New Scenes from the D-Cut of Mary Stayed Out All Night

[Koala’s current mood: Β Moony over my GeunGeuns so am happy again. Like @Sere says, they are the chibi version of HwanHye, akin to a kitten snuggling with a puppy. LOVE.]

So I have my M3 (Marry Me, Mary! Or Mary Stayed Out All Night) Directors-cut DVD set just waiting for me to give it the proper due, but alas, I need to finish the May dramas and take a deep breath before I can revisit with Mae Ri and Mu Gyul. A few of the added back scenes have been uploaded on Sina so I wanted to bring it to everyone.

After the first episode, I was completely and utterly in love with Mu Gyul+Mae Ri. M3 did something I never thought would happen to me – it made me ship a male lead trope (irresponsible hippie musician with commitment issues) I am allergic to over a male lead type that is my personal catnip (wounded woobie suit-wearing cold repressed businessman).

And no, I will never ever rank this OTP as anything less than #1 in my heart. Another couple has joined them, but they were the first to ever make me RL ship. The GeunGeuns not only ad-libbed some scenes in M3, Seok actually rewrote the ending. The cheek kiss above was his spontaneous add, too. So. Cute.

I have to say – the very instant the video starts, you are immediately transported back to the cold snowy days of M3, the chilliness of reality with shitty parents surrounded by the warmth and confusion of young love finding a soul mate. Guh, I miss Mae Ri and Mu Gyul. I’m also starting to watch the BTS interviews, so if folks want to hear what Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Seok, and Kim Jae Wook thought about filming M3, let me know and I’ll try to do a post about it.

Cut Scene #1 click here

From episode 1 – Mu Gyul brings ice-cream to his mom’s place and finds her coming home with yet another man. He tries to bunk in his stuffed van but can’t rest comfortably. That explains how he ended up wandering over to Mae Ri’s place to crash. And further explains why he was drunk, looking for liquid warmth when maternal love was so close yet so far away.

We saw Mae Ri walk home for hours because she had no bus money, crying for her mom. Now we see that Mu Gyul was equally as empty that night, yet another mom gesture that meant nothing to her. What I love is that this cut scene is scored to “I Will Promise You”, which we all know was the last song recorded for the M3 OST and didn’t get introduced in the drama until episode 14.

Cut Scene #2 click here

From episode 7 – Mae RI and Mu Gyul discuss how upset Seo Jun is about being deceived. Mu Gyul agrees to call Seo Jun. Mae Ri and Mu Gyul confirm how they are in the same boat, yet they always know they are being candid with one another.


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  1. The geun-geun couple never fails to make me smile. Thanks for this Koala! You are indeed the captain of this ship! I haven’t gotten my copy of the MMM D-cut yet. Hopefully next month πŸ˜€

  2. I loved that series, but the plot kinda drove me crazy towards the end. And to be honest after M3 I sorta fell out of loved with JGS. Not because he chose M3, but because of his look, which he’s still rockin. I don’t know…. it’s a turn off. I’m looking forward to My Pet, but the whole David Bowie thing is not working for me.

    One point I would like to make about the Directors cut DVD set being available in the US. I don’t think the stations in Korea realize how big the US market is for the dramas, variety shows, and entertainment shows. And I’m wondering why things aren’t simulcasted or even a few days behind. Sure you can go to MVBIO, but for current shows it’s almost 3 weeks behind and you can’t even get older or even everything that’s airing. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they’re missing out on a whole revenue stream.

    • The…David Bowie thing? *giggles* I’m sorry, but I can’t see that at all.

      Psssst, the “plot” drove most of us crazy, don’t worry.

      • LOL! When I said David Bowie, I was referring to the androgynous male. I don’t find that appealing. At all.

  3. They are the best OTP so far..anything, any news from them can make your day.., so captain .. gimme more (esp. the interviews) coz I only have the standard M3DVD set. Thank you in advance…

  4. ockoala,
    If you have time please make a post of the BTS interviews. M3 is my favorite K-drama, and any post is much appreciated.
    Sorry but I own the bootleg-style DVD set, from Ranch 99. I wish I had the limited edition set. Yet everyone who borrows it falls in love, who can resist!!

  5. Haha, you quoted me?!? I feel special! *g*

    The first deleted scene was awesome. It explains SO much about the two of them! NGL, I wish it had been included in the ep. Anyway, I’m SO glad Mae-ri and Mu-gyul found each other and, finally, found a home.

