Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 14

For naysayers who say Lie to Me doesn’t have a plot, I beg to differ. Oh, it has a plot alright, it’s just at times slow, at times fast, and mostly just there as a driver and not much of a navigator, leaving that to the two leads to shoulder on chemistry alone. Things happen, but the writer doesn’t properly set the stage for it or flush it out afterwards. It’s been my biggest gripe since episode 1, and the new writer still can’t fix the problem.

But to say the OTP doesn’t have chemistry in this drama makes me wonder if people need their eyes checked. That’s about the only completely undisputable fact about LTM – that Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are thrilled to be working together and every scene between them crackles with a connection born of some real life give and take that actors who intuitively understand each other can create. I’m going to miss them SO MUCH when this drama is over next week.

Episode 14 Baby Recap:

Ah Jung tells the reporters that she lied about being married to Hyun Ki Joon because she wanted to be a woman with well-off husband, and she pretended to be Ki Joon’s wife in front of Chairman Chen leaving Ki Joon with no choice but to continue the pretense. Ki Joon finds out from Aunt that Ah Jung took the fall for the entire charade and he immediately goes to look for her. Both of them are hurting for each other.

Ki Joon finally meets up with Ah Jung later in the evening by their bench and tearfully embrace. Ah Jung thinks her dad is disappointed in her, but dad can tell that Ki Joon is a good man (because he drank well, LOL) and tells Ah Jung that he will wait to see the truth revealed. Love dad. So Ran hears the news and is worried, but Jae Bum tells her not to bother Ah Jung.

Ah Jung apologizes to all her co-workers and packs up her belongings to leave. The Minister calls her in to ask her to explain but she doesn’t. He gives her one more chance, scheduling a meeting with the Department Board to review her behavior and determine her sanction, if any. Ki Joon thinks Aunt paid off Ah Jung to take the blame and Aunt gets all offended. Well, it was a logical leap.

So Ran is upset that Ki Joon is letting Ah Jung take the fall, worried that if Ah Jung gets fired the taint from the scandal will prevent her from ever getting married. Which family would approve of a scandalous wife like her? Ah Jung laughs off all her anti’s online attacking her, saying she won’t read the news. Ki Joon wants Manager Park to schedule a press conference so he can clear Ah Jung’s name but she won’t do it, reminding Ki Joon that he has a company to protect, so Ki Joon needs to be a coward this time and let Ah Jung be the scapegoat. Ki Joon is furious.

Sang Hee sees that Ah Jung is potentially out of a job and sings an awfully tone deaf song to cheer her up. Ah Jung meets with Ki Joon and pretends she likes being out of a job because she has a rich boyfriend now, though Ki Joon sees through her act. Ki Joon takes her to a public square and screams on the top of his lungs that he loves Gong Ah Jung. He sincerely loves this woman and will die if he can’t see her. Yoon Joo sees a video of this declaration on the internet and cries.

Ki Joon and Manager Park talk as friends and he explains that he loves Ah Jung because she is true to herself and makes him live with his heart. Ah Jung and Ki Joon go on a date and she’s worried people will recognize them, but Ki Joon wants that so no other guys will hang around Ah Jung. Ki Joon continues to meet up with Ah Jung, each time they don adorably ridiculous disguises (like hoodies from the earlier episodes) so they can go hiking and what not.

Yoon Joo meets with stepdaddy and asks him to do something for her. Ruh roh? Or hhmm? Ah Jung goes before the board, which asks her if she picked the World Hotel for events because of Ki Joon. She confesses under their direct questioning that she loves Hyun Ki Joon. Ki Joon is in the middle of an increasingly disastrous board meeting with news arrives that Chairman Chen has selected the World Hotel to invest.

Ki Joon goes to meet Ah Jung’s dad, kneeling before him, and apologizing for all the pain that Ah Jung has suffered. He asked to be punished. Dad lectures Ki Joon, but finally reveals that he’s proud of both of them for showing the world how much they love each other, and their willingness to protect the other person and change because of the other person. Dad and Ki Joon drink again and he gets drunk. Park Hoon takes him home, but not before drunken Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that she’s his.

