Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

I was supposed to be writing this recap, but instead I spent a good thirty minutes reading and laughing my head off, having heard whispers and now confirmation, that the plot of the second half of New Gisaeng Story went to the wolves. So some dude name Andre (*cough Thundie cough*) recapped NGS. Reading said recap made me realize once again that it sucks loving an OTP when the story goes to the wolves. Thundie’s sadly stuck with a 50 episoder (plus extension, mwahahaha, sorry Thundie babe), but I merely have 2 more episodes with my beloved Ki Joon and Ah Jung. Hence, no wolfy plot in Lie to Me will derail my love for them!

Do I care about the China investment? No. Do I care about Ah Jung keeping her job? Not really. Do I care if Ki Joon and Ah Jung continue to be the cutest, funniest, most chemistry-laden couple this side of the Mason Dixon line? Oh hell yeah. I demand boating, more kissing, and a giant fricking wedding to end this sucker next week. And afterwards, I want HwanHye to come out of the secret love closet they’ve been not so secretly cloistered in. At this point, this drama has become “let’s watch Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye date each other in a drama and ad-lib half their lines and gestures”. I have no problem with that at all.

After watching a few episodes of the new writer’s work, I think it’s a toss-up for Lie to Me fans as to which one is preferable. The first writer created a very unique mood, character flow, and situational set-up for her drama. It reminded me not of a K-drama at all, but like a TW rom-com with a big budget and great actors. It was mood and possibility over narrative. The second writer is going plot over mood (missing the aura of romanticism), but in a hodge-podge way because it’s hard to write the second half of the novel when you have to follow the ground work laid out in the first half.

LTM can’t even be considered an online mania drama anymore, as the middle-drama surge of interest has noticeably waned as well, leaving a loyal and devoted group of folks (myself included) who still really love this couple. The more LTM gets closer to its ending, the more I am absolutely convinced it suffered from the exactly same problems as Mary Stayed Out All Night.

It all boils down to the original scriptwriter not being able to properly execute her story from the very beginning. It’s like a sprinter tripping the first step out of the gate, so the second writer is forever playing catch up. I’m glad I can see all its flaws and yet still love watching it, because I alternatively laugh at it and with it depending on what works and what doesn’t, enjoying myself every step of the way.

Episode 14 Recap:

Ah Jung stands before the throng of reporters and reveals her culpability in the current media scandal. She explains that she told a lie to her friends that she was married to a successful man like Hyun Ki Joon, and she also pretended in front of Chairman Chen that she was President Hyun’s wife. Because of her actions, Ki Joon had no choice but to continue the lie in front of the Chairman. She lays all the blame at her feet and absolves Ki Joon of any involvement.

The press asks why Ki Joon went along with it, and Ah Jung mentions that she got scared and wrote up a contract asking that it be kept a secret. Ah Jung is asked if she had any ulterior motives when approaching Ki Joon. The press surges closer to ask about the contract, and Manager Park and other hotel employees have to intercede and quickly extricate Ah Jung, who drops her cell phone in the process.

Ki Joon leaves the airport and gets into his car and is whisked away from the reporters hounding him. He asks Park Hoon if Ah Jung has been swept up into the scandal, and Hoon says not yet. Too bad Aunt calls right at that moment and reveals that Ah Jung just announced to the press that she’s completely responsible for Ki Joon’s scandal. Ki Joon’s face freezes and his eyes reveal his pain and heartache for his Jungie. Aunt wants to see Ki Joon immediately, but once Ki Joon hangs up the phone he screams at Park Hoon to turn the car around towards Ah Jung’s place.

Ah Jung leaves the hotel, declining Manager Park’s offer to get her a car, and takes a taxi back home. In the car ride, she reminisces about her past moments with Ki Joon. Ki Joon can’t reach Ah Jung or find her at the park. Ah Jung notices all the missed calls but doesn’t answer her phone. Ki Joon sees that Ah Jung’s face is plastered all over the papers.

Later that night, Ah Jung walks towards their bench and sees Ki Joon walking towards her. They stop and face each other, neither making any big movies. Ki Joon chokes back his tears, his voice quivering as he breaks the awkward silence by asking her if she ate? Ah Jung responds in kind, choosing small talk over the giant pink elephant in the room, asking how his trip went? Ki Joon follows up by asking if she’s been well? Ah Jung finally breaks down and cries, saying that she’s been well.

Ki Joon, tears falling from his eyes, steps forward and pulls her into his embrace. She sobs into his shoulder, and he silently cries while holding her. They comfort each other without words.

Ah Jung’s dad is reading the newspaper the next morning when Ah Jung walks out of her room. She apologizes for disappointing him, explaining nevertheless that he shouldn’t trust what the papers say. Dad says the law will find out the truth, who was right and who was wrong. But sometimes the truth is impossible to determine. That’s the reality of life. Dad says he believes that Ki Joon is a good guy, because he drank dad under the table. Ah Jung jokes that it’s not solid evidence. Ah Jung asks what’s going to happen to her. Dad hugs her and calls her his beautiful daughter, saying that everything will be fine.

So Ran sees the news about Ah Jung, which accuses her of spreading rumors of a fake marriage to Hyun Ki Joon and using that to threaten him. Jae Bum confirms that Ah Jung came by yesterday asking for his help. So Ran wants to call her, but Jae Bum says Ah Jung won’t answer.

All of Ah Jung’s co-workers are stunned by the news and discussing it amongst themselves. Ah Jung arrives at work and apologizes to all of them, especially with the newspapers alleging Ah Jung gave World Hotel special treatment. Ah Jung’s boss speaks with her privately and wishes she told him beforehand. He asks her to explain in detail what happened, but Ah Jung simply wants to take responsibility and resign. Ah Jung is told that the Minister will contact her later so she needs to be prepared. The other co-workers wonder who tipped off the press on the allegations of bribery and special treatment, and Hyo Joon pretends he has no idea. What a turd.

Ah Jung meets with the Minister and is informed that their homepage is down due to increased traffic. He asks Ah Jung to explain herself since she is such a straightforward person. But she still does not, only apologizing and asking to take responsibility. The Minister gives her one final chance, explaining that disciplinary action may be taken against her. Ah Jung accepts these possible consequences.

Aunt meets with Ki Joon and lays out the damage – World Group stocks have plummeted. Ki Joon asks Aunt to wait on Chairman Chen’s decision. Aunt calls Gong Ah Jung something else to cause all this damage. Ki Joon accuses Aunt of paying off Ah Jung to take the fall but she’s incensed by the assertion. She tells Ki Joon to forget about Ah Jung for now and focus, saying that he’s no longer the Ki Joon she raised. I think that’s a good thing, Auntie, since the Ki Joon you raised sorta had no life.

Ah Jung packs all her belongings at work and walks out. So Ran runs into her in the lobby. So Ran asks why Ah Jung resigned, and is worried this will forever taint her reputation and she won’t ever be able to get married. So Ran is further incensed that Ki Joon hasn’t stepped forward and is hiding behind Ah Jung’s skirts, letting her take the fall. Apparently the papers are making it seem like Ah Jung tried to lure Ki Joon with her lies.

Ah Jung thanks So Ran for her concern and coming by, to which So Ran says that Ah Jung is having a hard time so she came. Ah Jung tells So Ran that she asked for Jae Bum’s help as a lawyer, in case things get worse and she needs legal assistance. So Ran explains that internet antis can’t be stopped by any legal action. Ah Jung laughs about having antis when she’s not even a celebrity. She tells So Ran again that she is fine.

Ki Joon asks Manager Park to schedule a press conference so that he can explain the situation. Manager Park refuses, lecturing Ki Joon on his responsibilities over a series of World Group enterprises. Everyone relies on him as the President, and all his employees livelihood and stock prices are all tied to Ki Joon’s every action. She tells Ki Joon not to focus on his personal life, also consider his professional duties.

Ki Joon screams that if he doesn’t step forward someone will be hurt. She asks him to think of the thousands that rely on him instead of one woman. Ki Joon asks if he should cowardly hide behind a woman then? Manager Park says she would that that if she was Ki Joon, she could do even more cowardly things if necessary. If Ki Joon can’t do that, he needs to step down. If he isn’t willing to step down, then he needs to stay put.

Ah Jung carries her box and meets up with Sang Hee at the park. He asks if she’s about to fired, and she wonders why he says so it so easily. Sang Hee ribs her for being so thoughtless. He tries to cheer her up by singing a horrible off-key rendition of a song, which does make Ah Jung laugh. They are such kindred spirits, but really in a friend way. I never feel like Ah Jung and Ki Joon are in any way similar, whereas Ah Jung and Sang Hee remind me of good friends who just get each other. Ah Jung and Ki Joon’s explosive chemistry, on the other hand, is predicated on them colliding and making each other come alive.

Sang Hee wonders why his older brother has to allow the woman he loves to hurt right now? Sang Hee says that even though Ki Joon is his brother, he’s not so likeable right now, is he? Sang Hee notes that it were him, he would never do this (to her). She laughs and says that she’s not hurt now and won’t be hurt in the future. She doesn’t have any regrets.

Suddenly Ki Joon calls and asks Ah Jung where she’s at. She teases that he’s not working and he replies that since he’s the president he can play whenever he wants. Sang Hee smiles a genuine contented smile to overhear their conversation. God, I LOVE that he’s worked through his own issues with liking Ah Jung and knowing she likes Ki Joon. Way to be a mature adult, Sang Hee.

Ah Jung carries her box and meets up with Ki Joon by his car. She teases that she quit her job because she’s got a wealthy boyfriend and no longer needs to work. Ki Joon’s not amused – he’d be fine with her quitting but he knows that she’s been forced by circumstances to quit and he can’t accept that. Lord, he loves her so much, and feels so bad, because his voice just breaks that tiny little bit when he says he can’t accept her losing her job because of him.

Ki Joon drives Ah Jung, watching as she rolls down the window and sticks her hand and later her head out to enjoy the breeze. Okay, LTM totally stole one of my favorite scenes from City Hall (which had about a million favorite scenes of mine, I concede), but since I adore Ki Joon and Ah Jung, they are allow to re-enact the same car window scene that Mi Rae and Jo Gook did.

Ki Joon takes Ah Jung to a public square. They stand there holding hands, with Ah Jung embarrassed by this public display of affection. Oh girlfriend, just you wait to see what’s coming next. Ki Joon waits until more people have gathered, and then he pulls Ah Jung up on a center island. Ki Joon screams on the top of his lungs “I, Hyun Ki Joon, love Gong Ah Jung. I sincerely love Gong Ah Jung very much. When I can’t see her for even one day, I miss her to death. I really love her.”

The crowd goes wild and hundreds of camera phones are whipped out to take pictures and record video of this public declaration. Ah Jung is embarrassed and tries to stop Ki Joon from blurting more out but he grabs her tight against him and holds up two fingers for a victory symbol.

Yoon Joo watches the video in her house, the extent of Ki Joon’s love for Ah Jung undeniable even to her. She cries. I hope she’s crying her final tears over Ki Joon, because it’s so not worth it, girl. Seriously, please remember your own self-worth and stops chasing after something that isn’t yours anymore.

Reporters are congregated outside Ki Joon’s office and are turned away by Park Hoon. When pressed, Hoon says that he knows nothing about the president’s personal life. Manager Park comes by to deliver the China-Korea Festival paperwork to Ki Joon, and shows him the newspaper where his public declaration of love made the front page news. Manager Park compliments him on doing everything right – salvaging his scandal, making Ah Jung not hated, and not ruining the company.

Ki Joon says he didn’t plan it, it just happened. It’s because he’s gone crazy, crazy for Gong Ah Jung. Manager Park says she keeps learning things from Ki Joon, and she’s sorry about what she said yesterday. Manager Park says she respects Ki Joon. As a woman, she hopes that Ki Joon loves Ah Jung more, rather than have Ah Jung have no choice but to love Ki Joon. Ki Joon smiles asks her to meet him later outside the office.

So Ran drags Ah Jung to a nail salon to get manicures. Ah Jung is recognized, but this time there is no censure directed at her. So Ran thinks Ah Jung got Korea’s #1 bachelor to yell in public that he loves her, which is pretty awesome indeed. So Ran wants credit if Ki Joon and Ah Jung get married, since the marriage lie was concocted purely for her benefit. Ha, sweet to see So Ran still mostly about herself. So Ran requests that Ah Jung buy her a new dress.

Manager Park goes to meet with Ki Joon outside of work, asking why the president asked her out so late. He says he asked her as a friend. She asks if its fun balancing work and a romance in a dizzying way? He says it’s fun, but wonders if this time it’ll work out? Manager Park notes that Ki Joon really loves Ah Jung, leading her to ask why?

Ki Joon says Ah Jung can be clumsy and not very thoughtful, but she’s refreshingly honest and direct. Like a child, she doesn’t use her head, but lives with her heart. She seems to live in a completely different world than him. Manager Park tells him to stop living with his head anymore, just jump into Ah Jung’s world and live with her. But he might have to give some things up. Ki Joon smiles and says that only Manager Park understands.

Ah Jung is waiting for Ki Joon while window browsing, with plenty of bystanders surrounding her. Ki Joon walks up and asks what she wants to do, eat or go see a movie? He grabs her hand, but she pulls away because she’s embarrassed. Ah Jung thinks the guy should pick. Oh nonono sweetie, never let the guy pick, trust me on this one. Ah Jung’s self conscious about doing things in public since they are so recognizeable now, but Ki Joon doesn’t care. In fact, he wants to tell the world more so that men won’t hang around her in the future.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon end up sitting inside his car enjoying the night view at the banks of the Han River. Ah Jung grumbles that they’re relegated to having dates inside the car. Why are you two not making out like bunnies in heat in the backseat of that car? C’mon new writer-nim, where is the hot and heavy make-out action? Ki Joon asks if being recognized bothers her, and she concedes that she wants to hold hands and go out on dates.

Ki Joon says they should go abroad, and she reminds him that he’s so busy at work. Ki Joon asks if he should quit his job then? Ah Jung says no way, especially since he makes so much money. This leads Ki Joon to wonder if she likes him because of him or his position? Nah, I think she likes you because of the way you kiss her. And hug her. And stare at her like she’s the only person in the entire world.

Ah Jung teases him that she likes both, which leads wuri Ki Joon to make a pouty face. Ah Jung laughs that he’s so cute when he’s like that. He tells her that starting from tomorrow she needs to conform to his schedule. Yes, morning =- making out, afternoon = afternoon nookie, evening = *not fit to print activities*

Sleepy Ah Jung walks out of her house and Ki Joon is waiting for her in the park. He’s dressed in yet another of his ridiculously matchy work out gear, but this time he has his hoodie on tightly over his head. He freaks Ah Jung out for a second until she recognizes him. Ki Joon suggests they go work out, pulling her hoodie over her head and pulling the strings tight so that only part of her face shows. He pulls her off and she yells that she can’t see. I dies of the cute.

They go hiking and stop by a watering station to get a drink of water. Ah Jung wants some water so Ki Joon gets behind her and holds the water ladle for her to drink saying that she can’t use her hands in the future, he’ll be her hands. Some ahjummas stop for water and recognize Ah Jung immediately since her hoodie is off. They also recognize Ki Joon and are totally complimenting Ah Jung for having such a wonderful man who loves her. They tell her that she is all the ladies idol, and to be nicer to him going forward. Omo, ahjummas you guys rock.

Operation: undercover date continues, this time at the movies. Ki Joon, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, helps Ah Jung don her matching disguise, complete with her hoodie pulled over the entire get-up. She wonders how much longer they have to do this since they aren’t really celebrities. Lemme tell you, if you two start dating in real life, you better get used to disguises like this. Ki Joon tells her to stop complaining and just enjoy for now. Of course Ki Joon and Ah Jung are immediately recognized and chased by a pack of school girls who want their signature.

Yoon Joo meets up with her step dad. She asks him for a favor, involving the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sports. She tells him to understand if she doesn’t behave too maturely. Okay, I think this scene has two possibilities – Yoon Joo either is genuinely trying to screw Ah Jung over, or she’s asking her stepdad to do it that somehow intending to help Ki Joon and Ah Jung in the long run (don’t know how). I think the odds are 50-50.