    Great, now I miss them and I feel the urge to rewatch bits of M3 just to see them again. ^^’

  6. GASP…what scenes were ad-libbed by these two adorable kids? I never read anything about that! (I did know that JKS re-wrote the last EP) I literally had tears in my eyes watching these 2 vids you posted, I miss this couple sooo much. And the song just took me back. *sigh* Thanks so much for posting! I’m always happy to read anything you post about the Geun-Geun couple. πŸ™‚

    • The hug on the couch on ep. 16 and the walking together in the market with a peck on mary’s cheek in the end was two of their ad-libbed.. They’re just too sweet.. ^_^

  7. “I’m also starting to watch the BTS interviews, so if folks want to hear what Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Seok, and Kim Jae Wook thought about filming M3, let me know and I’ll try to do a post about it.”

    please feel free to share whatever you can about M3/GeunGuen couple :]

  8. I want too Captain! I want to understand what the three leads are talking about & the PD’s thought also. Did he gave some juicy tidbits? πŸ˜‰

  9. I still miss the Geun Geun couple so much, they are the best OTP. Thanks for sharing the BTS, can’t ever get enough of them.

    P.S. My fingers are still cross for them to make another drama or film together.

  10. Thanks Captain for posting this. Though you already shared tidbits of MGY interview in our thread, we still want to hear the rest of the 3 leads interview, especially when they are describing their scenes again. I tell you the GeunGeuns are so adorable laughing and giggling looking back at the drama. Also, what KJW is saying to the two…are they teasing them? hehe…

    Thanks so much in advance!

  11. Thanks for the tidbits Koala, are there anymore cut scenes to satisfy our desire?
    Yes, please do a post of our three leads’ interview as it’ll be really interesting to know what their thoughts are filming M3.

  12. Yessss.. Thanks for the post captain!!! Please please post the whole BTS interview if you don’t mind.. ^^
    I was just in pain seeing their interaction with each other without knowing what they’re talking about..X(

    Agree that they’re the best OTP ever.. Nothing could affect me the way these two does.. GeunGeunCouple always #1 in my heart!! XD

  13. Really, the last kiss was JGS’ idea? Isn’t he a little crafty? Mwa ha ha! Yeah, so cute! And look at MGY’s face when kissed! Wow! So are these two still not dating? I know they like each other with all the videos and photos out there. One can just tell. I don’t know if it’s enough to have them dating though. I really hope it is.

    The DVD costs so dear, ouch! I’ll just watch the episodes that I’ve downloaded months ago and just watch out for your Geun-Geun news, ockoala unni! Thanks for the post! Love this couple too.

  14. GeunGeuns are my No 1 OTP of ALL TIMEs and I believe they are OTP in real life too!

    So happy to read/hear anything and everything about them from Ockoala. If Ockoala could translate or get a translation of what transpired in the BTS and post filming interview (the one that everyone got together to view and comment about parts of M3 and JKS had to rush to after his autograph session at Haiker), it would be FABULOUS, WONDERFUL and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Actually, I would LOVE and am really keen to know what is the actual written script for ep 16 too – the one that JKS had to overwrite to give us the happy and most reasonable ending to M3. Aren’t you curious how writer could possibly “kill off” Mugul ? I think we would probably have a field day criticizing the nonsense and illogic of it.

    Thank you in advance!

  15. Im starting to rewatch some of the episodes/scenes i like most from M3. LOVE the scene where they make cat and dog noises at each other.

    any bts updates would be awesome! πŸ˜€

  16. thx captain for d’ lovely post ’bout our lovely couple…
    they are d’ best OTP ever, me think..n always be #1 in my heart
    and plis post d’ whole BTS , coz u don’t have idea have how much i miss GeunGeun…
    MERO..MERO πŸ™‚

  17. Dear Ockoala
    Thanks heaps for posting. Brought back fond memories of those crazy M3 days!!
    Much appreciate. You’re a gem

  18. I really miss GeunGeun since the last episode of Marry Me, Mary! And i’m still waiting for them to make a marriage announcement. And i’m waiting for Jang Geun Suk to bring Moon Geun Young to Japan for their MMM fan-meeting in Tokyo and Osaka. I wish i can hear a lot more goodies on that times πŸ™‚

    I’m also hoping that both JGS and MGY will reunite in another drama soon ! I’m dying to watch them together again ! As we all know that both Geuns already promise that they will be in a drama together again but i’m willing to know when ??

    Thanks for the news, Ockoala πŸ˜€

  19. Honey the feeling is mutual. Miss seeing them together…
    Hope they can do again new drama hopefull soon. God seeing them together even in pic makes me uber happy. More of them please…
    Spread love .. Fated Couple ^^

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