First Look at Kim Sun Ah with Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman

The first couple stills are out for Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah in the upcoming SBS weekend drama Scent of a Woman. Oh, and clearly this also means Lee Dong Wook is out as well – of the military, that is. I swear it was yesterday that Partner finished filmingย and Wook was shipped off, and yet here he is, back in what feels like a blink of an eye. Both Sun Ah and Wook look fabulous separately in these two pictures, but I must admit that together they look rather stiff.

I blame it on Wook being away from the ladies for two years. Giveย him a day or three and he’ll warm up. These pictures also look startling like some of couple poses Sun Ah did with Cha Seung Won for City Hall. I guess there are only so many variations of a couple posing together. Anyhoo, the main cast also held a welcome to the drama/congrats on getting out of the military party for Wook.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Kim Sun Ah bar]


First Look at Kim Sun Ah with Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman — 36 Comments

  1. finally KSA is back on a drama! Her character looks sooo much to Kim Sam Soon, all messy, but on the couple picture she looks great!!!
    Looking forward to it as I need to recover for not having TGL and soon LTM!!!!!!!
    thanks koala! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Looking forward to this. I don’t know anything about the plot but Sun Ah looks so pretty – so much finer with age. Don’t really love or hate LDW – I hope it lights up the scene with KSA.

  3. Look at all the drama posters in the background. I spy Chuno, Misa, The Devil, Tamra the Island, A Love to Kill, President, Bad Guy, Lovers In Prague

    And I agree they look rather stiff. Poor LDW is probably exhausted though to get out of the military and go straight into photoshoots etc.

  4. looking at all the latest stills from the Scent of a Woman I guess they’re really not going for a light and cheerful mood (there is another set with Sun Ah having swollen eyes after crying from her official facebook page)

    i think LDW probably need a couple of days to warm up haha

    just hope to see real chemistry between LDW and KSA! fighting!!

  5. Well, huh. Is it only me or LDW looks younger than he’s ever looked?

    They are stiff in these stills and that doesn’t actually reassure me of the irrational fear they won’t have any chemistry together. Prove me wrong, you guys! *crosses fingers*

    I absolutely can’t wait to see Uhm Ki-joon and Seo Hyo-rim on screen again. They were fantastic together in Worlds within! โ™ฅ___โ™ฅ

  6. Am actually wanting to see Eom Ki-joon (2nd lead guy) …. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Jul 16 it is then!

    Dear Koala … are you thinking of watching/recapping this? Sounds like a promising drama. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Me too. I’m looking forward to seeing Eom Ki Joon and Wookie (who looks really young). i like the ladies too. Sun-ah looks like kim jung eun here. i hope it’s not a real real melodrama. haven’t recovered from 49days.

      • No melo could be as melo as Cinderella Sister. And I followed it like it was a craze. LOLs. That was one roller-coaster ride. I was mad then.

        I actually like the premise of this drama – living life to the fullest. Am hopeful where it takes us. But *fingers crossed* for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Two days out of the military and all that hair! He must be wearing a hair piece. I liked Lee Dong Wook in Partners and I love Kim Sun Ah. Think they look nice together.

    • In fact there’s a piece of news article questioning where it’s his real hair (dun ask me why they bother to make this a news article)

      and LDW confirmed it’s his real hair LOL

  8. but i think the stills can be taken separately and gathered in the computer, cuz i know there are some campaign photos done like that! both stills look like they are compiled after taken separately!

  9. hopefully there will be more informative still out soon….these are just so plain….also Kim Sun Ah looks fab but are those extensions??

  10. You know, from what I understood of the story, it is LDW’s character who is in love with KSA’s character. Yet, she’s the one who is holding on to him and not the other way around. (Yes, I’m insanely analytical, it’s a disease!) And he does look stiff. I’m hoping it’s because he still has to get over the strict military-ness.

  11. KSA looks pretty… doesnt look 30 something. In the other side, LDW looks pale and stiff… but I do think, the stiff look is part of him, isnt it? remember My Girl…

  12. yaaaaayyyy!!! after LTM am looking for something to feel my empty heart… I’ve always been a KSA fan and I find LDW super fine…so I do have high hopes for this drama… love the pics….

  13. Am I the only one nitpicking and thinking that’s a monstrosity of a wig on Suna’s head?! I’m also cringing and how they r countrybumpkining her for the nth time when it sounds like she’s playing a typical OL. I dunno what part in Korea you step out of your house daily in that do and go work in an office and not get major bitchy gawking just on the train/bus ride alone.

    I’m praying please let Suna play a lady exact opposite of Samsoonie, if there’s any resemblance, I’m calling it quit even though I can’t look away at EKJ+ SHR and popping in my MNIKSS DVD for the NxNth time.

    • She did do that. She did that in WUAN.

      But WUAN was soooooo wan….

      I thought her and Lee Dong Gun majorly sparked, but the characters and plot went nowhere.

      I dunno what it is about Sun Ah that it’s either super competent power woman or country bumpkin who doesn’t know how to groom.

      Missed you twinnie….am in home hell.


        I still have faith Suna will squeeze some chemistry with LDW, not worried at all with the stiff stills. I can’t rem her not able to with ANY namja.

        ARGH…imma blocking WUAN out of my system, helped an ep or 2 and that’s the end of fansubbing for me

  14. yay! i love them both! hot LDW and cheerful KSA! SOW will definitely be my July K-drama after my June TGL & BFB! Love love love!
    Ms. Ockoala, please make a recap for SOW, I really love your recaps, hope you too can do it for SOW! Fighting! (^3^)

  15. Those couple stills might have been photoshopped, like they took separate individual pictures and put them together. It’s really hard to fool the human eye and something is definitely off about those two stills. But I love me some KSA and LDW ain’t bad either so something to look forward to!

  16. oohh my!lee dong wook is backkk!2 yrs in the military and his face didn’t even changed!lol some stars have that hint of maturity on their faces after their MS but not ldw..he’s still have that baby-faced aura,haha

  17. KSA’s hair looks really bad, it it stays like that.. it will be hard to watch. The stills look somewhat stiff.. but I think they will have a good chemistry.
    I can’t wait to see LDW back on screen and also in the pic with cake, its cute how LDW and KSW’s hands seem intertwined lol

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