Aunt informs Ki Joon there is a World Group board meeting tomorrow and he’s in deep shit because of what he did that caused the company’s stock to plummet. Ah Jung sits before the Department Board and is grilled about the entire fiasco. She’s asked about her personal relationship with Hyun Ki Joon, and how the World Hotel was selected in the past as the venue for activities. More specifically, did she funnel business to the World Hotel because she was dating the president? Ah Jung denies that.

Ki Joon’s own board meeting is going on as well, and it’s not looking good for him as the board members are incensed at his own personal scandal affecting the company. When Ah Jung is asked point blank if she is in a romantic relationship with Ki Joon, she answers that she loves him. The board is about cast its no votes for Ki Joon as the next CEO of World Group when Manager Park enters the board meeting to announce that Chairman Chen has selected the World Hotel as its investment partner. Ki Joon is relieved and the board is thrilled with this sudden turnaround.

Ah Jung sits on the bench and recalls the day’s questioning. She plays with Ki Joon’s picture on her phone. Ki Joon arrives and says he doesn’t like that picture. He lets Ah Jung know that something good happened to him today. She’s happy for him, but reveals that something bad happened to her today. She explains her appearance before the sanctions board and how she needs to wait for them to render a decision as to her future as a civil servant.

Ki Joon reveals that he got investment from Chairman Chen, and notes that it’s not fair that he got the investment because of her, but she’s about to get fired because of him. Ah Jung smiles and reminds Ki Joon that he has to be good to her. He looks at her and grabs her hand, telling her they need to go. She wonders why he’s always telling her they need to go somewhere.

Ki Joon takes Ah Jung back to her house….so that he can kneel before daddy dearest and be taken to task for what Ah Jung has suffered because of him. Ki Joon says that it must hurt Dad to watch Ah Jung suffer and that it’s all his fault and he’s willing to accept any punishment. Dad sits there looking all stern and lectures our super successful hotel president, asking if he knows what he did wrong?

Why did Ki Joon go alone with Ah Jung’s lie? And if he didn’t care about the lie, why didn’t he take better care of her? Why allow her to cry and be subject to public scorn? Dad tells Ki Joon there is a line of guys wanting to date Ah Jung, to which Ki Joon finally pipes up and tells Dad that he can’t let that happen. Ah Jung asks Dad to stop tormenting Ki Joon.

Dad calls Ki Joon a bad guy, lecturing him that the purpose of life is to love and someone who doesn’t have love has nothing. From what Ki Joon and Ah Jung did for each other, it’s clear they love each other so much they can throw everything away for that person. So today dad is proud of both Ki Joon and Ah Jung, regardless if the rest of the world cast stones at them. Dad knows that Ah Jung did misbehave by telling a lie because of her own pride, but she owned up to it and she’s changed. She’ll continue to change even more, and this is all due to the power of love.

Ki Joon thanks Dad for his candid thoughts. Dad suggests they drink again, this time asking Ki Joon to prepare the snacks. Dad tells Ki Joon he won’t let Ki Joon win this time, and Ki Joon says he definitely is in it to win it as well. Ki Joon’s face beams as he quickly agrees and heads to the kitchen to prepare the food as requested.

In a reversal of episode 5, this time it’s drunken Ki Joon staggering down the street and Ah Jung supporting him. Ah Jung asks if he’s alright, and Ki Joon says of course he’s alright, he’s Hyun Ki Joon 5-item set. Goodlooking, manners, responsibility, blah blah blah. Ki Joon hilariously says he’s happiest about the good looking part. Park Hoon arrives to help Ki Joon into the car, to which Ki Joon asks if Hoon knows what’s in Ki Joon’s heart. Hoon looks adorably alarmed. Ki Joon tells Hoon to wait in the car for him. OMG, Kang Ji Hwan is killing this drunk scene.

Ki Joon takes a deep breath and pushes Ah Jung backwards until her back is against a shrub. Ki Joon says that Ah Jung needs to be his. Her dad says all the guys are lined up, right? Ah Jung asks if he’s nervous, and Ki Joon says no, he’s jealous. He asks again if she’ll be his? Everyone knows about them now, so does she actually want to break up with oppa? OH MY LORD, Ki Joon pulled the oppa card on Ah Jung! Please lord tell me Kang Ji Hwan added that line, please!

Ah Jung asks if he is proposing? Ki Joon says this is just part of the process, and now he’s accepted Gong Ah Jung. Ah Jung and Hoon manage to shove Ki Joon into the car, with Park Hoon hilariously using the same line, telling Ah Jung that he’s “accepted” the president. Drunken Ki Joon pops his head out the window and hugs his Jungie one more time, muttering that she’s his. Once Ki Joon leaves, Ah Jung repeats “oppa?”, he thinks he’s an oppa, how cheesy.

Ah Jung sits in her room and cuddle her stuffed animals. She repeats what Ki Joon said – Gong Ah Jung, you are mine. She answers and says yes.

Chairman Chen and Aunt formally sign their investment partnership contract. Chairman Chen asks Ki Joon to bring Ah Jung to the party he is hosting tomorrow night. Ki Joon agrees to attend with her.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung sit in her favorite coffee shop and she worries about attending a party when she is jobless. She’s worried about showing her face at a place like that, but Ki Joon says why when she’s this pretty. Awwwww. Ah Jung wonders if perhaps she ought to open a coffee shop. Ki Joon says he’ll buy her one, but she immediately turns him down. She wants to get one through her own hard work.

Chairman Chen welcomes Aunt to the party, as well as Congressman Park and his wife. Congressman Park has brought a reporter to meet Chairman Chen for an interview. Suddenly Ki Joon arrives at the party with Ah Jung on his arm. Everyone turns to look, and Aunt’s face shows her displeasure.

Chairman Chen’s wife happily walks up to hug Ah Jung, explaining that she’s so thankful to be able to hug Ah Jung after the comfort she gave her when she lost her mother. Chairman Chen laughs that his wife really likes Ah Jung. Ah Jung says she did nothing, thanking them for inviting her. Aunt pulls Ki Joon aside and is upset that he brought Ah Jung to the party, especially with Congressman Park here. Ki Joon says that Chairman Chen requested to see Ah Jung.

Ah Jung is cornered by the reporter, who asks her how it feels to hear that Ki Joon has become the CEO of the entire World Group? Ki Joon steps in to extricate Ah Jung from this interview. The reporter throws in a final dig, asking Ah Jung how she feels being a Cinderella? Ki Joon smiles and says that the question isn’t correct, it’s he who has become a prince because of Ah Jung.

Congressman Park whisks the reporter away, which is when Ah Jung gets a call. The caller tells her that the board has decided and she has been fired. Ah Jung’s face falls, and she hurries to leave the party. On her way out, she trips and knocks down two ice sculptures. Everyone turns to look at her, but she picks herself up and runs out, sans her shoes.

Ki Joon finally chases after her. He asks her outside the party what happened? Ah Jung doesn’t turn to look at him, instead she continues to run off. Okay, I did not need a shoe-less Cinderella moment here to cap off the dumb-ass reporters assertion that Ah Jung was a Cinderella landing her prince. Still, poor Jungie, her pride which was the most important thing to her to start off the marriage lie, lies in tatters because of her love for Ki Joon. Her career gone and her self-worth under scrutiny. No wonder she runs off rather than have Ki Joon see her like this.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’ve learned considerable drama-watching zen long ago. Oh don’t get me wrong, I lose my temper at the screen and occasionally want to bonk a screenwriter, a PD, or an editor over the head with my Thor hammer because they are ruining something with so much potential. But I rarely try to harp on the what-could-have been, instead finding value in differentiating between how much I enjoy a drama and how good I think the drama is substantively. If I set aside the Franken-plot of LTM, I find that it’s just so darn earnest and heartfelt when it comes to the OTP.

It’s almost like the struggles of the drama in finding a foothold, how hard Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are working to bring this story to a hopefully wonderful ending, mirror the struggles of Ki Joon and Ah Jung to deal with media scrutiny and job attacks within the drama. Everyone knows that both leads have repeated stated in interviews that they have always wanted to work together, and knew one day it would happen. Would I prefer they got a meatier drama? Maybe. But would it bring me the type of happiness if conversely I can watch them fall madly in love in this drama and just be amazing together? I think I’m good with how the drama gods allotted this deck of cards.

I really like Ah Jung, but I have to concede that if she was fired by the Ministry it was a firing for cause. I wish it didn’t happen because she is a great employee. But her lie and the continuation of it did end up causing considerable scandal for the Ministry. I hope she finds a way to get her job back, but if she didn’t, I wouldn’t be out there calling no fair. Same with Ki Joon losing the investment deal, if that had been the case. I think both need to struggle and suffer, realizing that it’s not easy to brush aside a lie that became greater than it’s intended target.

Sang Hee, relegated to like 5 minutes of screen time per episode recently, had obviously worked through his feelings for Ah Jung and is content with being around her and happy for her and Ki Joon. You can tell the man has found inner peace, even more so than when he just returned to Korea hoping to fix the Ki Joon-Yoon Joo separation that he was the cause of. At this point he’s a throwaway character, but I did find him oddly endearing throughout most of the drama. Just never fully developed.

I’m not sure what witches brew Yoon Joo is cooking up with her favor asked of her step dad. I think it’s easy and logical to assume she’s even more deranged after watching Ki Joon’s public declaration towards Ah Jung, so she’s taken even more evil measures. But for some odd reason, I’m hoping that watching the video was the final push she needed to accept that it’s never going to happen again with Ki Joon. And she rediscovers that caring about someone is about making them happy, so she’s doing something to help Ah Jung. I have nothing to back up my theory, other than a fervent prayer for the writer not to turn Yoon Joo completely and utterly insane by sabotaging Ah Jung and Ki Joon even further.

Watching dramas is mostly a bell curve experience for me, usually reaching the peak of my interest and excitement in the middle portions of the drama before winding to a soft landing conclusion. I sense that to be the case for most people watching LTM, even if we are all loving the OTP more with each passing episode. At this point it’s the only thing keeping my interest, which remains high, but even my lingering hopes for some narrative revival appears to be for naught.

For some odd reason, lately some of the drama couplings for co-stars widely accepted to have some of the best chemistry onscreen have come in very lowly rated dramas (and I do mean some, because other great couples in the past have gotten great ratings to boot). To name a few: The World They Live In, Prosecutor Princess, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Creating Destiny, and now Lie to Me.

Is it the chicken or the egg situation? A poorly written drama makes us notice the chemistry more? The chemistry is so scorching hot the plot goes to pot? Or just plainly a coincidence? Who knows, other than to lament that this couple couldn’t get a better drama, and that more people aren’t watching magic unfold onscreen. When Harry Met Sally, please move over, because When Ji Hwan Met Eun Hye, Koala met her drama OTP of all time.

If you asked me to pick between an either/or situation – a great drama that doesn’t hit all my emotional buttons at the gut level, or a middling drama that reaches right into my heart and imprints itself in my pleasure node, I’d personally pick the latter, while wishing and hoping each time that both possibilities can co-exist in one drama.


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    • “If you asked me that it had to be an either/or situation – a great drama that doesn’t hit all my emotional buttons at the gut level, or a middling drama that reaches right into my heart and imprints itself in my pleasure node, I’d personally pick the latter.”
      At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether it’s a good plot/ bad plot, what matter most is it gives smile in our face and somehow at least we forgot some of our problems.. right? 🙂

      • Yea, exactly how i feel. As long as I’m smiling and all refreshed at the end, or crying my guts out because it was so sad… the drama is great.

      • also imagining what they do off cam and also on cam (with added perverted stuff)

      • angelito… awww… so twiitt… wait, don’t be too nice to me!!… i know you want to steal park hoon from me, right?!.. I know it’s time for me to bring back him to you now … 🙁 but give it back to me on weekend ok?!

  1. thanks koala…only one thing I don’t like this episode…no kissy kissy…so many perfect moments that could end with hot kiss….two episodes left…hope the writer-nim will pay us for long dying of waiting… scene n babies!!!

    • @Nowhere:
      I’ve never missed the first writer-nim soo much. There was soo many, I mean sooo many, perfect scenes that called for a kiss or two or fricking TEN. This new writer, is it a man? Whoever he/she is, they are being a cock-blocker. I cant wait until the day the Kissing Bandit rise again!!
      Kang ji Hwan, You get it!!! I’ve never been so proud of a lead character in my life–well ofcourse I have, on 2 occasion. You know @Koala, I think it’s true that the fan-craze has calmed a bit for these 2 eps, except for the LTM devouts. But I think thats because everyone knew that after ep 12, the proverbial “shit hitting the fan” would happen. So I think everyone is kind of calm.
      As a YEH fan, it sucks that her drama isn’t doing well,because I like her, and she’s the one who initiated me into the K-drama world, but I Love this drama. I just love how such an insignificant little lie, made two worlds collide. And made two Actors collide and boy are they explosive. Its probably completely selfish, but I’m glad she did this. This drama touches deep inside, and I can definitely identify with Ah Jung especially from the start. heheh…
      Wait what was my point? Oh Yeh I love this drama and all that, but I so do not regret this. I’m so happy that YEH and KJH chose this drama…and hopefully *wink wink* You know… hopefully *wink wink*

      • I agree with you… love the plot about how one seemingly innocent lie (which by the way was not actually started by KJ and AJ) turned the world upside down for both of them but that it also brought them true love.
        If this is not a plot, then what is a plot?

        The only thing is, the writers could have done a much better job in setting up the scenarios, tying up loose ends and plugging the holes. But plot-wise it’s there.

        I don’t find this drama weak at all… you just have to take a step back and appreciate the whole premise as whole.

        LTM definitely has more in terms of plot and better writing compared to My Princess. And I don’t see as much hate for MP, as compared to LTM.

      • am with you here my beloved Leishers… my kindred spirit, you nailed it once again… LTM might not be perfect but i don’t give a shit because it gives me my weekly doses of happiness…

      • same here
        the one that bring me to this k-drama world was YEH in mfl and I love every her drama until now.
        But of course i think she deserve better drama with better storyline.
        Correct me if I am wrong
        (sorry for bad grammar)

    • yea… there’s soo many great chances for both of them to share more lovey dovey scenes…and we can see it so obviously how hard both of them hold themselves for not throwing and jump off each other…
      even eyes sex contact is not enough!!!

    • OMG because you all…my imagination going wild…bandit kiss.oh oh..I love that…you all right…because ridiculous lie made my ajungie lost her job n sacrifice a lot …oh till now I still cry for her…her love for KJ is more than she love herself…Kijun u must pay for this…make her the happiest women in the world or I KILL UUUU…is it appropriate for civil servant get fired by the council just by phone????

      • Hhahah @Nowhere, You caught that too? Hahah I thought the same thing. WHy would they call her late at night to tell her she is fired? Wait until business hours

      • yup..they must meet n tell her directly or sent her a weird!!but what the hell….I was so much in pain when saw her cry n runaway..wuri ajungie…..

  2. ahhhhh thank you sooo much for this….been waiting….will be back after watching raw ep 14….gosh couldn’t finish bexause i had to rewind the sweet moment especially the dates….

    • just finished watching the raw vids and reading your recap…as usual, your awesome recap made my watching the raw vids a pleasure!!!! thank you for making me squeeeee and giggle like a teeny weenie here…your wit and writing style never cease to amaze me…gosh!!! am so envious!!!! and yes, i agree to your thoughts (except maybe the YJ part…just can’t feel she’ll eventually help our OTP in their relationship…for me she’s just downright evil!!! hmmmph).

      Now, here are my thoughts about this ep…

      hmmmmmmm first off… tho i anticipated the angst in this ep, it was such a roller coaster ride that i was a bit emotionally drained at the end… has to take a 20 minute break before I could come back and write this…

      I do believe KJ carried this ep…made me swoon and wish am half my age and had a bf like him… he’s perfect!!! the things he did for his AJ are simply beautiful… the things he said about AJ… woww!!!

