HIM Music Officially Confirms that Wu Zun has Left Fahrenheit

This clearly cannot come as a surprise to anyone following Fahrenheit and/or are aware of the recent six-months worth of rumors surrounding Wu Zun and his personal and professional life – HIM Music has confirmed this week that Fahrenheit is now a three-member group. Wu Zun has officially left Fahrenheit, which will not be disbanding and will continue all scheduled and future activities with only Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang.

I highly doubt they will replace Zun since I’m really not sure how much longer the group will stay together anyways. Age and individual pursuits typically takes it toll on boybands after some years. I am sad he’s leaving, but happy for everyone involved if his heart isn’t in singing anymore and Warner forced him to stay.

I’m not a Fahrenheit fangirl, but I have a fondness for them because they did do so well as a Taiwanese boyband, gaining quite an Asian following as the TW-boyband I would consider the sucessor to F4. Everytime an Asian boyband loses a member or breaks up, I always say a prayer that the grandaddy of all boybands SMAP have managed to stay together for 20 years now. Have a Fahrenheit MV to reminisce.

MV for “Too Hot” (one of the most recent singles off the latest album):

Without Wu Zun, Fahrenheit is officially missing Autumn. Calvin is Spring, warm; Jir is Summer, hot; Zun is Autumn, cool; and lastly, Aaron is Winter, cold. Each of the four members also has his respective temperature represented on the Fahrenheit scale: Calvin  at 77 degrees, Jiro  at 95 degrees, Zun at 59 degrees, and Aaron at 41 degrees. Each of their temperatures are separated by 18 degrees.

[Credit: Liberty Times news]


HIM Music Officially Confirms that Wu Zun has Left Fahrenheit — 35 Comments

  1. @Koala

    Were they ever considered for the “Boys Over Flowers” drama? Is that why you often refer to “F4” with them?

    • F4 (later renamed JVKV) was a very popular Taiwanese boyband in the early 2000s. They were four guys who played…you guessed it…F4 in 2001 Taiwanese adaptation of BOF, Meteor Garden (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu). Most of them went on to have successful showbiz careers, which is what I hope will happen to Farenheit when they fully disband.

    • Argh, instead of “drama” it’s supposed to read “boynand”. They were a boyband who were formed after the drama.

  2. It’s about time he goes solo for a mature look befitting his age and image now… I hope he continues to sharpen his acting skill though…

  3. sad to see him leave the group, but whatever’s best for him. hope he’s not leaving the entertainment industry.

  4. I am actually kinda glad – the fishbowl, regimented, sexless world of idols is pretty insane. Isn’t he in his 30s now and, if rumors are true, with a family (the fact that he has to hide a family is pretty much proof of how insane it all is). It’s not like he needs the money.

    Hope he doesn’t disappear entirely though – he’s not a strong actor but he does have a very likeable screen presence and is very easy on the eyes.

    • So agree …. I have never understood why fans turn on an idol who is married (Jon Bon Jovi, anyone??) when she/he are beautiful, talented, just enjoy what they have to offer, dream your own little dreams if you want, and stay in the reality that they are all unavailable ……

  5. Strange that they’re not going to “re-complete” the four seasons… isn’t that what Fahrenheit stands for? They’re supposed to have different temperature ranges. I forgot which member is assigned to which temp.

    Anyway, that would make sense (the non-replacement) if they plan to disband soon. :((

    • If I’m not wrong Wun Zun was on one of the cold seasons, autumn or winter…. well if he was autumn maybe they just want to stay true to actual world climate, and since global warming is making spring and autumn disappear…. so on that train of thought the next one would be Calvin…

  6. so sad he has to leave the group….but like Miss K said…age n individual pursuits always be the main problems on boy/girl band…I’m sure the fans will understand…accept it n support him…Wuzun JiaYou!!!