World signs the investment deal with Chairman Chen, who asks that Ki Joon bring Ah Jung along to his party tomorrow. Everyone attends the party, including Congressman Park and Yoon Joo’s mom, and are surprised that Ah Jung knows Chairman Chen’s wife, who is pleased is see her again. A reporter asks Ah Jung what it feels like to be Cinderella, and Ki Joon interjects that it’s the other way around, he’s a prince because of Ah Jung. Ah Jung gets a call that turns her face white, and she hurries out of the party. Looks like wuri Jungie has been fired from her job. Ki Joon runs after her.


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  1. On e of the 1st to post and to say a big thank you for your speedy recap!

    It’s really very much appreciated!

    My internet connection was lag today hence did not get to watch the entire episode. *sighs*

    At least there is a recap to count upon! *Wee*

  2. Muak! Thanks! Been waiting for the bb recaps & trying to hold off watching eps 13 cos I want to watch 2 eps back to back! 🙂

  3. thanks… super fast … really!!!! Where to watch with eng sub for ep 13 ? Viki doesn;t work in my country. I agree with u, there must be a real spark between them. KJW’s gesture and eye say something. I hope we get a big news soon. Is it too good to be true ?

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Koala! I’ve been biting on my fingernails waiting for your Ep 14, Baby recap. Any longer and I won’t have any nails left!

  5. Could literally feel AJ and KJ’s pain for the other in the first part when they finally met at the bench! It’s so well done! Again we get lots of our couple time but was feeling dread ! when AJ had to feel the disappointment being fired after her board hearing. That few moments when she fell and the whole world was like staring at her… even KJ was stunned into his place! Felt so sad for her… KJ could have been a step faster getting to her!!! Alas.. now the wait for next week’s finale. Will be tuning in for your full recap tomorrow morning! cheers

  6. Thanks for the baby recap. I just watched the chinese version of LTM. Ki Joon is so brave to shout at the square. Love their togetherness.

    So Ran is such a best of friend. started to like her. lol

  7. ms. koala, i don’t know how you do it , but you do it so well—the anticipation of wanting to get just even a tiny glimpse of what’s to come is driving me “dramanuts” LTM hits the spot for me—thanks again for the recaps —just wanted you to know that. now to watch the raw—:)

  8. Thanks much Koala!

    I think Congressman Park (at YJ’s request) may have something to do with AJ being fired. Who’s with me on this?
    YJ had a spiteful look when she said that she doesn’t want to be in pain alone anymore during the outing with SH… Maybe Park had AJ fired due to his political connection?

  9. Thanks a lot for your recap. You’re so hardworking ! I’m waiting till 11p.m, but I don’t feel sleepy. Thanks you so much.

  10. thank you koala! don’t understand what yuen joo did.but sure she had done something bad. hope minister will do something with chen’s wife , help out ah jung to get her job back because it’s heung ki jun who help out the cultural department!oh ! bad yoon jun ! guess sheag hee will talk her out .

  11. thanks for the baby recap koala. 🙂 always saving my night of long waits..

    big hugs to all of us following LTM> though my heart is on the floor right now..sigh!!! i hope the writer gets this right in 15 and give us a very good ending in 16.

    YJ please ship yourself to timbukto… i hope it was not you who asked this from your dad. And auntie, oh please let go…now i feel so sad i have to wait another week!!!

    i could hope that our OTP(s) be a real much love it oozes right to my screen…rewatching them..again and again and again..

  12. The last ending scene was not much needed. Anyways two more episodes i hope they do not drag this to fill time and do something intersting with time left on hand

  13. I’ve been browsing through your recaps Ockoala even though I’m not watching LTM (still undecided) but I find that you’ve been a little defensive of your love for LTM lately. Granted every drama will have their set of supporters and naysayers so I don’t think you need to justify yourself quite so much….I’m not sure on your taste in every drama ever, but I generally find your taste in dramas quite liberal…

    Every drama(whether good/sucks) will attract different viewers. Just like you decided that City Hunter wasn’t worth your time, many others beg to differ. Well, I just wanna say you’re doing a great job for all the LTM fans out there…so it’s okay to ignore the complaints. Besides, even though I don’t share the sentiment, it’s kinda cute to see you do your share of squealing for LTM …LOL