      I cried with AJ all throughout this ep… But, I applaud the way she handled the consequence of her lie… AJ character started as an immature one who resorted to lie to get even with a friend… Now, she has grown a lot because of love…

      Gosh YEH is such a believable actress that each time she’s in pain, you feel it many times over…

      Now, for KJH…. he owned KJ… KJ is now my fave KJH character!!! Every time I look at KJH he is now KJ…ahhhhhhh am soooo in LOVE with KJH…

      Once again the chemistry between KJH and YEH is undeniable… and yes they do carry the weight of this drama and so successfully at that… LTM does not have a deep plot and I don’t care…I watch drama for entertainment, to be in love and to escape from the seriousness of life and yes, LTM feeds me these and more… What depresses me is that LTM got only a week!!! waaaughhhh

      • @Mizweng
        Well Said Mizweng. What you said is so true. gah, expecially the last sentence. I’m crying with you. T.T
        But I also do not believe that YJ is doing anything good. She’s completely gross and a damn monster. I started this show, preparing to feel sad for her, because her character description said she was a nice person. But turns out she was just Annoying. So if she goes out all pathetic and mean, I wont mind. Though that would suck for Ki Joon, since his ex turned into such a #$%^&*@

      • @ Leishers

        oh yes I’m totally with you about this YJ thing… HATE her on a maximum level that’s why I didn’t talk about her (above)…I, too, believe she won’t do anything good for our story? redemption? i dunno… will not buy it… oh no, can not buy it… I just have this feeling in my guts that she’s beyond redemption…she looks so phony so i really dunno how her story ends ( hope she”d just disappear, for all I care! hmmmph)

  3. thanks for the recap, sistah…

    i must say i still love the cute of this show but frankly it tends to wear out coz there really is no story. but being a KJH and YEH fan, cute moments, i’m thankful for.

    english softsubs are up at

  4. I’ve actually come to the point of not even bothering to watch the last angsty 10 mins of the episode. I just rewind and replay any part with our OTP. I’m hoping that somewhere in the internet-universe will create a fan-service DVD cut of this show filled ONLY with KJH+YEH scenes because THAT I can rewatch forever.

    *sigh*, to the last week! I hope we get more swoon-worth moments… writer better rock the freaking BOAT on this one.

    • PS – Like you, koala, I’m hoping the OPPA bit was ad-libbed, haha. Love how HKJ uses his serious voice for that part of the drunk scene. Soooo hot.

      And, another thing, I’m hoping HKJ moving right behind GAJ to help her drink water was all ad-libbed. I mean he had to be her hands, but I love that they were right up against each other and GAJ/YEH had to lean on his leg a couple of times (understated *skinship* :-D, loveeeees it)

    • Ageed – I would not mind having a DVD with purely AJ/KJ moments, coupled with all their BTS and a copy of the Script thrown in so that we can spot the ad-libs.

      Why don’t they do a special ala Goong?

      Wouldn’t you love to see YEH and KJH put on the spot and questioned about their kiss scenes, their ad-libs, their skinship and their passion for each other?

      • Nevermind the special. Just give us a wonderful dvd boxset with a million hours of extras, bts, deleted scenes, interviews and whatnot. ^^ Greedy? Yes, I am!

      • i’m so with you @sere! let’s keep those BTS, deleted scenes and extras coming!^_^

  5. KJH/YEH is also my favorite OTP of all time too!
    There is only 2 episodes left, all I want is more more skinship for our OTP!
    I’m praying that they would make make believe into reality.

  6. “When Harry Met Sally, please move over, because When Ji Hwan Met Eun Hye, Koala met her drama OTP of all time.” LOL
    That’s a good one!
    Love our OTP.

  7. Thanks Koala!

    I’m with you when you say that it is now purely a question of watching KJH date YEH on screen! It is rare that I ever implode when watching an OTP – but these 2 somehow connect on a level beyond any other OTP in kdrama world. Their passion is undercurrent in every gesture, look and word and it is going to be nigh impossible to even consider that there is now real and actual attraction between them.

    Now – writer-nim – what’s with all the lost opportunities? Even just reading the recap – I find there are so many different situations where a good kiss would have been the perfect antidote! Like the date in the car – a peck on KJ’s cheek even would have all fandom fainting to the floor. Or when pulling hoodie – KJ should have stolen a kiss with AJ all “blind” by the hoodie, or even when KJ drunk and backed AJ against the shrub – Come on!!!

    • I meant – “Their passion is undercurrent in every gesture, look and word and it is going to be nigh impossible to even consider that there is NO real and actual attraction between them.”.

      That’s what you get for typing really fast cos thoughts are jumbling!! 😛

      • @Madkdr No you didn’t. Now you got me seeing stars!!
        Aww A early morning hoodie kiss would have been sooooooo sexy and sweet. Ugh, I want old writer to call new writer and say “make em kiss A.S.A.P” Please. I understood the no kiss in ep 11 and the first half of ep 12, but both 13 and 14? I dont. Bad writer person, to let us suffer so much. Oh and I wasn’t going to say this, because I dislike adding fuel to the fire (bahah psych I love it) but I was rewatching the cola kiss and I saw that after Ah Jung returned her part of the cola kiss and moved back, Ki Joon( Or was it KJH?) totally went on instinct and moved in again. I gasped when I saw it. I watched it in hallyuYEH vid on youtube. So good

      • true! was thinking the same thing with the hoodie! specially with the screenshots where only AJ’s lips and nose can be seen while facing KJ. ^_^ ayiiiiii!

  8. “When Ji Hwan Met Eun Hye, Koala met her drama OTP of all time.”

    Ockoala, does this mean HwanHye tops your list?

  9. I dont care about anything at this point. OTP makes up for all the gazillion or bagillion of flaws in this drama. ILL STICK TO IT!. Im just hoping that the ending will pay us (fans who stay to love it despite all) a WORTHY ENDING.

  10. Thank you Koala!!!

    I love LTM, over and over again I know I’ve said this before on of the best OTP ever. Hopefully we get to see them fight till the end, it’s normal for AJ to walk out and be upset… I really wish the writer did not bring up the break up card for the last 2 episodes. I t would be nice to see them fight till the end. I love how they dated which makes the drama more normal because usually when watch the drama we get to see less of the couple doing normal couplely (if there is even a word!) stuff. Hopefully KJ will chase AJ and tell her everything will be alright, maybe just maybe KJ will go to the ministry and explain the situation and that AJ deserve that job or if not AJ can still have a rewarding career which is a wife to KJ… Or AJ can start a coffee shop business. I really like to see the proposal, I’ve talked about it a gazillion times, I’d like to see the best proposal and wedding ever made in history, an ending that will give us more than what we want to see and ask, after a wedding their life together as husband and wife.

    I love the connection and the dating the holding of hands and hugging but I have to be honest I miss the kisses. Come one writer after the ice cream kiss and cola kiss I think all the fans wants to see more kisses!!! LOL! I wish the cherry blossoms will bloom soon maybe KJ will propose to AJ.

    SH even if his screen time is limited I love the way he handles the situation, finally he was able to know who he can and cannot have. YJ whatever the favor you ask to your daddy, KJ will never come back to you, you need to move on. And if YJ had anything to do about AJ loosing her job I think KJ will never even look at her. cliff hangers sucks! LOL!!!! 2 more episodes!!!

      • Doublebubbles I totally agree!!! after the wedding they will throw a house warming party because they have a new home and then AJ will announce she is pregnant!!!! LOL!!!! I mean come on this is a romcom, they should give us something that we want to see. Something the fans can talk about and linger on maybe after days, weeks or months when the show is over. Chances are we wont be able to see them again because I’ve never watch a korean novela where in they repeat the couple or OTP. Unless the actors will become a couple in real life which is perfect because they are so cute!!!!

    • Judging by the look of the congressman Park at the party and the reporter (was the reporter his man?), I have this gut feeling that the request YJ made to his foster dad is not a good one, else the congressman should not show such disgusted look at the party when he saw AJ with KJ… I hope I’m wrong.

      Actually I was hoping for an ending where KJ and AJ got married and throw a real house warming party for AJ’s friend, this time for real as the previous one is only a show. Wouldn’t that be really nice?

      • Before I write my own comments on the episode, I just wanted to say that I thought the same thing as you. It would be really nice to see a full circle thing where as a real married couple they throw a real housewarming.

      • I am hoping for AJ’s wish to meet up with her friends and be the one to leave early. Maybe with a baby in tow..hahaha

  11. Thanks a million Koala . No words can fully express my gratitude . You are amazing with your great recap. I really really enjoyed reading them and also other comments. Thanks again for letting us play on your playground. I’m one of those who comes here checking all the time if you have any updates. I really, really love how KJ confess his love to AJ in public. It shows that he really love her. The only thing I didn’t realy like in this episode is the ending part, I know she clumsy but leaving her shoes behind is something else, but why? I hope KJ will go after her and comfort her, console her and tell her that she love her He is there for her no matter what. Awaiting for the last 2 episode….Aja…

  12. Thanks Koala, I feel the same.

    Maybe because I’m already feeling the pangs of separation anxiety. As I said, I had a lot of firsts for this drama, I’ve never watched a KDrama while it was simultaneously being shown in Korea. I became attracted to it because of the hype. I didn’t even know who Kang Ji Hwan was (takes cover…Peace guys!). Yoon Eun Hye, Ive seen her at CP and Goong and I like her a lot. After LTM (and the OTP), OMG I’m reduced to being a fan – in the true essence of the word. I participate in LTM fandom activities! I’ve never done that!

    Well, we can’t always get what we wish for (a great story with great actors), I guess there is some unbreakable law in the universe, not all things can be perfect. Well…maybe with this drama’s OTP, and if reel becomes real (*wink*) some things do come close to perfection. I lurve the OTP, I could just sit and stare at whatever they’re doing forever.

    As always, I enjoy your recaps…here’s to hoping that we all get our happy ending next week (read: ” Double rainbow across the sky”).

  13. Hey Ms. Koala, thanks for the recap and your thoughts. As a reader to your blog, I’ve always loved what your thoughts were for an episode of different dramas, especially in LTM. Reading your recaps made me think back to the time when you wrote about M3 and how you couldn’t get over it for quite some time (hehehe..mee tooo). And since LTM has also produced OTPs with Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan with Moon Geun Young and Jan Geun Suk in M3, I wanted to ask you a question. Well, Between Mary Stayed Out All Night or Lie to Me, which one is the best to you and why? And which OTP couple do you prefer and why?

    THANKS 🙂

    • OMO, that’s a tough question!

      No idea what Koala will say, but me? I think…I have to go with Ah-jung/Ki-jung but Mu-gyul/Mae-ri come close second. REAL close.

      Ah-jung and Ki-jung have that adult sexual tension that just gets under your skin and you can’t ignore. It’s intense and…alskdjslhgdfklgh. And they’re also adorable together. So on moment you’re awwwing at their adorableness (is that even a word?) and the next you’re fanning yourself because there’s just so much….sexual tension and chemistry between them that you want to scream to them to make out already! Possibly on screen! Because at this point, you’ve lost all shame and you just want MOAR!

      Mu-gyul and Mae-ri were cuuuute! Like PUPPIES! And rainbows! They were adorable and it was sooo nice to see them together. They are, like, a chibi younger version of AJ/KJ!

      IDK, maybe I’m more partial to KJ/AJ cos I’m in their age-range. ^^

      • oh yes I definitely agree with you on this 200%!!!
        it’s AJ/KJ pair for me as well… may be because I’m a pervert but I love the sexual thing part… tee hee
        MR/MG are just too pure for me…bwahahaha

      • Sere, I have to agree with you on that too. KJ/AJ went beyond the cuteness of MG/MR and more into skinship that we all love.

      • @mizweng, @Doublebubbles
        Haha, I love it that we’re all in for the same thing. More skinship, Y/Y?

      • Hehehe…i really do agree. with you guys (SERE, MIZWENG, and DOUBLEBUBBLES). I wish they had that sexual chemistry together (only in my dreams), but i dont think the scriptwriter and production company will allow that to happen.

        YEH and KJH already have that special chemistry onscreen while acting and make it so flawless and seem sooo real that they should step it up a notch. Like in Playful Kiss, at least they showed some *uhhmmm pardon me for saying this (sexiiii sexii smeexxiii tiiimmmeeeee) together. but that shot was kind of ruined due to the fact that the camera angle focused more to the wall than to them. but to say the least, they at least showed their love and affection for each other.

        Urghhh….i really wish that they continued more of that sensual chemistry together (lols) even though the scriptwriter (unconfirmed) told them they wont have those intimate moments together anymore due to prevention of scandals? Does that even make sense??? I say that part’s really bogus. Shame on the writer. Have some dignity will she?? On these onscreen LOVERS???!!!

        But anyway, last 2 episodes next week. I cnt wait for them and i hope theyll conclude the story in a positive and natural way. SOmething not tooo cliche.

    • Well, for me AJ/KJ – there is an underlying sexual tension and passion in their every interaction that speaks of mutual attraction and they are so natural together. Like in the office – I had no trouble believing that were they alone, KJ would not be able to keep his hands off AJ – he finds her that sexy while she works!.

      I mean if you can find sexy in the every day thing you do – you’ve got the hots.

      You get the feeling that they are just trying to play down their attraction to one another – much like when a couple is out in public – as much as they want to touch each other and kiss and make out – decorum dictates that they mingle, socialise and be decent.

      So for me – I am just on tenterhooks waiting for the moment when they throw caution to the wind and say to heck with decorum – I need to kiss you so bad it hurts and – netizens get ready – here we go!!!

  14. Knowing LTM’s going to end soon.. can the writer just give us the making out scenes like now? Who knows when they will have the chance to collaborate again.. please don’t waste this opportunity! lol don’t get me wrong i love their scenes and all but what’s lacking recently are those kissing scenes which YEH and KJH have deliver really well. >.<

    And thanks for the recap Koala!

  15. I was completely in mixed emotions reading your recap Koala. I feel so bad about AJ losing her job but I’m happy for both of them. KJ didn’t fail me but I’m kinda worried about AJ’s character though..( I suddenly remembered that I read somewhere that the writer, the old one or new one I’m not sure, is obsessed with Ji-Hwan ) I hope the writer would not screw up AJ’s character on the remaining episodes…

    The end of this drama is coming….:( I hope AJ won’t give up, not this time…KJ has done so much for her already but I completely understand what she really feels about her losing her job..I really hope that the writer wouldn’t be greedy enough and give us the most awaited wedding next week.

    Thanks for the recap..when I woke up this morning the first thing that comes to my mind is to visit your playground to see my cola couple…thanks for bringing LTM updates to us till the end…:)

  16. Ockoala wrote this in her baby recap and wanted to post this again with my comment below:

    “But to say the OTP doesn’t have chemistry in this drama makes me wonder if people need their eyes checked.”


    Are we and millions of LTM viewers (Just check tudou and youku) NUTJOBS to be lurking morning and night just to check updates, spoilers, and raw episodes (not even patient enough to wait for English subs!!!!!) shuttling from AKP to soompi and and still cannot have enough of our OTP, losing hours of sleep, dealing with eyebags….and NO CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!

    If YEH and KJH do not have chemistry, then I don’t know what chemistry we are talking about!

    • Hey! Who are you calling a NUTJOB? I’m completely INSANE thank you very much!!! 😛 Hahahahaha!!! How very apt your description of us all here!!

      Been reduced to a blubbering idiot every time our OTP is on screen. The rest of the plot, angst,people and especially Reaper can go to you know where and leave AJ and KJ in theirs!

    • Well, there are some who commented that there is zilch chemistry between KJH and YEH in the DB threads.
      I read some of those in the LTM Ep 13 Open Thread over there.

      Funny how lots of anti-fans claim to have stopped watching and are now just reading the weecaps and make all kinds of negtive remarks based on whatever it’s written in the weecaps.

      Some go to the extent of insulting international fans, that because the ratings for LTM is low in Korean, it goes to show that Koreans are smarter than international fans who loved the show (I think to imply that LTM is much more popular internationally while not so popular in Korea so Koreans can better differentiate what a good drama is, compared to international fans).

      • Well, I don’t care to be called ‘not smart’ for watching any drama I enjoy very much, in this case LTM.

      • omo that’s so rude of them.. i mean everyone have their own fave and preferences… luckily I avoided DB these days totally haha

    • Whoever said that wuri otp has no chemistry whatsoever, should be put under extreme LTM immersion. How about tying them up to a chair, taping their lids open have them LTM over and over? Specially the parts where HwanHye are all oh so cute together.

      • Dang!! @ Angel, that is so BDSM!!! O.o

        *looking @ you with a little surprise, and wonder*

        *scratching head*

      • lmao Angelito….I know I’m resorting to BDSM, LTM does strange things to people.