  7. I think the fact the smap doesn’t disband has a lot to do with the powerful Johnny’s behind… I don’t think there’s anyone who was able to remain in the industry while being successful after quitting the company… (even SM in Korea couldn’t keep this “record” in “retaining their talents”)

    Anyhow I think smap is really a shinhwa (haha so strange that a korean word came to my mind when i talk about j-pop group) for idol group… they’ve been in the industry forever and still going strong (and kimutaku still looks damn fine). I mean, look at their weekly variety show smap x smap – after running for more than a decade they still manage to add in new stuff. there’s a reason for their success and the sustainability of their idol status.

    sorry, i have a lot to talk about when it comes to japan’s entertainment industry (despite this post is about TW idols) =PPP

    • Oh so Takuya Kimura is a member of that SMAP?

      I only know about the group because of the parody in Yakitate Japan: CMAP. Haha

  8. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise really, but still WOW. I agree that boysband don’t stay long, ppl have the need to grow and move on. I hope that Wu Zun is happy and if the wifey/kid rumor is true, I hope that he gets to enjoy his family.
    To the rest of the boys I wished them luck on their independent projects, cause the 3 boy band group is not going to last for long.

  9. I think it makes sense. I didn’t follow the group or anything but I remember when they first debuted. Hopefully this will give Wu Zun a chance to at least sharpen his acting skills. I honestly think that he falls behind even the typical asian actor skills wise, except that he’s got good looks. I too think that the group isn’t going to last too long but individually, I think the 3 of them are going to be fine.

    Hehe… SMAP 🙂 The Japanese market is something else. Just amazing. I luv.

  10. It was bound to happen. After so many rumors, fans were more or less prepared for this. I do think that they should disband for good, though. It’s true that Chun was the weakest singer and I don’t think that it’s gonna make much difference having his voice or not. But Fahrenheit is not complete without him. I’ve grown used to see a 4-person group, having a 3 person frh now is gonna be weird. And I think they would accomplish much more individually than as a group, to be honest. Each one of them is already following their own path and I think some of them even see frh as a burden now (yes Aaron, I’m looking at you). But HIM (btw, they’re under HIM records, not Warner ;)) is not gonna let them go so easily…

    Anyway… it was a fun ride, but everyone has to move on at some point. I wish Chun and the rest of the boys all the best for their careers =)

    • Aaron would always love the company of friends, he still shakes on the stage hehehe, I’m excited for him, I know there is a lot yet he can do….it’s the prize of being young and cute…. Aaron BEAR HUG!!!! 😀

  11. Awww I’m kinda sad that he left. I really like Fahrenheit, though Wu Zun wasn’t my bias (Jiro is) but it’s still sad to see someone leave. I wonder if he’ll still be acting at least &I hope they are still close. Their bond is still there.

  12. Wow, really? I can’t say I’m too surprised but still. I’m a wee sad for them. Fahrenheit has been around for such a while as a 4-member group that it’ll feel weird without Wu Zun, who I think was one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, member of the group. But best of luck to him and his career, and maybe he’ll be able to continue balancing his private and professional life in the future.

  13. Hmmm well it’s about time they’re packaging is getting rotten at the shelf, their age difference is getting very obvious. You know what they say with shape puzzles, through time life will shape you, and it seems thier shape is very distinct once was circle is becoming more a triangle just imagine being pushed in a circular hole when your triangle it’s painful yah know….(talent management theory).
    Aaron hmmm he’s going through a lot of transition, on his personal life as well, I’m trying to hold his hand like a loyal fan can as long as I can….but like Chun it’s all in a days job LOL 😉 . Unless the stars truly reveal itself and our path entwines LOL :-D, yes it’s deeply dependent on the constellation and my intuition LOL 😉 . Going solo is really scary, boy band is a good stepping stone….but to know your own path well sometimes it depends on the talent company to figure that out….Hollywood knows it’s market very well….I love the mindset of US the freethinkers world, people are clearly defined by how hard they work, and how they rise and fall and rise again, something Asia should follow…. 😉
    But the crappy values leave it to the

  14. WHAAAAT?!

    With all those “rumors” I’m not as surprised, but still…it’s kinda more like disbelief that there’s only 3 temperatures now. I just hope that the “rumors” are not the reason why he left. I believe it is still possible to have a career in film and tv and have a family.