  14. Gee… cant wait to see the full vid of episode 14…. looks like no other source or site can give it to us right now, we need to wait for tomorrow for someone to post it either in epdrama or in utube o veoh… cant get in ti viki easily…. haiz….. damn… i wish i can move my place to korea to be able to watch it on sked… Why does korean doesnt appreciate this drama much, while us in the other country gone loka over this…. whatever the reason there is, we really appreciate and thanks KOALA alot… Thankyou for keeping us updated on the LTM… I can say no other drama gets drag me like this… it will be aired 2 last episode next week… I will surely mizzz YEH and KJH… Love them bothe… I thought then that Goong Yoo is best paired with YEH but i guest my choice is now change… love YEHKJH now more

  15. Many thanks again Koala! Always wants to read your thoughts about the ep. Will have to wait for few more hours. BTW, is it the first time we see KJ really cries in LTM? He may look sad before, but I sense pain in this ep.

  16. Thanks for the recap koala 🙂

    For me, it’s true emotions that keeps them going esp with the consequences ahead..Even though, the (new) writer hasn’t pulled it yet (as koala was yelling up there)’s still one of my favorites 🙂

    I want to credit the production designer/wardrobe of the show..ALL of them looks very into the character..esp the leads..Fashion it is! Ji0Hwan is so damn gorgeous wearing those 2 sunglasses as well Eun Hye’s dresses…simple but elegant! 🙂

    The culture in S.Korea is interesting..they “go” for dignity & trust that’s why it’s a BIG deal if they lied esp if you’re working in the gov’t 🙂

    The hell with the ratings!!! hahahaha As long as we are enjoying! Kudos to LTM team 🙂

  17. I feel like YJ and his step dad has something to do why AJ is FIRED. But I feel like for a moment AJ will be upset it’s understandable but KJ will continue on pursuing her and maybe talk to her bosses. 2 more episodes no more break ups but make outs instead… I just want to see more of them together figuring things together, proposal, wedding and family. Please writers make us happy. 2 episodes more of AJ and KJ ! Make it happen!

    • I read in a forum but it was not confirmed yet or no prove they said that they spotted LTM crew in a wedding hall and Chen is there. I really wish to see them get married and have a family. Actually we all want to see them get married and what happens next after the wedding. Since we don’t know if we will ever see them again on screen as a couple. I’ve watch many Korean dramas and I haven’t seen one where in the OTP is so good they will make another drama for them. If that’s the case no repetition of OTP maybe they should give us a wonderful ending which we can talk about and put smile on our faces. Hopefully the 2 kids we saw in one of the preview will their children when they jump 3-5 years. we have to wait for a few more days. I hope they will release spoiler pictures or written preview but I feel like they will not give us any to keep us guessing. Thank you Koala! Hopefully the writers of LTM production and director is able to read your playground and our comments.

      • Leishers — omg, ME TOO with Soulmates 2… but sadly, I think that’s gone the way of Goong 2. I wish they’d at least had a full season rather than such a short one. So much left unsaid on that show… but it also makes it so perfect that way.

  18. have u all see the string in the party?and trap ah jung falls on the ground?
    yoon joon ‘s step dad is too mean and dirty to be a senate and his reporter
    saying ungly words to ah jung . yoon joo , somethings gone and let go! not them but herself.too much pain this eps.

  19. Thank you so much!! I had been reading your recaps for around a month now and I can tell you that I love it! You are incredible and now that I don’t have acces to Internet because I’m in moving process my iPhone and your wonderful recaps are the only connection with this drama, I can’t even watch the videos sometimes. 🙁
    Thank you again for all your effort you are the best! I don’t know what I will do when this drama ends, I just love it!! 🙁

  20. I love your recap koala, stayed awake in order to read you, and will check in early for this,really sad to let go of this drama, you are right in your view regardless of the flaws i gave more important with the kind of enjoymemt this drama is giving me, ofcourse thru your help

  21. the picture that heun ki jun publicity to swear that he loves ah jung…sweeet!
    it’s just turn out like kand chi won confess his love to yoon yen hye?
    super sweet!
    the way they wear sun glasses to the movie house =) it’s like we fans after them (kang chi woon and yoon yen hye) super sweet sakura couples.

