Written Preview for Episode 10 of Drunken to Love You

This week’s Drunken to Love You looks so awesome based on the written and video preview. I’m also fairly certain that the final episode count will be 15 cups based on new updates. That sounds about right and will allow this story the proper amount of development to reach its conclusion. How many of you are going to be weeping tears of happiness when Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru get together? Oh yeah, that would be me at the front of the pack. At the end of the preview I’ve linked to news coverage of Joseph Chang jumping in a pool to fulfill his promise now that DTLY broke 5 in ratings.

Written preview for cup 10 of DTLY:

An injured Avril suddenly comes calling, creating yet another wave in Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu’s relationship. Also barging through the door is someone Jie Xiu hasn’t seen in years but is back solely because of her grandson….Samantha, Jie Xiu’s mom. This finally allows Jie Xiu to clear up the mis-assumption about Xiao Ru’s pregnancy.

With respect to that one night at the resort, Xiao Ru accidentally reveals the truth. Jie Xiu confirms his feelings for Xiao Ru and begins to pursue Xiao Ru in earnest. Faced with Jie Xiu’s pressure attack, will Xiao Ru have the courage to accept the happiness that Jie Xiu wants to give her?

The strange thing is, Xiao Ru and Avril, due to a certain reason, both need to obtain a drop of Jie Xiu’s blood. Who will succeed in her quest? And for what purpose?

Daniel, who harbors ill will towards Xiao Ru, what tactics will he employ to get revenge on Xiao Ru? What consequences will Xiao Ru face for the way she treated Daniel in the past?

Right when Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are busy dealing with each other and with the myriad of situations that keep arising, the truth about their contract marriage is discovered by Jack (the paparazzi) and Kelly (the witchy restaurant manager). Both have suffered under the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Song in the past, leading them to cooperate and plot their revenge against Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru.

From the looks of it, Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru’s love, before it can reach fruition, must first face danger from all sides……

Joseph jumping into the pool at the Grand Hotel:

I love how the newscaster was like, oh Joseph claimed he didn’t have any swim trunks (i.e. speedos) so he wore board shorts instead, pffft like we believe him. Mwahahaha, I’m with the newscaster, Joe.

If DTLY breaks 6, Xiao Gui is the next to jump into a pool, wearing a bikini, which his ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang has kindly offered to lend to him. Also, Rainie promised that if ratings break 10, she’ll take a dip. No promise to wear a bikini, but the happier she is, the less she’ll be wearing is what she said. Man, I hope all of Taiwan tunes in this week and every week.


Written Preview for Episode 10 of Drunken to Love You — 21 Comments

  1. Me three! Although I doubt the rating will break the 10.0 mark, I’ll be very happy to be proven wrong. So, jia you, DTLY fans!

  2. Ooh. Thanks for the preview and video.

    0_0 The man can’t dive nor really swim. I can teach him lessons, for free. ^^ I wonder what attracted his attention because he was so NOT looking at the reporters but away after his plunge while Rainie Yang was chatting with them. Btw he does seem more buff and awkward nekkid than with stuff on. ^^

  3. Awesome! Great news about the number of eps and the pool thing! Yay for good ratings! I’m so happy for all the actors and the crew!

  4. Oh – cool 15 episodes!!! I would think that Sanlih would want to at least “draw” out their ratings hit at least a little bit. I know from the previews already that lovely Mrs Samantha is going to drive me crazy! Where do these mother’s come from?!

    Great response Rainie 🙂 And we should all be focus on Xiao Gui as he is the next ratings increase person who has to do something. LOL I really do hope it breaks 6 – just for the heck of it – I want to see XG jump into the pool. 🙂

    Congrats on exceeding 5!!! 🙂 Looking forward to ep 10. Jia you!

  5. Thanks for the update and the video!
    But to be honest what attracted my attention is the fact that each reporter is holding 3 microphones in each hand. lol

  6. I love Joseph’s (lead guy) sexy body….not fat nor skinny…it’s just right, compared to most asian actors. Joseph has meat, nice to hug. Nice drama.
    As usual, thank you much.

  7. i dunno why but everytime i look at Joseph, he reminds me of younger Arnold Schwarzenegger. it’s not the body but it’s his face. 0_o

  8. Awesome,koala,thanks…almost got a seizure seeing Joseph in those shorts…thank god he cudnt find a pair of trunks to don,i would have gone into shock n palpitated as it would ve been too much excitement n adrenalin for me to bear….Hey wait a minute,wasn’t Tim Price supposed to take a dive as well?We ve already had a preview of his Grecian God bod!!
    M sure DTLY’s rating will soar to greater heights….Epi 10 looks promising and may just set a new record!!

  9. i think the blood is for some spell or something, like, you know, those “shamens”, using blood to make a love potion? something like that.
    just what i think. most probably not correct anyways.

    • Yes, Samantha Song(SS) and Tang Ai Wei (AW) teamed up to get Song Jie Xiu (JX) back by AW’s side. So they rang Ah Sang at the temple to seek spiritual help for this to happen.

      Meanwhile, Cai Meng Jun (MJ) suggested to Lin Xiao Ru (XR) that in order to help XR break the ‘ill-fated’ love triangle involving XR-JX-AW, they should also consult someone at the temple for help.

      So, both parties ended up seeking help from Ah Sang, who required JX’s blood in order to work her ‘spell’. Thus, we saw at the end of Ep 9, both AW and XR upon seeing some blood by the side of JX’s mouth (probably nicked himself while shaving), went beserk and charged at him!

      • ahhh yeah that’s what i thought, but i wasn’t very sure.
        thanks for clearing it up 😀

        and lol, did you see how their (AW and XR) noses started bleeding? i think it was a pervy nosebleed because SJX just came out of the bath hehehe 😀

  10. I haven’t watched a TW drama since Black & White and was looking for something to watch. Thanks for recapping DTLY. Because of you, I decided to check it out and I went through the first 5 episodes in one night. (had a very very late night, btw). TY TY TY 😉

    • replying to myself, how uncool is my attempt at Not clogging up comments? ^__^;;

      Anyway, I’ve made it to episode 10 and I can’t thank you enough Koala! I also hate you. Now I’m stupidly hooked and sad that I must wait for episodes now. *wail*

      OK so am I the only one who had a dirty thought about Tom Price, pool and celebrating? I can’t get the Tom from Amphetamine out of my head since I did watch that recently. I’ll shut up now and catch up on LTM. *squee*

  11. Dear Koala,
    I know you’re busy with LTM ans BL, but please find sometimes for DTLY. Bcoz of you I got addicted to this drama too and now I’m dyin’ for your wonderful recap for Epi 10.
    Hope you can spare your times for DTLY…
    Thank you in advance

  12. How many of you are going to be weeping tears of happiness when Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru get together? Oh yeah, that would be me at the front of the pack.

    *raises hand*
    I’m gonna be right behind you. Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru fit so well together. One of my favorite OTPs ever.

    Thanks for bring us the booze, ockoala!

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