  15. I just realized Jiro’s wearing a gigantic skull necklace in that 越來越愛 picture. um..
    Wu Zun’s departure seems inevitable with the string of events from the end of last year, starting with the expired contract, dropping out of a drama, wanting to make movies, and the latest stuff.
    I really hope Fahrenheit continues to do well as a three-member group. They’re not ambassadors for the Taiwan tourism bureau for nothing!

  16. I think if Fahrenheit will be disbanded, Jiro Wang, for sure, will be able to stand alone because he is also a successful actor. Hmmm, I think all of them are doing good in their individual activities. Question: Does anyone of you here knows a TDrama wherein Aaron is the male lead?

    Anyways, let’s just support the rest of the group.

    Koala unni, can you also recap “ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND” starring Jiro Wang and Go Hye-sun??? I think it will air in the second half of this year or sooner.

    • Arron was one of the main leads in Pi Li MIT (Mysterious Incredible Terminator). & also Gloomy Salad Days.
      The newest one is Love Buffet which he stars in with Calvin! 😀

  17. i hope they will be still friends and hope he do well im a jiro wang fan and hope he will do well in the future even if they will be disbanded

  18. we all know for a fact that this would happen sooner or later. let’s wish him all the best and if the rumors are true, about the wife and the child, let’s wish him happiness too! Fahrenheit fans should be happy he’s moving on and has found his path in life. it will be sad at first to see and watch just Jiro, Aaron and Calvin instead of the usual group of 4 but hope their fans will continue supporting them (band and individually)
    And i’m actually looking forward to watching his series with Rainie Yang (Sunny Happiness?) to be shown hopefully sometime soon!

    • wait…i think the series (Wuzun and Rainie’s) is Sunshine Girl! i was thinking of Mike’s series SH, since i love Mike and Rainie…sorry for the error on my earlier post…

      • nope Sunshine Girl is a completely different drama. it’s called Sunshine Angel (:

  19. hey koala! was reading from somewhere that its not true Fahrenheit is disbanding. Wu Zun is simply changing his management company, but the group will continue to have activities together (their album is still coming out this year and various endorsements are still ongoing) I do hope they stay together though. Boybands shine best when they stay together (just an opinion) look at SHE!

  20. aww :\ it’s kinda a big deal, but it’s kinda not. I’m gonna miss Fahrenheit as they were and everything, even though I haven’t even been following them lol. It’s whatever, as long as he does what he wants. At least we can see him in dramas 🙂 and he’s in Sunshine Angel with Rainie right now!! (And Jiro & Calvin made an appearance…wonder if they were still a band at the time o.o) I’ve always thought he was a good actor, even if people think he’s “amateur.” He’s so cuuuute too XD I kinda liked his singing voice though….even if it was considered “amateur” as well.
    AT LEAST he’s not leaving the entertainment business completely.

    I’ll miss Fahrenheit as it was, but great things await :DD

  21. I have to say I’m surprised he’s the one leaving, he’s not a good actor, and if he ever googled himself, he would know this.

    and while his dramas had pretty good ratings (the only one that comes to mind is Romantic Princess, i can’t actually remember anything he was in and Fahrenheit wasn’t in), he hasn’t actually acted in many dramas, so maybe it’s true he’s never returning to the small screen after Sunshine Angel. Can’t say I have much respect for him professionally, but man he is HOT!!!

    I’m more of a Jiro fangirl (then Calvin and Aaron, and then Cun), and honestly i cannot believe Jiro wasn’t the one who left for an acting career, those three haven’t been together for a while now, the last thing they really did was guest star on Sunshine Angel, and I watched only the ones with FLH guest stars.

    Really hope HIM musics can give Jiro more room to explore his great musical talents (and aaron’s) now that they’re not hovering over Cun’s looks, and God, please, please give Cun some acting talents besides his looks, he is getting on in age, and whether he’s with Fahrenheit or not, riding on looks alone is still being an Idol, with these marriage rumors going around, his career is going to take a nosedive.

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