  22. i have theory why AJ needs JB as her lawyer, if i am her, i’m gonna sue those old panel guys for defamation of character. AJ should have a proper hearing complete with character witnesses. Manager Park should be one, as she was the one who first negotiated for World Hotel. then Chairman Chen should also be the witness and tell them about what really transpired. then her department members and so-on and so-forth. If she will not do this, it’s like she is confirming what they are saying, that the world hotel’s business dealings are on the shady side.

    I mean it’s ok for her to transferred to another department/ministry as she will really need to get out of her current ministry because there will be a conflict of interest once she got married with KJ. But to be totally discharged with bad reason behind it? that’s a no-no. So i hope the AJ will appeal not only for herself but for World Hotel which is represented by KJ.

      • Her that also mentioned something about the law will tell the truth or will show the truth. So, even if he can’t represent her, the Dad can advise her about her rights. I hope the writer will go there =)

    • True, as you said, GAJ will definitely have to leave her current position once she’s tied the knot with HGJ – because of the ‘conflict of interest’ position she’d land in. However, being fired from her job is really the pits, given the circumstances for it. Dirty, behind-the-scene politicking at work here, it seems.

  23. I second that, to hell with the ratings! as long as we are enjoying this kdrama.
    There are many many ppl who like/love LTM drama n appreciates the story, the whole production, our adorable EunHye n JiHwan, can’t ignore their lovable chemistry. Other kdramas have their own flaws, plenty of it as I’ve watched lots of them over the years.
    Thank u for the baby recap, and will wait for your complete recap of ep 14! luv u lots for taking us through this journey with LTM !

    • AJA! heheh ratings are just NUMBERS…They should have count the smiles on our faces every time we watch this series 🙂 Let’s GO team LTM!! We’re all behind you!

  24. *sigh*
    can’t wait for next week….you guys are probably right that yoon jo and his stepdad have something to do with ah jung getting fired….

  25. oh i love this drama i wish it will never end…….. or it will have part two…… plsssssss make part 2 of lie to me……..

    • I’m not sure if I could handle part two, but if it was like part two with their kids? I’d be happeh. But the year wont match up. Unless they do a part two, for Sang Hee and Ah Jung and Ki Joon (the expert liers) come back to help Sang hee in some way. hahah I’d just die…not for sang hee but because Ah Jung and Ki Joon would be back as a couple and many lovey dovey partssss

  26. Grrrrrrr to YJ this CRAZY CRAZY b****!!!!!
    Grrrrrrrr to step father this ass-hole!!!!!
    Grrrrrrr to YJ’s mom this monkey face!!!!
    Grrrrrrrr to aunty this killer of love and happyness !!!!!
    I don’t like the end of ep 14, why she had to fall to the ground and moreover to lose her shoes! it’s so humiliating!!!!!!!!
    I feel so bad for AJ!!!!
    Grrrrrrrrrr to the writer!!!!!!!
    I ONLY WANT KISS AND BED SCENES (between AJ & KJ of course)

    • @jiji hahaha when AJ falls down & looses her’s a “symbol” or element that SHE lost everything because of what she did…it’s like in the scene where KJ cannot take the pressure anymore & went to the riverbank..then fireworks shows up…the fireworks is for KJ’s feelings/emotions he was feeling…instead of yelling (which is already redundant) 😀

      Yeah i also want a bed scene!! hahaha more more more..

      is it possible for them to have a secret marriage in ep 15? 🙂

      • I guess in kdrama, they need to be married to sleep together in the same bed, so it’s ok for a secret marriage, but I think AJ deserves a big wedding with a beautiful white dress………. And also perhaps, at this wedding ,cross fingers, SH will meet his future wife/ or girlfriend

  27. i’m from Singapore and i love LTM and our OTP to death!! i don’t give a damn about the low ratings!! fans of LTM in koalasplayground know the real truth…;-)

  28. Thanks unni koala! your so fast what can we do with out you? very much appreciated your hard work. (clap clap clap)
    currently watching episode 14 raw, im crying right now where Ki joon hugs Ah jung in the park, she’s so down.

