Jin Yi Han Steps in as the Second Male Lead in Hooray for Love

A weekend drama? Why, why you do this to me, Jin Yi Han! Despite my adoration of Kim So Eun and Jin Yi Han, I couldn’t watch more than a few episodes of Fine Windy Day. Daily dramas really aren’t my thing. The only daily drama I have ever watched in its entirety (130 some episodes, I recollect) was Be Strong Geum Soon with Han Hye Jin and Kang Ji Hwan. Yeah, you guys get the picture.

Anyways, I adore Jin Yi Han – the man is TALENTED, in all caps. But he keeps picking dramas I don’t naturally gravitate towards. He was wonderful as the second lead in Who Are You?, but it was in Conspiracy in the Court that he took a spoon and sporked out half my heart. I can’t complain, seeing him back oncreen in anything is better than nothing.

Jin Yi Han has just been confirmed to step in for the suddenly-departed Jeon Seok Won from Hooray for Love, starring Lee Bo Young and Lee Tae Sung. Bringing you some first stills from drama as well. This drama really is cursed from the outset, having replaced both the first and second male lead in the span of one week.

I’m praying the drama does well and overcome all these pre-premiere difficulties. I know Jin Yi Han can do asshole ex-husband so well. He can turn from warmest oppa to cold bastard on a dime. If he sings in HFL, then I’m doomed to get back on the Rat Bastard Bus (see my glossary for shipping horrible ex-husbands who have more chemistry with the heroine than potential new hottie boyfriend).


Jin Yi Han Steps in as the Second Male Lead in Hooray for Love — 14 Comments

  1. Fine Windy Day was a terrible waste of time and talent. I made it to ep 90 but could go no more. Be glad you didn’t watch it.

    • I agree with you! Sadly, I watched the Fine Windy Day until the end and it was quite tedious. What’s with the daily dramas..don’t they know when to say when? I was watching Smile Donghae and it should have ended 20 eps. ago.

  2. I’m digging him biting his lower lip and looking all mischievous and intense in the photo. Mmmmm, pretty! ^_^

    I think I must check out this drama now. ~le sigh~ Good thing I’m out of school and unemployed for the time being.

  3. Oh man, not a daily! 🙁

    He’s good at singing, isn’t he? Aaahhh, why can’t he land a role in a trendy drama that appeals to me? Possibly where he can show off his singing skills?

    • Hooray for Love isn’t going to be a daily drama.

      It’ll be taking over CYHMH’s time slot (which airs on Saturdays and Sundays) in a few weeks. I believe it’s set for 50 episodes.

      • oops! I misread. Thanks for setting me straight!

        Still, I have too many dramas to watch and…though I like him, I’ll have to pass this up.

  4. Yeah, I’m totally with you….I love the guy but dont have the inclination to watch any of the projects he’s been picking lately…..now I would’ve totally felt differently if he had been given the lead and not the second lead here.. 🙁 …also I do feel like he may have more chemistry with Lee Bo Young than Lee Tae Sung from the still alone….i think I might skip this one

  5. i dont judge a drama or couple chemistry before even seeing it I will watch for LBY alone but I like jin yi han he has something warm about him when he acts
    I also wanted him to be the lead they look more alike in age and looks but who knows sometimes contrast is better and it will mainly a comedy anyhow

  6. thanks for the info ms. koala… btw, be strong geum soon was 163 eps long…i ended up marathoning that drama a few weeks ago because of KJH and the need to somehow get a LTM main lead fix….if hooray for love is only set for 50 eps, i’ll definitely watch this…currently, am watching CYHMH and sparkling, the latter’s subs are not updated tho, but i like CYHMH even if its angsty…
    hmmmmmmmmm hopefully, there’ll be a new drama i’d go gaga with to replace LTM… but it seems not…

  7. Why can’t the male lead and the second lead exchange roles! I prefer good-looking guys to be the male lead. Honestly, good-looking male lead is one of my criteria in picking Kdramas.

    • Me too. Handsome male lead and beautiful female lead coupled with superb acting skills are two of my criteria in picking dramas. Not to mention a beautifully executed script which will definitely hook me up.

      Question: Is Best love worth watching because I’ve heard that the plot is good but I couldn’t watch it because of the main leads.:<

  8. As I recall (spending about a week marathoning & re-marathoning this baby, my KJH ahjusshi love just blossoming), BSGS was a whopping 164 episodes long. Yeap, ’cause apparently people couldn’t get enough of it, so it got extended. Har.

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