      • I know!!! I feel you, I really do!! This drama, hook me up, bring me down, and practically drag me to hell, to throw me to heaven, and then, when I am getting used to a cloud, let me fall to the ground like a freaking rain drop! It is exhausting!!!

  17. Thanks!! Ms. K…

    Ever since the new writer took over, we are lacking of major skinship… If those two didnt do those adlibbed what would have happened to us..They need to give that red hotter than hot chemistry a justice… the sexual tension has been screaming out so loud.. The airport scene was a major example of eye-sex thingy… dont you think they have to bring it to the next highest level….

    • These 2 can really express everything with their eyes isn’t it?
      For me, it’s the office scene… HOT!
      Like what OC Koala said, totally making out with their eyes and half smiles.

  18. Just finished watching and I have to agree with you on, well, everything. ^^’

    I have never seen Kang Ji-hwan like this before. I’ve always liked him, but there’s something in the way he moves and delivers his lines when YEH is with him that just gets better and better. And just when you think he’s given everything, something like the reunion with Ah-jung happens and you’re floored. Ohmygod, that scene! *flails*

    Btw, when Ki-joon is drunk? He’s adorable! I totally loved his rambling and “miiiiiiiiiine” bit. And the hugging her from within the car! Sweet!

    Re: YJ. Man, I hope you’re right about her. I’d like her to help our OTP, but I’m not getting my hopes up on this one. We all know how insane second leads may turn out to be. ^^

    NGL, the Cinderella bits were overkill. Writer-nim, subtle, you ain’t! XD Speaking about the writers, I think I like the first one better even if I didn’t quite like the first few eps as much as I wanted to. I thought the quality of the writing was improving from ep 6 onward and while I do like all the cute shippy scenes that second writer is giving us, I think she’s (he?) biting more than she can chew, plot-wise. I mean, it’s like they were all like, “omo, we need Plot! Chop, chop, let’s put something together now” and proceeded to add more clichés. Heh. But hey, not complaining. I like clichés, especially if Ki-joon and Ah-jung get to spend more time together! ^^

    So glad Sang-hee came to his senses. I wish we’d get to see more of him and honestly? I would have liked to see how he transitioned from his aaaaaaaaaaaaangsty self to the mature young man we’ve seen in this ep. It’s a shame he had barely any screentime in the latest eps.

    And I second? third? 4th? The request of more kissage! Come on, we’re going into withdrawal here. We get all these lovely kisses in the first part of the drama and then, bam, nothing. Going cold turkey isn’t easy!

    • I like cliches – cliches are good – especially if you start to imagine waht YEH and KJH can possibly do with them!!

      Already they are out of this world in their portrayal of the bare bones script – so I’m gonna say that the ad-lib and emotions going into the scenes are how they feel emotionally connected to each other – otherwise there would not be this sync in every action and reaction of theirs.


      So where is the “keeping to the spirit of the First Writers” vision – if I do recall, KJH said something about that writer liking kissing scenes?

    • I agree about the Cinderella ending. In that scene, I certainly missed the original writer. She was much much better at deep meaningful lines than 2nd writer is, who appears to be more about grand plot gestures.

      • It’s exactly the same reaction I had when I watched the ending of ep 11 with the Cinderella/Princess setup. I didn’t groan, but it was a close call.

        I much prefer low profile scenes -the subtle gestures, the quiet looking into each other eyes- instead of the grand gestures that kind of scream to me “ooh, writer’s block!” Grand gestures are okay as long as they add something to the story or the character. When they’re done just to fill some screen time or, say, HAMMER a point home instead of subtly hinting at it, they may backfire and be cheesier than expected imho.

      • Im glad I read Koalas recap while I was watching the raw, because I could not watch Ah Jung in that part. After Ki Joon saved her from the reporter I just went back to watching my fave parts hehe. I cant see her fall and be so despodent, I would just bawl more. And Gah, the cinderella thing is so not cool.
        I dont think she and Ki Joon would seperate either, im not worried about that anymore, not after all these damn eps. Heheh I just think she was just hit so hard where it hurts the most, and especially after that sleazy reporter who said such a statement, it all just magnifies how vulberable she really is. This new writer better not Eff with me. I dont care what happens, who they have to fight, but Ki Joon and Ah Jung stay together.

    • ETA: re: Kang Ji-hwan. No, seriously. I have never seen him act like this before. I’ve always liked him, but I thought he wasn’t the strongest actor out there. I’ve just rewatched the reunion scene and my mind, it’s still boggling. The sounds he makes when he sees her? LIke he’s about to cry, but knows he can’t? I just…*flails* It looks like KJH is in pain, like REAL pain. IDEK, chingu. There’s something funny going on and I just can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. It goes beyond the chemistry these two have on or off screen. It’s -I think you said so in one of your previous recaps- something magical and something like htat. IDEK. I’m blown away.

      • Uh….WORD. Check your email, lady.

        Also, BRB but need to check something from HGD. I swear Ji Hwan dug out the daddy death scene from there (where Geun Seok looked all constipated, BTW, seriously Chang Hwe not his best performance) for moments of this episode. I have no clue where it’s coming from, but my gut tells me this draining experience is almost like making them bond more.

        Btw, you called MG/MR a CHIBI KJ/AJ. ROFLMHO. Omo, I think we need to do a J-dorama this summer. *contemplates recapping one* Chibi! So true. Like Maki is a chibi version of Janine, no?

      • Read and replied! 😉

        I had to drop HGD. It was my first experience with period drama and I got scared. They lost me at the pee-soaked candy. I mean, I may have watched a few more eps after that, but the pee-soaked candy totally contributed to the decision to drop it. I’ll probably finish it someday because KJH+JGS=♥♥♥♥♥

        What? It’s true! They’re totally KJ/AJ’s chibi version! 😉 Haha, omo, omo, you’re right about Maki and Janine.

        And if you want to watch a jdorama, I’m all for it. But we need to choose carefully, okay? Something like Buzzer Beat would be fine. ^^

  19. I’m still amazed by the fact that you made the baby recap and then the full recap completed with your thoughts, all in less than 10-12 hours!!
    Koala-san, I salute you.

    Only two episodes left for us to enjoy the chemistry of our beloved OTP.
    The rest of this week would be the longest week ever.

    P.S. Writer-nim, if you know what is good for you, you’d better give us a satisfying happy ending – more cuties, hugs, kisses, bed scene, wedding, glimpse of their future family, or whatever – or else.

  20. hmmmmm am curious to know how much of the OTP interactions are adlibbed.
    I have a feeling that most of it are… have you noticed the hiking scene where KJ was at the back of AJ making her drink the water, HE DRANK ON THE SAME SPOT WHERE AJ LIPS TOUCHED… I rewound that part a number of times!!! am sure that was KJH wanting an indirect kiss from YEH… so please PD hear the poor man out…give him the making out part next ep and make it looooong…
    a 10min one wouldn’t hurt…

      • why…..until now i’m still can’t watch LTM in this link….not like another drama……………coz that i’m only can read the synopsis in here… poor …..

      • erm… as much as I love the undercurrent of attraction in all the YEH/KJH interactions, the drinking from same spot thing might be reading too into it. It would’ve been less believable had he rotated that tupper/cup/thingie just to sip.

        I think there’s more though to note at how comfortable our OTP are at being really close (body wise). I mean, YEH was practically sitting on KJH at that scene. Watch how she so comfortably leans on him while the ahjummas recognize them. Hate that the PD kept cutting to another view while her arm wrapped around KJH’s knee.

        Go look!

  21. Dear Koala,

    Thanks for the recap. Ratings and interests in a drama are equally important. Ratings is for the whole production crew to be proud of and for the network itself. As for the interest of the plot/script – it is for the fan like us. We will always remember the moments of the drama. We remember the actors in it, the character and the whole scene.

    It is sad that LTM rating is just so-so nevertheless I still love the drama. I like all the scene in it. I like AJ and KJ. Like you Koala I hope both of them will get married and have beautiful children 😛

  22. Thank God for your recaps because you made LTM’s crazy writing acceptable. You are so right when you say that our OTP made this drama series amazing. I would rather watch a drama series that will connect me to the main lead as compated to a drama series that make great plots but cannot relate to the main characters. If I were looking for that then I would have just stayed with CSI (though I love Horatio…LOL). My point is I know the writing sucks but I am so damn entertained everytime I see Ki Joon and Ah Jung on the screen.

    I do watch other korean dramas with solid storyline but I am not feeling the characters, I am not moved with what they feel even if the scenarios were constructed well. Sometimes I feel I am wasting my time on them since they cant hit me emotionally. Intelligently, sometimes I wonder why I can’t get out of this drama series as some of the scenarios are quite ridiculous. Then I realized I am a person who would rather stay and watch a drama series that will make me HAPPY. It was so funny to see a friend TRYING SO HARD not to watch it since people says the writing is so stupid. I told her to give herself a break. This is dramaland. People watch for different reasons and it does not in any way related on anybody’s IQ.

    Truth to be told, I was closed to bashing my screen with anything I can get my hands on how the story and the….enough of that, we all felt that BUT, yahooo to KJH and YEH. I am just glad that they are on the screen most of the time. I love the cuteness, the adorakableness and the cheesiness of it all. Damn, I rather have that than see a drama couple trying to look in love being mushy and all and still falls flat in the OTP chemistry radar.

    With that, I say thank you koala for making me love LTM more!!!

    • Exactly! People watch dramas for a number of reasons and there’s no better or worse. We like what we like and we don’t like what we don’t. It’s as simple as that, imho.

      I keep saying that if I want to watch a show for its plot, I (generally) don’t choose a kdrama though there are plenty of kdramas which are aaaaamazing and have great plots (Mawang, Story of a man, Return of Iljimae, etc). I watch kdramas (mainly) to ship and squee and that’s fine by me. It all boils down to, plot or no plot, the characters, if they connect with you and if you’re willing to spend many hours with them

  23. With all the heartaches they’ve put HwanHye through, I want lots of kisses, boating in the last two episodes. If not, I DEMAND yes! I DEMAND a grand wedding…=)
    I’ve even got a wedding entourage set in my mind already.
    Chairman and Madame Chen – Principal Sponsors
    Minister of Tourism – Principal Sponsor (even if AJ got fired I know you still like her)
    So Ran – Maid of Honor
    Sang Hee – Best Man
    Park Hoon – Ring Bearer (hehehe because of your pastry smurfy cuteness)
    Manager Park – Bridesmaid
    Desperate Housewives(you know who I mean) – Flower girls (lol!)

    Anybody else have any suggestions?
    I’m already practicing my female-hotel-employee-giddy dance for the wedding.

    Thanks Captain my Captain for the recap!

    • LOL… love it!! agree with your wedding lists… ooh oh… i have 1 person to be added is a wedding singer. Who? it is the girl who always sings at the cafe.. you know her, right?! she’s so prof to playing any instruments whether it’s piano or guitar… I like her so much 🙂

      • Peipei, love that suggestion totally agree that she should be the wedding singer. …=)

      • What? Pastry Smurf Park Hoon is Frodo Baggins?? The Ring Bearer

        Then Reaper is Gollum?? “My Precious” LOL She is so freaky!!!!

        Ex-Ice Prince is Aragon
        Ex-Civil Servant is Arwen
        Demigod is Legolas??

        One ring to rule us all!! LOL Well in our case, one drama to rule us all, and drive us to insanity!!!! Awesome!!!

      • @Angelito

        Rule of thumb, never invite your ex to your wedding. YJ, for the love of God, is definitely not on the guest list.
        You’re going insane already, don’t think of Park Hoon as Gollum that is too extreme hehehe

      • @ Angel

        Park Hoon is Frodo

        Reaper is Gollum, you know “my precious” is Ki Joon. LOL she is so pitiful!!! LOL

    • OMG ANGEL!!! Love it!!! Specially Park Hoon as the ring bearer!!!! LOL!!!! But really I want to see Park Hoon dating. I really wish that the ending of this drama will give us more! Proposal, wedding and will give us a glimpse of their future together as well as the other characters.

      • Yes, this should give a glimpse of their future. Maybe we’ll see Park Hoon finally bringing someone to the movies. So Ran and Jae Bum having a baby, or better yet HwanHye babies!!!!!!!

      • Well I’m a gonna get my hair done – hee hee!!!

        You know what – my hairstyle is actually like YEH’s now – Yobo was commenting how appropriate it was that I was so nuts about KJ/AJ and I have her hairstyle!

        Now, I wonder if I can get Yobo to wear his hair like KJ – hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

      • @Madkdr
        you can probably get him to cut his hair like KJ, but I doubt you’ll get him to wear suits.

  24. even though LTM doesn’t get good ratings. I hope Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye chemistry and romance will continue to their real life. I wish they can ce a real couple…..
    They are great actor but unfortunately it doesn’t support with a good script writer too . that’s why LTM doesn’t get high ratting. the only reason why do I keep watching this drama is I just want to watch Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye on screen.

  25. i miss the kisses too…. bonkers with this new writer! after the two hot kisses, all she has been giving us are hugs. yeah right, like you’ll be contented with hugs after tasting ki joon? the new writer better get her act done and give us hotter kisses than cola and ice cream kiss!

  26. Is it just me or were they all really good actors in this episode? Seriously, they were all believable. I even felt a teeny bit of pity towards Yoon Ju when she cried after watching the video where KJ shouts out his declaration of love.

    And really, how amazing is Kang Ji Hwan, dude’s forte is really drama. I can’t get over how amazing he was in the cherry blossom lane scene when he finally found Ah Jung. That look was just complete and utter heartbreak for Ah Jung…it was just so full of love…it’s the first time I really cried. I had to watch it so many times, if the episode ended there, I would’ve been completely satisfied.

    KJH just upped the intensity meter here and he just became exponentially hotter…he’s soooo handsome…I don’t know if I’m just influenced by how awesome his character is (because seriously, BEST.BOYFRIEND.EVER.), or how awesome he portrays it but hell, he’s oozing charisma and romance…he adorably wants to be oppa…haha…that was sweet

    Sang Hee looked more handsome too, I dunno why…he was really cute trying to comfort Ah Jung in his own way. in fact, he’s awesome here…so is manager park…so is so ran…so is jae bum….lots of awesomeness here

    And drama in the last part…hmm (really, tripwire? Why don’t I use that same wire to strangle all those people who hurt Ah Jung? Let’s see how good that plays out for them.)

    And, just because I have to say it again…Kang Ji Hwan is hot.

    • I agree. You FELT HKJ sharing GAJ’s pain. You felt that how he loves this woman so much and how he couldn’t believe she sacrificed herself for him. You could see in his eyes how he knew she loves him so much that she threw herself under the bus for him. You felt how in pain he was that she had to go through all that pain alone because she couldn’t reach him.

      All that without any words. And even the way he delivered the small talk spoke so much about how KJ was feeling.

      The brilliant thing about KJH, because he obsessively analyzes his character’s story, he KNOWS and understands who Ki Joon is and he perfectly delivers the depth that really few actors in asian dramas can. This is why I honestly believe that Kang Ji Hwan is one of the most understatedly brilliant actors in kdrama.

      Could you imagine if YEH ended up doing the ill-fated remake of “Love Song” WITH KJH??? They could’ve be soooooo perfect.

      • eep, my bad about the grammar errors — hard to type on an ipad.

        i wanted to add, KJH is just so incredibly skilled at portraying deep and complex characters. he’s definitely gotten better and better through the years. and because of his theater background, he can more easily experiment in scenes by throwing in ad-libs or delivering a regular line in a completely different manner and making it so noteworthy.

      • yep. PERFECT. and that would make me go into YEH-KJH overdrive

        that scene was so…god…I actually had to watch it frame by frame to soak it all in…each time, I am blown away by the amazing acting…who needs dialogue when so many things can be said with that one look?

        and kudos to YEH for her acting too, she wasn’t swallowed up at all…those simple gestures like how she can’t really look at him….she looked emotional but almost drained, allowing Ji Hwan’s character to be able to…express the pain that is both his and AhJung’s (oh lord, if a man gives me such a poignant look of love like kijoon gave ahjung, I.WILL.DIE.)

        this goes in my little shelf of best kdrama scenes evarrr!

      • Yeah, I just can’t get over Love Song. I’m constantly thinking how great it would have been if these two did Love Song instead of this one.

        I can’t help but keep playing the last scene in ep.12 where they meet on the cherry blossom lane after a long hard day, thinking of the last scene from the original movie.

