The Princess’s Man Releases Official Stills of the Leads

It’s been awhile since a saguek get a Wed-Thurs slot, over a year and a half to be accurate, since Chuno in early 2010 won Wed-Thurs for KBS. I think KBS is hoping to recapture the magic, using the same Red One camera as Chuno and giving The Princess’s Man the same coveted time slot, to premiere after Romance Town wraps up. The first official stills have been released for the main leads Park Shi Hoo, Moon Chae Won, and Hong Su Hyun.

While I always think Park Shi Hoo looks like an albino bird in stills, whenever the man acts on screen he totally wins me over. I can’t figure it out. I don’t find him good looking, but he’s very mesmerizing when I watch him act. I do think the stills for TPM are going overboard with the Korean Romeo and Juliet references. Instead of a window, we get an elevated dais? Eh, it’s cute, so I won’t complain.

We also get a first peek at Hong Su Hyun as another princess in this sageuk tale seemingly teeming with princesses and prince charmings. I quite liked her portrayal of self-absorbed and sassy So Ran in Lie to Me.


The Princess’s Man Releases Official Stills of the Leads — 18 Comments

  1. I agree with you on Park Shi Hoo. He’s got this weird charm over me when I watch him act. But I hated his character and acting in his last sageuk Iljimae, hopefully this will do it for me.

    And Moon Chae Won, girl is a darling.

  2. just seeing Hong Su Hyun’s (so ran) stills i was blown away and i don’t even know why. i felt like i’ll in her team for this drama. there’s the vulnerability and not using over any over the top cuteness on screen..

    • agree with you, either she has such a flexible face or she’s a very good actress. will definitely watch this drama =)

      • I agree… Hong Su hyun’s acting is getting better and better in Lie to Me. What’s weird is that I feel empathetic when I saw her in the pictures above.

    • Me too. I think I’ll be routing for her in this drama also. I personally think that she is a good actress.

      Anyways, I love your header above Koala- I love No min woo and Lee Min-jung in MIDAS but too bad they didn’t end up together. I am hoping that they will have a project soon wherein they are the main leads.

      • Lee Min-jung and No Min-woo’s onscreen chemistry is probably the only reason why I watched Midas. Plus, i didn’t finish the drama because the f***ing writer killed him.

  3. park shi hoo wow i really like him a lot since prosecutor princess as lawyer seo and mahye ri , i like to see this one

  4. Gosh I still remember the first time I saw Park Shi Hoo.
    I can’t get over how sexy he is. Its so subtle and yet so poignant. It just penetrates through all your layers so quickly and goes straight for your heart. Those easy little smiles of his. Gah, too bad I wont watch this show though. I like that So Ran is in here.

  5. Park Shi Hoo, he’s really good in Prosecutor Princess but he’s fantastic in Queen of Reversal. As a 2nd lead in QOR, he totally blown you away with his role and even took over as the main lead. Totally love him in QoR. Unfortunately I’m not into sageuk, if nothing to watch I might give it a try.

    • You’re so right. Got introduced to Park Shi Hoo in Queen of Reversals and became one of my favorite Korean actors since. I also wonder sometimes what it is about him that got to me, as he does not have the in-your-face sexiness/good looks of Cha Seung Won or Li Min Ho. It’s something about the small smiles and the somewhat sad expression of his eyes, I think.

  6. I love PSH too death even though I think he IS too fair and I was impressed with Hong Su Hyun.

    That being said I am afraid of the plot and won’t start this till it ends.LTM has wrung me dry.I can’t take another emotional roller coaster shipping so soon.

  7. I agree. He’s not the best looking actor but there is something about him when he acts that just draws you in. The first time i saw him was in Family Honor and I guess the rest is history. 😛

  8. i like PSH in Prosecutor Princess..he has this aura of charisma that you don’t usually found in some actors….btw he also sometimes looked like KJW of LTM….hope to see these two actors in one kdrama…that would be great…

  9. I’m so glad that Hong Su Hyun is more on screen these days. She’s been way too underrated. Let’s Go To School, Sangdoo! was wonderful, but it wouldn’t have been as wonderful without her memorably despicable and yet pitifully desperate turn as Sangdoo’s leech. I haven’t been watching Lie To Me, but I’m glad she’s done so well with her role.

    Park Shi Hoo – woah, BODY. That was my reaction from Iljimae. He was faboo in Prosecutor Princess.

    And Moon Chae Won is soooo purrrrty. Loved her in Painter of the Wind.

    Look forward to this. Me love sageuk!

  10. I’ve seen Hong Su Hyun in LTM and she’s very expressive without overacting (I think)…I also think I’d like to see her in another drama ’cause I think she was really good in her portrayal of So Ran

  11. Man is sweetness incorporated! 🙂 I first saw him in Jisun/Alex’s MV. He was in love with a snail girl in the video. He’s rumpled and sexy with a sweet sweet smile. Kekekeke..I got soft spot for these kind of guys. Maybe I’ll watch it as all three of the above are good actors.

  12. looks good, but my Weds-Thursday are reserved ONLY for City Hunter who is kicking ass right now……my LOVE LMH… <3…..

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