  29. Thank you for the recap! I’ve been refreshing the page just because I can’t wait for it 😛

    What I like most about Lie to Me is how ideal they are as a couple. Everyone knows it’s not that realistic, but sometimes you can’t help but wish there really WAS a guy as sweet as Ki Joon, or a couple that sends you to Giddy Heaven as him with Ah Jung.

  30. in my imagination, i have my own plot for ending 😀 it looks like City Hall and Secret Garden endings 😀 ah did you see the video which shows little Ah Joong and Ki Joon with school uniforms and they have their name tag.In my plot,after KJ’s parents die , he drops his name tag and he starts to cry in the school.In this while AJ sees that and for confort him , she gives him a flower, and leaves it on his neckband.And since this time he always wear a flower on his shoulder 😀

  31. Dear, miss koala…

    Thank you sooooo much for giving us this baby recap, :D….i just finished saw LTM 14 , and im feeling sad for the last part from this episode that why their problem seems couldn’t stop :(….. could the writer just make them happy moment for the last 3 episodes, no more yoon joo, no more bad news .. only their happines…….now 2 more episodes left… hoping will be the best ending for our OTP…. thank you so much miss koala for always giving us a news about KJH and YEH ( best couple ever )… im hoping they will considered to be a real life couple after this drama end…hehehhehe :D….. wish to see them a gain as the couple in another drama or movie…. 😀

  32. [quote] Koala “Ki Joon takes her to a public square and screams on the top of his lungs that he loves Gong Ah Jung. He sincerenly loves this woman and will die if he can’t see her. Yoon Joo sees a video of this declaration on the internet and cries. [/quote]


    Reaper, when you see Ice Prince so happy, HOPES IT GIVES YOU HELL!!!


    *Again totally evil laughter*!!!

  33. just finished viewing ep14 while going through your baby recap. 🙂 am reserving my comments on your complete review. the ending really kept me hanging but in a way unlike the previous weeks. this time, i’m totally uncertain what to expect on the finale. Y_Y good thing i’ll be distracted with work until end of the week. *sigh*

  34. Thanks a million Koala for letting us play on your LTM playground, your hard work is very uch appreciated. You are the extension or life of this drama. We enjoyed watching this drama because of your creativeness, insightfulness, that we are able to understand more. I’m sure a lot of people like my self is going to withdrawal after this drama ends. But still i’m going to camp here, and enjoy every news that I can get it. Awaiting for the 2 episodes. Aja…Aja…Fighting. Thanks. Have a blessed day or evening everyone.

  35. Thank you Koala. What, why can’t Yoon Joo just get over Ki Joon. The girl needs to move on. No way is Ki Joon ever gonna get back together with her. Ah Jung Fighting!

  36. Is there any chance at all that YJ will have a change of heart and actually help out the couple there??? What is wrong with her? seriously — if I were a guy, I’d steer clear of her. Total trouble! If it turns out that her step daddy had anything to do with AJ’s firing… I’d say that is a serious abuse of power on his end and deserves some looking into. I don’t know how korean law and govt work really but gah! – do not like the YJ family at all. Guess we’ll find out in ep 15 what actually happened.

    Too bad she can’t go back in time and pick SH the first time around. I think she would have turned out so differently and happier if she did.

  37. thanks 4 baby recap, waiting 4 the full recap!
    I’m kinda sad because next week is the end of LTM and I know I’ll be in deep withdrawal syndrome. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. thanks koala…Yes..LTM has plot n awesome cast…its more than enough for me…two episodes left n I already miss this show!!!