    • without words, those few minutes when KJ finally found AJ was a complete and total heartbreak! makes you really feel for the couple. how can we ever say goodbye to LTM!?

  27. Thanks for the recaps! I’m not really watching LTM, but I promise I won’t bash. Just wanna say thanks. I’m following the recaps because even secondhand squeeling makes me giddy. You guys are contagious.

    And as a semi-avid watcher of New Tales of Gisaeng, I feel for thundie. Oh well OTP is still cute.

  28. I’m so frustate and desperately waiting the intimacy between the OTP… *sigh* .. i need the hot kiss…I need KJ to be impulsive to grabbed and pushed AJ then drag her to his house (the “crime scene”) …do the “I wanna sex you up” there… the wedding can be followed but first… bed scene!!!!
    hahaha.. I’m so pervert ….hahahahahaha….

    • am with you on this… am tired of hand-holding, hugging, eye-to-eye make-out and indirect kisses… i want PASSION!!! no less that 10 minute lip-lock with slurp (aka cola kisses)… and mot especially the much awaited bed scene…ahhhhhhhh PD you listen…we’re in no mood to ask…we just DEMAND!!! ARASO????

    • Peipei, I so want more kisses and boating action hehehe…..When KJ asked AJ if he already got the food he sent her and she said she wanted something else, I so wanted AJ to say “I want you!”
      KJ always says they’re going somewhere, well KJ go on and take her somewhere! (If you know what I mean…hint…hint…nudge..nudge…) KJ stop beating around the bush or pushing her against the bush, just go and push her unto something soft and fluffy…hehehe

      • @ mizweng… indeed!! WE DEMAND!!! even cola kiss isn’t enough anymore :((

        @ Angel.. yeah ma pren.. I also have the same thought like yours… even dirtier and nastier than yours…

      • hahaha peipei and angelito, I thought I was the only one having pervy thoughts.

  29. My dear captain, the recap is so well written.I love your wisdom , witty and super duper comments…Considering a career in writing perhaps..I’m guaranteed you have the X factor…

    On ep14, eventhough I haven’t watched the raw one but I bet you I will fall in love with it and more important with the most adorable and greatest OTP after reading your recap.I read somewhere before a while ago mentioned that YEH has no luck in meeting the right partner on screen after that MFL (correct me if I’m wrong) and I’m kinda agree with that.Until I first LTM and thinking to myself, here it is…her best matched partner on screen (wishing off scree too) and thanks heaven it does turn out the way I wish.The burnt the screen, every time I see them now I will think they are GAJ and KJ character…I’m with you here to this point, really don’t care all I want to watch is HwanHye dating and whatever..heheheh…I still need rehab post LTM and seriously don’t think I will watch other dramas for few months to not get too hooked up like this…

    • oh man, most of that was Ki Joon, too! Ah Jung seemed like she was being flirty-angry… but Ki Joon just kept staring hard with a slight glint in his eye (like he was taking her clothes off while she gave her complaints). I LOVE how he scoots his chair in to ask her why the matter couldn’t be handled over the phone and he had to come in person… had that table not been between them, he would’ve devoured her then and there.

  30. Birds of the same feather, indeed tend to flock together… I still love LTM, regardless of the thin plot, the inconsistencies, the messy editing, and just the lack …. the show just fell short. BUT!!!! I STILL love LTM, because it still hits me right here *points to heart* again and again… here, where I feel that thing called emotion, where I feel that organ start to beat faster, trip over and jump in ecstacy over the sweetest, loving gestures of our OTP. I would certainly choose a middling drama over the best acted, cleanly edited, professionally directed and most intellectually written drama, if all it does is make me think but does not make me feel. My brain works itself enough, thank you very much, over the most challenging problems at work, I don’t need to stress it out even more. When I watch dramas, I want to be entertained. At the end of the day, I just want to feel happy, or at the very least, satisfied. In very rare times, you do find a drama that is so awesome it wows you in all levels , intellectually, emotionally, even spiritually. LTM is not one of those dramas. But hey, I’ll still take it, warts and all, and I’ll stick to it until the very end… even beyond, if KJH and YEH write their own personal epilogue to the drama (yes, pleasszzze!).

    Lastly, Ockoala, I bow before you, you are all kinds of awesome!

  31. oh Koala, i’m so right with your choices. I’m so glad i got to know your blog. I started watching DTLY last night and on the first episode i’m hooked already. I meant to watch it after LTM or even wait for it to end first so that i can marathon watch it, but because of your ep. 10 comments (i’m not reading the recap, just ur comments =), my curiosity got me, kekeke. Now it’s also congesting my brain together with LTY and BL. Can’t hardly work now. Theses dramas will really the end of my career, hahahah =)

  32. Has anyone answered/asked this before? Can’t help noticing this.

    What’s with the lapel pin that KJ wears for his suits? Same design yet in different colours only. Is that meant to be of certain significance???

    • Ki Joon wears bespoke suits. The noble and rich British gentlemen of yore had bespoke suits where the lapels had a buttonhole, intended to hold a boutonnière, a decorative flower. These are now only commonly seen at more formal events.

      But you still see custom suits with the buttonhole on the lapel, though most men would never wear any decorative pin. For Ki Joon, his suits are a sign that he’s got a pretty high instep. Actually, all of Ki Joon’s lapel pins are different design and different colors.

      For LTM, 50 suits were custom ordered for Kang Ji Hwan, he paid for 10, the other forty were sponsored by the suitmaker.

      • ahhh i love madame koala’s explanation and with that KJH trivia…thank you my dear!!! muwahhhhh

      • He mentions this on the very first interview/BTS YEH and KJH did for LTM. It’s up on with subs.

      • Wow. Thanks much Koala for the info. I didn’t realise.

        No wonder… those suits are damn fine-looking on him.

    • nah I guess this is just some fashion statement… and it has reference to the olden times where fresh flower is used as buttoniere (that’s what they call it…heck my spelling sucks)… anyway, I can’t remember where but I did see this type of buttoniere used before…

  33. I think its safe to say that every each of us desperate for skinshipness and bed scene (s). I mean YEH has done it for her last two project, and Ji Hwan doesnt really have one, so I guess he too is secretly hoping to get one

    • methinks the PD-nim / writer-nim of LTM failed to consider us *ahem, our perverted wishes*, the international fans? They should google every LTM fansites and read what exactly is written on those sites?

      LOL, we should obtain the number of the writer-nim and bombard him/her with text messages/phone calls asking for hot kissy-kissy-huggy-huggy-bang-bang scenes!


      • Lolz~~i’ve been reading all comments for this thread, n all i can say is.. i luv ur “honest” comment…. hahaha.. thats what we want writer-nim~~!!

  34. Looks like someone thought the same exact thing I did! I’d love a reason for YEH/KJH to make-out again… but even the subtle/stolen skinship moments that you know is no where written in the script, scenes that they must have talked about or naturally just did, is way more than enough for me.

    Why the park-drinking water-ahjummas scene was, by far, my most favorite moment of this episode… even more than KJ’s drunk speech (though when he took a deep breath and used his serious low voice, I melted into a puddle of goo).

    cr: JJ DCLIE

    • Wow…this is nice…so close yet so sweet..Thanks so heart melt when knowing they are that close….hurayyyy

      • There was an indirect kiss in that moment too. Gosh, I feel so deranged pointing this out…but whatever floats the boat huh? Right after Ki Joon gave Ah Jung The water. He drank right after. Same spot!! heheh

  35. Thanks koala! Hoping for the best for Lie to me until the last episode. Will visit your site always for updates and more comments.
    I will pray for next outing whether in movie or another drama or even in real life for Yoon and KJH It will take a long time in my very busy life for me to watch another korean drama if Yoon is not there.
    But for now, for heavens sake, Lie to me director and writer, can you not see the worldwide clamor, we want more kissing scenes , making out , then kids between Ah jung and Ki jun. Please, please.

    • O thank goodness!! I was wondering what the problem was – I’ve been posting but nothing came up and I wondered.

      So sad 🙁

      I was having so much fun earlier and just discovered none of my posts came up after the morning session.

      Ah well…

    • Some of your posts got stuck in spam. o_O I rescued them. It should be visible now. Always let me know if you think something isn’t posting properly.

  36. I’ve heard rumors at DC Lie and Baidu (unverified) that apparently the new scriptwriter discussed with Ji Hwan and Eun Hye and agreed per their mutual decision not to have any more kissing scenes in the latter half of the drama. To avoid a scandal.


    1. That pisses me off, because SO many scenes in episodes 12-14 you can see that a natural kiss, nothing hot and heavy, but something tender and in-the-moment, was warranted. Sometimes I feel like Ji Hwan and Eun Hye almost have to hold themselves back from going for the next logical step in any scene that calls for an expression of emotion.

    2. Taking scripting changes to avoid scandal naturally only makes me more suspicious. Where there is smoke, there is a fire.

    Again, this is not verified, but wanted everyone calling for boating from Ki Joon’s house all the way to the World Hotel and sometimes in his big SUV, perhaps let’s lower our expectation.

    Look, if the early kissing was like *that*, perhaps with the added time spent together, they are worried that any further kissing might, ugh, be hard to maintain the facade of acting. I dunno. I just want more natural couple moments, be it anything from a simple finger stroke to full on horizontal mambo.

    • oh no! that’s really too bad… Ki Joon is definitely a hot-blooded male lead and the original writer had it that way.

      though I understand their worry about hot and heavy scenes… but WHOSE FAULT IS THAT (*points finger at YEH/KJH*)??? No one told you guys to literally ignite the screen.

      I agree, Koala. Me thinks the lady and gent doth protest too much.

    • Oh my god, seriously?
      Where did Baidu and DClie get the rumours/info?
      Oh man… I’ll be SO SO SO DISAPPOINTED!
      I don’t expect boating, but I want kisses!
      I agree with you that there are so many moments which i feel the OTP would have kissed in the next moment and I wonder why they didn’t…

      “Look, if the early kissing was like *that*, perhaps with the added time spent together, they are worried that any further kissing might, ugh, be hard to maintain the facade of acting.”
      Ok… if they kissed for real on screen, all the better!!!
      I mean, whether they continue off-screen are their business, what’s it got to do with the show?

      I haven’t seen any scandal arising between KJH and YEH, mainly just lotsa fans wishing that they would hook up. This is hardly any scandal right? Unless, like what you said, KJH and YEH themselves are worried that they will develop deeper feelings if they had to kiss again.

    • I agree… the lord and lady doth protest too much if what you say is true, koala.

      Think about it:
      a) KJH has never had an issue with is previous co-stars acting out and practicing scenes that could be deemed risque… I mean for goodness sakes, it was his ad-lib in “My Girlfriend is an Agent” to drop his trousers while kissing Kim Ha Neul — making her and all the female staff blush and grossed out (*what’s wrong with them?*)

      b) YEH had some really intimate scenes for Coffee Prince. Why didn’t she have a problem with those? I mean, if it weren’t for Gong Yoo adamantly saying YEH isn’t his type of woman, all CP fandom kept hoping they would get together after his military service.

      I feel like YEH would be the one to protest, more so than KJH who has always been very committed to his acting. I wonder… is YEH afraid that they’d be found out??? (^_____~)

      • This is making me very suspiscious. As a long time fan of YEH, I know for a fact that she’s never protested intimate scenes except nudity. She’s never protested to do kiss scenes with any of her male leads before that’s for sure, she didn’t even protest to do kissing scenes with Oh Man Seuk who was already married…hmmmmm

        I’ve been suspiscious for awhile now that I think these 2 have been dating since 2009 and kept it under wraps.
        Ji Hwan even invited her to his movie premiere and from his admission, they’ve gone out to karaoke before. Something is very fishy here.

        Why this all of a sudden unless they both have something to hide?

      • Oh I have another comment… but if they were really dating (which doesn’t make sense to me) – wouldn’t they just NOT film a drama together? It just seems that would be more likely. But since they did, I feel like they aren’t. I don’t find admitting to karoke means something fishy is going on.

        When viewers fall in love with their characters – it’s just natural part of their jobs. I just don’t understand why it’s really any different here. Dang it – KJH should just say that YEH is not his type like GY and put a rest to it – give us our lovely fanservice ending scenes and then go from there.

        There were so many scenes in ep 13-14 where I felt someone should have kissed someone. What a real bummer.

      • Honestly, Gong Yoo could have wordedly it more delicately….”YEH is isn’t his type of woman.” Sheesh!!!!!!! It’s his loss, right?

      • was it Gong Yoo who said YEH is not his type or was it JJH, i remember reading in some site something like that after Goong.

      • During GY’s military radio show, he interviewed some idols who had a huge crush on YEH and they thought he would get mad if they admitted it. GY just said “no. why? that’s just acting, not real life. I guess it’s okay if you go for the cute type of woman.”

        And KJH likes to go drinking with staff and cast mates. That’s no secret. YEH’s CP family also often went to dinner together because of long shoots. Them going to noraebang together probably was in the context of the entire staff at the beginning of filming LTM to become comfortable together.

    • Another thing that’s weird is that, I remember during the press conference Ji Hwan said that he and YEH discussed that they weren’t just gonna do the usual korean drama boring type kiss scene. So why the sudden change?

      Something is not right here…i really think they are hiding something.

      • @ babylove

        you just gave me life with that post of yours…even if its not true a spark of life just run through me… thanks… need to be positive…

      • Your suspicious might be right..Think back when she did Goong, right after XMAN and rumour she dated KJK but she did 1 long hot kissed scene, than CP she never against kisses scenes even last MFL she had a scandal but not stopped her from doing kisses and bed maybe they have real chemistry together…please let it be true…

      • yeah I so agree with you , they must be hiding something… but if later on .. after LTM they will eventually give in and admit that they are dating (hopefully) I will forgive them for doing this to us…But seriously, sometimes watching this two doing their scenes, doesn’t seem that they are just acting….I hope YEH won’t get scared because of these reactions..

    • Noooooo…..!!!!!!!!!!!! Why… oh why??? I mean… they are both professional actors right? Ok – in the end, I have to settle for whatever they give us but still. Scandal? Again, they are both professionals and this is their job. YEH has done at least 2 of these type of scenes that I’ve known of in a drama. KJH – can’t comment, cause I haven’t seen any through to know.

      And it makes so much sense cause the characters are really that much in love. Gosh!! Anything less is like eh??

      Frankly for me, in the end, this a drama and these are characters. I wouldn’t think anything otherwise, even though I like to hope online (somewhat haha).

      So sad to hear 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • oh dear… this is BAD news!!! maldande!!! unbelievable!!! i will not add anything more, got no energy left… this really put me down… anyway, i agree to all your reactions… nuf said…

    • Hey guys – this is purely an unverified rumor. Which lends credence to the fact that it’s been very huggy and no kissy lately for some weird reason. But again don’t get too down by it. The last two episodes might explode in pinkness and we’d all need smelling salts to revive us.

      Just passing along some rumors to mull over. I’m not losing sleep. Because the way KJ stares at AJ sometimes (at her office, when he’s drunk), he’s pretty much taken her clothes off mentally and I’m blushing already.

      I don’t know how Eun Hye keeps her composure around him.

      • Have you notice how sometimes eun hye erm..ah jung looks away when ki joon starts doing the smoldering look? Like the office scene or when he was biting his lips at the airport scene its like he so want to kiss her

      • hi guyss…

        maybe they don’t want any kissing sceen too less scandals coz one of them had a girlfriend/boyfriend??? coz they don’t want hurt their couple.. ohh please don’t..

        i just wish that they will be together in real life..they so perfect each other… let us hope all…:)

      • I also notice that elise. AJ/YEH always looks away when KJ/KJH starting to do that act (intense looks) at her. Being a shy person I think it’s YEH’s real character who take over/come out at those scenes not AJ. Make me wonder if KJH has some guts to look to YEH in that way in real life 🙂

      • Aye captain. Fully hands and legs second to your statement! Sometimes I can feel that Eun Hye is looking away uncomfortably too when he gave her ‘That Look”. If Eun Hye really did not want to do another kiss scene just to avoid scandal, I would think she feels the chemistry too…

      • Ok – I’m a little despondent now – there’s just got to be some natural kissing seeing how they love each other to death!! Otherwise it would get really awkward and stilted – like how you know you want to kiss but you are forced to abstain!

        MAN!!!! Sigh!!!

