do all the chasing etc again. I mean the characters by far had develop it’s nice to see the vulnerability and the change of the characters. I mean I’d love to see a couple fight for their love and conclude to the best possible ending that we need to witness and dreaming off for k dramas. They always end with a hug or kiss. Maybe this time a wonderful wedding and the after 3 years with KJ and AJ still happy with a baby or a baby on the way. So that we can all have a smile and tears of joy upon the conclusion of this drama but then again it’s all up to the writers. Maybe like what Koala said the drama gods will hear us. I love LTM so much but I’m trying to divert my attention to other drama because it’s going to be hard for me to adjust. 4 more episode it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a special. maybe we can see YEH and KJH in a movie or drama. The chemistry is their it makes me think maybe they will have something in real life.

    • Ki Joon will Kick his ass somehow(not literally, though we can only hope). That bastard with the awful eating habit! gah, How dare he. After he…OMO OMO, Just had a thought.
      Gosh, SBS, you make me batty. Gimme MORE!!! MOOOREEE!

  37. I remember the written preview for Episode 12 and what we got was no near that. It was totally different or they did not showed it. So Im just going to wait and not so focus on this written preview coz I don’t want to be disappointed anymore when I see or read stuff that is not going to be shown 🙁

  38. Thanks KOala for the preview. Hmmm……. now only left 4 eps. Don’t know what to expect but hopefully it will turn out superb. I am now going through KJW dramas one by one, at the moment watching 90days – time to love since I haven’t watch it yet. Wow…..he is only hell of a guy – just love him.

    Ok….love both of them.

  39. Can someone please please please help me find the version Lovin’ Ice Crem version sung by KJH and YEH….please please please I’m begging….=)

  40. I thin these are the first two shots in the episode, and they feel so disconnected and do not make sense at all.

    Well , less preview more pics, so we can deduct our own story please

  41. The electric shock seductive hand thingie was also ad libbed by YEH in episode 6 (cr:by MariYEH)
    You guy remembered when she asked KJH to use his house and the part she holding his hand and caressed his 2 fingers…squeeze…which one more body touch…?

  42. Monday and Tuesday , episodes 13 and 14 seem so distant. Thanks to koalasplayground counting the days, hours…. is bearable. But wait….. after all the dating sweet mode of Ki-jun and Ah-jung… can we have hot and passionate mode once more. How about series of hot kissing scenes until the last episode and send millions of fans to heaven! Hope koalas playground continue writing about Lie to me even after the last episode and give a full discourse on love scenes in korea drama and the awesome chemistry ot YEH and KJH.

  43. sBS might as well not give a preview at all….

    Its amazing how much chemistry this OTP has! I thought SSH and KTH in My Princess were pretty amazing too, but I think this pair is even better!
    I’m definitely going to have HJ and AJ withdrawal in 2 weeks when this drama ends!

      • hmmmmmmmm thanks for the info…but i wonder what KJH saw in her… I did not know he was dating anybody… of course, our YEH is waaaaaaaayyyy
        better!!! hehehe

      • Mizweng , agree, had the same question in my mind when i saw this, what was he thinking?

      • That’s a C minus – in your card Mr. Kang Ji Hwan! How dare you? No wonder you have been stalking our YEH since 2008.

        Apologize for the outburst- I’m gettin’ to be emo lately- withdrawal symptoms maybe… Thanks dear – keep them coming…..

  44. i just read a news that kang ji hwan has denied that he dated that girl for a year…….. so happy about that hahahahahaha

  45. Dear miss koala,
    is there any latest news about kan ji hwan and yoon eun hye…. if there is may i know please please please please pleaaassseeeee…. i like them both…. hope they can make out together after the drama :P…….

  46. Hi Ms Koala,
    my first time posting but been an avid fan of your blog.. love your intake of ltm and most especially your love for this beautiful couple. thanks very much for your hard work it’s very much appreciated.

    i’m not very much of a shipper coz i love to see yeh being paired with different actors but it’s just that these two have an undeniable chemistry you can’t help but wish that they will date in real life. me too can’t wait for monday to come just so i can see them again how their relationship progress and fight for their love and to think there are only few more episodes to come what are we going to do when it’s all over. i don’t think rehab is enough for me or do i really want a cure. i’m sure the only cure for me is to hear them date and got engaged…hehehehe

  47. there’s no update on the written of epi 15 ?? Cant wait to see what’s going to happen next. Love to see both of them together. They gave me goosebump coz they are too sweet together!! Hope the drama can release special episodes.

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