  39. usually seeing a grown man cry makes one feel so helpless however in this episode wen kj cried with aj it seemed like solidarity like sharing pain and giving strength 🙂
    in my opinion these two are the life boat in this story without them the drama would by now have sunk into anonymity
    loved the part where kj pulls aj’s hoodie over her head and secures it firmly and drags her off while she totally cant see anything!!
    also for me i want yoon joo’s dad to be the one who made aj loose her job because then i’ll actually have a definite solid reason to hate her also coz im not worried about aj she was literally the soul of her office i think they would crash and burn without her 🙂 plus she’s strong she’ll manage

      • yes that would have been the appropriate gesture 🙂
        unfortunately the new writer seems to think anything more than the occasional hug would be wrong !!!
        the cola scene i suppose will remain the highlight of this show 🙁

  40. hallo…. 😀
    now im listening to the LTM MV made by “theyoonmoon” the title of the song is “one litle kiss” , listening to this song made me want to cry ,i repeated it’s over and over again coz i like the picture and the song are match…while i know it’s 2 more episodes left….. hikshikshiks :'(……i had see alot of great K-drama but i never get so involved to a drama before like now , i just like this couple, i will miss them so much after this drama end :'(…….. Ithink this is the best drama i ever watched… KJH & YEH… both of you are the best couple….. all the best for KJH & YEH …… saaaaadddddd :'( ….i hope all that they did both “bts” or all the adlibs was just not for fanservice otherwise it’s all was real coz of they have feeling each other :)…. keep looking forward for this couple news after the drama end….. :'(

  41. I must admit at first I did not like LTM, but now I am hook. it’s actually great to see that AJ did not do like all typical dramas and break-up with KJ because the aunt said so.

  42. Thank you!! I love you!! I’m always refreshing for your recaps…. I’m so excited for tomorrow because of City Hunter… I cried yesterday because of the ending of the latest episode that came last week…
    I really wish you did City Hunter but I love you’re blog no matter what! Thanks for recaping!!!

  43. omg that scene yoon joo seeing the declaration of love for AJ is worth everything!!!! get it already girl! LOL

  44. Ahh Poor Wuri Ah Jungie. Ki Joon, You go and get her, you go and get her. You bring her to your house please. Gah fricking YJ and her big head daddy. My gosh, I dont wanna see AJ trip and fall, thats so…embarassing. Especially infront of so many people. Gah, but I have to watch it, to see Ki Joon’s expression. I’m in between a rock and a hard place.

    Koala you know, I’ve actually heard about the part where Yoon Joo cries bc of KJ’s declaration. But When You say it “Yoon Joo sees a video of this declaration on the internet and cries.” It just sound so much more satisfying and I had a huuuge smile on my face.

  45. Wait. There are people who don’t see the chemistry? Or even deny it? What on Earth?

    I’m getting the ep now. Go faster, come on, come oooooon!

    • Drunk Ki Joon makes a reappearance, and it was WORTH THE PRICE OF THE ENTIRE DRAMA. Actually Ki Joon is singlehandedly saving the entire drama at this point, cuz Jungie cries too much lately.

      Watch out for words like “oppa” and “mine” and “accepted”

      *back to recapping*

      • I love drunk!Ki-joon! I also love it when he’s not 100% sure of himself (and you know what I mean, right?) and, well, I basically always love him, haha!

        Really? Ahh

  46. I need to start the rehab now!!!! I´ll die!!!!!! This week´s finale of the greatest love, next week of LTM!!!!!!!! What am I going to do??????
    Thanks koala for the recaps! can´t wait for the full recap and my fav part: thoughts of mine 😛

  47. Thank you so much Koala for easing up my addiction! It’s like a drug that you can never have enough; I never thought in my life that I’ll be looking for Monday’s and Tuesday’s just to watch LTM drama. My hubby thinks I’m crazy, he sees me laughing and crying while watching this drama. I’m really going to miss LTM and be sad once this drama end. It’s like my therapy lol! Anyway; thank you my dear and I really appreciate and always enjoy reading your playground.

  48. ms. koala, may i ask what dramas you plan to recap after all the current ones come to an end next week??

    i will go through withdrawal from both LTM AND your recaps (in general) if you don’t pick up new ones….=(

  49. Chants: *Wedding* *Wedding* *Wedding* *Wedding*

    Whose hands and legs do we have to tie to get 2 more eps of KJ and AJ ALONE?