      • i agree….to avoid any ‘rumors’…they will just have to totally separate from each other. their natural chemistry is too strong . just the way they look at each other leads people to conclude they are a real couple. and over the past few episodes, i felt they were realllly holding back on purpose. i mean, AJ did say she wanted to ‘take it slowly’ back in Jeje island but it has been a bit extreme?!

      • No more kissing? o_O Chingu, hold my hand! I’m fine if they keep having shippy moments, but still, what a letdown!

        I do have to agree with you: they really look like they have to hold back sometimes. Which is a shame because let’s face it, they are making the drama. Without their sizzling chemistry, IDK if I would have stuck to LTM.

    • maybe they decide to not to have any more kissing scenes because they (YEH & KJH) afraid can’t stop kissing 😀

    • @lovedramas I find the karaoke thing weird, cause YEH admitted herself that she isn’t easy to get close to. So for her to actually go out with KJH is a big step and out of character.

      • ohhhh i just love these speculations… make me perky and bright again.., btw someone wrote at soompie and apparently she got this from DC lie that these are adlibbed scenes:

        ***KJH talking about the oppa thing
        ***when AJ grabbed KJ’s face and said ‘you cutie’ it was all YEH’s doing

        now all together… squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • ok… I give up… 🙁 I give up to expect the bed scene, I give to see the hot kiss….
        I should be happy and enough with the loving eye contact, holding hands, touching here and there (only in safe area)….only, and I need to stop hoping or I’ll get crazy like a pervert old lady …

        just give me the wedding scene ..plzz… at least give me some hope and dream…so at least my mood is better since the pay day is long way to go til the end of the month 🙁

      • Ok fine with me, if there are no extreme kissing or boating. I am disappointed, I’ll just watch the Cola Kiss and Ice Cream Kiss over and over. But please do not lose the “eye sexting”.

    • Fricking new writer. My golly writer-nim, grow a pair and write some kisses in their. Who wants to date a sexy guy and not be able to lay one on him every now and again? Isn’t that why we date?…isn’t it?
      And especially if you know your going to marry someone (becaue GAJ and HKJ have been going that way since he met the papa) You’d be even more entitled to do that. Gosh, someone get Hyun bin to come teach this writer how it goes!!! As if.
      …..sorry, sorry. I know, I’m being completely selfish right now, I am. I dare call myself a fan of YEH while im just looking out for my own enjoyment–how gross. It’s because I havent ate in 3 days. My stomach acid is eating away at my body. Im soo Hungry

      • But Seriously….there has to be a compromise….
        If *ahem* If they want to cool down on the lip locking…. *rolls-eye grudgingly* “How dare Kissing Bandit do this to us!! Honor Your NAME”
        …I can be fine with that. I can, but they must and I mean MUST, give us a boating scene, or an implied Boating scene, as in wake up in the same bed with that morning after grin and antics. This is reasonable. I mean, If YEH can do this with Yoon Sang Hyun *Rolls-eye* she can, SHE MUST, do this with Ki joon.

      • I really don’t want to be embroiled in this as well (you’ve all said nuff) but now that you mention YSH (let’s wash that off)> >

        Go Girl have that freaking bed scene with KJH you have to redeem yourself from the last one! Writer/ PD Beware a mutiny is forthcoming . . . .

      • @leishers, you mentioned hyun bin and yes i wouldnt mind that bed scene like the secret garden one just after they got married.
        if ltm can have that scene i would go mental! hahaha

    • hello again to you ockoala and the rest of ltm addicts 🙂

      just want to say that im confused as to what scandal is going to happen if aj and kj do a few more kisses in the drama. i mean like everyone said its just natural for two people inlove to be sweet and to show some pda. i am not asking for too much. a wedding and a few kisses here and there on the last episode. it would be daebak!

      i hope and pray they will give us this. my life wont be the same after ltm!

      thank you so much ockoala for this playground! i love it very much 🙂 kumawo!

  37. guys, have you notice that the name of the fat-guy-co-worker-of-ah-jung-that-makes-me-feel-pissed-off-the-moment-i-saw-him is hyo joon? just jumble the letters and we’ll get hyon joo!!! OMG, they should end up together… that would be fun.. they be holding hands dating and i’ll shove to the 50ft hole with rats!!! hahahahaha

  38. dear ockoala, you had no better words to describe how is the feeling when i’m watching LTM and my fav OTP of all time. I agree with you, totally.
    🙂 i think today’s episodes lost? SO many kiss scenes!!! first both in the car felling boring, then in the public place, and finally when he was drunk. omg i imagine what would have been if…. hahah i lost my mind here *perv*

    Thank you so much, we are approaching to final & we need fan serviceeee, i hope the last two episodes will have that.

  39. I love all you fan-zee’s 🙂 I read every single one of your comments here.

    I know I said it before, and I’ll say it again – I was just “blah” over KJH in the past – tried to watch all of his dramas (most of them when they aired and then again later) and could not make it through any of them (I know – don’t hurt me !!!)… I knew he was a decent actor capable of a lot things but something was just missing for me. Wow – HKJ has changed that for me. This is the performance that has definitely moved me. What a man HKJ turned out to be – he came alive after meeting GAJ. Sure, some of that is inconsistencies in his character but KJH attacked them with gusto and I loved what I saw. (not that he hasn’t done this before – just it didn’t move me the same way).

    YEH – I have loved her since Goong but I didn’t really feel with any of her other costars that intense chemistry that others felt when watching Goong or CP etc. I thought it was good but not enough that I’d want to see them onscreen together again. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting this much chemistry from this pairing either, even though I knew there would be some kind of chemistry. These two have just blown my socks off. I have seen 100s of Kdramas, 100s of TW dramas and a bunch of jdramas over the years – no OTP has sizzled like these two – totally exceeding by far my all time fave tw onscreen coupling in ISWAK. I could watch their scenes over and over and not be bored – even the ones in the beginning.

    Ep 14 – Wow wow wow!! First, the drunk scene – best drunk scene I’ve ever seen. Love it!!! I just loved the public declaration – OMG if I was GAJ, I would have died 3 times in embarrassment. But the V victory KJ gives at the end is hilarious! Soo perfectly timed. Love the hoodie scenes – LOL – replayed that already many times. The reunion scene was done really well – I really could relate to them – it was really believable to me.

    YJ – I’m still hoping that there is some proper redemption for her and that she’s helping AJ/KJ when she met her stepdad instead of hurting them. I want her to have grown from this experience to and move on.

    Ending 2 episodes – heck… I really want to see some sort of nice wedding, and their antics when married. They are the fun ice cream & cola couple and they do crazy fun things – so let’s see it 😉 Come on writer-nim – even me… I’m requesting a good bed scene!!! I don’t ever do that for a drama. But look at how many other dramas have one… PK, MFL (gag me!), CP and more – I’m drawing a blank cause it’s so late here. To celebrate this awesome chemistry, there has got to be more!! Pleazzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    • @lovedramas, totally agree with you!

      KJH made everyone fell in love with ki joon and LTM.

      maybe this is something out of the subject, i love Kdramas and TWdramas, but what about Hong Kong dramas?????? do they not make romantic comedies?? i grew up watching everything Hong Kong back in the 80’s and 90’s, but somehow i just stopped following since the 2000’s. it’s kind of sad to see that people are not as crazy anymore about HK music/films, maybe i am wrong since i haven’t been following the HK entertainment industry, but this is how i feel.

  40. it’s good to see how BIG KJ love AJ.

    usually the women side is the desperate (& stalking) side. sometimes they (movie maker, writer, etc) make the woman soooo sad, that it’s kinda hurtful to watch.

  41. If Yoon Joo did something to cause Ah Jung to lose her job, I want someone to slap her hard. But not just from anyone, not Ki Joon and not Ah Jung, but Sang Hee. She clearly is not listening to AJ and KJ so I hope that SH will knock some sense into her. Seems like he’s the only one she’ll listen to….

    I’m sad just thinking that there’s only one week left…

  42. thanks koala for giving updates re lie to me. hope kang ki hwan and eun hye have upcoming movie or drama! i really like him. he’s a good actor.

  43. If the rumor is true that both parties agreed with the writer to tone down their kissing mania, i guess it would be a reaction by the actors from the perception that their show is being watch only because of the kissing scenes. They are professionals and would like to be known as such in the acting department- not only in the kissing parts. KUDOS > it means they are not desperate to seek rating.

    I also doubt the validity of 1000 pre-selected household deciding the ratings fate of LTM or any other shows for that matter. Since most of us watch the show live (with all the technologies available, apart from the almost obsolete television) via internet- the local ratings game to me becomes irrelevant. After all, actors and advertisers wants the same- global recognition>>>

    Too much ado about nothing!

    • AHH I see what your saying.
      Well…that changes my attitude about it.
      Darn…Logic it really does win. Heheh
      I personally dont care about the ratings, but then again, im not in korea and I guess they really look at that. I mean, every show wants good ratings, but its really the re-runs that count.

      • I am not from Korea too – maybe the reason we share the same POV on the ratings game. Ratings must work for local advertisers. . . . . And you know when everything else fails, there’s always logic to fall back to. Cheers!

  44. Maybe it’s me but the scene where AJ trip’s and fall was not to my liking. It looked to much like the poor girl out of her element, with all the rich people standing around looking down on her. If that had been YJ would there have been inquires of her being hurt, the management running over to apologize for the misplace cable. Instead AJ is seen to be some clumsy ox that’s somewhere she does not belong.

    I also think YJ like most rejected female’s want’s AJ to look bad so she can see she does not fit into the same world as K. I often wonder what kind of lives these women think they would lead with a man you know does not love you and most likely hates you for keeping him from the person he does love.

  45. I’m fried!! I don’t have a mind anymore, this, this, this drama, kidnap every though of mine, and now I don’t have anything, it is blank! My brain completely melt!! Y_Y

    Miss Koala Unni, like you I pray that Reaper, finally realize that Ex-Ice Prince, doesn’t want her any more!! So please, get lost, Reaper, for your sake and ours!! Damn it woman, you are truly annoying!!! OMG, I wish I could be a writer, I will vanish you , to Neverland and be a Lost Girl!!! For crying out loud!!!! LOL

    Jedi Park is the best friend ever, and I really pray that her and Demigod, realize they love each other and have little demi-jedi babies!! LOL Demigod, way to grow up boy, you found your balls after all!! I start to like you, just a little, don’t get carried away!!! And please, don’t sing again!!! Please!!

    Park Hoon, oh my Pastry Smurf, I really hope that in this 2 last episodes, you found some one to love too, I don’t want you to be all “alone again, naturally”, that will break my heart!! Y_Y Maybe singer chick could be a possibility!! Maybe they get together in the huge wedding, that Ex-Ice Prince and Ex-Civil Servant have!! Hear that, I WANT MY FANTASY WEDDING!

    Ex-Civil Servant, take the fall, it is natural, she started the charade, and Ex-Ice Prince, to confess his love for her, in public, awesome!!!

    Bottle of soju: 2,500 won
    Matching Italian suit: 360,000 won
    Ice Cream: 1,000 won
    Cell Phone: 25,000 won
    Laptop: 750,000 won

    Seeing Reaper’s face, after watching the live stream of Ex-Ice Prince public confession of love, to Ex-Civil Servant… PRICELESS!!! There some things money can buy, for everything else, get a Chaebol’s son for boyfriend!!

    *Totally Evil Laughter*

    • Angelito .. the singing chick at the cafe and park hoon???? ok, not bad since I like her too… since she’s just like me.. I’m a singer the end Park Hoon is still ended with me ….bhuahahahahaha *evil laughter too*

      • Lovely Peipei:

        I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t have the strength or the power to continue, this battle for Pastry Smurf Park Hoon. So go ahead, feel free to having him, all for yourself. I see the way he treats you, how he smiles every time, he sees you. I saw how his eyes shine, every time he looks at you. And the way he talks about you, it makes me sick. He was with you a few days, and I don’t even recognize him anymore. What the hell you do to him? Tell me? …. No, don’t tell me… I don’t wanna know the details. So please, take him…
        *sobs* just…
        *sobs* take him. I don’t want to be the “Reaper” in this story!!!
        *yelling @ you*
        *sighs, and sobs* I can’t do this any longer…
        * crying uncontrollably*

        *phone rings*
        *sobbing* –give me a moment, be right back
        — helo–
        *a manly sexy voice says: –it is me… I’m home…open the door–
        *screaming excitedly* –Vincenzo—
        *knocks in the door*

        LOL wow great drama!!! You get Pastry Smurf, I get Vincenzo, BTW, I think I get the best part of the deal!!! Mhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
        *Totally Evil Laughter*

        Serves you, right!! In your face!!!!! LOL

      • Is this a new drama unfolding? Peipei and Angelito for the love of Park Hoon Pastry Smurf…lol

      • Dear Evilish Angelito (evil vs angel?? from the nickname already presented who r u…hahaha)
        YES!!! finally my starwjam kiss with Park Hoon were work and turn out soooo damn success… yea, tat’s exactly what is going on between us in two days.. sorry gals…to let you know the truth like this… 🙁

        Vincenzo??? is your secret lover?? no wonder you’ve been trying soooo hard to promote him in front of us…
        you can take him, i don’t care if he that sexy and hot…he’s secret agent anyway, I bet you don’t have lots of free time to meet him the way I meet my Park Hoon…besides, I bet Park Hoon is younger than Vincenzo…Park Hoon is having lots know what I mean, right?? at the end…it’s stamina, gal…how strong he is!!!!!
        EAT IT!!! hahahahahahahahahahah

        @ angel : bwhahaahahaha.. yes, we are…

      • do you all know..park hoon birthday on june 29???I just saw his profile at ihihihi

      • Oh Peipei, lovely Peipei:

        How you dare, to compare Pastry Smurf’s “stamina” with Vincenzo? Are you crazy? Do you know how hard is the training of Special Forces, or the one to become a Navy Seals? You don’t!! Being younger doesn’t have anything to do with it!! Yes, Vincenzo is a Special Forces Secret Agent, so he is “home” just a few days of the week, but, let me tell you, those few days, are like a lifetime together, so I don’t mind!! Every time he isn’t home, it is like I have mini vacation, but when he is, is like a honeymoon every day!! Vincenzo is my Yobo, you know, the one who make me feel!!! Park Hoon, was always the side dish!!! If you know what it means!! LOL, Vincenzo is not only sexy, is hot, is lovely, is awesome, and is the real version, of Jie Xu, and is the most wonderful man in the world!! So, enjoy Pastry Smurf, he is totally yours, the only thing I’m gonna miss is the way he ate waffles!!!! LOL

        Serves you, right!!!

        @ Angel, yeah, our own drama, for Park Hoon!!

      • @Angelitocurioso
        Angelito, My little angel, Oh How I love and ADORE You. I really do. But…
        And I’m saying this in the most, calmest possible way ever.
        You have my husband as your avatar!! That cant go. 철테 안돼! 는 그것을 가질 수 없습니다!!!

      • @Leishers:

        I’m SO SORRY Princess, I didn’t know he was your Yobo. It was only a photo, dont get mad, I don’t have any relationship whatsoever!!! BTW, Vicenzo, is getting a little jealous of my drama addiction, but he says that our lovely OTP looks hot, in it!!!


      • @Angelitocurioso
        *Ahem–eyes twitching*
        Oh I *ahem* I didn’t mean to sound so…you know. But Gong Ji Cheol and I have been in a very very exclusive relationship for a long time now, and I can’t share him. Its like he remade my heart and cemented himself inside of it. So… I am a lil touchy on that. But no matter what, I can never let him go. Even when he ticks me off. Its true love.
        But on other note: Vincenzo is indeed a smart man. Only an awesome guy can recognize a great OTP like that.

      • Dear Angelito,

        Ok2… you win… I have no doubt that Vincenzo’s damn HOT and SEXY… I won’t continue this argument… Park Hoon text me to stop this..yea he asking me to stop showing off about him. He’s just so humble and down to earth person… besides, he told me that you’re just a crazy and zombie girl who addicted to K-Drama too much so just let her continuing her dreaming…. hahahahahahahahaha…

        @ Nowhere : I know PH’s birthday, we already set a dinner on that day, unfortunately, we must postpone it due to tight schedules of LTM.. so maybe after LTM end next week… 🙂

      • @Angelito, Peipei and Leishers
        I’m going to grab some coke and popcorn, sit back and relax while I read this new drama starring you three.

        So what’s the title of your drama? “For the love of Park Hoon and Vincenzo”, “Three’s a Crowd”, “Love times three”….=)

        Request for more boating, kissing and eye sexting. If it’s too graphic for the playground, then please send the explicit details at my email…LOL =)

      • @Peipei

        Now I am a crazy, zombie, dreaming girl? Really? Then, what the hell he was doing with me? He is aangry, that I broke our, relationship? It is only natural, I was the one who make him the man he is, so, I hope he doesn’t regret it being with you, and all that sticky straberry jam thingy!!! I don’t want him anymore!!!
        LOL Serves you right!!!!

        I didn’t know, sorry about, that, you know, we are friends, well acquaintances, we just take a few drama classes back in college, so we talk a few times, and after the hit behind the CP, we saw each other in the after party, but only say hi, I swear, besides, he told me he was proposing to his girlfriend, it was you right? LOL


        On that date, Vincenzo is going to South Africa, or it was Sydney, I don’t know, he told me to wait for a plane ticket, I am going to meet him some where in the globe, I don’t know exactly where, or why, but at long he is by side, anywhere is a great place! LOL

        It is “Pastry Smurf, the Real love story” LOL

        Damn, I have an overly active imagination!!!!

      • Leishers, Peipei and Angelito…

        I’m still here watching the international drama (not Kdrama hehehe) “Pastry Smurf, the real love story.”
        Please do not forget my request more boating and kissing and hugging and eye sexting. Anything graphic or goes beyond R18 rating due to an over active imagination should be forwarded to my email. hehehehe
        I think I’ll be needing more Coke and Ice cream.

    • This insanity and your outrageous scandals (angelito. leishers. peipei) > > one of the many things I will miss when LTM ends.

      So gurls enjoy the ride . . . . . . hehehe . . . . . your days are numbered (that’s what your Vincenzo will say).

      • How do you know he would say something like that?
        *totally jealous*
        Did you know him? *looking @ you with red beam eyes*


      • Hahaha > > > you know I can’t mention it > > I’m bound by omerta . . . . sending the look back with “iced blue eye”

      • are we going to discuss another scandal between @ Angelito and @ bo over Vincenzo???

        @ angel : I don’t need to describe about my wild imagination which I believe Angelito’s is wilder than mine… yeah.. Park Hoon is still young, don’t much experience..I need to improvise, besides, he also shy.. *giggles* ….maybe we (me and park hoon, haha .. me and park hoon??? hahahaha) … a lame couples but hey.. that’s ever lasting because we keep learning about each other….

        OMG…. i can’t stop laughing…I don’t even concentrate with my reports… How am I going to do if LTM ended next week 🙁

      • @Peipei
        LOL! what kinda drama is this? Now it’s angelito and bo over Vincenzo.

        You know thinking about LTM ending it’s kinda sad, it will be a long time again before I get hooked on a specific Kdrama. I watched LTM, because I love YEH a lot. First Kdrama I ever watched was Goong and I watched it just last December hehehe (late bloomer when it comes to Kdramas).
        I’ll be missing both the “insane” and the insanity that came with watching LTM.

        **for those who are “insane”, you know who you are people hehehe

      • You are wrong Peipei

        there is no drama between bo & I

        I ask Vicenzo, and he was like, WHO? LOL

        I trust him, the one I don’t trust, is my self!!!

      • @ angel : you like that much with Goong? hahaha you’re not alone…I’ve been watching that drama more than hundred don’t worry 😀 last time i watch it? last month..hahaha
        me’s take some times for me to get hooked by K-drama, as you know all the K-Drama storyline are cliche…

        bunch of insane people…I’m gonna miss you… T.T

        @ angelito : LOL… so you’re a play girl now??

      • Come on guys, how did I get into this scandalous affairs? No Vincenzo for me Eric is my guy. He is coming soooooon!

      • @Peipei

        Truth being told, borrowing Ai Wei words: “I play around, but in my heart, there only Vincenzo”

        Yeah, right!!! Ai Wei, I’m like you?? WTH?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  46. Koala More adlibbed scenes from Dclie:

    the oppa part is adlibbed by KJH

    and when AJ was in the car and grabbed Ki Joon’s face and said ‘you cutie’ it was all YEH’s doing
    cr…MariYEH soompi

    • I knew it. I knew that oppa thing was all ad-libbed, because for a second I could see Ji Hwan barely break character.

      I think Eun Hye touching his cheek in the car was to reciprocate his touching her cheek in the previous episode. I also thought that was added by her.

      Apparently drunk Ki Joon leaning out the car window to hug Ah Jung was something Ji Hwan thought up. Not necessarily ad-libbed, but his idea. He thought it was funny and different.

      I swear that the entire drunk scene, Eun Hye almost broke character many times (check out her face when she shoved Ki Joon into the car), because Ji Hwan was just nailing it with the lulz.

      • please explain to me what the word OPPA means in dating?…like honey, you or darling in English?

      • @ Julieng :
        OPPA means is big brother…and if you call you boyfriend “oppa” means you treat him as close as your own family…
        anyway, that’s what I know… maybe someone in here can help me to explain it more than mine 🙂

      • i can’t even know they’re acting/real….too many scenes so natural and they’re so comfy…..

      • @Ockoala

        IKR! He was on a roll and nailing every single line. I loved that scene. Honestly!

        Re: leaning out of the car. I loved the way they did it although I think the first time I saw anything like it was in My princess. Not complaining because the scenes were totally different in theme and “mood”

        I wish I could have seen the faceoff between Ki-joon and Ah-jung’s dad again because the first scene was hilarious! ^^

      • I love those moments when they nearly break character. There’s been so many of them and it looks like YEH and KJH are enjoying filming together so much that they keep pushing it.

        Gah, I’d love to see all the NGs and BTS vids for LTM. I’m sure there’d be so many laughs.

      • My first Korean drama were Dae Jang Gema,Winter Sonata and Hotelier.Those dramas I watched for the story and was left breathless.I heard about Yoon Hye in Goong I was hooked.i loved her innocent cute look but the naturalness and sponteneity when acting.I watched The Vineyard Man and Take Care of My Lady because of my loyalty to YEH.Coffee Prince was different story. I loved it because of Yeh ang GY and story was great too. Their chemistry together was strong as well.I enjoyed the drama tremendously.
        Iam not a young woman anymore.My work as an emergency room nurse was both very demanding with lots of pressure. My common denominator with YEH I said was enjoyment plain and simple. When LTM came along I was so happy for YEH but hesitant with KJH.I was bias to GY.After episode 2 I was eating my shoe already.The magic I saw was real. I found my self for the first time wondereing if it was for real or acting. I will agree with Koala that the writer though gave us the beginning of the lie was unable to cemented the stronger point of the storyline and make the other characters work smoothly with lead..Thanks goodness for YEH and KJH by the time I was noticing the weakness and flaws I really dont care anymore because I was just accepting everything that YEH and KJH was giving me on a silver platter.I will take everything from YEH because I like her so much but KJH took some convincing.But let me shout it out Iam so convince. I found his acting or is it acting so truthful that iam wishing he be an OPPA to my YEH please.May he is the answer to YEH’s dream since she was 22.
        YEH and KJH interaction is so real and now I read here much were adlibs.Dang ! oh dang! oh dang! I believe it all.
        LTM may not have the best of story but with YEH and KJH givng us everything that makes forget even our own names then who cares.Iam enjoying it so much to the last episodes.Oh how Iam going to miss them two.Iam going to be waiting for news of future dating .Iam sure that more projects are coming for YEH specially.But any progress on YEH and KJH personally is the icing on the cake.
        KOALA I want to thank you for your effort in recapping LTM.Your personal view point made bend over me roll in dough.You made it easier to watch the raw episode. Iam no Korean but a Filipino living in the US but iam just about as crazy as everybody when it comes with YEH and KJH.
        Thanks and more power to all.
        che rowley

  47. My sister desperately want to buy the black dress that Ah-jung wore at the party. Does anyone of you here knows how much is it???

  48. If it comes to definition meaning. 🙂
    I know what oppa means, but what about the fighting position? Why is it in so many situations, is it some kind of self-regard/self-help/self-respect/self-defence etc thing?
    Why is it so popular/need(?) to make sure everyone knows, that you’re doing everything you can?

  49. No kissing and whatsoever? Why do the cola kiss in the first place if they don’t want any complications? This unverified rumor is pissing me off…seriously! I agree with you Koala, I really smell something fishhhhhy why so sudden..

  50. ( ̄□ ̄;): OH MY GOD…!…what I missed here…adlibbed again?rumors??since episode 11 when they went to jeju…I believe everything is adlibbed n OTP improvisation..all I can see just KJH n YEH dating sighhhh…about the rumors even its true at least they must follow Korean drama standard which is…happy wedding n pleased viewers…I think they are professional actors…so they will not disappoint LTM fandom….LTM fighting!!

  51. Is there any way to let them know that NOT doing a kiss scene is way more scandalous than actually doing it?

    I mean before we were all hoping to see more cos we just love the chemistry. But now if it is true that they balk then there seems to be something to hide? And thus we of the over active imagination now instead of hoping for more to exist now speculate there’s something to hide.

    I don’t know – to me that is more scandal creating than anything!!!!

  52. Maybe the reason why they suddenly stopped the “kissing scenes” is because they don’t want people to like the drama because of that but because they are really good actor/actress right? Not because they stopped it, it means der already dating.. Well i don’t really know, just saying..

  53. Oh no…rumours for no more kissing????What??/This is unacceptable..I’m on strike with LTM writers…but why??pls don’t tell me because they afraid of scandal and then avoid seeing each other…haizzz…

  54. Hi everyone.. I have this crazy idea if it’s not too late….

    did you know that YEH have a twitter account? it’s

    Why don’t we tweet her and tell her that we want more kissing and more kissing for the remaining episodes (that is if they’re not done filming yet)
    or better still we make it trending so when it reaches to many people tweeting then maybe they will listen to all the fans around the world..hehehehe
    just saying..

    Like everyone else i am so frustrated not seeing them kiss again after the ice cream and cola kiss…

    like i said it’s an idea out of this world….

    but i will leave a message on her tweeter account..maybe just maybe she wil initiate a kissing adlib at the end of the episode….

    hayssst so frustrating..but i still love LTM…

      • i don’t think she’ll be happy if you guys do that .. We can’t force them to do that just because we want more of that…

      • @Nique
        Nobody here wants to seriously spam or flood YEH’s account. There is humor intended for the response that I gave crazyidea. This is the playground, if you have noticed all responses are tinged with humor, one way or the other. All insanity ends here… So Cheers! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I remember KJH and YEH said in an interview, before the Cola Kiss was broadcasted, that if people like the Cola Kiss, they may consider to do it again in last ep.

  55. will they worry if they kiss one more time , they can’t hide anymore…..the bloom is there already…..haha…they can no longer control themselves. as kin jun said,no flower will plant on dead branches, in opposite way the friut is happening , the flowers bud is there,water is pouring , love is planting .=D

  56. Episode 13 and 14 really saddens me. I don’t want to sound bias but I just can’t help to feel sorry for AJ. YJ is trying to destroy AJ self-esteem by telling her to give up everything for KJ.
    YJ, that’s what you’re doing for KJ, begging. Save your pride and move on stop giving unsolicited advice for AJ, will you?! That goes the same with Aunt. Stop tormenting AJ!
    AJ just swallowed her pride just to save KJ. She takes all the blame and seems to appear unaffected from it. But losing the only thing that she works hard in her entire life, that’s where reality check came in.
    I missed the fighter AJ but I admit admiring her vulnerability.
    1 more week I just hope, wish and pray that the two will end up in KJ bedroom! For goodness sake! Taking it slow doesn’t mean no more cuddling and kissing! Stop torturing us! lol! I want a cola baby! I know everybody will agree with me 
    (I have a scene in my mind: KJ will chase after AJ and carry her and then they will end up in KJ bedroom. Just a wishful thinking! :P)

  57. hi everyone………where can i get the eng-subbed ep 14?? dramacrazy n epdrama not doing it yet……some sites are blocked for viewing in singapore…!! hiks….

  58. Dear miss koala,
    hallo everybody, i just get back from my mandarin course,and open my laptop….. first of all i want to say thank you so much for miss koala for giving us the recap for episode 14 … thank you thank you thank you … 😀 …second i like the adibed they made… but i wonder why there is no more kiss scene, like in secret garden getting married and so on… is it because one of them already had a boyfriend/girlfriend ? hmmmm big question mark… but sad too … 🙁 coz i always hope that they could be a real life couple… coz i think they will be a great couple, i dont know i just see that KJH and YEH are match together… ;( but that just my opinion……. still feeling sad, i dont know it will good or not for the next episode, i hope i could watch another drama besides LTM….. but can’t coz i like the ost, the story, and of course the OTP……. want to start watch another drama besides LTM… so i could not so sad if knowing that they seperated after this episode ending …. :(…. soooooo saddddd not as i expected, but still all the best for my OTP … KJH and YEH…. i dont know if i could see another drama or KJH or YEH with another costar… i think i can’t coz i like this couple…… today i will start for looking another K-DRAMA to watch….. 🙁 hiks hiks hiks hiks hiks hiks…. once again thank you miss koala, you are the best, i will always watch your website… :)… my heart still sad now … 🙁

  59. many thanks koala. thanks to you guys also, all your comments are so entertaining. i would not know how to live throught the next five days since ep14 is so sad an ending…so maybe i’ll just lurk around your playground for new updates. 🙂

    KJ never let go of AJ…she is so sad and need you oh so badly… 🙁

    now for the ending would be: they got married…honeymoon bed scence..and then next trying to cope with babies because they are so busy with their careers too..and the lie as to who is much busier k…get that writer?!?

  60. I’m still spazzing over Ji Hwan pulling the oppa card ad-libbed. I knew he added it, because Eun Hye calls him oppa in RL, but Ah Jung has never called him oppa. In fact, Jungie was never that deferential to him in the beginning.

    Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s relationship actually never ever feels like he’s older than her or taking care of her. She actually dictated so many of their early interactions. Also, Ah Jung would never seriously do the OWP (though she tried it twice but both times it was exaggerated and on purpose).

    Anyways, when Ji Hwan said that oppa line, I could see Eun Hye reacting, NOT Ah Jung (she looked directly at the camera for a brief second, and then she just went with it). I can’t believe the PD is allowing so much to be shown.

    Have a picture:

    Baiduers have been totally on that oppa scene, too. Maybe this drama needs to finish if even our OTP can barely see the difference between acting and RL. Mwahahaha, I is evil with wicked thoughts.

    • So this would mean that the part whereby AJ said “Oppa” after KJ left would have been ad-libbed as well isn’t it?
      I wonder whether KJ ad-libebd the enitre sentence or just the “Oppa” part.
      About YEH reacting to the “Oppa” as herself, I need to go rewatch the scene now!!!

      • ok… just rewatched, yep… caught the brief second glance, though I’m still not sure if she’s reacting as YEH or maybe just reacting cos the “Oppa” or the line is not in the script.

        Anyway, I’m totally electrified by KJH in this scene, the way KJ looked at AJ while saying all those words, my gosh, so so so tender.

    • And props to YEH for going with it. Many actresses would have totally broken character and ruined the shot with an NG. I think that’s what so great about watching KJH and YEH act together, and that’s also probably why they’ve said multiple times that they work really well together.

      I love that they can keep pushing each other to create such fantastic scenes that just scream MAGIC.

      • I REALLY would love to hear the PD’s opinion on working with KJH and YEH. It must be so great to have actors who easily make a script come to life… and then some.

      • Kang Ji Hwan totes gave the “Oppa” scene away. Haha, he was practically laughing before he said it, like it was just an errant thought that just came into his head. heheh lah it.

    • Wow – how do you all catch that? It’s really impressive cause I watched the scene twice after you guys mentioned it and still I could not tell the difference from when she’s looking at the camera and when she just looks away naturally as part of the scene (since she looks away a few times).

      And to the people who caught the leaning on the leg part in the drinking water scene. I watched it 3 times and didn’t notice it (maybe too focused on their faces) and then I read about it and rewatched it. You all should be CSI’s lol 🙂

    • Koala!