  50. woke up to this…wow!!!! thanks Koala…slept last night with F5 at the tip of my finger….hehehe

    haven’t seen the episode yet but reading your post as explicitly written as this make me still shout in frustration….arrrghhhhhhh

    tho I’ve been preparing myself for this angst while gritting my teeth, can’t help but feel for AJ…I just can imagine what she’s going
    through….ahhhhh she’s crying again….can’t take it whenever YEH cries…damn she’s a believable actress that my heart breaks a million pieces each time she does….

    and KJ!!! the man!!!! he gave me goosebumps!!!! envious of AJ here…who wouldn’t love it to have a man as handsome and successful as KJ to openly declare that he loves you and will die missing you!!! awwwwwww

    now, i need to look for some raw vids…

  51. Thanks for fast recap. You are right! The plot of Lie to me is about YEH and KJH unbelievable chemistry! They simply fill the screen with crackling attraction it is hard for anyone to do anything without following their every move on the pc. They must be in love on the screen and out! OH HOW I WISH TERRIBLY FOR THEM TO BE TOGETHER IT BREAKS MY HEART TO SEE THIS DRAMA END. I do not care about all those so-called korean drama experts who do nothing but rant against Lie to me since the start. I have read a lot of english and a few of Asian literature to throw them out of the window for all eternity. Lie to me is about the foibles of lying and you have to pay for it even if you are the new Cinderella. For millions of international fans out there, give us Lie to me anytime than any korean drama that is a dime a dozen. They are not worth our time! So in Lie to me everything else do not mix but the overall is, Ah-Jung and Ki-joon rock the world with so much very exciting love! Congratulations YEH and Ki-Joon, Lie to me is the best for now! YEH and KJH forever!

  52. “But to say the OTP doesn’t have chemistry in this drama makes me wonder if people need their eyes checked.”


    Are we and millions of LTM viewers (Just check tudou and youku) NUTJOBS to be lurking morning and night just to check updates, spoilers, and raw episodes (not even patient enough to wait for English subs!!!!!) shuttling from AKP to soompi and and still cannot have enough of our OTP, losing hours of sleep, dealing with dark eyebags….and NO CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!

    If YEH and KJH do not have chemistry, then I don’t know what chemistry we are talking about!

  53. ms koala eonni many thanks for the recap YEH n KJH rocks the world what we’re seeing here is unbelievably the most true and naked feelings of these two great actors for each other and fortunately for us we are there with them every step of the way hope for the last 2 episodes we’ll see many more hugs and kisses between these two before the curtain falls

  54. Will it be President Chen wife loves AJ and asks AJ to become her
    god daughter?
    Senator Park press the tourist board to fully investigate WHY the
    board keep on using World Hotel group ? Is AJ uses her position/
    influence to make the final decision???????

  55. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to watching this. KJH can be swoonsome … and the chemistry awesome but YEY *shudder*. She CANNOT act to save her life. Her acting is the same in all dramas she’s in. I cringe when I see her.

    She should stick to fashion spreads.

    • @ NotAFanofYEY: who in the world is YEY??? Do you mean Yoon Eun Hye? Shouldn’t the abbreviation be YEH!! My suggestion to you is : if you think the way you think perhaps you shouldn’t watch her drama. As far as I’m concern she is a good enough actress to make this 60 years old Indonesian ahjumma : cry,giggle, laugh ,reminiscent of feeling in love whenever I watch her drama!

  56. I have a very strong haunch that the blinders of those who cannot see the chemistry between these couple are made of plutonium. It’s plain heckling ….. pure and simple. .

  57. thanks for the recap Koala.. can’t wait for the final 2 episodes.. and just wanna address writer-nim

    seriously, PLEASE let them have another make out session AND an awesome boating scene..

    i appreciate the hugs and all.. but since this epi ended with major drama on Jungie’s part.. I wish that Ki joon can console her to the ‘highest level’ on the next episode.. LOL

    SERIOUSLY! I think I speak for everyone when I say that WE ALL NEED THAT.. coz we’ll be having some major withdrawal symptoms after this drama ends

  58. My prediction? YJ will take the high road and requested Congressman park to intervene if Aj is sacked by the Ministry !!!!

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