      “she looked directly at the camera for a brief second, and then she just went with it”

      She looked there 3 times!!! She was so surprised that Ji Hwan stayed with her and sent the secretary boy away and not get into the car first.

      Maybe they are really just good friends, but I would never play/flirt with any of my male friend this way and so naturally. MGY and JGS were so nervous before their first kiss on-screen, that’s the normal way or reaction.
      So I feel like they’re RL dating through their drama character, and I am so happy to see them how they’re teasing each other. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like a 3rd party, hehe. 😀

    • I re-watched the presscon vid again at 0:54 she looks at KJH first before saying ‘OPPA’ at 0:56 which is weird cause in formal situations like press cons, you refer to them as nam-ssi, name-ssi or name-sunbae and she looked at him right before she said oppa.

      YEH is very anal about that she still talks honorifics with her Baby V.O.X sisters regardless of how close they are.

      • I think that was a huge slip on her part.

        In other interviews and BTS for LTM, she answers the interviewers questions and says “Kang Ji Hwan-sshi”.

        Ji Hwan called her “Eun Hye-sshi” in that interview, but in others he also refers to her as “Yoon Eun Hye-sshi”.

        I was shocked she called him oppa in an interview, TBH, because she’s very proper in addressing her elders.

        Squeee, her oppa and how his oppa – the oppas heard around the world.

        Since Ji Hwan is mine around here, just an FYI that he loves being called oppa. I swear he substituted oppa in the line of dialogue and almost cracked because he was totally teasing Eun Hye.

        My GeunGeuns are the same age and in interviews always refer to each other in full name, but in a BTS footage we all caught them whispering off to the side where Seok called MGY “Geun Young” and she referred to him as “Geun Seok”. No “sshi” at the end. Dropping honorifics immediately is a dead giveaway the actors are friends in RL.

      • It pains me soooo much that this interview (and the Power interview) aren’t subbed anywhere 🙁

      • Ockoala I know right? It was a huge slip on YEH’s part. Ji Hwan and YEH keeps on slipping a lot, must be hard when you try to keep things inside that a slip or 2 is inevitable.

        Like when YEH was putting fake puke on KJH on one of the bts video at 2: 46 when he said ‘wuri Eun Hye’ (our Eun Hye) then suddenly YEH at
        2: 48 gives him this look and just cuts him off it almost seemed as if she was stopping him from further giving out incriminating evidence.

        Then in this bts video starting from 1:56 up to 2:03 KJH had his hand on YEH’s knee that’s just too weird because he could have just placed his hand on the inflatable boat, YEH’s knee was further to reach. LOL

      • “KJH had his hand on YEH’s knee that’s just too weird because he could have just placed his hand on the inflatable boat, YEH’s knee was further to reach. LOL”

        He’s so protective. 🙂

        I hope everything turns out well for them!

    • I don’t know if everyone notice the airport scene..but I think I saw both of them it only me or what…I read somewhere that there were adlibs in that scene as well…

      • yep, definitely. YEH definitely blushed and got shy first, but just watch KJH as he walks backwards before their fingers pull apart. That smile he has, then tried to hide but couldn’t is so genuine… gives me the tingles every time. It’s like watching the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle towards him. Pure giddy happiness.

      • YEH’s Hallyu Power is undeniable. Many of us international fans have loved KJH for so long… but I hope this catapults him to legit Hallyu status in korea’s eyes, too. He’s seriously an underappreciated actor.

  61. “Anyways, when Ji Hwan said that oppa line, I could see Eun Hye reacting, NOT Ah Jung (she looked directly at the camera for a brief second, and then she just went with it). I can’t believe the PD is allowing so much to be shown.”

    right right really and makes me happy, it’s like sometimes Eun Hye caught unawares of his actions and lines..and his searing look 🙂 like too much of RL going on between the two…wishful thinking of course but why not? 🙂

  62. i think i might die from all the ad-libbed swoony scenes… *sigh* but WTH?!?! noo kiss scenes!?!?!??! not even a natural little one?!?!? TwT” c’monnnnnn writer-nim! i kno theres some place deeeeep deep within ur romantic/pervy/ AJ and KJ obsessed self that u want one kiss in there that ignites the screen !!!! D:< don't be shy! 😉

  63. WHEN KANG GIN WOON SAY ” oppa” ,his face turns out so warm with love,wonder if he is drunk or he asking yoon yen hye , be my woman?haha, wish they turn real but once they committed that they r real , just get marry not just love around ,because many male actors would only play around…….hope they are real by real .but will marriage and love life really breaks the cf? and carear?

  64. @ockaola, I do believe that thereis something going on w/this 2. having known each other since 2009( they were coupled together as presenter at 2009 she’baeksang award) they become friends, mind you just friend, but since being together w/this drama probably the feelings get intensified.who knows maybe after this drama is their love life will began. I remember reading an interview w/ yeh about marriege, n she said she wantsto get married early n have a family. she’ll be 27 this coming oct and kjh is already 32. thats a good age for both of them. hope so..hope so>>>>

  65. my work piled up! missing on all these, but can’t believe LTM with less or no more kiss scenes !!! NooooooooOOOoooooOOOO !

  66. i want be a member of baidu but i can’t coz i dont know how to read or write in korean language……. can somebody help me? plssssss……

  67. Something very important I think is going to happen is that Mrs. Chen is going to help our Jungie. Why? Because she told her in the party that ”Whatever she can do to help her, she will do it”… Soooo… don’t you guys think she’s going to work in the Hotel chain in China with Mr. and Mrs. Chen, now that she’s jobless? What do you think of my hypothesis? And also, I think Park Hoon is going to be with that employee girl he was with, when dealing with the press… what do you think? Opinions, opinions…

  68. dear koala

    pls do a blog for this 2 character….. and pls update us even this drama ends i want to know if they ended up together……

    • yeah, dear koala please if ever you make a blog for this 2 character KJW and YEH we will be forever thankful and grateful to you…hope you willl continue to give us updates or news about this two wonderful actors of LTM..yeah best OTP when it comes to romance and comedy besides the pair in City Hall…love them really good…..too bad onlye 2 episodes left…hope they will give us a happy ending with a kissing scene too…kdrama wont be perfect without kissing of the OTP he he he…

  69. just watched City hunter raw and there was a second kiss with OTP…
    I wish they would do alot of kissing in LTM before it ends….

  70. I just wondering, is anybody notice that YEH wearing 2 kind of necklaces with heart shape? One is the heart shape with K symbol and the other is a very small heart shape. Hopefully both necklaces are not from her secret boyfriend, other than KJH 🙁

  71. Epi 14
    I love epi 14
    1 AJ said to SH , she wont regret to do all these for KJ as her true love
    2 KJ throw out few question to AJ
    if she loves him or HIS status(RICH>>>> CEO >>>>)
    if she uncomfort in public(KJ is a public figure)
    if she not mind to lost her job (she is proud to be Grade 5 civil servant),
    if she want to move to aboard to start a new life(AJ SAID CARE IF KJ
    (give up his job, he works so hard and flight for so for many years)
    if he give her money she can open as many coffee house she wants
    (AJ said no, I wont take your money I find my way—AJ NOT AFTER
    his monies)
    AJ dad said that their loves ,pure love and prepare to sacrify for their partner
    KJ TOLD Manager Park , AJ and him —– in a separate world he still love her. She is simple, honest and most important, she use her heart to deal with
    her jobs and people around her. He agrees with Manager Park, he has to
    use his heart to come close to AJ. May be KJ has to give up something….
    The drunken scene KJ said he process to midlevel to AJ LIFE and propose
    to AJ (she is his)………
    Will this two lover has a happy ending!!!!!!
    Will AJ still feel quilty to lie to P Chen(that’s why she is uncomfort to
    see Mrs Chen and KJ auntie?
    Will AJ feel inferior after she get sack(as SR SAID PEOPLE LOOK DOWN
    those dishonest and AJ do mind because she is honest and stick to principal)
    Will this ruin KJ’ image (as YJ lecture her the role model of KJ’s wife) Will she leave KJ for his good???
    Two more epi , I hope the PD and script writer do not let viewers down
    found out the evil —YJ and her stepfather, Hope senator Park lost his
    position because it is a real scandal if he makes influence to the committe
    to give AJ A UNFAIR HEARING —-AJ GETS SACK. YJ suffers consquence.
    P Chen sees AJ upset and asks his minister friend to dig to the bottom
    who leaks………………and the scandle is AJ co worker?
    I do not want to see any bed scene ………..but KJ and AJ smiling faces

  72. I must say I really dissapointed with this drama… I get less and less more excited with the flow of the drama. I must agree with you koala.. the drama has a poor plot… I found it interisting until episode 8. But afterwards… the plot were boring & sucks.. and become more sucks in this 14th episode. Altough I must admit the chemistry between KJH and YHE is really adorable… and that’s what keeps me going to watch this drama… And why the hell no kissing since episode 8? For God sake… their adults… how come two adults in a relationship do not kiss, not even a quick kiss like when at the airport scene when AJ meet KJ before his flight? This make me mad… Their adults… they should kiss… Damn scriptwriter!… If I’m the producer I would never hired you ever again… I have to beat up the scriptwriter for torting us like this…. Thank God KJH and YEH chemistry saved this miserable drama…

  73. Uh-ohs… Twitter by original composer of Lovin’ Ice cream:
    곽태훈 윤은혜,강지환 Lovin ice cream 버전은 두 소속사간의 내부적인 조율 문제가 원활히 풀리지 않아 발매가 불가능하게 되었습니다. 원곡의 작곡가인 저는 적극적으로 발매에 노력했으나, 해결점을 찾지 못했습니다.

    Looks like they’re not able to release our favorite song (yet) because of problems from agencies 🙁 ottoke?

  74. lie to me fighting thanks koala’s for the recap…wedding that’s all i need to complete this best otp rom com drama…aaa another year hope not to see yoon eun hye in a drama again hu hu hu…..

  75. I just completed the English sub of episode 14 after viewing it raw online.
    ( So much time I have for this drama and so little time for my well-paying job!LOL )
    The tension in the story is building up towards the last episode while the love of Ki-Joon and Ah- Jung becomes stronger. To fully appreciate this episode, I watched again episodes 13 and 12.
    Aha! Now I know the big difference of the 1st and 2nd writer of this drama. The first writer had more promise with exciting and unusual narrative and more complex character development but unfortunately she has the greater tendency to weaken the plot and character motivation.
    The new writer who took over the job seems to be a pro in story telling but does not have the capacity to creatively excite viewers with the story. Predictably now all scenes coast to one direction to the ending.

    The scenes in episode 14 where Ah-jung and Ki- joon were subjected to questioning and censure added to the tension and will provide motivation for the scenes in the last episodes. The last scene where Ah-Jung runs barefoot and falls down summarizes the impact of the hearing. For Ah-Jung, her career, her very dignity has been shattered and so how can she be a Cinderella and be happy ever after ? If it was one shoe, maybe but she was barefoot. LOL! Her story now is worse than Cinderella so how can there be a prince Ki-Joon to save her. The myth of Cinderella does not fit Ah-Jung because even before she lied, she has shown that she is her own woman who can work hard to pass a difficult civil service exam for the man she loved then? She is so feisty and bright she was the one who thought of the contract and not businessman Ki-joon.

    The story of Lie to me has still so many possibilities. How about the supposed to be innocent Yun Joo, she seems to have turned bitter, and now is a viper snake , who asks for evil favour from his conniving step father.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! But why pour all these scenes toward the end. There are only two episodes left.How will this story end? Of course, we want a happy ending but how? Knowing feisty, bright but kooky Ah Jung will not want a prince to give her shoes so to speak. She will have to regain her dignity and self-respect before she can even love fully. Will Ki-joon support her all the way? Will he love Ah-jung as she is. This is how I predict the story to end? The suspense is killing me!

    I am just so happy that YEH and KJH are in this story together. They are both exciting and good actors who complement fully each other’s talents. And the visual sparks they emit are simply too sweet and hot! More, more, more!

    Thanks a lot Koala for your precious recaps.

  76. As usual Koala your recap is crisp, precise, witty, fun & mind bending. I really couldn’t see any problem with the plot (a plot is just a plot) as for me it’s the story telling that defines the essence of the show/drama or what have you. . . Now that it’s almost over I look back and do my usual (did I enjoy? -sure did watching the actors perform their best with so little given to them> > sharing the excitement, joy, angst, of waiting with others in your playground> > ) did I learn anything? – there’s no such thing as a lie > > it’s personal > > it’s perception> > my lie could be your truth and my truth could be your lie > > and that there’s always consequences. . To borrow from you, let me paraphrase “for as long as my right buttons are pushed” …..

    Now it’s a different thing if my purpose of watching is to critique . . . don’t get me started . . . . even the best has it’s flaws . . signing out for now but i’ll be lurking as always . . Muchas Gratias Amore . . . .

    • i just enjoy the show. i don’t try to analyze (let alone over analyze) every single scene or try to figure out what will happen next. i just sit down and enjoy what is given to me and ENJOY!!! if i like it then good but if not then sorry. like LTM, I LOVE IT!!! i may sound weird but don’t care. all i know is that i love watching the show. true maybe because of YEH and KJH. i like watching them separately, so i enjoy more watching them together. actually, KILIG!!!!!

  77. love AJ’s dad. i think he’s such a cute dad. not cute cute but cute as A DAD.
    and manager park is such a good friend. a very level headed friend. love her character too.

  78. Do you notice how Yoon and KJHwan act when Ki-jun is drunk. Their actions seem to be perfectly coordinated. This is difficult to do because you have to act drunk and yet reach for the hands or arm and not any sensitive part of the body which will make the scene lascivious. My husband says this action when one is drunk is difficult to do unless one is familiar with the other persons body. And this is why some fans suspect that Yoon and Hwan are friends or are dating because they seem to be very familiar with each other, even their eyes talk or have the glint of lovers.
    Now, what do you think? Review again Ki-jun drunk scenes.

  79. that drunk scene was positively daebak! 🙂

    my only gripe with the drama thus far is the painfully stilted mandarin of chairman chen >.< i wish that they'd hired a native speaker for the part, or at least an actor with a convincing chinese accent. the man does a great job at acting for the role, but i cringe every time he opens his mouth (which, unfortunately happens very frequently given the size of his role). doesn't help that the lines sometimes don't make grammatical sense either… X(

  80. I think both of them are good actors. They really know how to play with emotion, I don’t think there’s any intimate relationship but of course being so close to each other they just can’t help *ahemmmm* 😛

  81. KJ and AJ are really have chemistry in this film. They really look good and cute together. Best couple 2010, JGS and Moon, for me doesn’t have more chemistry than Aj and KJ. AJ and KJ better. And actually l didn’t know that they changed writer, however l did felt the story suddenly became no more realistic and matured as they so sudden changed to doing childish things. Ep 1 – 8 are interesting, after that no more interesting plot. l wonder how’s the ending. Hopefully, its happy ending. Otherwise, l will be sorry for waiting until 16 eps. l’d rather watch Lee Min Ho in City Hunter!!!

  82. Thank you always giving a very good review about LTM! I always read your review even after watching the actual drama because it’s so entertaining! Don’t get tired of writing reviews, ok! Fighting! ^_^

  83. Thank you Koala for the Great recap i like Yeah since goong, i watched all her drama but LTM is my favorite cuz of the chemistry of OTP, its so realistic the way they act its sooo natural its like real that they love each other….hope they gonna make another drama together…

  84. Does anyone know the song that played when Sang Hee cried in episode 12? It repeated again at the end of episode 13 and 14..i’m dying for this song. The full album has just been released but unfortunately did not contain the said song..anyone pretty pleaseeee???

  85. Anyone pleasss…help me…what is the song played at the opening of of Epi 14, sing by a guy singer, it is touching, wanna know what is the song name. Thanks

  86. oh my god, I finally watch this episode now – NOW I get, why there are that many comments! XDXDXD can’t stop laughing!!! I’m so thrilled LIKE I’d be the one standing in the crowd myself. It’s so REAL!!! Taking the fictional names out, it also could be Ji Hwan declaring his love for Eun Hye! XDXD Too good to be real – really. XD This drama is really playing around truth and fiction *wahahaha* If it were me who had managed the script, I’d have played around even more

  87. oh how i wish a guy would declare his love for me in front of a crowd the way ki joon did for ah jung……… but stuff like that only happens in the movies, or in this case, korean dramas XD

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